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Chapter 332 – Advancing to the limit

In addition, he knew that this was just the beginning. Once he entered the Engravement realm, he could test out even more things that were even more impactful than these!

More than ten days had passed since he entered this ancient palace. Shi Hao broke through the limit, and his entire body was shining. He seemed just like a furnace, seeming much more powerful than before.

After reaching perfection within the spiritual transformation realm, he finally broke through again and improved so greatly. This was truly a great advancement, making him much more powerful!

When Shi Hao raised his head to look around, he noticed that large cracks had appeared everywhere and this place was on the verge of collapsing. Enduring for more than ten days was already a rare feat, as places like these would always collapse after few days.

He pushed open the doors and walked out. The palace collapsed behind him, creating loud noises as it fell into ruin.

At this moment, he could break into the Engravement Realm, but there was no time. The palace had turned into ruins, so he had to find another suitable place to cultivate.

A day here was the same as ten days of work in the outside world. Constructing a palace like this consumed extremely rare and precious materials. For an ordinary power, they wouldn’t even think about making such a place, for there was no way there could bear such costs!

This world was one of balance. In order to obtain precious cultivation time, an inexhaustible amount of heavenly materials needed to be destroyed. The gains almost did not seem to make up for the losses.

Magma surged forward, dying a large area in red. Shi Hao raised a barrier around his body and made his way through the lake of magma. He soared upwards and left this area.

“He came out!” Someone cried out. There were cultivators observing this area outside the palace.

A streak of light flew past. It was an extremely dazzling golden arrow, and it was released by someone who wanted him dead.

Shi Hao avoided it. His gaze flashed and noticed that it was precisely the golden-haired youngster, who was standing in the distance with a large bow in hand. His entire body was surrounded by golden light.

“You really hate living, don’t you? I would have ignored the fact that you attacked me earlier, yet you still dare to do it again.” Shi Hao spoke softly as he looked at him calmly.

“You killed two of my servants. Did you really think it would just end with that?” The golden-haired youngster’s voice wasn’t loud, but it carried a terrifying chilliness.

His stature was tall and slender and he appeared rather handsome. A pair of thunder and lightning wings shone with golden radiance as large amounts of electricity flew about his body, creating crackling sounds. It made the area around his body blaze with brilliance, as if a deity was descending into this world.

“I believe that you are well aware that it was them who provoked me first,” said Shi Hao.

“So what? I couldn’t care less about your reason, because your life would still be forfeit in the end. I am the only one who is allowed to kill my servants, not someone insignificant like you.”

His voice wasn’t loud, but it was enough for everyone to hear him clearly. It possessed an imposing tone, and even more so an air of arrogance. As he cast down his condescending gaze, he seemed just like the descendant of a deity!

“Your words are really bold. Ordering people around like this, do you think this is your home? In the outside world, no one would let you have your way like this.” A wave of anger also rose up within Shi Hao.

“If it was within my region, then I would hold back a bit when speaking. But here in the wasteland region… ha, this place isn’t even worth noting.” The golden-haired youngster sneered coldly.

Many figures appeared at the horizon. Everyone knew that the golden-haired youngster had been waiting here to fight it out with the one who entered the divine palace. During these days, they would often see him hovering about here.

After this place erupted into commotion, everyone became shocked and immediately hurried over. They wanted to watch this battle.

“Young master, please hurry and eliminate him. We still need to enter the depths of the Fire Nation’s ancestral grounds, and we don’t want to miss out on any great opportunities.” Behind the golden-haired youngster stood a few servants. Their auras were all blazing magnificently, and their gazes were penetrating.

“Fine, we’ve already stayed here for quite a bit of time. We’ll go on our way after killing him.” The golden-haired youngster spoke as if he was taking care of an insignificant matter.

He exchanged for a different bow. The bow was rather dull and lusterless, created from an unknown material. However, when he tapped it lightly, a metallic sound could be heard.

He retrieved an arrow and placed it on the bow. When he gently pulled it, an indescribable aura immediately appeared between the heaven and earth. Following that, the roar of a flood dragon could be heard.


Everyone gasped and stared at that large bow. This scene was too shocking! The sparkling and translucent bowstring turned into a flood dragon. It roared and released waves of shocking divine force.

At the same time, an even larger flood dragon appeared. It was created from divine multicolored lights and as large as a mountain as it suspended itself within the air to protect the golden-haired youngster.

This kind of scene was… truly a bit shocking!

Everyone understood clearly that the bow had an astonishing history. It was most likely created from a flood dragon’s tendon, which was why it created this kind of power. Otherwise, how could it be so powerful?

Shi Hao revealed a serious expression. His entire body shone and swirled with light as he stared forward.

The bowstring was pulled back until it made a full arch. The aura blazed even more magnificently, releasing a great flood dragon roar. An enormous flood dragon took to the sky and looked down on everything.


A resplendent golden radiance flew over with extreme speed. Its divine might was awe-inspiring and almost unstoppable!

Shi Hao’s expression changed. The power of this arrow was extremely great, and his opponent’s bow was definitely a great killing artifact. He decided not to face it head on at first and shifted sideways.

There was a large hong sound, and when the explosion was heard, the golden streak of radiance rushed past. Frantic winds stirred about, causing rubble to fly everywhere. Magma soared into the sky from the pools of magma.

The power of this arrow was incomparable. It was  an extremely terrifying magical artifact!

At the horizon, a small hill was blasted apart. This was the power of the arrow, being able to straight up collapse the mound. However, it did not stop there. The divine golden radiance returned and once again shot towards Shi Hao. It drew an arc as it shot back with a power that didn’t seem to have weakened at all.

Shi Hao roared. Divine multicolored light surged from his mouth and turned into a shield of light. It protected in front of him to forcefully block this arrow.


The shield of light cracked apart. The arrow was extremely terrifying, and as it approached, both of Shi Hao’s hands joined together. A mountainous Suan Ni appeared and bit down on the arrow.


A tremendous explosion erupted here. Lightning poured out like a tide as it covered the skies. The purple Suan Ni was shattered, becoming endless streaks of electricity.

Meanwhile, the arrow also became dim and turned into specks of light before disappearing.

In the distance, everyone was astonished. The power of this arrow was tremendous! With just a casual drawing of the bow, the arrow that was released was equivalent to a great divine technique, shattering the Suan Ni precious technique.

Shi Hao’s expression became even more serious. He stood in place and stared at the golden-haired youth. This was a terrifying opponent.

He did not underestimate his opponent. Such a terrifying opponent appeared right after he came out from seclusion, and a great battle was unavoidable. This was not someone in the Spiritual Transformation Realm, but an expert of the Engravement Realm.

“Amusing. You aren’t bad, but still far from enough. This arrow of mine didn’t even display ten percent of its divine might. Will you be able to go on?” The golden-haired youngster sneered and ridiculed.

When these words were spoken, everyone in the distance was horrified. How powerful was this youngster? Was he exaggerating or did he truly possess that kind of power?!

“If you have the skills then just come and kill me. If you don’t have that kind of strength, then just accept death.” Shi Hao replied without seeming nervous at all. He still seemed calm and collected.

“Divine force overlay, power up a level!” The golden-haired youngster did not rashly display all of his power, and it seemed like he was ridiculing Shi Hao. He drew his bow again, once again releasing a world-shaking flood dragon roar.

A golden streak of divine radiance streaked across the sky. The air whistled behind it, bringing with it powerful winds. In addition, it brought lightning with it this time as it smothered the skies. This was the embodiment of his divine might.

He infused lightning attribute power into this arrow, making it many times stronger than the last.

Everyone’s expressions changed. If it was a normal Spiritual Transformation Realm expert, then they definitely would have been blasted apart. They could feel the terrifying fluctuations even though they were far away, making their souls tremble. How could someone facing such an attack even resist this kind of power?

This no longer seemed like an arrow, but instead like a true flood dragon. It roared towards the sky and charged towards the human youth.

“Break apart!”

Shi Hao shouted loudly, and divine light erupted from his fist. It was a lightning fist with the Suan Ni precious technique within his palms and fingers. There was no vicious beast constructed, instead only containing the fundamental profoundness of symbols.

Mist drifted about, and a primordial symbol appeared on top of his fist. This symbol contained the power of a purple Suan Ni. This was one of the world’s most intrinsic powers.

The symbols circulated, resisting the golden arrow. Following that, this place erupted with radiance. Golden streaks appeared within the purple lightning as it collided into the arrow.


At last, the arrow was broken. It shattered in midair, dispersing into waves of lightning and divine force. Golden light shone resplendently and submerged the heaven and earth.

Shi Hao did not move from his position. He did not take a single step back as he once again destroyed an arrow.

This time, the opposing golden-haired youngster’s expression changed. Blocking one arrow was fine, but the second one was broken as well. This was definitely unusual.

“You are still in the Spiritual Transformation Realm?” He became doubtful.

“Correct. I still haven’t used all my strength. There’s no need for you to hesitate!” Shi Hao spoke extremely coldly.

The golden-haired youth was startled. He had already entered the Engravement Realm, yet the opponent used his cultivation of Spirit Transformation to receive this attack. He definitely wasn’t ordinary, and his natural talents were shocking!

“Don’t worry, there are still several more arrows for you to slowly enjoy. I want to see just how much longer you can struggle for.” The golden-haired youngster’s callous expression was restored, and his gaze became even more sinister.


The bowstring trembled lightly, and the third arrow was released. He released a loud shout, and the divine might shook this ancient earth. His aura erupted, bringing forth a tremendous amount of power.

This was a terrifying strike from an Engravement Realm expert. Even though he still showed an air of ridicule, this arrow was still distinctly different. Its power erupted, becoming much more powerful than before.

Shi Hao was greatly alarmed. His entire body shone, and divine light surged, forming small bells one after another. He was now completely different, and his entire body was now shining resplendently. Loud bell ringing sounds could be heard.

This was the dao that he comprehended, and it was what he used to break past the limit of the Spiritual Transformation Realm and establish a new legend!

Currently, every single strand of divine light in his body was turned into small bells and then turned into bone texts. They circulated through his flesh, and as it merged with him, his entire body seemed to have turned into a golden dao bell.

“This is…”

The golden-haired youth was shocked. His opponent’s performance exceeded his expectations. His entire body seemed to have possess some kind of terrifying divine ringing, and his aura was shockingly powerful. It even made him, an Engravement Realm cultivator, tremble.

What kind of power was this?


The great bell rumbled and erupted with endless radiance. It could also be said that it was Shi Hao’s body that was rumbling and releasing endless fluctuations like a divine bell. Golden ripples diffused outwards to block that arrow.

Eventually, the arrow arrived in front of Shi Hao’s body. However, it began to break apart inch by inch starting from the arrowhead. It then shattered with a loud sound into pieces.

Everyone’s expressions changed. Shi Hao was using his cultivation of spiritual transformation to face off against an Engravement Realm talent from beyond this region. He was actually this powerful, shocking every single person there.

With a shua sound, golden light flickered. The great bell sounded, ringing around for tens of li. Shi Hao’s flesh was like a golden dao clock. He disappeared from his previous position and arrived in front of the golden-haired youngster.

“You should also have a taste of my power!”

When these cold words were spoken, his aura seemed to have completely changed. The golden bells vanished, and the divine lights within his body formed small swords one after another. The bone texts circulated, making his entire being seem different.

At this moment, he revealed his strength. He took to the skies like an immortal’s sword and quickly hacked down. Brilliant divine radiance hacked out endlessly!

The golden-haired youngster was incomparably powerful and was well-known outside of this region. However, at this moment, he was extremely startled and quickly dodged. However, he was still struck by this attack.

His head of golden-hair flew about chaotically as blood flowed down from his head. A portion of his scalp was shaved off, with scarlet blood trickling out nonstop. It made his once handsome appearance now seem extremely evil and malicious.

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