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Chapter 331 – Breaking Through the Limit in the Divine Palace

Those that knew him would definitely be cursing silently. Was there anything he didn’t dare to eat?!

He put away the inky divine blood for the time being and turned to the lotus medicine instead, confident that this one was edible. After being nourished by the magma lake, its color had turned from blue to a silvery white.


As if he was gnawing on cabbage, he chewed it with kengchi kengchi sounds. He found that the flavor wasn’t that bad. Beautiful multicolored lights flowed around his mouth.

“It’s much more powerful than the usual spiritual medicine. There is a type of divine energy contained within.” Shi Hao quickly made an evaluation.

Then with a loud hong sound, divine light erupted from within him, surrounding his body. He realized that the medicinal strength was even greater than what he had expected.

He quickly sat down in a cross-legged position and started to guide the medicine, refining it into his flesh and sealing it inside his bones. It was stashed away for safekeeping through the same method he used for the wine bestowed by the Stone Emperor.

It was not the right time to break into the Engravement Realm now. If he let the divine power have its way, his cultivation base would advance at once. However, he was still a bit unwilling to do so because he wanted to break through the limit of this cultivation realm.

The great hall was extremely spacious and dim. Shi Hao stood up and walked further inside, and only the echoes of his footsteps could be heard.

He finally reached the deepest corner and found a few praying mats that had been long covered in dust. Apart from them, there was also a clay basin filled with dark ashes.

Shi Hao searched about. Soon after, his teeth felt sore as he shouted loudly. There was half a page of undamaged parchment, and it was a cover page. On top were only two words: The Deities.

Unfortunately, the rest was destroyed in the fire and no longer recognizable, which truly made him want to howl with disappointment. It didn’t take a genius to realize something vital must have been recorded in this book, yet now, everything had been burnt to ashes.

“Why did it have to be ruined?” Shi Hao was discontent, yet he was also completely helpless. It was as if he had stumbled upon a treasury, but could only watch as the gold, silver, and treasures were tossed into a volcano.

Shi Hao searched around this place and found it to be incredibly spacious. Several statues of deities were enshrined at the topmost level of the great hall, but they had all been decapitated with only half of their bodies left.

“Who would do such a thing? Seems awfully disrespectful…”

He still wasn’t willing to give up and searched the hall over and over again, hoping to find something useful. Unfortunately, nothing of value was left behind.

“Didn’t they say that if one was fortunate, they could obtain an ancient inheritance or even some kind of great divine ability?” Shi Hao was feeling rather unlucky, for he unexpectedly didn’t obtain anything great like that.

He grinded his teeth in frustration. In the end, he still had no one to depend on but himself. Rather than depending on something else, he might as well take the initiative to wholeheartedly cultivate here.

While he was outside, he had overheard people mention that a few days of cultivation here would be equivalent to months of long seclusion in the outside world, and training here would produce shocking results.

He settled his mind and calmed himself down. He then chose to sit down at the center of the room to start his secluded cultivation. He cultivated his own dao, and chose his own path.

To achieve the limit of perfection in the Spirit Transformation Realm, one had to complete three stages in turn, which were the spiritualization of the physical body, remodeling of the true self, and nourishing the spirits within the heavenly passages.

Shi Hao had achieved the legendary state in all three stages, and what he needed now was a breakthrough. He would surpass the limitation and reach a level no one had achieved before.

Had anyone else known about this, they would definitely have thought that he was crazy. Exactly what kind of person would be so arrogant to think that he could surpass the limit? Who on earth did he think he was?

In reality, Shi Hao was actually extremely serious about this. He had set off on the road to break the limit and create a new legend.

Moreover, he didn’t think that he was the first one to try such a thing. There must have been others who achieved this since the ancient time, only that they did not want to leave behind any record of their accomplishments.

This type of enlightenment was a journey full of solitude and loneliness, as well as a process where one bitterly struggled for hope. It was something that he could only face alone.

It would require advancement in both body and mind, as well as an extremely tranquil spirit. Only by unifying his mind and body to achieve the most harmonious and clear mental state could a spark of insight appear, allowing him to undergo transformation.

Inside the dim great hall, Shi Hao’s entire body was illuminating. The light was not burning brilliantly, but instead shone in a peaceful manner. It resembled a pulsating lump of divine fire that brought hope and vitality to this peaceful place.

His physical body was strong enough and could be considered to have surpassed the limit for now. During the process of cultivating from the Blood Transformation Realm to the Heavenly Passage Realm, then to Spirit Transformation Realm, both his internal organs and bones had been strengthened to the peak of perfection.

Yet now that he wanted to undergo transformation again, what more could he even do?

Shi Hao turned the question over in his head as he continued to meditate, letting the profound meaning of the symbols roam about in his mind. He was full of energy, and his entire being seemed to have elevated to another level.

“Apart from my physical body, the power of my spiritual awareness has also reached the limit. It’s difficult to evolve either further, so what else can I do?”

He had reached the end of the journey both physically and spiritually. Now that he had achieved perfection within spiritual transformation and was at the legendary state, how was he supposed to break through any further?

These thoughts continuously tossed about within his mind, and in the end, he decided that in order to advance further, he had to open up a new realm.

“It’s too difficult to bring either my physical body or my mind to the next level, so I can only adjust the cultivation dao. I need to find an alternative route to stand out from everyone else.”

The foundation of natural laws and dao lays in the bone texts, which originate from streaks of divine light. After some serious consideration, Shi Hao took the great cultivation realm — Engravement Realm, and began studying it.

As Shi Hao sat in silence and meditated, the entire great hall felt entirely different. Waves of meditative chants could be heard, placing one in a unique atmosphere that accelerated one’s comprehension of the dao.

That was why this great hall was so precious. It was a dao comprehension room from ancient times. The effect of meditating here for one day was equivalent to that of dozens outside. It was truly shocking.

Unfortunately, once the great hall was opened and used in such way, the dao comprehension room would soon collapse and turn into ruins. It could exist for only a few days.

The consumption was absolutely tremendous. This palace was built from countless rare treasures and secret symbols!

Shi Hao would frown or smile from time to time without realizing it himself. He had transcended to a strange state of dao and was unceasingly comprehending the natural laws and dao.

He had discovered a path and arrived at its entrance. Currently, he was trying various things, and his mind was gradually becoming more and more tranquil.

Shi Hao walked his own path and comprehended his own natural laws. He studied the True Primordial Record, and analyzed the Kun Peng’s precious technique. The profound and mysterious meaning of symbols tossed about within his head, giving him many great insights.

“The next great cultivation realm! Everything I’m doing is in preparation for this great cultivation realm!”

The profound meaning of the symbols, the most foundational imprints, and the fundamental essence… A soul body appeared in his mind, and he overlooked everything that happened within his body.

Following that, he took action and circulated the divine light within his body. Both symbols and bone texts were created from these divine lights. He assembled them and began to order them in an even more meticulous arrangement.

Small pagodas were constructed one after another, shining resplendently. They were translucent and magnificent, creating an incredibly beautiful scene.

He condensed each and every strand of divine light into small pagodas, and then with the small pagodas, he formed bone texts. It was an excruciatingly difficult and extraordinary process.

After numerous trials and multiple failures, Shi Hao spat out a mouth of blood. His body was almost torn apart.

Bone texts were formed from divine light, which was the most fundamental element. Constructing bone texts was the same as arranging these bright lights, allowing them to assemble and develop together.

Shi Hao was trying to temper the divine lights and turn them into little pagodas, which in turn would be constructed into bone texts. Needless to say, this process was incomparably difficult.

The divine light within one’s body was endless, so how could anyone transform them all into a different form?

Moreover, even if he succeeded in doing so, he had no idea what kind of use it would have. He wasn’t even sure if it could improve his fighting strength. There were too many things he didn’t know, and everything he did were tests.

After countless trials and endless effort, Shi Hao finally made some progress on the third day. Had he been doing the same thing in the real world, it would have taken him three to four months.

However, in here, the effect of cultivating for a single day was as good as cultivating for dozens outside.

At this moment, the divine light transformed into little pagodas, which in turn would create bone texts. After trying out this method, Shi Hao discovered an eccentric power. It was an extremely unique type of energy, and the force of the dao could vaguely be felt.

“Yi, it seems quite formidable.”

He smiled. This was only the initial stage, as he merely put some of his ideas to test. Soon after, he initiated another round of evolution.

Another day passed, and all the little pagodas disappeared. The divine light had transformed into numerous small swords that were so small that they were difficult to see clearly. Following that, they were once again assembled into bone texts.

Shi Hao activated these bone texts to test them out. He noticed that his offensive power had increased a bit, becoming a bit more powerful now. It almost felt like an unstoppable power.

“This is precisely how it should be.”

He smiled in delight, finding this path rather amusing. He then started the transformation again. This time he used half a day to turn the divine sunlight into extremely tiny bells, and then used them to construct bone texts.

He could dimly hear faint bell chimes resonating all over his body, together with which was a dao sound.

“My defensive power has been enhanced!”

When Shi Hao circulated his symbols to use precious techniques, he was surprised to discover this fact. The smile on his face grew wider.

He then turned the divine light into spears and arrows of light to construct them into bone texts. When he operated his precious techniques, their abilities were revealed, and killing intent filled the air!

“Haha, this is incredibly interesting. This is exactly how it should be!”

When the divine light was tempered into furnaces, and then used to stir up bone texts and perform precious techniques, his entire body began to light up. It was as if he was a great furnace himself. Divine force surged, and his power increased by a large amount!

Just like that, his divine force became even more powerful than before. He continuously nodded his head in approval as he became more and more clear on the benefits of these transformations.

He repeatedly reflected and conducted more tests. His eyes became brighter and brighter, because his comprehension was growing deeper and deeper. He knew that he had benefitted greatly this time.

Tempering the tiny divine lights was a meticulous and arduous process, but it gave him a sparkle of hope, for this could increase his strength. However, it truly was difficult.

Eventually, as Shi Hao cultivated and bone texts circulated within his flesh and vessels, countless small pagodas moved about, endless small bells resonated, and numerous small furnaces burned.

His incessant transformations had produced various effects.

When the divine sunlight was transformed into weapons such as swords, halberds, and spears, his attacks would produce much more power. When transformed into furnaces, his divine force would similarly increase. When it took the form of a bell, his defensive power would be enhanced.

Different forms would create different effects. He was still trying to get used to everything.

It was sluggish at first, but eventually, he was able to quickly and smoothly operate them. Finally, Shi Hao was able to easily shift between swords, bells, pagodas, and furnaces, to a point where they could simultaneously appear.

It had been seven days since he entered, and the great hall had not collapsed yet. Had he been in the real world, eight or nine months would have passed by now.

Only in a place like this could Shi Hao forget everything else and lavishly immerse himself within his experiments as he pleased. He would never dare to consume time like this in the outside world.

Needless to say, his gains from this place were astronomical.

Eventually, not only were the divine light, symbols, and precious techniques affected, even his mental strength was tested with these transformations. A spiritual flame ignited within his mind; sometimes, it would turn into countless small furnaces, other times it would turn into tens of thousands of small swords. The transformations changed unpredictably, and they were incomparably powerful.

He eventually realised that this was a strengthening process for his physical body as well. When the divine light transformed into swords, pagodas, bells, and cauldrons, his flesh and blood were used as a medium. When these various forms moved around inside him, the pressure on his physical body would be amplified.

This kind of pressure would transform his physical body and make him even tougher.

“This…” Shi Hao was amazed. The small test of changing the countless streaks of divine light into different forms had led to such great transformations!

Time flew by. More than ten days later, cracks appeared within the great palace, but it was still not ready to collapse. It truly exceeded all expectations, because based on past locations, a place like this should have been turned into ruins after a few days.

After half a month’s effort, Shi Hao would sometimes resemble a great rumbling bell and sometimes set his body and spirit in flames like a furnace. The scene was both mysterious and astonishing. After half a month of effort, Shi Hao’s body would sometimes be like a great bell and ring continuously, and other times like a furnace, with both body and spirit burning. The scene was both mysterious and astonishing.

He knew that he had succeeded and broken through the limit of the Spiritual Transformation Realm. From his body and spirit to the natural laws, everything had transformed, becoming quite a bit different from before.

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