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Chapter 281 – Intensive Decision

People of all trades could be found in the Capital of Stone Country. The city was incredibly lively.

The grand city was as huge as remains from the divine and demonic times. Beautiful foreign women, mighty demonic birds and vicious beasts were common sights here, especially in a time like this when all kinds of people walked the capital’s streets.

It had been two days since Shi Hao arrived at the Capital. He settled in the city without visiting the Martial Imperial Manor, for he had learnt that his grandfather might have already left.

He was overwhelmed with regret!

Although it was not confirmed by any source, all sorts of rumors had been going around in the Capital. It was no longer a secret, since the Great Demonic God had not been spotted these days.

Rumors had it that the supreme experts of the Demonic Spirit Lake had entered the Capital to ask for an explanation. They even started a fight with the imperial family, which forced the Great Demonic God to leave this city.

The news itself was truly astonishing, but no one could verify it. After all, no cultivators had witnessed the battle.

Another version of the story was that the Archaic Demonic Spider had descended aggressively into the capital and announced that Grandpa Fifteen was its target. The Human Emperor protected Grandpa Fifteen, who then kept a low profile since then, but was still in the Capital.

However, most people were still doubtful and felt that this story was not accurate.

Some said that the Human Emperor told him the whereabouts of Shi Ziling, so Grandpa Fifteen had left the grand city at top speed to find his child.

People found this explanation the most likely one.


Shi Hao clenched his fists. He had no idea whether his grandfather was still here or not. Even if he was here, meeting him like this would probably cause a lot of trouble.

Grandpa Fifteen must have remained hidden recently for a reason. Could it be that the demonic spider was here? He couldn’t help but recall the image he saw in the void passage where a mountain-sized spider was fighting fiercely with someone.

Where did that take place? His heart sank at the thought. It seemed like the archaic Demonic Spider had indeed taken action, only that he did not know who it was fighting against. Was the Human Emperor the one trying to stop it?

Shi Hao could only guess, for everything was uncertain.

He returned to the capital, but the city was just too large. Even after spending two days roving the city, he still only managed to looked around a fourth of the city. For a youngster that grew up in the mountain forests, everything seemed extremely interesting.

Finally, he passed the Martial Imperial Manor. He gazed for a while at the manor from afar, but he did not enter in the end.

“Where is grandpa?” Shi Hao sighed to himself. He had come here full of expectation, but it seemed like he was one step too late. Had he missed the opportunity?

During the next couple of days, Stone Country’s Capital became even more bustling. All kinds of creatures arrived at the grand city, making it all the more boisterous and lively.

The fact that Shi Ziteng was back might not mean much to the others, but Shi Hao was greatly shaken by the news.

Soon, other great forces were shocked as well, for Shi Ziteng did not come back alone. He was accompanied by others, some of whom were exceptionally powerful.

Two days later, that green-haired man also showed up. He entered from the city gate with an extremely majestic manner. No one dared to approach him.

The Archaic Demonic Spider had sent another one of its spirit bodies to the capital of Stone Country. This time, it was in perfect condition, so it was even more powerful. Many people shuddered at its appearance.

This time, he had a proper excuse. He was coming to celebrate the Human Emperor’s birthday and did not breach the agreement of entering the Capital without permission.

After that, rumor came out that mighty creatures also arrived at Stone Country from the sea. Moreover, it wasn’t just one or two groups, which would bring even more noise to the city.

“The Human Emperor had summoned Shi Ziteng to the court. I wonder what it is about? Can it be for the conflict between the Great Demonic God and the Demonic Spirit Lake? Which side will the Human Emperor take?”

Such news spread out in the Capital that day. Some even claimed that the Great Demonic God was still in the city and was held captive. His fate would depend on the Human Emperor’s attitude.

Hidden tension began to arise with such rumors, and many were discussing the issue in secret.

Obviously, the great forces would never speak carelessly about the situation, for it could irritate the Human Emperor and endanger their own lives.

Shi Hao’s heart thumped heavily as concerns emerged within his mind.

In reality, conclusive news were spread out after soon after. It made him feel even greater anxiety. The words that Shi Ziteng spoke after entering the palace were transmitted out.

“Uncle Fifteen is old now, but I’m still in the prime of my life. Yi’er is only just getting started and his future will be splendid beyond imagination!”

No one knew how the the Human Emperor responded. Shi Ziteng’s words were overheard by a maid in the palace. His voice was trembling when he said those words. It carried both excitement, as well as a bit of constraint. These words were heard by outsiders.

Such words made people start to speculate. Was the Human Emperor considering his successor now, or was he warning Shi Ziteng?

Apart from this conversation, Shi Ziteng also said other disturbing things at court that might have even troubled the Human Emperor of Stone Country.

“It doesn’t matter now whose fault it was. No matter what, Yi’er is the supreme youth and such fact cannot be changed. After being transformed by the Heaven Mending Technique, he will be perfect and flawless. No one can stop him from rising to greatness. What does Grandpa Fifteen have? Where is his Hao’er? Who can defeat Yi’er in his generation?!”

The capital erupted at Shi Ziteng’s words. Many great forces were greatly surprised by the news. Could it be related to the issue of the heir to the throne?

The aristocratic lords of the Stone Clan were especially attentive to these news. Cold lights glistened in their eyes, and all noble manors were disturbed that day. These words had affected them greatly. Could it be some sort of sign?

“If the wastelands fall into chaos, Yi’er would surely arise to greatness and become the War God that protects his country.”

Following that, Shi Ziteng’s opinions were completely let out.

“Grandpa Fifteen has nothing left now. Even if his Hao’er was still alive, there is no way he could compare to Yi’er. I’d like the Human Emperor to take out the divine blood left by the Guardian Spirit and use it to refine the body of Yi’er!”

Such words naturally caused a mighty uproar. Nobles of the Stone Clan all speculated in secret. Could it be possible that Shi Ziteng’s family would become the heir to the throne?

Otherwise, how could he be bold enough to make such a request?

Everyone had realized by now that the Human Emperor was trying to make a decision. Grandpa Fifteen and Shi Ziteng were candidates among other royal heirs.

The Great Demonic God was only in his fifties to sixties and did not count as an old man at all. It was fair to say that he still had a long and prosperous life ahead of him. His son Shi Ziling was an equally able man and was considered a rare genius.

As for the Shi Ziteng’s family, they had a double-pupiled youth, or the so-called natural born divine being who would undoubtedly raise the reputation of his family.

“Stop speculating. The Human emperor’s thoughts are not something that we can understand!” An old king said.

However, people in the Capital found it impossible to keep calm. The past few days tumbled through like tidal waves, rampaging in and out of the major noble manors.

Shi Hao clenched his fists. He had also heard about the news, which had been confirmed by various sources. The words of Shi Ziteng had infuriated him tremendously.

Had these words gone to his grandfather, how would the old man react? How devastated would he become. Did they think their family had ran out of heirs?

“Yi’er is the supreme youth and no one can stop him from rising into greatness. What does Uncle Fifteen have? Where is his Hao’er now? Who in this generation can defeat Yi’er?”

These words rumbled in Shi Hao’s ears like thunder and he stood up abruptly.

He did not want grandpa to be sad. He needed to let grandpa know that he was still alive in this world. He was already very powerful and would not show weakness to anyone!

“I have returned!”

“I will let you all know that I am alive. Now that I’ve returned, ‘Shi Hao’ is no longer an empty name, but is someone of flesh and blood!”

Shi Hao needed a way to tell everyone under the heavens that he was still alive and what happened to the supreme being bone back then. In doing so, not only would he make Shi Ziteng’s people shut up, it would also tell his grandfather and parents that they did not need to grieve any longer!

To reveal his identity this fast was not part of his plan. He did not mean to do it hastily and was going to wait for a few more years, for he was not strong enough yet. However, he did not want to bring sadness to his grandfather and his parents.

Of course, he would not act recklessly. If he jumped out without any preparation, he might be killed instantly. There were too many powerful beings in the Capital and he needed to prepare himself first.

He had some room to move about now, but it should not be used lightly. His most lethal card would be no other than the little pagoda. This glistening and translucent bone pagoda was no taller than one cun, and was the most mysterious thing. He had one chance of using it.

“Let’s go, then. I’ll make the loudest noise this time. Since the Archaic Demonic Spider dared to show up like this, I’ll make it realize that it has bitten off more than it can chew. It wounded my grandfather and forced him to go away. I’ll let it answer to that!”

In fact, the arrival of the archaic Demonic Spider this time was not quiet at all. Its manner had changed completely, now becoming forceful and aggressive. It revealed to several sources that the Demonic Spirit Lake was showing interest in Shi Yi.

“One chance of using the little pagoda is simply not enough. I need at least two usages of it. If those big men are bold enough to jump out, I’ll show them pain!” Shi Hao swore.

He then started to take action. In such a place like the Capital, one would surely find some rare treasures. For instance, the little pagoda sensed a divine jade several days ago. He intended to look for it and barter with the owner.

If he could find materials fine enough, the little pagoda would lend him its hand.

“Tell me, little pagoda, does this Capital have things you want?”

“Yes.” The ancient pagoda gave an affirmative answer.

The Bone Insect Auction House was a famous auction house in Stone Country’s Capital. It had many connections and was holding precious gems. Rare treasures always turned up each time an auction was held.

The auction house itself was a vast building with grand palaces. Normal manors would place two stone vicious beasts at their gates, but the beasts outside the auction house were real ones. Both were powerful archaic descendants.

They crouched there motionlessly. One was glistening in golden light and the other was surrounded by a silver glow. These two flood dragons released a terrifying aura.

Although they were not pure blood, using descendants like these as guards was definitely something a handful of people could do.

“Wow, these two flood dragons are becoming more and more powerful. After guarding the precious palace and being nourished by the treasures of heaven and earth here, their cultivation speeds must have surely improved.”

A girl with a tiny waist and long legs walked out of a bronze wagon. She was lively and continuously moving around. She had fiery red hair, porcelain skin and bright eyes. She walked into the auction housed accompanied by a group of mighty experts.

“The talented ones have indeed all returned. That looks like the dear daughter of Lord Zi Xiao.”

Several old men walked over with smiles on their faces and entered the auction house. They obviously had some important connections and were welcomed with great respect. People came out to show their way in.

After that, the crowd was stirred again. There were aristocratic kings that came, moreover not just one. They were surrounded by a frightening aura, and several people walked in together.

Apart from them, some teenagers also showed up and entered the auction house one after another. The scene also caused quite a sensation, for they all appeared to be talented people that had not returned to the capital for quite a long time. However, they all came back today and were competing for treasures here.

“No wonder the little pagoda led me here. It seems we can find good stuff in this place.” Shi Hao said to himself.

The place was packed. The gate of the auction house was crowded with people who were waiting to get in.

Before long, an otherworldly-looking man arrived. He had jet-black hair and fair skin as translucent as jade. Many people cried out when they spotted him. The man was Shi Ziteng.

“So, that’s Shi Ziteng.” Shi Hao squinted. It was the first time he ever saw this ‘uncle’.

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