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Chapter 280 – Fox Spirit

Shi Hao did not reveal his true appearance, because Stone Country’s Capital was in an unstable state at the moment. Only a month had passed since Grandpa Fifteen caused a huge scene, and Shi Hao did not know what happened afterwards. He had to act cautiously.

In particular, after he demonstrated his prowess in the sea and killed several elders’ spirit bodies, there were quite a few people that wanted him dead. If they truly decided to settle the score with him, then it would be a complete disaster.

Had those people known he would come here, they would definitely rush over and kill him!

Fortunately, the ocean battle had caused all sides to suffer serious losses. The supreme experts had all gone into seclusion, so they would not show themselves for a period of time.

The ancient city wall was cast from metal and glistened coldly, resembling the giant cities of the divine and demonic times. It was grand and vast. One would be reminded deeply of their insignificance just by standing at its feet.

The towering city gate was taller than mountains. They gave off a forceful aura, as if an icy archaic vicious beast was lying there and overlooking all that passed by.

Shi Hao stood beneath the gates and looked at the enormous wall that had existed since the ancient era. He could imagine just how outstanding the country was when it was founded, as well as all of the glory it experienced throughout those years.

The years flowed on like water, and all types of marks were left on those mountainous walls. However, it still stood as firm and tall as before. It hadn’t collapsed after all this time. If nothing unexpected happened, it would continue to stand tall until the capital collapsed.

There were many people who entered and left, and all types of fierce beasts were pulling carts in a hurry. Some came from aristocratic mansions, and some were merchants with goods from all different places.

There was a massive crowd moving in and out, with even more inside the city. It wasn’t clear just how many people entered and left every day. The people moved like a stream, seemingly never ending.

Even though Shi Hao was born here, he understood absolutely nothing about this place. After all, he was still small at the time, being not even a year old. He never even had the chance to browse the city.

He entered the city with extremely complicated emotions. This was a glorious land, a gathering of many of Stone Country’s heroes. Its reputation was widespread.

The city was bustling with activity. As soon as he entered, there was already clamoring everywhere. The stream of people moved about in a lively manner, completely filling up the main street.

Meanwhile, there were many people shopping within the stores on the sides. Business was extraordinary, with beast skins, precious bones, old medicines, weapons, and other commodities being displayed.

There were even some vicious beasts roaring inside structures that flickered with symbol light. They were all trapped within cages and being sold.

It was clear that these merchants’ backgrounds were deep and unordinary. Otherwise, how could they sell such powerful creatures?

Shi Hao walked inside along with the flow of people. This was the largest city he had ever seen, because he had never seen a country’s capital before this. He grew up within the great mountains, and even while exploring, he had only passed by a few large cities, none of which were comparable to Stone Country’s capital.

He followed the crowd and entered different large streets. After the swarm of people split up, the clamouring finally lessened a bit. However it was still extremely lively.

“Fox girls! Several new fox girls have been brought into our store! They are all gorgeous beauties. They are like fox-spirits and incredibly charming. Do not miss this opportunity!”

The voice came from a building complex that seemed just like a palace. The structure was quite tall and splendorous, and was situated on the side of the main street. A pretty and flirtatious girl was giving out her sales pitch.

Many people had gathered around that place, with men making up the majority. They all peered into the palace to glimpse at the fox spirits’ beauty.

Shi Hao was rather curious as well, so he made his way over. To be able to catch even fox spirits, this merchant family’s strength was truly great. It attracted his attention.

“They are fox girls, but they aren’t fox spirits. Even though they look pretty, it’s nothing compared to the sex appeal of true fox spirits,” said something in the crowd who seemed to know what he was talking about.

“What is the difference between fox girls and fox spirits?” Shi Hao asked from the side.

“The only difference in the fox girls is their bloodline. It has been diluted to a point where it’s practically gone, so they are missing most of the fox clan’s characteristics. Meanwhile, fox spirits are truly powerful vicious beasts that are rarely seen. They are all incredibly beautiful.” A young man with dark circles under his eyes spoke frankly with assurance. He had a look of excessive drinking.

Suddenly, everyone noticed Shi Hao. They saw that he wasn’t that old, so they all revealed strange expressions.

“Little brother, which family are you from? If you are interested in any of the fox girls, then just let me know. I will immediately send them to your mansion.” The pretty and flirtatious girl smiles and she spoke.

Shi Hao looked inside. The fox girls were all snow white with appearances that weren’t bad. They were quite charming with vivid eyes, and with a pair of snow white fox ears, they seemed a bit unusual.

“Truly extravagant and rotten.” Shi Hao muttered. Could this be how his noble brothers lived? To just purchase a beauty when they saw one?

The pretty and flirtatious girl’s ears were extremely sharp. After hearing what he said, she immediately shot him a look of scorn before saying, “Why did you come here if you weren’t going to purchase anything? If you aren’t going to buy them, then forget it. I mean, I guess you haven’t even completely matured yet.”

After saying these things, she giggled and even rubbed Shi Hao’s lower body. This immediately placed the devilish brat that had seen great battlefields and fought with supreme experts immediately in a sorry state. He dropped everything and fled.

Haha… The group of people laughed loudly.

The flirtatious female proprietor shouted in an even louder voice, “I was wrong. You have already completely grown up!”

Shi Hao who was originally running away finally ran back. In front of everyone’ watchful eyes, he said in a serious tone, “I have never accepted defeat before! I will climb up from where I’ve fallen.”

Following that, he pinched the female boss’ soft cheeks and began to rub it.

“Little brat, you dare to take liberties with this old lady!”


Shi Hao tapped her forehead, making her feel dizzy and almost fall unconscious. Shi Hao turned around and left while saying, “Only I can bother other people.”

“Little bastard!” The flirtatious boss shouted loudly. The surrounding people all began to laugh loudly.

Soon after, the female proprietor retracted her smile and quickly rushed into the ancient building complex. She heard someone calling for her.

Within one of the palace halls, there was a girl roughly eighteen or nineteen years old with natural foxy charm. Her appearance was incredible, and it was likely that it was impossible to find even one person that was as beautiful as her inside of an ancient country.

Behind it, there were several snow white fox tails. They were bright and sparkling with light. If an expert were here, they definitely would have cried out in alarm. This was a descendant of the powerful nine-tailed fox!

“Take note of that youth. He might be one of the great wastelands’ overlords!” Even though the charming fox girl’s eyes were bright and intelligent with an almost bewitching charm, currently, they were extremely focused as she urgently warned.

“What?!” The female boss was astonished.

The fox spirit was an outstanding beauty. She was dressed in white clothes, and her undulating curves reflected her amazing figure. Her skin was spotlessly white. She stared at a piece of jade in her hand and said, “The divine jade lit up when he appeared.”

The female proprietor was astonished. Soon after, she bowed and left.

She knew what kind of terrifying power the fox girl was implying. The great wastelands was going to become chaotic, so the organization was selecting overlords in preparation for the disaster.

“The great wastelands are not barren yet. There are still heavenly ranked creatures!” This white-clothed girl said softly. Her lotus like arms stretched out. They were snow white and sparkling, and her eyes were clear like water. Her gaze was intoxicating.

“The other organization already paid a visit to Stone Country’s capital, so we should make our move as well and take a look. Even though the great wastelands are going to become chaotic, this is still a country in the end!” The gorgeous fox-spirit said to herself. If another person heard this, they definitely would have been shocked.

Shi Hao did not realize that he had been noticed by a terrifying power as soon as he entered the city. The mysterious fox spirit was able to see through his outstanding potential.

After walking far away, the small sparkling pagoda in his hair began to sway. It sent a message to him, saying, “Just now, there was a divine jade strip within that building.”

With these words spoken, the devilish brat was immediately shaken. The small pagoda told him that if he obtained four divine jade strips, then it would give him another usage opportunity.

He was extremely astonished. Things that this white jade-like pagoda were interested in were definitely extraordinary. He never expected this place to have one.

Moreover, he understood from the small pagoda that he was discovered by that divine jade. The other party knew that his potential was astonishing, because the divine jade possessed this mysterious ability.

In the end, Shi Hao circulated the bone text of the true primordial record within his body. This completely erased his aura, making sure that his essence energy didn’t leak out.

He was only able to comprehend this ancient technique after his cultivation improved greatly. In the past, he merely thought that these were some ordinary symbols.

There were many bone texts recorded within the true primordial record that could guide one in their cultivation. Some of them were extremely eccentric, and comprehending them would be similarly difficult. There were some miraculous uses within, but there were no powerful precious techniques.

Shi Hao quickly escaped. He felt a wave of fear. He had just entered the capital, yet someone had already noticed him. It seems like he had to be particularly careful.

The imperial capital was bustling with activity. As he walked along, he saw many spiritual medicine stores. There were dozens of precious medicines arranged, and they were all rarely seen spiritual objects. All different types were being displayed.

Following that, he then saw a few precious artifact stores. Within them, there were powerful weapons that were taking in and sending out multicolored light.

Shi Hao wandered about without staying in any place for too long. However, he was able to discern Stone Country’s unstable situation from the various discussions he heard.

“Creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains! Truly powerful, and rumor has it that they are about to enter the capital!”

“Shush, lower your voice. These things cannot be randomly spoken.”

“I haven’t said anything major. I’m only talking about small matters.”

Along the road, Shi Hao made quite a bit of progress. He was able to obtain a lot of information. The great human emperor had declared a great event, so some of the creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains might hurry over as well.

This was an auspicious event. The princes and princesses that have been cultivating outside were going to return, and this was true for the heirs of great noble kings as well.

Rumors had it that those worshipping under the Archaic Divine Mountain gates were going to return as well.

This time, Stone Country’s capital caused everyone to converge. All different heroes were returning, and these elites were going to make their appearance together.

“The geniuses of all different families are returning, so there will definitely be something nice to see. I am particularly interested in what will happen between the nobles that don’t get along. There will be quite a bit of conflict between geniuses.”

“It’s truly unfortunate that Shi Yi isn’t here. Otherwise, it would be even more exciting. With the appearance of the dual-pupils, no one will be able to fight back!”

“Not necessarily. Stone country has many heavenly talents, and there are always disciples cultivating outside. There was even someone who paid their respects to the Archaic Divine Mountains, and they haven’t returned yet. Only heaven knows how powerful that person is. In addition, This is the first time the Stone Emperor has declared such a large event. The rest of Stone Country will also send large numbers of experts, so there will be some geniuses that will arrive. At that time, there might be a huge battle between dragons and tigers.”

“I’ve heard that a crack in space has appeared where the Heaven Mending Pavilion’s ruins lie. Shi Yi might come out soon!”

Shi Hao’s heart remained calm. This was truly going to become a troubled period of time. He was definitely going to see some great conflicts during this visit to the capital.

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