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Chapter 262 – Conclusion of the Forbidden Sea

Symbols dropped onto his body in seemingly endless amounts. It was difficult to see just how many of those net-like patterns descended. They were all crystalline and transparent, with each of them formed perfectly. Not a single chain was missing.

Shi Hao was immersed in his study of these endless mysteries. Both his body and mind were thrown in, and at that moment, it was as if he returned to the archaic age. It seemed as if he arrived during the power struggle between giants, an era when tens of thousands of races stood in great numbers.

In that instant, it was as if he glanced back tens of thousands of years.


A bird of prey soared into the sky, striking down heavenly bodies one after another.

It cried toward the moon and roared towards the heavens. Several moons were blasted apart, turning into a silver rain of light that scattered down onto the great earth.

A winged dragon soared into the air, stirring up heavenly winds as it blasted down the shrines of the nine heavens one after another. They smashed down like meteorites, creating huge explosions of dust and smoke.

Was this the archaic era? There were simply too many powerful creatures. This was an era where supreme experts contended for supremacy, and the battle made people’s blood boil. There were creatures who were happy, and many who suffered tragically as well. Many gorgeous individuals that were beautiful enough to be a part of legends existed.

However, this was merely a look into the past. Shi Hao was able to see this small bit through the Kun Peng’s inheritance. This scene overwhelmed him with emotions. Incredibly talented and powerful individuals came forth in great numbers, stirring up his heart greatly.

Of course, this was an era where only the strong would shed tears of joy. There were many creatures who were not happy to live during that time.

Shi Hao understood that this was the era when the Kun Peng was born. There was an inseparable connection between that place and itself. While immersed within this state, he did everything he could to capture this scene in his mind.

By living within that era and understanding this great backdrop, he could understand this unmatched divine ability even better.

Just like this he continued to engage himself in his study. On his body’s surface, golden spirals swirled about, and within each of these symbols was another symbol. The most powerful profound mysteries were being acquired bit by bit like so.

During this process, the symbols around his body continuously transformed. It slowly went from a blazing gold to a black color. It followed the transformation of the Peng bird to a Kun fish as he undulated up and down within the pool of blood.

Gradually, Shi Hao reached the deepest state of dao. He became completely isolated from the outside world as he became engrossed in this wondrous and mysterious realm.

Everything became calm inside the Devil Refinement Cave. A single youth was gaining enlightenment as his mind travelled through the great emptiness. He soared over the archaic times to comprehend this supreme magic.

Meanwhile, on that altar, the great battle was also reaching its climax. The fighting here was extremely bitter, with blood splashing in all directions. The great powers went crazy as they engaged in this contest of strength.

For the sake of that great power, even supreme experts gave up their arrogant attitudes as they fought with their lives on the line. They summoned up every last drop of courage within them to fight endlessly here.

“Not good! A piece of the precious bone has fallen into the Flaming Fish race’s hands!” Someone cried out loudly, feeling that this was a problem.

It was because there were over a hundred thousand flaming fish here. Even though they left the waters, they seemed completely unaffected as they stood on their tails. With all of them grouped up together while spewing out flaming symbols, who dared to approach them?

Han Tian was incredibly powerful as well. The Divine Lamp of Illumination lit up, blasting away a group of experts. He seized over a piece of the bone before returning to his allies.


On the other side, the people from the Archaic Divine Mountains were also fighting against everyone else with everything they had. Several pure-blooded creatures were killed in and out before they finally seized a piece. They guarded it with their lives.

“Get out of the way or die!” Mo Shang shouted loudly as he swept out with the golden halberd in hand. It almost seemed as if he was harvesting wheat as corpses fell all around him.

On top of the altar, rivers of blood flowed. Experts from all different races fought over the Kun Peng’s precious bones. Their eyes were all red from this bloodbath.

This precious technique held too much importance. Once it was obtained and studied thoroughly, it could allow a race to rise abruptly to power into one of the Great Wastelands’ leading figures. They would no longer have to fear others.

In reality, a piece of it didn’t make that much of a difference. At most, it would be exchanged with those supreme experts for a priceless treasure.

Experts fought bitterly above and below the altar. Creatures were being slaughtered everywhere inside this cave. This place was absolutely chaotic, with cries of war echoing from all directions.

No one knew just how many were killed here. The battle was desperate and bitter. Even someone as powerful as the incredible sea deity descendant Mo Shang was suffering grave injuries. Many people were targeting him.

The battle servants that he brought with him had all died without a single one surviving. Even the battle platform that he brought inside was shattered. The Sea Deity race’s symbols burned furiously, flooding outwards.

Of course, there were many, many people who died while trying to kill him as well. Corpses were piled up like mountains all around him. He had transformed into a blood-covered demon. His golden halberd seemed to have almost been completely dyed red.

The battle was incredibly miserable. Mo Shang originally seized two pieces, but after being attacked from all sides, he was forced to throw out a piece. He used the opportunity to break free from this terrifying battlefield.

The fights continued, persisting for several days. They fought from the main palace hall into the other stone rooms, and from the sea floor all the way to the ocean surface. It was absolute chaos.

It was a blood covered demonic land. Everyone had already lost track of how many creatures died from all different races here. The entire Kun Peng cave was dyed red with blood as far as the eye could see with corpses lying about everywhere.

The six pieces were divided up by the great powers. Not a single person could hold on to more than one piece. The inheritance were divided up between the hands of the land and sea powers.

To the various supreme experts, this resulting situation was absolutely terrible. The appearance of the Kun Peng precious technique was extraordinarily good news, but it ended up being scattered like this. It really was difficult for them to accept.

Regardless, after fighting for so many days on end, the battle finally ended. A seemingly endless amount of corpses were left behind.

There were still many powers that did not leave. They continued to struggle here with unwillingness, unable to accept the result.

There were even some who wanted ‘Eternity’ for themselves, but they all returned defeated and in low spirits. As soon as that weapon moved, the primal chaos would descend and turn those creatures into a meat paste, making it impossible for them to obtain it.

“Once the restrictions here disappear, we will send supreme experts here to collect it!”

“Ancestors, let’s retreat as well. It’s better if we go back for now, this place is too dangerous.”

“Easier said than done. The outskirts of this sea region are probably surrounded by extremely powerful individuals. It’s even more dangerous there.” Many people cursed.

Even the great powers that obtained pieces of the precious bone were still rather upset. They didn’t want to act recklessly, because they knew that the most miserable part of this battle hadn’t even begun yet.

Being attacked by supreme experts once they left this place was the worst thing that could happen. The entire world seemed like it was going to be destroyed, and blood was flowing backwards into the nine heavens.

Many people felt apprehensive. They were hoping that the people on their side outside were prepared to receive them. Otherwise, they were all going to die!

There were other powers who were still extremely confident like the creatures of the Archaic Divine Mountains. They firmly believed that the divine mountains’ supreme experts were the strongest and that they had already arrived, waiting for their appearance.

Finally, someone walked out of the ocean region, bringing out news of what happened. The northern sea was immediately thrown into complete disorder.

As soon as everyone knew that the first piece of the Kun Peng bone appeared, an enormous silver hand descended from the skies. A single one of its fingers was already bigger than a mountain ridge. Its entire hand grabbed downwards.

“You dare!”

An angry rebuke rang out. A large claw slapped over, covering the sun and moon as it arrived. Tens of thousands of purple strands flowed out as it collided with that enormous silver hand.

“Leave behind the precious bone!”

A golden claw swept over from the nine heavens. It cleaved apart the northern sea and smashed over to seize the precious technique.

In a mere split second, this place erupted into chaos. Supreme experts appeared to fight above the northern seas.

The first group of people that rushed out were truly unfortunate. Not even their family’s supreme experts’ protection was enough. They suffered heavy losses, and ten corpses immediately fell before they returned to the restricted seas.

This was an absolute catastrophe for the northern sea. It was an absolute massacre.

The scope of this battle was extremely great. With the appearance of the six precious bones, the waters were thrown into chaos. Even those at the absolute peak of existence couldn’t hold themselves back from participating in this bloody struggle.

However, all of this had nothing to do with Shi hao. Even if they fought until the seas dried and rushed into space, he would similarly be as still as a mountain. He was completely unaware of what was going on as he continued to comprehend the dao.

In the end, it seemed as if the aura of ancient deities emerged, causing the heavens to tremble.

This fight was too bitter and desperate. Even after many years had passed, when people brought up this event, their expressions would still change. The northern seas had completely turned into a graveyard.

Even after fighting so chaotically, no one was able to obtain all six pieces. They were scattered throughout the Great Wastelands, Sea Deity Islands, Heavenly Divine Mountains and other places. This place turned into absolute ruins.

This was due to the fact that there were always supreme experts who weren’t willing to give up and continued to fight.


The Kun Peng’s nest split open and sank to the ocean floor. The altar was completely destroyed and ruined. Streak after streak of divine light rushed forth. Eternity, Black Heavenly Ruler, Golden Fan, and Dragon Tooth Dagger all flew out into the waters. From then on, they disappeared.

There were a few supreme experts that came in later on, only to find that the restriction had not disappeared. After hesitating for a while, they left. None of them dared to search the ocean floor.

The ocean war’s after effects were profound and long-lasting. It was rumored that there were more than one supreme expert that lost their life here, with their true bodies destroyed. The losses were truly disastrous. The entire northern sea was dyed red from blood.

It was rumored that there were many ocean creatures that stayed there for a long period of time. They frantically devoured the ocean waters to obtain the spiritual essence within.

The crisis continued for a few months before the ocean region finally calmed down. Everyone left, and no one continued to probe around.

Shi Hao was still sitting within the Devil Refinement Cave. His gains were incredible. He was finally able to engrave all of the symbols’ transformations firmly into the depths of his mind.


Golden symbols began to change into a pure black colored Kun fish. It surrounded his body like before, floating up and down together with him in the pool of blood.

The brilliant magma-like blood would flow over and submerge him as soon as he entered. The symbols around him would be completely submerged, and a Kun fish would once again undulate up and down.

“Kun Peng blood!”

Shi Hao was shocked as he stared with his eyes widened from shock. This bloody liquid contained a secret! There was a drop of the Kun Peng’s true blood within this bloody pool that could seize the natural force between the heaven and earth.

Throughout these endless years, the blood’s divinity still did not fade. It was nourished within the spiritual spring, producing symbols that multiplied without end.

It was only a single drop of blood that entered the spiritual spring, yet it formed a pool of blood. It could be seen just how incredible the medicinal effects were. This was left behind by the Kun Peng to allow its successor to undergo rebirth.

This was an incredible opportunity!

Shi Hao’s body was powerful enough and didn’t need such a thing. However, after participating in the chaotic battles on that altar, his entire body was in tatters. He was almost killed, yet a drop of shockingly priceless blood actually appeared in front of him.

In just a split second, his body began to make pi pa sounds. His inner organs were shaken, and bones rang with keng qiang sounds while suffused with precious light.

When he opened his eyes again, his worn-out body became excellent and undamaged. He had returned to his peak state, and even improved by a step. This drop of true blood was too tyrannical. It transformed his bones and cleansed his marrows, allowing him to undergo a complete transformation.

There wasn’t a single scar on Shi Hao’s body. He had thoroughly recovered. His flesh was translucent, and his eyes were bursting with life.

During the following period of time, he continuously comprehended the dao. He remembered every single symbol within his heart. In the end, there was only a single character of the Kun Peng’s precious technique left. However, its profoundness was even greater than a diagram of the heavenly constellations.

He firmly branded that symbol within his sea of consciousness. This was something that he needed more time to comprehend. It wasn’t something that he could understand overnight. After all, it was the Kun Peng’s magic, and was ranked within the Archaic Vicious Ten.

Finally, he started the process of ‘Nurturing Spirit’. Now that he obtained the true Kun Peng’s magic, it was the perfect time for nurturing a spirit.

The Spiritual Transformation Realm was divided into three steps: body spiritualization, true self reformation, and nurturing spirit in heavenly passages.

These three stages could only be infinitely neared. They seemed almost impossible to reach, and throughout the vast wastelands, not many people had successfully achieved absolute perfection throughout the ages.

“Nurturing spirit within heavenly passages. After completing this stage here, I can return. This small trip really ended up taking two years…” Shi Hao muttered to himself.

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