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Chapter 261 – Devil Refinement Cave’s True Precious Technique

During this period of time, whoever obtained the Kun Peng’s precious technique under everyone’s stares would definitely become their target. Shi Hao fully experienced that just now when he became the public enemy.

If not for his strength being so great, any other person, even if they were a supreme expert, would still have been killed several times over here without any suspense.

Currently, the precious bone had been dropped and divided into six pieces. It was incredibly difficult to make whole again. With so many great powers and even supreme experts here, it was already quite amazing for a party to obtain just a single piece.

In reality, even if someone was able to piece together all six parts, they still wouldn’t obtain the precious technique. This was only a third of its legacy, and was far from the complete world-shaking ability.

Shi Hao was extremely happy. He stepped onto the Kun Peng’s path two years ago, and even cultivated under similar conditions with its birthplace. As a result, he was able to see those strange symbols within the divine nest.

When he infused the Kun Peng bone with those symbols during the final fight, he received the most valuable mystery. The Kun Peng’s true precious technique was actually hidden within the Devil Refinement Cave.

He borrowed everyone’s attacks to send himself down into the demonic abyss.

He was going to look for the truly complete unrivalled divine ability. At the same time, he conveniently used this chance to break free from the chaotic situation. He no longer had to worry about all of those enemies.

As expected, on top of that altar, whoever obtained those bone pieces under the eyes of so many would immediately become live targets. They wouldn’t be able to find peace for the rest of their lives unless they were powerful enough to make deities shudder.

The cave was extremely deep. It penetrated the seabed for who knows how many li. It became darker and darker, and within the gloom, waves of wuwu sounds rang out. These were the weeping sounds of vengeful archaic souls.

As he travelled deeper, all sorts of ghastly images appeared. They cried out with mournful sounds as they bared their fangs and brandished their claws. The howling sounds within this dark ancient cave made it seem as if he had descended into the underworld.

Finally, Shi Hao made it to the bottom. He used precious artifacts to slow down his descent.

The cave floor was somewhat lit. It was a greenish color, like the eyes of a ghost. From deep within, the howling seemed even more intense. Figures appeared one after another. There were some that seemed like real Flood Dragons and some like Green Luans. There were also some like Bi’ans, Heaven Swallowing Sparrows, and many others. It was clear that these were all left behind by genuine archaic vicious beasts, with enough power to make the heaven and earth tremble.

However, they were now all dead, killed mercilessly by the Kun Peng. Presently, all that was left behind was an undispersed will that wailed with unending anguish.

The underground world was serene and deeply hidden. A tunnel leading into the distance appeared, and Shi Hao began to walk on this path. He felt waves of numbness on his scalp, and he saw many spectral images of heavenly ranked archaic vicious beasts that continuously howled.

How powerful was the Kun Peng back then? Just how many of these ridiculously powerful experts did it kill? If any of these creatures were still alive, they could easily remain unrivalled within the Great Wastelands!


A Nine-Headed Snake hissed. Its body was many, many li in length, and its red tongue flickered out. A fishy smell assailed the nostrils.

It spat in this direction, causing a horrifying aura to immediately spread out.

A long cry rang out. A demonic bird seemed to have covered the heavens as it shot stars down one after another. It also swooped down towards this direction.

Ao… A Suan Ni descended. Its entire body flickered with streaks of lightning as it smashed its feet down on an archaic mountain. It was absolutely terrifying as its eyes stared in this direction.

Shi Hao was greatly shaken. These were all intangible images, but they seemed vivid and life-like, as if they travelled through space-time from the archaic era to arrive.

They were all powerful individuals that the Kun Peng killed. There were simply too many here, and the deeper one travelled inside, the more it made one’s scalp feel numb. It was a feeling that made even one’s mind feel chilly and incomparably nervous.

What kind of era were these creatures from, and what kind of powerful creatures roamed about then? Yet all of these supreme experts could only die tragically. This was truly a power struggle between giants that disturbed the heavens and shook the earth!

The Devil Refinement Cave was a cemetery. According to legend, all of the enemies caught by the Kun Peng were thrown and suppressed in this place. All of the bones left over from its meals were also thrown in here.

These creatures were completely refined, and their divine bones and other parts were turned into top grade materials. They were taken out and placed within a furnace to produce weapons.

There were even some that claimed that ‘Eternity’ was also refined from tens of thousands of divine bones. As a result, it became absolutely invincible after the symbols of all kinds of powerful creatures were melded within. It’s quality was incomparable.

Shi Hao almost lost all feeling as he walked inside. He could feel just how powerful the Kun Peng was. Along the road, ghostly lights could be seen, and all types of divine birds and vicious beasts were howling in grief. A layer of pure white powder covered the ground.

He knew that this was bone powder. These were the leftover fragments of the supreme experts’ divine bones after the archaic Kun Peng had refined them. All of their symbols and divine power had been sucked out, and this was what had remained.

It was likely that only an unsurpassed supreme expert like the Kun Peng could forcefully seize the primordial symbols of others.

In the end, even deities appeared from within the dark and secluded cave. There were also devils that seemed to be howling, full of unwillingness. However, there was nothing they could do.

On the ground, the snow white bone powder reflected the glory and viciousness of those years. The archaic era was truly cruel. Even creatures as powerful as these couldn’t avoid death.

Along the way, symbols would light up from time to time. The power they possessed could crush anything to death, easily causing a supreme expert to perish.

As someone that walked along the Kun Peng’s path, Shi Hao found that the symbols he obtained previously displayed a wondrous effect. They continuously circulated about him, and actually protected him this entire way from being killed.

In the end, Shi Hao arrived at the end of the Devil Refinement Cave. There was no noise here, no Nine-Headed Snake, Bi’an, deities, devils, or other creatures’ howls. It was incredibly peaceful.

A pair of stone doors blocked the way. With a slight push, they surprisingly opened, no longer obstructing Shi Hao. He could clearly see numerous symbols flickering in front of him, but none of them attacked him.

The mood here was completely different! There was no gloominess, and no demonic aura. It was bright and resplendent, like a glorious world. A divine aura surged in this place!

Shi Hao felt a wave of pressure as soon as he entered. His entire body felt like it was splitting apart, making his already wounded body sway even more. The sound of bones cracking rang out, and blood flowed from his body.

This was an enormous stone room with a scarlet and resplendent pool of blood resting within. It shone with the brilliance of the sun, as if blood diamonds had been piled up together.

From time to time, golden multicolored light would shoot out from the pool of blood. Dark light would also diffuse outwards. These were all symbols with enough power to make the entire world shake. They were simply too terrifying.

“Kun Peng’s symbols!”

Shi Hao felt a shiver run down his spine. He could tell immediately that it was the legendary matchless precious technique. He saw one-third of it before, so this kind of feeling was extremely familiar.

He finally got used to the pressure here.

With a hua la sound, innumerable symbols rushed up. Half of them were golden rays of light that tore through the void, and the other half were black light that seemed like black holes. The two were displayed together.

Following that, the symbols all took form. Keng qiang sounds rang out, and they were as icy cold as metal. In the end, they quickly merged together to create a Kun Peng.

What resulted was a supreme ancient bird created from symbols that seemed to possess life. It showed contempt towards deities and suppressed the archaic era. Its dignity and awe was at the absolute peak.

“Kun Peng… The legacy turned out to be like this!” Shi Hao was astonished. All of the symbols of the precious technique had been extracted and hidden within this pool of blood. It could reappear at any time and reconstruct itself.

Hua la la

The sounds created a sense of reality. All of the symbols recombined before entering the bloody pool. They formed a huge black fish that moved up and down, creating an atmosphere that was extremely astonishing.

Shi Hao was momentarily dumbfounded. This was a truly perfect divine ability! As he stood there and comprehended the various transformations he saw just now, he continuously evolved and imitated them. In a split second, it was as if he travelled back thousands of years.

Just like that, he stood in front of the bloody pool. He felt as if he had gone foolish, like he had been petrified. Shi Hao entered a deep level of dao comprehension as he tried to gain insights into these various transformations.

Only much later when a light weng long sound rang out and those tens of thousands of symbols once again flew out did he wake with a start.

Symbols flew about one after another, forming a rain of light, a Peng bird, and a Kun fish in succession. They moved about in the air, undulating up and down as they displayed their mysterious nature.

At this moment, the world seemed to rumble, ringing unceasingly with noise. It was as if the heavens were being opened. Strands of chaotic energy flowed out from the stone room, all of them rising due to the unmatched divine ability.

They contained the secrets of the heavens, and as they swirled about, clusters of heavenly bodies descended. Enormous celestial bodies appeared one after another, surrounding that Kun Peng. They rumbled as they moved, creating sounds of explosions.

The scene was absolutely shocking. It was as if a supreme deity was standing within the cosmos, with the four corners of the heaven and earth surrounding him, all of them being created by this swirling mass.

Within the Kun Peng’s pair of eyes, it seemed as if countless years have flowed past. With a blink of its eyes, it seemed as if the world had transformed and hundreds of eras had rose and fell. It was as if during that split second, tens of thousands of ancient ages had passed on.

When it glanced back, the sun and moon seemed to rise and fall within its pupils. Great heavenly bodies fell, stellar rivers fell into ruins, the world reopened, and the primal chaos extinguished; it was truly at the peak of perfection.

Shi Hao was absolutely shocked. Was this the Kun Peng? As one of the Archaic Vicious Ten, this type of precious technique was too powerful. The heavenly mysteries contained within were incomparably complicated and mysterious.

Shi Hao became completely immersed in his cultivation, and as soon as he began, he forgot about everything else. When he comprehended the True Primordial Record back then, he was also like this, cultivating until he spat out blood.

This time, he once again completely lost himself in his fascination. His mind and spirit were both thrown into those symbols. He could study the boundless profound mysteries as much as he liked and explore this utmost powerful magic.

The space between his eyebrows lit up, and his forehead began to shine brightly like a divine lamp. Strands of light passed through that place, lighting up the void and merging with those symbols.

In the end, his entire body lit up. Golden vortexes appeared, and it seemed as if heavenly deities were descending from the world beyond one after another. They began to shrink and rest on his body, chanting sutras within those golden vortexes

Immediately, the chants seemed to have become thunderous. They began grandiose and majestic, shaking the entire the heaven and earth.

Those were the Kun Peng’s symbols that were descending and entering his body’s periphery. They merged with him, making it easier for him to experience and comprehend these mysteries.

Finally, a cry rang out. The world seemed to have been struck by lightning. A Kun Peng in the air completely blasted apart, turning into endless symbols. They rushed towards Shi Hao and reassembled on his body.

Golden light shone with dazzling brilliance. The black light also appeared in strands within the golden radiance, turning into streaks.

This was a miraculous transformation. The Kun Peng’s inheritance had fully displayed itself, without the slightest part missing. It was not reflected in the sky, but instead turned into tangible symbols that descended on Shi Hao’s body.

If someone were to see this, they would definitely be astonished!

Presently, Shi Hao seemed to have become a Kun Peng that was going to spread its wings and take to the skies. It was as if he was going to rush beyond this world into the boundless cosmos.

Currently, countless symbols had condensed together, merging with him. They reassembled outside his body and flickered with the most dazzling radiance.

Shi Hao did not change at all, and was still a human. However, those golden symbols and the descended black light had solidified outside his body. It was as if he was now wearing a set of divine battle armor.

Right then, a type of supreme aura filled the air. This aura seemed like it could suppress the nine heavens!

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