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Chapter 259 – Chaotic Bloody Battle 

The golden barrier was destroyed. Shi Hao’s right hand stretched out, and it seemed to almost make contact with that Kun Peng bone. This made everyone’s expressions change greatly.

“Not good! Stop him!”

The crowd of powerful individuals shouted out. The other side was trying to use their energy to break through that powerful barrier of light and loot that precious supreme bone.

This was the wonder of body spiritualization. Not only did it improve one’s cultivation speed greatly, when enemies attacked, their spiritual essence could be seized and used for oneself.


Mo Shang was the first one to realize this. He sliced down with the golden halberd towards Shi Hao’s arm ferociously. His entire body was blossoming with golden symbols.

With a dang sound, Shi Hao’s swung his broken sword to protect himself. However, his body was still shaken, so he was slightly deterred from his goal. His body was truly strong, so once the golden spirals appeared around his body, he continued to borrow force to disperse that barrier of light.

“Quickly, stop him!” Even those great supreme experts’ became anxious, because the opposing party had already made contact with the precious bone. It was about to end up in his hands.

An expanse of symbols lit up. It was as if they were were cast from molten iron. They released a glistening light and flickered with icy radiance as they subdued Shi Hao. These symbols were trying to turn him into ashes.

Several supreme experts took action at the same time. This area was absolutely chaotic as wuwu sounds echoes throughout the cave. They were trying to deal the fatal blow, and any normal cultivator would have exploded on the spot.

The devilish child cried out loudly and used all of his strength to defend himself. A Kun Peng rushed out from his ten heavenly passages and travelled through the sky. It was extremely vivid and lifelike. It possessed the air of a supreme being as its piercing gaze swept out.

This gave everyone a great fright. They were currently trying to seize the Kun Peng bone, yet a Peng bird suddenly flew out, making everyone nervous.

While everyone was startled, Shi Hao seized that opportunity to complete the final stretch. He grabbed the Kun Peng bone and prepared to jump out of here.


The youngster Han Tian made his move. He led tens of thousands of Flaming Fish clan members, and they all released endless flaming symbols, forming a sea of fire.

“We can’t let him get away!” The supreme experts snapped out of their daze. They did not hide anything, releasing their most powerful attacks and bringing out their magical artifacts passed down from ancient times as they attacked.

Shi Hao found himself in a dangerous crisis as all of these attacks targeted him. Blood immediately flowed from the corners of his lips. This wave of energy was too tremendous.

This entire area was packed densely with symbols. The pure-blooded creatures, as well as incredibly powerful creatures like Mo Shang and Han Tian were making making this region tremble greatly.

These individuals were all equipped with ancient magical artifacts. The altar erupted with the sound of explosions. Shi Hao was blasted down into the ground, receiving severe injuries in the process.

In the end, he was still only alone, and wasn’t some deity. He could fight against Mo Shang and Han Tian one on one, but now that so many experts had rushed up together with supreme experts even taking action, it was just impossible to protect against.

Even a young supreme being wouldn’t be able to do anything. There were just too many people, and all of them were ridiculously powerful. The appearance of any of them would make others feel intimidated, and they could all rule over a region in the outside world.

In other words, once this group of people joined hands, they could sweep through everything under the heavens. It was just too difficult to defend against!

Shi Hao also went crazy. After being injured, he began to weave left and right. The broken sword erupted with dark light, and his entire body was covered in symbols that raged fiercely. The ten heavenly passages merged and crushed in all directions.


An ancestor was hacked apart by him. When the broken sword sliced down, that creature was cut open from his forehead all the way down to the space between its legs, its entire body split in two. Shi Hao rushed from that location while drenched in blood.

He was like a demonic god as he unleashed a huge slaughter. Even though he was injured, he was still incomparably bold and powerful like a supreme war god as he swept through everyone.


He exchanged a blow with Mo Shang’s weapon. His other hand slapped out, and the two individuals collided with a huge sound. Symbols rumbled and surged like golden waves. The surrounding groups of people immediately spat out large mouthfuls of blood as they flew backwards.

This was a power struggle between two incredibly talented heavenly youth! There were many who couldn’t defend themselves from the shockwaves created from their attacks. Other than the supreme experts, not even the clan ancestors of great sects could fight them at the realm of Spirit Transformation.

“Let’s see how much longer you can continue!” Mo Shang shouted.

For some reason, the devilish brat aimed an endless barrage of attacks at him. The broken sword in his hand hacked down, creating deafening kengqiang sounds, making the crowds’ souls tremble.

These attacks were too powerful. Symbols blossomed and blew up like fireworks. The two fought intensely, and over a hundred moves were exchanged in the blink of an eye. It deeply shocked everyone.

Everything happened too quickly and ferociously. How could ordinary people stop them? There was someone who continued to fight from the side, but exploded upon being struck by Shi Hao’s sword, turning into bloody rain and shattered bones.

Ah… Mo Shang cried out loudly. Even someone as powerful as him felt his arms going numb. The space between his thumb and forefinger were splitting apart, with blood flowing out from that spot.

The other party’s strength was too ridiculous. This power all came from a single broken sword. If it was switched for a great halberd, he might be even more ferocious.

This was the power of someone who was unequalled! The devilish brat was still younger than him by several years, yet his strength was so great. Equipped with symbols, he had the strength to uproot mountains and shift seas.


Shi Hao displayed his might, unleashing a barrage of attacks on Mo Shang.


Several supreme experts simultaneously laid out a formation pattern. These were created from an array of symbols, and as soon as they were activated, the entire cave began to tremble. Everyone was shocked, it was quite possible this was something only supreme experts could take out!

Normal people would rarely even see such things. This was not a normal killing formation, but rather a terrifying series of formations made out of symbols. Its might had reached the limit of power that could be displayed here!

After suffering the attack of this formation arrangement, Shi Hao’s body shook violently. With a fierce strike, he was able to force back Mo Shang and cause him to cough out blood. However, the corners of Shi Hao’s lips were also dripping with blood.

With so many experts joining hands, this was simply too difficult to fight against. It was difficult for him to even defeat one of these powerful opponents right now.

With a hong sound, flames overflowed into the heavens. The symbol formation array was forced back. Han Tian made his move again. His divine lamp of illumination was extremely terrifying as it burned the blood of deities. Even though its power was being suppressed here, everything was still almost burnt to ashes by it.

Even though it was extremely terrifying, Shi Hao had no choice but to deal with it. He used the ten heavenly passages to scatter those flames.


Those supreme experts once again assembled their symbols. They were packed densely, like characters that were carved out of metal. It seemed as if they possessed the power to crush all everything in this world.

If it was just a single supreme expert, then so be it. However, this was formation array created from the collaborative effort of several people. With a honglong sound, symbols interweaved into a sphere of light. It smashed into Shi Hao’s body and sent him flying. He immediately spat out large mouthfuls of blood.

“Get rid of him!”

One of the old ancestors shouted loudly. Immediately, a group of people rushed with even more courage and determination. Shi Hao’s power exceeded their expectations. It was too dangerous to leave him alive.


This time, Shi Hao’s broken sword scattered apart the symbol formation array. However, another clan’s formation arrived, forcing him to once again stagger backwards. Blood trickled out from the corners of his lips.

“Do you think it’s that easy to bully and humiliate me?!” The devilish brat’s temper immediately rose. He wiped off the blood from his lips. His body lit up and his ten heavenly passages trembled as they nourished his flesh heavenly passage.


He went all out, using everything he had to summon the Kun Peng’s precious technique. Behind him, a black wave surged, all of it created from symbols. An enormous fish appeared, raising waves that seemed to reach into the heavens.

He did not merely activate his own technique. With the true Kun Peng bone in hand, the precious technique’s power increased exponentially, as if the archaic Kun Peng had completely reappeared.

The devilish brat was extremely daring, trying to comprehend this technique on the scene. He fought bloodily with these people while simultaneously activating the bone in his hands. He was trying to understand the contents and obtain its profound mysteries for himself.

“Not good! Stop him!”

The people cried out loudly. Even though they believed that there was no way he could immediately obtain the precious technique, they still weren’t willing to let him delve in too deeply. Who didn’t want to get dip their fingers in a precious technique like this? They weren’t willing to let someone else probe its mysterious.

“Kill!” Everyone began to frantically attack.

Shi Hao was also roared furiously. The enormous black fish that was who knows how many li in length also swept towards the crowd. The black waves formed from symbols seemed even more boundless as it swept out.


Once the great waves struck the skies, the group of cultivators rushing forward immediately exploded, leaving behind a rain of blood. Only their bony remains were left behind.

Shi Hao was startled. With his hand on the broken sword, he felt a powerful surge of the symbol’s profound mysteries. It was extremely vast and majestic, and even with his natural talents, it would be impossible for him to remember it all without several days and nights.

In reality, all of these complicated and profound symbols could all be summed up with a single character. The great dao was could be simplified and completely condensed.

Unfortunately, those primordial symbols were extremely vague and indistinct. It was impossible for him to reach the primal imprint without first digesting the sea of symbols around it.

This was also one of the reasons why everyone else did not worry excessively. There was no one who could could instantly comprehend all of mysteries within the Kun Peng’s primal bone.


With the Kun Peng bone in hand, Shi Hao’s precious technique became much stronger. It immediately blew back a large number of people, causing them to spit out blood. Even those supreme experts were like this.

Of course, he himself also suffered severe injuries. After being struck by someone’s palm, his chest was almost blasted through.

“You dare to try and kill me! Go to hell!” The devilish brat flipped out. He held the broken sword in one hand while holding the symbol bone in the other. His body was surrounded by the Kun Peng’s precious technique as he rushed towards that supreme elder.

This was an incredibly bitter fight. Shi Hao focused all of his attacks on the other party, continuously battering that supreme elder. In the end, that sword finally pierced through his skull, causing a string of blood to fly into the air.

“What?!” Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. This was a supreme expert! Dying here was truly not worth it.

“Die!” Shi Hao shook the sword, and his head was immediately sliced into pieces. The corpse fell onto the ground, and then turned into a rain of light.

It wasn’t his real body, but rather the supreme expert’s spiritual body. After receiving such attacks, his real body would also suffer great consequences.

Immediately, the battlefield seemed somewhat cold and desolate. Everyone felt a chill run down their spines. That was a supreme expert! There was hardly any difference in fighting strength between the spirit body and the real one, yet it still died like that.

If it was the real body, wouldn’t it signify that one of the Archaic Divine Mountains’ giants fell?


The devilish brat’s eyes were a murderous red. After being attacked from all sides by all the powerful creatures here, his injuries were now extremely severe. He engaged all of these experts again, clashing greatly with all of them.

Fear rose within everyone. Even Mo Shang had been injured. The light created from that broken sword’s light brushed past his shoulder, almost hacking off his arm. Large amounts of blood flowed out from that wound.

Shi Hao was also wounded, moreover extremely severely. However, he still continued to fight in order to break out.

The Kun Peng bone in his hands lit up, raising his precious techniques’ power to a whole to level.

“Kill him!” Everyone shouted loudly.

The battlefield was extremely intense. The devilish brat attacked left and right, and every time he nearly broke out, he would once again be surrounded.

His entire body was covered in blood, and wounds covered his body. Many of those injuries were created by the symbol formation arrays. Mo Shang and Han Tian also brought him quite a bit of pain.

Shi Hao released everything he had, completely throwing himself into the battlefield. The broken sword in his hands became increasingly resplendent, erupting with black light as it unleashed a great slaughter.


He hacked off the head of a sect elder, bringing about a large splash of blood as it flew out ten meters. The scene was utterly dreadful.


He hacked apart an aristocratic noble into two pieces. Blood immediately gushed everywhere.


Within waves of resounding kengqiang sounds, ancient weapons collided fiercely and sparks flew everywhere. He hacked apart another supreme elder’s spirit body, chopping it into several pieces.

Right now, everyone was horrified. The youngster fighting was not that old, yet he carved out his own bloody path to glory and fame. This was without doubt unrivalled here, the embodiment of absolute strength.

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