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Chapter 258 – Kun Peng Symboled Bone

Everyone now understood that this was precisely the primordial symbol bone of the Kun Peng, and it was lying right there! It contained its mightiest divine ability, which was one of the ten great archaic precious techniques.

What did they endure so much and come so far for? Everyone was here for this precious technique! Yet right now, it was right in front of  their eyes, so how could their hearts not be moved?

The primordial symbol bone was more important than anything else, because it contained everything. Every last bit of the Kun Peng’s secret methods should be recorded within, and its unsurpassed profound mysteries were stored inside.

Symbols flowed and crimson light flickered. It seemed as if rivers of stars were moving up and down. It was only a bone, but it seemed to be bearing the will of the universe.

Its might soared above the nine heavens, with a great dao infused within!


Kun Peng spread its wings, and an image of its true form reappeared. It was the same as what happened not long ago, immediately filling up this place. It soared above them all, and its enormous body seemed to be able to traverse the heavens.

The vision was indeed caused by this bone. It represented the inexhaustible fighting intent, as well as the Kun Peng’s unequalled will. Even if it had fallen, it would still not be completely extinguished.

Many people felt weak and collapsed onto the ground, failing to resist. Not even the supreme experts could withstand the pressure. They began to stagger about and almost kneel down.

Later on, this Peng turned into an enormous black fish that undulated up and down like a continent. Only when it returned into the primal chaos did everything vanish.

It turned back into a bone, becoming completely silent.

“It… was demonstrating its unmatched profound mysteries just now. Unfortunately, we don’t have the bone in our hands, so we cannot study and comprehend it. If we did, this would have definitely been an extremely great opportunity to understand the dao.” Someone spoke out in a trembling voice.

“It’s broken. It isn’t completely intact!” Right at that moment, there was someone who cried out. There were cracks running through that bone! Even though it was still in one piece, it was clear that it could be separated.

“This… Fortunately, it didn’t suffer any deficiencies. The symbols inside should not have been affected. Once obtained, the profound mysteries inside should still be able to be studied.”

The crowd sighed with relief after watching it more closely. Although the bone was cracked, nothing was missing. The bone could still be studied after being put together.

“It’s rather strange!” Shi Hao said to himself. He walked on the Kun Peng path, and used the supreme being’s method to refine his own body. When he watched the Kun Peng’s nest from afar in the past, he saw some symbols. Currently, he seemed to have gained some insight.

A sect master softly shouted, ordering the disciples from his sect to rush forward together. After checking several times, they still did not find any symbols stopping them, so they felt that they could approach now.

The crowd began to rejoice at this moment. They all charged forward, and their minds were flooded with greedy thoughts.

This archaic divine treasury was most likely opened as a gift towards later generations. Otherwise, the Kun Peng definitely would not have decided to leave anything behind and destroyed everything.

The primordial symbol bone was the most crucial piece. After obtaining, it was likely that it would enable them to control everything, even the ability to obtain ‘Eternity’ and those other terrifying weapons.

This was entirely possible. Once these thoughts emerged, everyone immediately felt their blood boiling as they dashed forward.

Large groups of experts rushed forward, and even supreme experts moved out. They no longer had to hold themselves back, because now was the time to act. The one that remained undefeated and victorious was the one that would obtain the precious technique.


Shi Hao was forced to fight. Originally, he still wanted to stay towards the back because he didn’t think everyone would suddenly move. The light from all types of symbols flew about, submerging this place.

Those that didn’t fight back were simply walking targets. There were many rogue cultivators that swept through this place, hostile towards everyone but themselves.

The first individual that got struck by Shi Hao’s fist immediately flew backwards and exploded mid-air. That person didn’t even get to see who attacked him before he died miserably, making him extremely regretful.

Shi Hao forced open a path and directly rushed towards the center of this place, quickly closing in on that stone platform. The precious bone came into view, and was not almost within reach.

He created a hand formed from light and grabbed towards that primordial symboled bone. However, right when he was about to obtain it, a barrier of light surged, pushing his hand back.

“Yi?” He was surprised. The resistance came from the precious bone itself. It did not allow people to get near, yet it did not fight back fiercely either.

Even though it was rather unfortunate, it was still a good sign. This place wasn’t that dangerous on its own. The bone was still obtainable, and it was only a matter of time at this point.

When everyone saw this, everyone was immediately startled. This youth was too formidable! He made his way through the crowd like a hot knife through butter as he killed his way inside. They all tried to stop him.


A supreme expert attacked. There was still quite a bit of distance between the two when he released a precious technique. A Bi’an roared and charged over while surrounded in golden light.

Shi Hao’s two hands moved about. A sun emerged, and with a forceful push and a loud rumbling sound, the radiance of electricity lit this place up brilliantly. This area immediately exploded as lightning hacked outwards. The Bi’an was immediately shattered, and at the same time, many people’s bodies were charred black from the electricity as they fell. Those supreme experts even began to hastily take move out of the way.

Intense fights were breaking out in other areas as well. There were others who were rapidly approaching the central region.

“Get out of the way, or else all of you can go die!” The sea deity descendant Mo Shang blasted out a path and charged forward as if there was no one standing in his way.

With a pu sound, blood splashed outwards. Several sect ancestors of the Mermaid Clan were hacked apart, losing their lives here.

“Mo Shang, you’ve gone too far!”

A beautiful figure appeared, belonging to a female mermaid. The lower part of her body was that was a silver fish, and the top was that of a human. Her skin was spotlessly white, and her chest was covered by seashells. Her beautiful hair fluttered behind her, and two streaks of divine radiance shot out from her eyes.

She held a chi1 length staff in her hands, and embedded within that staff were brilliant divine divine gems. With a wave, a dazzling brilliant radiance was released, causing symbols to surge over like ocean waves.

The sea deity descendant Mo Shang stood there without any fear in front of this attack. However, there were many fighting servants behind him whose expressions changed, crying out loudly as they tried to escape.

The golden halberd in Mo Shang’s hands swept out, and a streak of golden lightning hacked apart the barrier of light made out of symbols. He looked extremely valiant as he killed his way forward.


The Mermaid Clan’s female genius immediately revealed anger on her sparkling face. Her head of beautiful hair scattered about as the staff in her hands erupted with incredible light. With a fierce sweep, tens of thousands of lightning bolts descended down on this place!

Behind the sea deity descendant Mo Shang, a battle servant cried out loudly. His entire body was scorched black, and many people other around him collapsed within the water, dying violent deaths.

“You dare to hurt my men! Where do you think you are going?!” Mo Shang shouted loudly with an unstoppable attitude. The halberd swept across the sky, and there was nothing that could stand in its way as it broke through the barrier of light and killed his way forward.

The great fight ensued, but the young mermaid was not his match. Her hair scattered about. She could not continue on much longer.

However, this was still rather shocking. After all, for the past two years, there was no one who could defeat Mo Shang. He swept through this entire sea region, and not even supreme experts didn’t want conflict to spark between them. It was clear just how terrifying he was.

On the other side, the pure-blooded creatures of the Archaic Divine Mountains joined forces. They tore through everyone like rotten weeds, displaying a power that was matchless as they charged towards the precious bone.


The masters of various sects also showed themselves. They no longer hid themselves and unleashed a killing spree. They rushed forward and extended their hands towards the piece of precious bone.

At that moment, a divine lamp lit up. The Flaming Fish clan youth Han Tian also showed up with the Divine Lamp of Illumination in hand. With a light blow, a huge expanse of raging flames rushed out from the lampwick.

“Fall back!”

The sect masters felt a wave of horror and immediately evaded the sea of flames. That was an archaic magical artifact, as well a rather evil lamp. According to legend, the lamp was fueled by divine blood.


A supreme expert made his move. With an ancient treasure in hand, he released a mist of water that engulfed those flames.

However, once the blazing flames made contact with the water, it began to flourish with even more vigorously. Chi la sounds rang out, and the watery mist immediately evaporated. With a hong sound, half of the elder’s sleeve was burnt away, almost making his body suffer as well.

A melee took place here. Everyone was fighting everyone. As soon as somebody approached the precious bone, he would receive attacks from behind and had to back off.

A chaotic battle broke out, and everyone engaged in this power struggle. As soon as someone approached the precious bone, they would immediately suffer attacks from the people behind them and be forced to retreat.

“Come to me!”

The devilish brat was extremely savage, blasting away everyone around him and clearing up this area. He took out the heaven and earth pouch to try and collect the entire stone platform.

The sky trembled, and the stone platform also began to shake. However, the Kun Peng bone also shone, becoming even more brilliant. It formed a barrier of light that surrounded this place, not allowing the platform to be brought away.

He had no choice but to push forward with everything he had. The devilish brat was absolutely terrifying when he fought with everything he had. Ordinary creatures did not stand a chance against him, and even supreme experts would feel apprehensive when facing him.

Suddenly, a great halberd hacked over from the side. Mo Shang made his move, and with a honglong sound, golden light surged like great waves. Apart from a handful of people, no one else was his match. Upon making contact with this light, they would inevitably explode to pieces.

“Get out of the way!” Shi Hao shouted and struck at the halberd with his broken sword. The impact created splendid light, sending all the people nearby into the sky.

“You should stay down there!” Responded Mo Shang with a cold voice. He was trying to knock Shi Hao down from the altar.


On the other side, the Divine Lamp of Illuminating displayed its power, surrounding both of them. Divine flames burned fiercely, forcing them to act defensively.

The place was in absolute chaos. Shi Hao had exchanged blows with many opponents, and even rushed near the stone platform several times. However, he was interrupted each time, preventing him from obtaining the precious bone.

During his most successful attempt, his body got extremely close. When he reached out with everything he had, he seemed to have reached past the barrier of light and touched the symbol bone. In the end, he was blasted away by some supreme experts.

The devilish brat was absolutely infuriated, entering a berserk state. He summoned the ten heavenly passages to nourish his flesh heavenly passage. His left hand hacked out with the broken sword while his right hand turned into streaks of lightning, bringing out the Suan Ni’s precious technique. Behind him, a Kun Peng spread its wings and rushed out.


This was an incredibly fierce and intense battle. A supreme expert spat out blood after being struck flying by Shi Hao. His spiritual body seemed to have almost been destroyed.

“Blue -fur brat, get over here now!” He bashed left and right as he rushed forward, beating the supreme expert until he spat out blood. He then rushed towards Mo Shang to get rid of him.

The two collided violently!

Shi Hao went crazy. His head of thick black hair seemed to be standing straight as the broken sword continuously hacked about. Every single slash struck down on the golden halberd, sending sparks flying in all directions.

Mo Shang roared as he fought back fiercely. The two seemed to have gone berserk. The sea deity descendant Mo Shang was starting to feel a bit intimidated, because this fellow was powerful to a ridiculous level. Even his arms were starting to feel numb.

“Suppress him!”

Several elders attacked all at once and rushed forward to suppress Shi Hao together. They felt that this fellow was extremely dangerous after he went crazy, because the power he released was simply too powerful.

In the end, many people joined in from mutual understanding. The devilish brat was too formidable, possessing a fighting strength that was excessively terrifying. They wanted to cooperatively eliminate him before fighting over the treasure.

“You should get over here as well!”

The frenzied Shi Hao possessed a demeanor that was utterly invincible. The Flaming Fish youth Han Tian even became one of his targets.

“Kill him!”

The supreme experts laughed coldly. The old ancestors began to shout loudly, seeming to have become even more stirred up. With so many of them acting together, how could they not get rid of him?

There were many creatures in the distance that still did not make their moves. They thought that they had no chances of obtaining the Kun Peng’s symbolled bone, so they didn’t want to die in vain. Instead, they watched from a sufficiently safe distance.

The crowd gasped after seeing this scene. That youth was too powerful! He was fighting against everyone by himself! This was simply beyond terrifying.

Shi Hao weaved in and out as he fought, his bravery simply unstoppable.

In the end, his entire body shone. Golden swirls appeared on the surface of his body, drawing in spiritual essence and symbols from all directions. This was the wonder of having a completely spiritualized body. He could receive the spiritual essence of others and use it for himself.

Together with his Golden Spiral Rippling Technique, those symbols and essence energy were absorbed at an even faster speed.

“Not good!” Right at this moment, Mo Shang and Han Tian both released a loud shout. Both of their bodies were similarly spiritualized, so they knew what the devilish brat was trying to do.


Fuelled by the power gathered from everyone, Shi Hao suddenly leapt up towards the stone platform resting at the center. He reached out his hand towards the symbol bone.

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