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Chapter 256 – The Treasure

“The praying mat is woven from twigs of elder wood. After going through a great many eons, it’s spirituality has worn out, however, it can still calm one’s mind and help them meditate. The praying mat is good for studying dao, and is a rare treasure.”

Someone spoke aloud and dashed towards it, encouraging everyone to fight over it.

With these being said, the crowd swarmed forward with astonishment. What exactly was elder wood? It was created between the heaven and earth, containing a divinity that connected into the heavens. The wood was a bridge linking the worlds of mortals and deities.

Previously, there was a gate on the islands where a spiritual stream flowed out from. A rotten log rested at the entrance, and that was precisely a piece of elder wood. A huge crowd immediately fought a long time over it, yet in the end, no one could even break into the gate. However, an entire praying mat that had been exquisitely woven from such a precious material was discovered, so this naturally made the crowd even more enthralled.

It was made from real divine wood, enabling one to communicate with the deities’ realm and get closer to the origin of dao. The praying mat would work countless wonders on cultivation and was considered a priceless treasure.

A group of people rushed over while accompanied by all sorts of precious techniques. Splendid light drowned this place.

Shi Hao shouted with surging ferocity. He drew out the broken sword and infused it with the power of the ten heavenly passage divine ring. A streak of black light swept forward with a wenglong sound.

All sounds and clamoring faded at that moment. The splendid and dazzling lights had also vanished. The only thing remained was a black light that covered everything.

Time seemed to have stopped, and the sky seemed to have shattered. The fleeting seconds felt like they were hours as everything froze. Finally, a soft sound was emitted.

Various precious instruments cracked and exploded in mid-air before falling down in broken pieces. All of their symbols were crushed at the same time, their light quickly dimming.


A group of people’s upper bodies left their lower halves. They were severed in half at the waist, and their corpses fell down onto the ground.

“What?!” The crowd shuddered with fear. Even the supreme experts’ expressions changed. A group of mighty beings were killed in one single strike. This youth’s strength was powerful to a terrifying degree.

With a flash of light as splendid as the rising sun, the glittering green praying mat disappeared into Shi Hao’s heaven and earth net and became his belonging.

The praying mat was made from interweaving strips of elder wood. When he sat on it while cultivating in the future, the praying mat would be very beneficial to him. The thought of this pleased Shi Hao greatly.

The mood of the crowd, on the other hand, was not as great. The praying mat used by Kun Peng was no common object. It was a divine treasure, and it was entirely possible for some of its dao laws to have been left behind.

At that moment, the jade bottle had also been swiped by someone. The stone table was now empty, making everyone absolutely furious. Two precious treasures have already been taken by others.

Shi Hao walked out with the black broken sword in his hand. He was stared at by those lords and the supreme elder who had fought with him before. He was leaving this place, and no one could stop him.

The legendary abode was enormous. Precious energy drifted about, and swarms of creatures were roaming about in search of the Kun Peng’s precious technique and other rare worldly treasures.

This place was full of miraculous objects. Things that the Kun Peng used casually were all magical artifacts and incredibly powerful. This filled everyone with longing and eagerness.

They could see from the Divine Lamp of Illumination and Pure Jade Vase that the archaic Kun Peng didn’t care about these things at all and placed them around as it pleased. As a result, everyone felt their blood boiling as they searched everywhere with excitement.

Sure enough, someone found another treasure. Even though it wasn’t a famous magical artifact, it would still bring about quite a stir in the outside world.

As a result, another huge wave of clamoring broke out. It was even more fierce than the previous fights, and intense war cries echoed through the cavern depths.

Regardless of whether it was the noble lords or the other creatures, they all leapt over towards this place.

“Weapon Refining Ground!”

When Shi Hao rushed over, he saw a stone tablet. On top of it were carved these three ancient words, and after seeing them, he became greatly shocked. He finally knew why everyone was fighting so fiercely here.

Was this where the Kun Peng forged precious artifacts?

Specks of light drifted about in front of him. The spiritual essence here was extremely dense. A cold pond could be seen, and it was so bone-chillingly cold that people could feel their flesh and bones splitting apart even from far away.

“There really are precious artifacts here! They are inside that pool.” Someone cried out in alarm.

Inside, there were several streaks of divine light flickering and moving about like fish. Upon closer inspection, they were actually sword cores, fine pagodas, and many other things. These were all crude materials left behind since archaic years that have not been completely refined yet!

“Even though these are all unfinished weapons, they all possess intelligence. These are all magical weapons passed down from the archaic times!”

Many people cried out loudly. These individuals could no longer hold back their urges, and were so stirred up that they were shaking. They were going to jump into the waters.

Where would they see such things in the outside world? Needless to say, these were all top quality materials used to refine weapons. These objects were all incredibly rare in the outside world, and was enough to make everyone go mad.

“Heavens! That sword core is made of dragon bone iron! The legendary divine grade material was forged into a sword core. This is definitely a priceless divine treasure!”

After someone recognized the sword core within the cold pond, that person’s expression immediately changed and couldn’t help but cry out in shock. This was truly a rare and valuable item that was difficult to put a price tag on.

Legend has it that dragon bone iron was a resource formed when a real dragon died within a iron ore mine. It was a precious material that was of the highest quality, and if a weapon even contained a small piece of this steel, it would immediately become a supreme treasure.

Not to mention normal people, even the aristocratic nobles and clan lords’ eyes became red with greed. They all prepared to dive in and seize those treasures.

Meanwhile there were supreme experts that immediately took action. These were the most ideal holy objects for them, because once they earnestly refined them, these items could truly resonate and belong to them.

Moreover, after experiencing countless years of nourishment, the spiritual natures of these things became extremely powerful. Once formed, they would definitely become supreme magical artifacts.


Everyone flocked over, and there were even some that directly leapt towards the cold pond to obtain these treasures.

However, something frightening occurred. As soon as they approached the cold pond, the surging cold air immediately froze more than ten people. Their bodies then fell down and cracked into pieces

Everyone felt their fine hairs standing on end. This cold pond was too scary! Why did things turn out like this? This was not merely a problem with the temperature. There was definitely a haunting divine force contained within.


A sect lord shouted out. His long sleeves fluttered about, causing divine light to surge. The cold energy was immediately dispersed. He rushed towards the cold pond with his precious technique to fish up a magical artifact.

However, as soon as the symbols landed on the cold pond’s surface, they immediately shattered, proving to be useless. Moreover, after a short period of time, a loud explosion broke out, and a huge wave surged and slammed towards him.

The sect lord immediately retreated in a hurry. The dozen or so people beside him all shrieked miserably, but they were soon frozen solid into ice sculptures. Their bodies were already cracking apart, and they all died here.

“This place seems similar to the Abyss of Black Ice. There is some kind of divine power at work. It is tough for a normal person to enter and obtain anything.” Everyone shook their heads.

Suddenly, someone took action. He leapt up and entered the cold pond without any fear. This was precisely the sea deity Mo Shang. A golden blaze surged around him, and he moved forward with the halberd in hand towards a sword core. He wanted to obtain it for his own use.

However, the magical artifacts within the pond all possessed intelligence. They moved about like a fish, quickly avoiding him and not giving him any opportunities.

“Good stuff!” From the shore, the devilish brat was drooling. He directly brought out the heaven and earth pouch. After opening it, strands of multicolored light flowed out to try and seize it.


The torrential waters roared. Endless streams surged from the cold pond, hiding the sky and covering the earth as it swept over. None of those precious artifacts arrived, and only the terrifying divine waters attacked.

Everyone was so terrified that they felt their souls departing. They immediately turned around to flee. This fucking brat was too hateful! Why did he bring down such a disaster on everyone? Everyone began to curse continuously.

Shi Hao was drenched by the cold water. However, as soon as he started to freeze, he shook fiercely, causing the ice to immediately shatter. Unfortunately, the heaven and earth pouch couldn’t collect any of those magical artifacts.

In the distance, everyone felt a raving fear as they watched this. That fellow was terrifying after all! He wasn’t scared of the cold at all.


Water blossomed high up into the air as the Flaming Fish race Han Tian also jumped into the pond. At the same time, there were several supreme experts that similarly entered the icy cold waters to seize those precious artifacts.

These treasures were so amazing that not even supreme experts could sit still anymore. They decided that they had to fight for it with everything they had. If they really could obtain a treasure like this, then once they earnestly refined it, it would definitely become a divine object.

“Mine, mine, all mine!” The devilish brat shouted loudly. In the end, he also jumped down towards those weapon cores and chased after them.

When the land creatures in the distance saw this, their hearts all trembled. They were extremely familiar with his character. When Yun Xi heard this sentence, her head even began to hurt. This savage fellow was going to go crazy again.

Sure enough, the first one to suffer was a pure-blooded creature from the Archaic Divine Mountains. After encountering the devilish child, it began to fight over a pagoda, but was sent flying after only a brief period of time. It spat out large amounts of blood and almost died on the spot.

This was a pure-blooded creature that had already matured! It was twenty years old that abruptly rose to power. It was at the golden age of power, and showed disdain towards all others in its region. However, it almost killed just now!

Suddenly, all the creatures within the cold pond simultaneously rushed towards Shi Hao’s location. They wanted to collaboratively take him out and seize the dazzling gem-like pagoda.

“Heavens! That’s a sacred pagoda formed from chaotic earth! It’s a bit more precious than even that dragon bone iron sword core! It really is a rarely seen item.” An old ancestor ashore cried out in surprise.

Even though chaotic earth was called earth, it was definitely still a divine object. Once formed into a precious artifact, it became invulnerable. Moreover, there were even some symbol imprints from the era of primal chaos inside.

Just these primal chaos symbols alone was enough to make people go crazy. This could be considered a supreme treasure!

At first, no one noticed it. However, once Shi Hao was about to get his hands on it, several supreme experts and creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains was alarmed. They began to fight over it together.

This pagoda was incredibly unique. It was full of spirituality as it circled around Shi Hao. He couldn’t catch if after many attempts, and at this moment, the incoming experts immediately made Shi Hao feel even more rushed and muddled.

“All of you, drop dead!” The devilish brat flipped out and ferociously brandished his divine force. The broken sword in his hand hacked about, immediately sending out a streak of brilliant radiance to engage this incoming group.

Dang! Mo Shang had also arrived. The golden halberd in his hand hacked towards his head, only to be blocked by the broken sword.

A supreme expert roared. It spat out a mouthful of symbols that poured down like a stellar river. It submerged the area where Shi Hao was located to suppress him.

The exquisite pagoda formed from chaotic earth immediately rushed towards the bottom of the pond, fleeing from Shi Hao’s side.

The devilish brat became angry and immediately attacked everywhere in a chaotic manner. Ten heavenly passages emerged and formed a resplendent ring with him at the center. Even his flesh heavenly body appeared, and they all surged with auspicious multicolored light.

A huge battle broke out as he frantically attacked these people. All types of techniques emerged. The divine striking stone smashed into an unfortunate pure-blooded creature, breaking the bridge of his nose and causing blood to trickle out from both his mouth and nose.

Two years ago, that witch taught Shi Hao a string of incantations that helped him control the divine striking stone. Its power increased sharply, and now, even pure-blooded creatures would receive serious injuries after being struck.

The young expert from the Archaic Divine Mountains felt so much pain that even tears flowed out. He was angry to the extreme.

The divine striking stone cried out with ao ao sounds about the pain. It flew about, smashing all over the place, and many people suffered as a result. All of them were bleeding from their foreheads. Their expressions were ashen, and they were simply angry to an unbearable level.

Even Mo Shang got caught up in these attacks, and even the crown on his head was shattered. His hair was now rather dishevelled, cutting a sorry appearance.

Everyone stared blankly at this scene. Finally, that piece of crazy rock finally stopped and entered the waters, no longer striking at them.

“Mine, mine, all mine.” The divine striking stone shouted loudly as it chased after the pagoda formed out of chaotic earth. It wanted to smash it apart to eat it.

Whi Shi Hao chased after it, he noticed that the divine striking stone was crying out with pain while smashing itself into the pagoda. It was using everything it had to bite it to pieces and eat it.

It was obvious that its teeth weren’t good enough. This was not just chaotic earth, because after it was turning into an artifact core, there were some symbols inside that prevented it from being broken.

Even though the exquisite pagoda possessed intelligence, it was not something that had its own mind. As a result, it was still caught by Shi Hao.

“Please give it to me! In the future, I will definitely behave myself!” The divine striking stone was shouting noisily because this kind of object was too important for its growth. If it truly refined the pagoda, then it would be able to improve and transform.

“Give it to me!” Suddenly, a feeble yet terrifying will rang out within Shi Hao’s mind.

“Who are you?” The devilish brat became fearful. This was the first time he felt somewhat scared and upset. Ever since he stepped into this restrictive ocean region, he had yet to be scared of anything until now.

Even though this will was weak, it could still make one’s soul tremble. It could make one feel as if the world was shattering, as if a new heaven and earth was opening.

A piece of bright and crystalline object appeared in front of his eyes. It came from his hair, and was surprisingly the small pagoda that was less than an inch in length. It landed on the chaotic earth.

“It’s you?” Shi Hao was shocked. This was the first time that this object reacted, and it actually spoke, immediately giving him a huge fright.

“Exchange.” The crystalline and transparent bone pagoda’s words were concise.

Shi Hao didn’t understand, asking it what it meant by ‘exchange’.

The finger length bone pagoda released a divine mental fluctuation, informing him that it would grant him a one time use. If he was stuck in a desperate situation, it would slaughter all of his enemies and tear apart the void to help him escape.

Shi Hao was shaken. In simpler words, this was a life saving opportunity.

“Fine!” He nodded in agreement. Even though the artifact core formed from chaotic earth was amazing, it was not as important as his life. He wasn’t on the losing end of this exchange.

This was because he believed in this bone pagoda’s strength. It was something that could even make the Willow Deity become serious, a bone artifact that it wasn’t willing to talk about.


The small pagoda directly smashed the chaotic earth into pieces, devouring the large piece at its center.

“Big bro, leave some for me!” The divine striking stone cried out miserably. It then jolted its buttocks over to curry favor from that small pagoda.


The small sparkling pagoda didn’t seem to pay any attention to it. After it devoured most of the chaotic earth, it only left behind some scraps before returning to Shi Hao’s hair.

Some powder scattered down from the bone pagoda, and it was clear that the small pagoda had completely refined the chaotic earth. It absorbed a portion of its essence and acquired the damaged chaotic symbols before returning to a peaceful and unmoving state.

“Big bro, much thanks!” Upon seeing this, the divine striking stone exalted. It knew that the other party didn’t think much of these scraps, so it directly threw itself over before devouring it viciously.

It couldn’t even chew through the complete pagoda anyway. The leftover fragments were perfectly fine for it, so it wolfed it down.

The devilish brat seemed rather envious while watching this scene. “Does it really taste that good?” He spoke while reaching out, wanting to get a piece of itself.

The divine striking stone immediately shrieked miserably and said, “You don’t need to fight with me! You can’t eat this kind of stuff!” Following that, it quickly protected its food and swallowed all of it.

The devilish brat looked resentful and said, “Do I look like someone who eats anything just because I’m hungry?”

“Yes!” The divine striking stone bluntly replied.


Suddenly, the ground split open, and waves of terrifying sounds could be heard. It was as if the world was being reopened, and even the energy of primal chaos appeared.

Shi Hao cried out in alarm. He hurriedly rushed up and broke away from the cold pond to see what was happening.

The cave region ahead shone brilliantly as a majestic and imposing main hall emerged. A Kun Peng was looking disdainfully at everyone as it radiated with flourishing light. Primal chaos surrounded its body, making it look terrifying to the extreme!

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