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Chapter 255 – Seizing Treasure

Everyone went mad and rushed up together. This dao field was incomparably vast! Multicolored light surged, and a precious treasury appeared before them.

Even though they were at the ocean floor, there was no water in this cave. It was dry and clean, full of dense precious energy.


Once the stone gates opened, symbols flew everywhere. Their eyes were met with dazzling light, and all types of jade pots and cups flowed with light on the stone table. Over ten experts simultaneously reached out to grab at them.

These were all excellent wines left behind by the Kun Peng, so how could they be ordinary? The wine that it drank were most likely divine fluids that could extend one’s life by many years and improve their cultivation greatly.

When one reached such a level, what couldn’t they receive? The ingredients used to brew the wine were most likely divine medicines, and there might even be some immortal elixirs mixed within.

This was a Kun Peng, one of the Archaic Vicious Ten. As one of the truly unrivaled giants throughout the endless years, the wine it drank definitely far surpassed the expectations of the common people.


Over ten experts’ precious techniques collided together, causing illustrious light to immediately flare and submerge this area.

Symbols flew everywhere as precious artifacts collided. Everyone was currently fighting intensely. This was the Kun Peng’s legendary abode, so even if it had appeared somewhere else, it would still have became chaotic sooner or later.

The ancient symbols that guarded this dao field had not disappeared this entire time. Everyone was glad to find that there were no dangerous traps here, or else they would have suffered greatly.

“Divine wine!”

“Let’s join hands and seize everything.”

More and more people noticed what was going on, and they all flocked over as well. Precious artifacts flew towards this place, making the battle even more frightening.

“All of you, get out of the way!”

Someone shouted loudly. It was a gray-haired elder, and with a wave of his sleeves, a huge explosion occurred. Symbols covered the sky as a group of people were immediately sent flying from being struck. More than ten of them smashed into a stone wall and directly became a bloody paste.

The elder walked slowly into the legendary abode. He released a loud roar towards ten or so experts, immediately causing them to faint on the spot. These actions terrified everyone.

“That’s probably… A supreme expert!” Someone shouted loudly.

An existence like that could truly reign unrivalled over a certain region. As long as they appeared in the outside world, even the great ancient countries would not dare to carelessly offend them, because they were just too terrifying.

These characters usually resided within the overseas Divine Islands or Archaic Divine Mountains, rarely roaming about outside. They were incomparably terrifying, and their accomplishments were extraordinary.

“He isn’t a supreme expert. He’s still one step short.” Another elder appeared. After hearing that his offspring was contesting over the treasures here, he quickly rushed over and began to fight.


A great collision immediately followed. The cave was filled with precious light, and many creatures were forced to back off. With those two old ones attacking each other, everyone began to protect themselves in terror.

“Is there really archaic wine left behind from the ancient times by the Kun Peng? If it was preserved until today, then that would be absolutely amazing! Let me take a look.”

Right at this time, a golden halberd appeared. Ferocious ripples moved up and down like ocean waves, and a brilliant light swept over, drowning this cave.

Everyone’s expressions changed, because the one that came this time was powerful. His pupils seemed to be shooting out cold streaks of lightning as they swept over everyone. It was as if a supreme deity was looking down them.

It was precisely the sea deity descendant Mo Shang. His terrifying might and demeanor was known by everyone. Not a single person were willing to provoke him, and even the supreme experts here felt a restraining fear.

The golden halberd shook, causing symbols to burst forth. Many powerful individuals immediately cried out on the spot, and eight or nine people’s bodies exploded. Blood poured out, and they fell while their faces were still looking upwards.

This was just too powerful. That group couldn’t defend against it at all, and even those two experts’ faces turned ashen as they avoided the halberd’s edge.

Mo Shang walked over with large strides, and his cold gaze swept over everyone. When his hand reached out, no one stopped him. The jade containers filled with sparkling radiance, as if they were almost transparent.

“There really is still some wine inside, enough to pour out a cup.”

When everything became peaceful again, there were no longer any symbols that sparkled about. Everyone could clearly see the contents of the container, making them cry out in shock.

The ocean deity descendant laughed excitedly His head of thick blue hair danced about as he reached out for the jade container. This was true divine liquid with enough medicinal powers to revive one from a near-death state.


A Suan Ni appeared. Purple lightning danced about chaotically as it roared with its head held high. A claw slammed down towards Mo Shang, blocking his arm. The previously calm room immediately became full of lightning.

“You dare!” Mo Shang shouted furiously.

Someone attacked him to fight over that jade container. An intense confrontation immediately broke out.

This was, of course, Shi Hao. While he was still releasing the Suan Ni’s precious technique, his body had already entered the room to fight Mo Shang. The two had already fought a bloody battle previously, so without exchanging any words, they once again fought with everything they had.

On the side, there many people that released muffled groans as blood flowed from their mouths. The battle was so intense that the repercussions blasted them out of this massive room.

These individuals were still comparatively rather fortunate. There were some others that longed for the wine, and so they were still looking for opportunities to seize it. In the end, however, once their bodies were struck by those two’s precious techniques, they were immediately blown to pieces.

The two elders sighed and ultimately backed off as well. Even people as powerful as them were not not these two incredible youth’s opponents. If they decided to fiercely contest with them, they would most likely die here.

Zhi Zhi!

Hairy ball stuck his head out of the Heaven and Earth Pouch and cried out with excitement. It directly jumped onto the jade table and grabbed the jade container before fleeing.

“Good job!” Shi Hao laughed loudly.

Mo Shang was absolutely furious. Where did this little monkey come from? It was actually able to protect itself from the shockwaves his attacks created, allowing it to steal the divine wine and ruining all of his efforts.

Soon after, Shi Hao also felt his smile freeze on his face. That monkey directly tipped the jade container into its mouth to drink it all.

“Don’t waste such good stuff! That stuff is an incredibly precious original elixir! If we mix it together with the little devil wine when we go back, it will allow it to undergo a wondrous transformation!” Shi Hao shouted.

The only saving grace was that the remaining wine was extremely viscous, so not a single drop came out. Hairy Ball bared its fangs, and its small claws were almost completely soaked in saliva.

It forcefully shook the jade container, and finally the wine broke its seal. An intoxicating scent immediately proliferated, its fragrance seeping deep into the depths of people’s bones and souls.

Putong, putong…

Outside of the room, numerous people began to feel weak. They collapsed and entered an intoxicated dream state. It was incredibly shocking!

After the wine broke through the seal, the amount of light that poured out from symbols was simply unimaginable. It definitely could make someone completely drunk just from its fragrance. In addition, it still contained miraculous effects and divine symbol light within.

This was without a doubt divine wine. It was refined from ancient divine medicines, and was even more precious than the little devil wine that Shi Hao obtained.

Shi Hao took out the Heaven and Earth Pouch, and with a shua sound, he collected the jade container to prevent Hairy Ball from truly wasting it. If such a thing happened, it would truly be too regretful.

The sea deity descendant was furious, but it couldn’t do much about it. The two continued to fight fiercely, but it was difficult for either of them to gain the upper edge. He knew that he couldn’t get his hands on that divine wine.


After a final strike, the two individuals rushed towards opposite directions. They no longer engaged in a deadly struggle, because there was still the Kun Peng’s precious technique, as well as many other things to fight over.

“Ah, even those terrifying nobles that entered all died! It’s too terrifying!” An uproar broke out from another direction. The people there cried out loudly as they fled for their lives.

Dark light surged as a hazy mist began to spread from that location. The people at the back of this fleeing group suddenly collapsed. Their entire body turned jet-black, and soon after, they turned into a thick puddle of blood, dying an unnatural death.

The scene was quite scary. There were several hundred people who died and turned into corpses. The dark like extended its range, surging outwards.

“There is a medicinal furnace inside, but not only did we not find any divine pills, an extremely toxic black light began to spread out from within it.” Those that were able to flee all felt their hearts beating quickly.

The Flaming Fish youth Han Tian was here at this time. When he saw the black light reaching over, he lifted a small bronze lamp, illuminating this place.

Even though it had already burned for tens of thousands of years, after he gently blew at it, a sea of fiery light immediately rushed out. It burned vigorously and submerged the black light, completely wiping it out.

Everyone was stunned. It deserved to be called the  Divine Lamp of Illumination and an outstanding archaic artifact. Many great powers had created them in the past, but the fuel needed to light the lamp was too extravagant, requiring the blood of a deity. Even if they successfully created it, there weren’t many families that could afford such a luxury.

Only the Kun Peng could show such disregard towards an object like this. It use such a precious artifact as an ordinary lamp, hanging it on the cave wall.

“It’s likely due to the true Flood Dragon divine medicine! The Kun Peng probably tried to create a furnace of True Flood Dragon Pills, but after failing, he never got rid of it, so it must have turned into a poisonous pill in the end.” A supreme elder had arrived as well, and he revealed a look of surprise.

Everyone was overwhelmed with shock. What kind of ridiculously powerful pure-blooded creature was the archaic True Flood Dragon? Yet it was actually caught by the Kun Peng and placed within a furnace to be refined into medicine. The Archaic Vicious Ten wasn’t titled as such for no reason!

Within the crowd, there was a gray-clothed elder whose expression became rather conflicted. This was precisely the Elder Flood Dragon. Since it was of the Flood Dragon race, it naturally knew more about this than anyone else. He believed that this really was a True Flood Dragon that had been refined into poison.

When all of the dark light had dispersed and everyone had left, his figure disappeared. He began to cautiously and timidly move inward.

Powerful energy rippled outwards from the distance. It was quite clear that there were people fighting intensely there. Everyone quickly rushed over, because there were bound to be precious treasures wherever people fought.

Sure enough, this place shone brilliantly. A dense mist rose, and precious light surged. The entire place was dazzling. Experts were everywhere, and all of them fought fiercely.

There were a few nobles and supreme experts that were fighting particularly viciously. Shi Hao also arrived, and he killed his way into the cavern depths. What he found was an extremely spacious stone room. Multicolored light shone everywhere in this rather simple and unadorned place.

On top of that stone table was a precious vase that flowed with auspicious light. An exuberant life force surged, and within the vase was a single flower. It was glistening and tender, as if it was carved out of jade.

“Divine medicine! After experiencing countless years from the archaic years until now, it still had not withered. Its price is definitely immeasurable.”

Many people’s pupils began to burn with passion. They all rushed forward to seize it for themselves. However, none of them succeeded. There were just too many experts here, and all of them were trying to outdo each other. Precious techniques flew about chaotically. Many people cried out loudly, spitting out blood as they backed off.

“Idiots! That flower isn’t medicine. It is completely ordinary!” An elder shouted loudly.

The noble lords’ gaze had long became fiery. Their eyes had been set on the precious vase the entire time, not that flower.

As a result, all of those powerful individuals realized the truth. What was precious was that jar, not the flower. It could even make an ordinary flower immortal! What kind of shockingly precious artifact was this?

“Pure Jade Vase… This seems identical to Little Western Paradise’s supreme treasure! How terrifying… The Kun Peng actually casually left it on a table to display flowers.”

In the end, someone recognized that this warm vase was exactly the same as Little Western Paradise’s precious artifact. It was just too similar.

Four or five noble lords appeared and began to fiercely fight over the Pure Jade Vase. Every action they made seemed to move mountains and shift seas. Symbols erupted with frightening ferocity.

At the same time, Shi Hao also made his move within this massive stone room. However, his target was not that vase, but rather a praying mat.

Other than him, there were also a few other elders. These were all ancestors of their respective clans. They were all fighting with their lives on the line over this.

Soon after, some pure-blooded creatures from the Archaic Divine Mountains also appeared. These people were all incredibly powerful, and after seeing the praying mat, they all entered the battlefield.

At first, this praying mat didn’t seem that special. It seemed rather ordinary, but when people began to fight, causing precious techniques to land on it, everything changed.

It began to shine with brilliance, revealing its original appearance. It was formed from strips of green and lush tree branches, as if it was made out of jade. An auspicious and peaceful energy began to waft through the air.

In that instant, all of the supreme experts became alarmed and joined the struggle. Explosions erupted, and precious techniques shook this entire place. This entire room began to rumble from the chaos. Shi Hao was struck, and he couldn’t help but frown as he was forced back.

This was where the archaic Kun Peng occasionally rested and at times used to meditate. Now that its real appearance has emerged, even supreme experts couldn’t sit still any longer. They all began to fight ferociously.


The devilish brat was incredibly vicious. Ten heavenly passages appeared, bringing with it a surging divine radiance and flourishing multicolored blaze. It immediately caused a supreme expert’s spiritual body to tremble and retreat. He released a roar, then sent another group of expert flying before grabbing towards that praying mat.

With a shua sound, it entered his hands. Shi was shocked to find that this praying mat was quite heavy. Contrary to what one would assume from its size, it actually weighed more than ten thousand jin. It was simply unbelieveable, being heavier than many divine steels.

“Hand it over!”

A supreme expert took action, sending a huge imprint down from above. It descended from the air and slammed down with a torrent of divine force. The scene was absolutely terrifying.

This was the embodiment of the peak of spiritual transformation, a refinement of the highest level. He was using his precious artifact to suppress Shi hao and seize that praying mat.

A tremendous wenglong sound rang out. Shi Hao grabbed the praying mat and ferociously smashed it at the skies, colliding with the enormous imprint. A dazzling and resplendent radiance immediately erupted.

The praying mat was completely unaffected. It was not damaged in the slightest, while that crystalline imprint began to spin in the air and fly backwards. It smashed into the cavern wall, causing the entire room to shake violently.

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