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Chapter 248 – Holy War

The sun ascended from the the ocean surface and scattered down its golden radiance. The entire blue sea began to reflect this faint golden light, turning this entire place bright and splendid as the waves rose and fell.

“Let’s go! Towards our holy war!”

The two fellows packed up everything before travelling into the ocean distance by treading on the ocean surface. These youngsters were delicate and pretty, as if they were otherworldly immortals. The girl’s sleeves fluttered behind her, moving along with the multicolored light. They were enveloped within the golden splendor, appearing extremely outstanding and pure.

They were like a pair of immortal fairies as they travelled on the multicolored waves. It gave others a type of indescribably auspicious and peaceful feeling, a beautiful scene that was difficult to put into words.

However, the words that they were discussing weren’t particularly harmonious, and instead rather… violent. All types of underhanded words were naturally coming out of their mouths.

“Let’s first deal with the sea deity descendant. I feel like the trident in his hands is quite outstanding. It’s most likely a sealed archaic artifact.”

“That kind of object isn’t easy to snatch, so let’s target the other ones instead. The Flaming Fish race possesses divine liquified flame essence within their bodies, and the value of it is tremendous. It could be used to refine sacred artifacts, so in my opinion, it’s something worth stealing.”

They travelled through the blue sea and began to approach the Kun Peng nest. Since most of the powerful individuals were gathered at this region, their eyes were roaming everywhere for a easy target.

Not far from the island was an altar situated within the waters. A single youth was standing upright and without fear at the very top. A golden battle halberd rested in his hands as he stared unmoving at the Kun Peng nest on the island.

“Yi, this fellow seemed to have grown a bit stronger. With this kind of heir, even if the sea deity fell, it would still be able to close its eyes peacefully,” muttered a girl softly.

It was unknown when the ocean race creatures built up this tall alter. It was broad and tall and stretched out from the ocean surface. While facing the Kun Peng islands, it gave out an unordinary feeling.

Within the the multicolored light, the altar seemed incomparably majestic. It released wave after wave of undulations, as if a supreme colossus was lying in slumber.

This was a divine altar constructed to symbolize the ocean deity. It was raised up in order to help that youth become even more powerful by helping him enter a deep state of comprehension.

It was quite obvious that Shi Hao wasn’t the only one that found out this secret. There were a few other creatures that noticed the existence of the symbols that appeared around the divine nest.

“So that’s what was going on!” When the girl heard about the cause and effect that took place here, she immediately propped up her spotlessly white chin while blinking her large eyes, revealing a contemplative expression.

“Forget about his golden halberd, I want the Kun Peng techniques that he obtained.” She suddenly said these words.

The devilish brat was startled. “Those are things that he comprehended on his own, and are deeply ingrained his sea of consciousness. How can you steal it?”

“I have an ancient method that allows me to instantly understand what he is thinking about. Of course, the technique is extremely difficult to use, and even if there was an opportunity, it can easily be missed. However, it is still worth giving a try,” said the girl.

After hearing these words, the devilish brat immediately felt his hair stand on end and backed up many steps. How could this fatty be so powerful? It made him a bit scared and upset, because as soon as he was taken advantage, it would lead to a huge problem.

“Don’t be scared. Using this technique is extremely difficult, and the best case scenario is if you knock him unconscious. Otherwise, it will be difficult to succeed. Relax! Older sis won’t do anything to you.” She smiled sweetly. Under the multicolored lights, she seemed incomparably dazzling. Even her hair was dyed in a golden radiance, making her entire being appear absolutely gorgeous.

Shi Hao still kept some distance from the fatty, feeling truly a bit scared. If he was struck by her, there wouldn’t be a single secret he could keep to himself anymore.

How were they going to strike the sea deity descendant unconscious? There were many sea creatures standing guard nearby. In addition, his own strength was ridiculously powerful, rarely meeting any worthy adversaries within the spirit transformation realm!

That ocean youth was definitely one of the most impressive figures within this generation. Its imposing attitude was too great.

“Yi, why do I feel like that small stone in your hair seems more and more familiar? It can’t be a divine striking stone, right?” The young beauty’s eyes flickered with intelligence as she stared at the faintly golden rock.

“No, you are mistaken.” Before the devilish brat could even say anything, the rock spoke on its own. Moreover, it immediately slipped deep into Shi Hao’s hair.

“I was right, it is this kind of divine object! It’s good that we have it. It won’t even be a problem to smack his head until it’s full of sore spots!” She immediately became extremely happy, laughing as she spoke.

“How could you tell?” Shi Hao asked. This was something that even ancient saints viewed as divine objects. It could be refined into holy artifact, and since ancient times, not many of pieces of them have appeared.

“It’s because my sect… My family has one. It was refined into a supreme treasure after absorbing the essence and spirituality of this world. I still haven’t been able to play around with one yet. The one in your hands is still unpolished and plain, but there’s no mistaking its aura. Aiya, it really is something good. I really want to steal it from you.”

The young lady’s eyes lit up, as if she was trying to hold back her own saliva.

What kind of beauty was she? She was so gorgeous that she seemed like an otherworldly immortal, yet she was still acting like such a money grubber. It truly made left people speechless.

“You were mistaken. Don’t come any closer! This old one won’t be remade by you and will stay perfect like this my entire life!” The divine striking stone opposed.

Shi Hao was also a bit nervous. If he truly let her use the divine striking stone, then it would most likely be just like giving a meat bun to a dog; he probably wasn’t going to get it back.

“I’ll teach you an incantation to help you control that rock. The power it can produce will also rise sharply. Even though it won’t be comparable to a true supreme treasure, knocking that ocean race brat dizzy shouldn’t be a problem.” After the the girl spoke, she passed the incantation to Shi Ho.

“Please, no…” The divine striking stone shrieked miserably as if its heart was tearing and its lungs splitting. It didn’t want the devilish child to learn this incantation and wanted to escape.

However, once that incantation was read, it immediately became listless and behaved itself.

“Let’s allow the sheep to grow fat first. We’ll make our move after he comprehends a bit,” said the young lady.

All of their preparations were complete, and they had already waited for that sea deity descendant to gain enough insights. Finally they moved out separately and approached the massive altar.

“Hey, I’m talking to you. Get over here and help build the altar even higher!” An ocean race creature shouted loudly while glaring at Shi Hao.

After entering this place, they had subdued quite a few creatures, forcing them to do manual labor. They wanted to build this altar even greater not only to allow the ocean descendants to have better cultivation environments, but because it was also going to serve as a battle fort when a great war breaks out.

Shi Hao rubbed his nose and followed along until he was face to face with the altar.

“Why does this fellow seem somewhat familiar?” There was someone that became doubtful after seeing him.

Several months ago, conflict broke out between Shi Hao and their group, and as a result, he killed one of their ocean race experts. These people all stared at him as if something wasn’t quite right.


The devilish brat made his move, inciting an incantation. He didn’t tried to cover things up at all as he directly took out the divine striking stone.

On top of that altar, a figure stood like a deity. As it gazed into the Kun Peng nest with the golden halberd in hand, essence energy surged around his entire body like a dragon, lighting the entire place up in golden radiance.

He suddenly turned around forcefully. Why would he be scared of any hidden attacks? He was unrivalled within the ocean region. Two streaks of golden beams immediately shot out from his pupils.

With a hong sound, the heaven and earth seemed to have exploded. The waters became chaotic, and a huge wave rushed into the skies. This was his powerful might! With just a single movement, even the blue sea was raised, engulfing this world.

However, this time, he was wrong. The golden beams of light within his pupils were unable to dissolve the hazy mist. A stone flew in a curved trajectory, avoiding the symbols that filled the sky and smashed over like lightning.


He shouted loudly to stop it.

However, the symbols were still not enough to obstruct it. The divine striking stone was astonishing, striking out with a hundred percent accuracy. It was simply impossible to avoid, and with the support of the incantation, it was able to pass through the symbols.


This strike was firm, hitting him right on the forehead. Blood began to squirt out, rushing upwards. He was stuck dizzy, making his head ring with weng weng sounds.

It was worth mentioning that after the divine striking stone became infused with the incantations, it became several times more powerful. If it struck the head of an ordinary cultivator, then it would have probably been smashed to pieces already.

Even someone as powerful as a sea deity’s descendant began to sway back and forth after being struck and almost fell down. At this moment, he felt incomparably painful, and stars were fluttering before his eyes.

He released a furious shout. His head of hair fluttered behind him like dancing snakes, and the halberd in his hands sliced open the ocean surface as divine golden light rushed into the heavens. The incredible pain did not make him lose vigilance. He began to protect himself.

The other ocean creatures moved together, attacking at the devilish child. All types of brilliant light began to dance about.

However, this did not stop the rain of light. Skillfully and agilely, it landed on top of the altar. A circle of resplendent light appeared, and a young lady emerged. A blast of divine light illuminated the ocean descendant.


The golden halberd streaked across the air, dancing between the heaven and earth. Killing intent exploded as it tried to murder the invader.

Meanwhile, several figures rushed over from the distance to attack the ocean race. These were all powerful individuals, and after seeing the ocean race being attacked, they all took action to strike them while they were down.

Several experts took action simultaneously, forming an unplanned alliance. Shi Hao’s broken sword brandished as it swept towards the enemies in front of him, escaping the encirclement.

Meanwhile, the ocean clan youth on the altar trembled as his head swelled. He erupted with dazzling light before roaring out, “You dare!”

He truly was too powerful. It was rare for him to meet his match within the Spirit Transformation realm, and so even though he was currently under such conditions, he still showed an unrivalled attitude, attacking his enemy with full force.

The rain of light surged as the young lady broke free from his attack, directly retreating.

Chaos broke out in this place. The ocean clan youth’s eyes became icy cold as he snapped out of his dizziness. With the golden halberd in hand, he released a great roar before rushing into the crowd.


With a sweep of the halberd, one of the invading experts was immediately sliced into pieces, absolutely not his match.

“All of you, die!”

Under his raging temper, golden light erupted from his entire body, submerging the heaven and earth. His entire being was like a supreme and invincible deity. Golden waves engulfed all directions, immediately making all of the intruders explode into pieces.

“Not good!” he suddenly shouted loudly, because he felt that some of the things he had been carrying have gone missing.

In the distance within the blue sea, Shi Hao and the young girl faced each other as they examined their spoils.

A piece of the Kun Peng’s bone as well one of its scales appeared before them. Even though they had already been broken a long time ago, without any symbols, their values here were still extremely high. These items were crucial if they wanted to enter the Kun Peng nest.

“This fellow is too powerful, so there’s no way for us to steal what’s in his mind. However, I was able to conveniently grab these things from him while he was in a daze, and it’s likely that these are what he used to observe the Kun Peng nest’s symbols,” said the young girl.

Following that, she bluntly collected them. Since she heard that Shi Hao could already comprehend them on his own, there was no need to fight over these. Her real body wasn’t here, so she needed these things in order to gain any benefits.

“What, this isn’t your real body? What kind of weird monster are you? Why are you so powerful?” The little guy was truly startled.

“Have you heard about raising a spirit? This is a spirit body nourished from one of my heavenly passages. My real body is being trapped in place by an annoying fellow, making it troublesome for it to enter the wastelands.”

Shi Hao became absolutely shocked. This fatty was so powerful! No wonder this body could turn into a rain of light at any moment. It wasn’t even her real body! This was truly formidable.

“Then how are still able to eat?”

“You’ll understand when you reach this cultivation realm.” The young lady rolled her eyes at him.

When the sea deity descendant completely snapped out of his dizziness, he seemed like a raging deity. With the golden halberd in hand, he swept through this entire ocean region and unleashed a massacre. No one could stop him!

However, in the end, he was still unable to find the ones that stole his belongings.

In the coming days, two great robberies took place within this place. Numerous experts were robbed in an unbridled manner. Anyone that was somewhat known seemed to have been paid a visit.

They used the divine striking stone to open up a path. They would first be struck stupid, and then they would go up to steal everything. This was their holy war.

Many suffered losses, but they all endured it. They didn’t tell anyone else, because this was simply too embarrassing.

Many experts felt like they had were being choked, spitting out blood when no one was looking. They truly wanted to catch those two thiefs and beat the shit out of them before ultimately killing them.

During this period of time, Shi Hao and the girl robbed an unusual creature, an old gray Flood Dragon. It was extremely powerful, and its abilities were heaven overflowing, almost causing them to fail.

Later on, when they seeked confirmation from other creatures, they found out that the creature was unexpectedly the spirit body of an Elder Flood Dragon!

They actually robbed a supreme expert! This made the devilish child cry out from excitement. However, that witch was extremely calm and collected, as if it wasn’t that big of a deal.

“Sigh, I have to leave. It seems like there is no connection between me and the Kun Peng’s precious technique. If I don’t return, then my real body would be in danger since I’ve used up so much energy.”

That day, the young girl said this and was going to vanish into specks of light.

During the short time these two were together, they connected deeply. After all those sneak attacks and robberies, they cooperated happily, smoothly accomplishing everything. Now that they were going to separate, the devilish brat actually felt a bit of unwillingness.

“Hehe, goodbye. If there destiny wills it, we will meet again.” The young girl was rather carefree as she laughed. She scattered into a rain of light, directly disappearing from this place.

“I’m looking forward to robbing the Archaic Divine Mountains and Sea Deity Islands in the future with you!” The devilish brat shouted.

Time hurriedly passed by, and just like that, two years passed in a flash!

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