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Chapter 249 – Reconstruction of the True Self

Too many things had happened in the past two years. Rising winds and scudding clouds violently threw these seas into chaos.

The grand blue sea was magnificent, with its islands and reefs peaceful. No one had entered the Kun Peng nest yet, let alone obtain its precious technique.

Numerous mighty beings had come and gone during these two years. Even more creatures had died, leaving countless corpses behind.

Many lives had been taken in this sea, almost reddening the blue sea. Forces came and went in batches.

Currently, news about this place had already spread widely and could no longer stay hidden. All those who were powerful enough had shown up and looked for opportunities to break into the nest. However, none of them had succeeded.

Even some supreme experts had arrived. They sneaked in to have a closer look at the dao field, but there was nothing they could do. Some of them were even humiliated, almost killed after their cultivation had been suppressed.

The young lady had not shown up again after she left.

However, the legend of the two bandits continued to spread, becoming a topic that was talked about from time to time. This was because the incident of robbing the Elder Flood Dragon had been leaked by witnesses.

One these news spread, all of the powerful individuals were stupefied, creating a huge commotion.

In reality, the people all sympathized with the Elder Flood Dragon, because after that event, he truly became dejected and depressed. He didn’t have the slightest bit of face left. Despite being such a powerful creature, he was actually beaten up and robbed by two younger generation youth; this simply made others speechless.

Once such a thing happened, the Flood Dragon race population immediately increased several folds. Rumor has it that they were all Elder Flood Dragons. He had truly been ridiculously angered this time, and as a result, he brought out all of his disciples and grandchildren here to find the thieves.

He showed absolute disdain towards the northern seas and despised all of the powerful individuals here. However, such a formidable supreme creature was bullied so badly by an immature brat and a hateful girl, so how could it accept such a thing? It truly couldn’t swallow this down.

This became a subject of ridicule. Every time someone saw a Flood Dragon move about, they would always think of that event and laugh amusingly.

Meanwhile, if one of the older characters suffered misfortune due to the cultivation suppression, they would immediately feel better after thinking about that Elder Flood Dragon. After all, even the Elder Flood Dragon had received a beating by someone before, so how could they not let their own anger go?

In a short period of time, the Elder Flood Dragon had become the symbol of tragedy. As a result, even after such a long time, the two great thieves were still remembered by everyone, becoming a popular topic of discussion.

Only, these two thieves had been silent for too long. That witch had disappeared for two whole years, and the little brat would only appear once every few months. Each time he appeared, he would always act underhandedly and be incredibly slippery.

Two years had passed, and Shi Hao was now already a bit older than thirteen years of age, already leaving the young and tender years. This age within the great wasteland was already enough to take a wife and bear children.

However, the devilish child’s natural disposition was difficult to change, and so he continued to act like before. He was still a little savage, doing all types of strange things and angering men and deities alike.

The Elder Flood Dragon being robbed was already said and done, but what everyone didn’t know was that after the devilish brat realized that the number of Flood Dragons in this place increased, putting him in an unfavorable position, he secretly made his move. He gave all eighteen of the Elder Flood Dragon’s grandsons a good beating. They were beaten until they cried for their mothers and fathers, and all of the treasures on their bodies were robbed clean.

However, he didn’t kill any of them. Instead, he allowed these eighteen flood dragon descendants to return and tell the Elder Flood Dragon to be careful.

Warning such a menacing supreme expert directly like this was something that only a savage like him would do. The Flood Dragon race was speechless from top to bottom, their hatred so deep even their teeth became sore.

In the past two years, the experts that all held enmity towards him were all bluntly struck from behind by the divine striking stone. As a result, there was a large number of experts whose faces would change as soon as the devilish brat was mentioned. They couldn’t tell others about their own misfortunes, and so they could only suffer, enduring this on their own.

The devilish brat grew quite a bit. His black hair that scattered down behind seemed to have become even more beautiful and elegant. He was currently sitting on the ocean bottom within the Cave of Utmost Yang, using the true flame within to refine his body and spirit.

The flames here were extremely special and terrifying, and only by entering the cave would he reach the deepest parts where the flames blazed with ferocious heat. It seemed as if it was going to roast his body black.

However, he felt rather calm as he sat there unmoving. A serene expression rested within his eyes, and there weren’t any fluctuations in his mental state.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, his body seemed to have shed a layer of black skin, revealing a jade-like body. He became even stronger.

If there was anyone else here, they would have immediately cried out in shock. What kind of torment was this? He used true flames to refine his body, almost being roasted black, yet he still underwent such a transformation in the end!

This was definitely a type of torture, a type of unendurable training. The devilish brat did not reach such a powerful state without reason. He possessed a great perseverance that allowed him to sit unmoving through this suffering.

In actuality, shedding his old skin and giving birth to new flesh was not Shi Hao’s purpose while cultivating here. Because his body had already been completely spiritualized, he had already reached the peak of this cultivation realm. He could focus completely on his real body, so there was no reason to be as aggressive as before.

The reason why he trained like this was not for his physical body, but rather to refine his mind and reconstruct his true self.

The Spirit Transformation realm was divided into three stages. The first stage was the spiritualization of the body, the second remolding the true self through the spirit, and the third to raise the spirit within the heavenly passage.

With the devilish brat’s natural talents, how could his cultivation have stopped during these past two years? On the path of cultivation, he has always possessed incredible heavenly gifts. It was just as great as before.

During the past two years, the accomplishments he gained were absolutely terrifying. He advanced by leaps and bounds, climbing from the the initial stage all the way to the peak!

The road of cultivation was more difficult the further one advanced, and the rate of advancement would gradually slow down until it became difficult to improve even slightly. The Spirit Transformation realm was clearly rather difficult, and advancing through it like crawling up a slope.

He could already be considered to be a master within the Spirit Transformation realm. Even those elders from the great ancient countries’ clans were only at the later stages of Spirit Transformation. The devilish brat was able to reach such a level despite being so young! If news of this spread out, it would definitely make people scared beyond belief.

A thirteen year-old youngster was already able to reach the peak of the Spirit Transformation realm; this fact would definitely make everyone tremble.

Even the Archaic Divine Mountains’ pure-blooded creatures would be stunned if they heard about this. The powerful nine heavenly passage Qing Yun was only at the middle stage of spirit transformation.

Moreover, the devilish child’s path was different from others. He had ten heavenly passages and was going to reach the absolute limit of every realm. This meant that his path was much longer than normal.

However, he had still reached the peak first!

With such amazing accomplishments and natural talent, how could it not make others sigh in admiration? If the outside world knew about this, the entire wastelands would be greatly shaken.

During these past two years, he kept a low-profile as he consolidated his cultivation.

Flesh into spirit; Shi Hao had already completed this legendary state.

Remolding the true self and nourishing it within the heavenly passage were things that he had touched on, but did not reach the limits of even though he reached the peak of this cultivation realm. He had broken into these two stages, but he was still trying to advance further.

Currently, Shi Hao already did not fear anyone else within the Spirit Transformation realm. He could fight with any expert within this blue sea, no longer having to avoid anyone like two years ago.

However, he was still not satisfied, and as a result he continued to isolate himself. He wanted to break through the peak of this realm. The devilish brat’s requirements towards himself were extremely strict, because he wanted to become the most powerful.

His mental and physical training within the Cave of the Utmost Yang was precisely for breaking into the legendary state and reforming his true self.

The reformation of true self through the spirit was definitely a terrifying process. The soul could be damaged at every point, so it was extremely dangerous. No one would dare to carelessly alter this process.

Most people considered a slight refinement to be enough to pass and enter the next stage, but the devilish child earnestly compared himself to the ancient creatures, expecting more from himself.

He used the true flames within the Cave of Utmost Yang to sharpen his spirit and refine his soul, reconstructing his ‘true self’ to become the absolute strongest.

While sitting within the cave’s flames, he endured the roasting and combusting of his body until it was scorched black and began to shed. This was not a required process, but rather done to transform his mind and strengthen his spirit, allowing his soul to become even stronger.

As this process continued, his body became more and more translucent. His skin was shed several times, becoming a byproduct of this mental training.

Finally, he was able to make progress once again. There was a circle of light shining within his head, and it was burning so fiercely that it seemed to want to break free, releasing an unending amount of divine splendor.

The Cave of Utmost Yang was not a normal place. The flames that it produced were something that even the Kun Peng thought highly of. Its conditions were similar to the environment it used to cultivate during its youth, so how could this place be ordinary?

As a result, the immortal divinity contained within the Cave of Utmost Yang’s flames not only could refine one’s physical body, but forge their minds as well. The spirit would be strengthened, undergoing complete reform.

Shi Hao had already cultivated for two years within this place, and was finally able to reach such a level. HIs spirit seemed to burn, as if it was turning into ashes. However, his soul was still not extinguished as it rested at the very center. It experienced countless changes and was continuously remodeled.

This was the core of his spirit. After being roasted within the true flames of the Cave of Utmost Yang, it was unceasingly refined. It became tougher and more durable, allowing it to quickly become more powerful.


Within his head, that lump of light seemed to have reached its extreme, causing even his spirit to ignite. It seemed like it was heading for destruction, appearing to be ridiculously dangerous.

Just like his physical body, his spiritual core also seemed to have been ‘burned’. It was dark and hazy, and not a single spark of vitality could be seen.

At last, a light echo was released. The faint embers suddenly erupted, obtaining a new source of life. His spirit seemed to have shedded an outer layer, becoming even greater now.

“Through fire, the spirit has gone through rebirth,” Shi Hao muttered to himself. He was quite satisfied with the current situation. If he continued on a few more times, he should be able to reach the legendary state.

After harmonizing and slowly nourishing his body and spirit, several days had already passed.

“I should head towards the Abyss of Black Ice now.” Shi Hao got up. Currently, his body was much taller than before, but his appearance didn’t change that much. He quickly rushed out from the flaming cave and arrived in another region.

He charged through the northern seas and entered a deep abyss. This place was extremely terrifying, possessing an unbearably low temperature.

Many experts who arrived here were immediately frozen, not able to take a single step inside. It was impossible for them to rush straight towards the deepest parts like he did.

Shi Hao’s skin became a snowy white from the cold, as if they were going to dry up. Meanwhile, his spirit also seemed like it had been frozen. The difficulties he was facing was clearly reflected from his face.

This was an incredibly intense type of training. Other than the extreme coldness of the Abyss of Black Ice, this place also contained an unending stream of divine force that could similarly be used to refine one’s spirit.

When he began his cultivation here a year ago, his body had been split open from the cold and he almost died here. In the end, after undergoing a transformation, he became powerful again. That kind of extreme feeling was difficult to bear, but it was also substantial towards his growth. Improving himself like this gave him a joyful feeling.

For a long period of time, his flesh continuously froze and cracked open, before once again reforming and adapting to these conditions. Of course, the most important aspect was the spiritual core, and it was currently being nourished by the extreme coldness’ divine force. This could also be considered a type of refinement, because it similarly underwent continuous transformations.

Currently, the lump of spiritual flame was almost completely suppressed by the white divine force. It was almost extinguished and turned into a ‘frozen body’.

However, Shi Hao continued to persevere. He was not willing to back off, and continuously pushed forward, making his spirit even more firm.


Finally, the frozen body ruptured, and the spiritual core seemed to have exploded. However, it seemed to once again radiate with vitality. The divine mental flames were ignited again, and they seemed to flourish with more vigor than before.

Just like this, he went back and forth between the Cave of Utmost Yang and Abyss of Black Ice. He would switch every few days to continuously strive towards the legendary state.

His spirit was strengthened and continuously remodeled. Some ‘impurities’ were removed after the continuous refinement, allowing it to slowly become tougher.

The reformation of the true self was just like this. It was a slow process that continued until the spirit became intimately close with the dao. From then on, it would be easier to comprehend the dao and reach for the top.

Shi Hao’s process of ‘true self’ reformation was already at a level that was heaven defying. He was trying to change his cultivation potential!

The further one went along this path, the more difficult it would become. Meanwhile, all of these mental refinements and transformations of rebirth were expanding this path.

This process was easy to explain, but extremely difficult to put into practice. Only when one reached the legendary cultivation state could they experience any changes. In reality, how many people could actually do such a thing?

Currently, Shi Hao wasn’t only reforming his potential and spirit, but rather for that future path. These changes were too great, almost comparable to when one reformed their true self.

People before him had searched through numerous ways, and only after experiencing all types of difficulties and dangers were they able to create their various paths.

Remodeling the true self, producing another breakthrough of oneself and undergoing rebirth could make the challenging path of cultivation become wider, making his future advancement much more stable.

Of course, regardless of whether it was the spiritualization of the body or the construction of the true self, they were all legendary states. How many people could accomplish such a thing? Even though they were clearly two great stages within the Spirit Transformation stage, one could only get infinitely close to it.

“It’s complete, I reached the legendary state!” Shi Hao opened his eyes. He reached the consummate level of true self reformation.

At the same, a Kun Peng appeared and a Suan Ni roared. They circled about as if they possessed intelligence, resonating with him!

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