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Chapter 1383 - Legends

The tree stump was enormous, old skin dried-up, body scorched black. Undying lightning flew out from time to time. This scene looked extremely familiar, as if he had already seen it somewhere before.

In that instant, Shi Hao was stupefied.

Willow Deity!

This name directly appeared in his mind, instantly emerging. There was no other reason, he just suddenly thought of that unmatched existence.

However, Willow Deity was still in this world, it should still be alive, not this type of dead tree. It’s roots had planted itself into this place.

After calming down, Shi Hao shook his head.

“Senior, are there any other legends related to it?” Shi Hao asked.

“There are! It was rumored that it was an immortal king with extraordinary accomplishments, its fighting prowess shaking the old and illuminating the new. During the battle of the last days, it previously slaughtered the way into the other side by itself, going in and out of that place nine times, bathing in the blood of enemies. It weaved through the heavens above and earth below, slaughtering the foreign demonic gods until they were terror-stricken, their expressions changing whenever they heard its name.

An aged eccentric spoke about these things. These were the accomplishments of this immortal tree. Even though they were only legends, no proof behind them, it still left one shocked.

Going in and coming out nine times, just how heaven-defying was this creature? One had to understand that that place was but the source of great terror, comparable to a nine netherworlds land of death, a place one went into but didn’t return from.

Meanwhile, this creature could slaughter its way in and out, make those savage enemies all feel fear and dread.

“Unfortunately, in that era, the number of experts on both sides was not balanced. Without End Immortal King fell, Reincarnation Immortal King killed, this ancestral guardian spirit could also only quietly fall, leaving the people dejected and full of regret!”

At that time, the Nine Heavens Ten Earths already fell into enemy hands, completely defeated. That immortal tree was unwilling, rising up in anger from the despair, slaughtering its way into the foreign side in that environment where the entire world was the enemy, carrying out the final battle of its life. After the dazzling brilliance, was an eternal darkness, ending in death!

It already foresaw this type of result for itself!

“Did it really pass away?” Exiled Immortal spoke up, his eyes revealing divine radiance.

The young cultivators here couldn’t calm down. The past events and honorable figures all lost their lives after displaying their brilliance, heading towards death in the vicious war. It left all of them disappointed and frustrated, their emotions rising and falling.

“There was someone who said that for the immortal tree that had experienced a thousand tribulations without being destroyed, death was perhaps not the end point, because there was always someone who said that it might have severed the past, leaving behind its past unmatched immortal body, restarting once more in the outer world from a seed. It went to search for the source of the foreign side’s secrets, to explore the origins of the great terror, moreover, one day, if it retraces its memories upstream, completely remembering Immortal Ancient’s matters, it would come back, complete a rebirth!” Even as a living fossil level figure, he was still extremely excited when talking about this immortal tree.

“There were others who said that this is just a type of perfect desire of later generation creatures, wishing that it was still alive, that it didn’t fall in battle, that reality was cruel, it already died!” Another old eccentric added.

“Haha, we welcome dao friends. Are these the outstanding talents of the new generation? As expected, all of you are giants among men.” There were people who walked over from the distance.

Those were creatures whose ages couldn’t be seen, all of them humanoid, but carried traits from other species, for example, horns, divine wings, and other things.

The old eccentrics greeted them, both sides extremely polite. They were all great experts, even though those individuals looked to be middle-aged, the great changes within their eyes revealed that their ages were actually terrifyingly great.

Those people led everyone into an expanse of sacred earth. Multicolored mist surged, buildings appearing here in large numbers. Silver waterfalls crashed down from divine mountains, immortal cranes flying about above, as if they arrived in an immortal domain.

They directly arrived at a copper palace. It was extremely large, at least a thousand zhang tall, within it floating a great bell.


A bell noise rang out, the divine sound echoing, traveling who knew how many tens of thousands of li.

“You shouldn’t do this! They are merely some younger generation, how can this bell be used?” An old eccentric hurriedly said.

“Do not worry, we understand what is appropriate, only going to ring it once to tell the various clans to come and greet their younger generation heavenly talents. This is paying them a great respect, worth it for them to make a trip.” A middle-aged man with a pair of silver wings on his back said with a smile.

Soon afterwards, this place became full of activity. Streak after streak of flowing light appeared, tearing through the sky. There were some who directly opened up spatial gates in the city, directly stepping over.

“Haha, my clan’s Xi’er has come. I’ve heard for some time that you were going to come, never expecting we’ll meet today.” A middle-aged man walked out from the spatial gate, his silver hair falling like a waterfall. He walked towards Wang Xi, laughing continuously, voice making even space distort.

This was an extremely powerful expert, his strength profound, able to show disdain to all!

He was, without a doubt, someone from Wang Family, moreover one of their extremely important individuals. He was Wang Da’s eldest son, his status terrifyingly high in Wang Family.

“Old ancestor, why did your distinguished self come?” Wang Xi hurriedly bowed in respect. Even though she was a descendant of Wang Nine’s bloodline, when she saw this family member with shockingly high status, she still had to treat him with great respect.

“Naturally to welcome my clan’s Pride of Heaven girl. Look, aren’t the other clans also like this? There are powerful clansmen who came to welcome you all.” Wang Family’s old ancestor Wang Changhe laughed.

Then, Wang Changhe looked towards Jin Zhan, saying, “Worthy of being Jin Family’s immortal qilin, immortal aptitude dao bones, destined to become unmatched below heaven, subdue all opponents in the heavens! By entrusting Wang Xi to you, we can also relax.”

“Senior is too generous with your praise, this younger generation dare not accept such honor.” Jin Zhan smiled, also displaying an act of respect.

“What dare not accept? With your talents, even more so this type of confidence, just sweep through all opponents, directly subdue all those who don’t accept! You should have this type of domineeringness!” Wang Changhe said.

Qing Yi, Cao Yusheng and the others all retorted. Was this person doing this on purpose, raising up Jin Zhan to target Shi Hao?

Wang Changhe didn’t stare at Shi Hao. Only, when he turned his head, a hint of coldness flashed through the depths of his pupils, but he didn’t say anything.

Wang Family had a hundred thousand elite soldiers here. Five dragons were banished here, this force could be considered an extremely great power.

A dong sounded. A large feet descended from above, this was a giant, coming here to welcome its younger generation, a young golden giant.

Soon afterwards, another spatial gate appeared. A few people from long life families walked over, arriving before Lan Xian, Qi Gu, Yiyi, and others.


This time, a divine gate appeared, several elders walking out to welcome Little Sky King. His origins were just too great, several top level experts coming personally.

“Old friends, you all should go, it is enough for the clans to guide their own disciples. Let’s go and reminisce about the past.” The one who struck the great bell led the few eccentrics away.

The war chariot rumbled. Jin Family’s people appeared, actually using nine different divine beasts to pull the chariot, each of them making experts from all sides feel apprehension. They were all extremely ferocious existences.

They welcomed Jin Zhan, the show of extravagance extremely great!

“Motherfucker, who is coming to receive me? Who knows where my master is sleeping, heaven knows how many years he is still going to sleep!” Cao Yusheng said with quietly. When he saw the clans receiving their disciples, he felt extremely helpless.

Then, even Qing Yi, Yue Chan, witch, and the others had people from their inheritance come to greet them, because there were Heaven Mending Dao and Sky Severing Dao in the nine heavens above, all of them long life inheritances!

The lower realm’s Heaven Mending Sect and Sky Severing Sect were both powerful branches of theirs!

Then, even the lower profile Chang Gongyan and Dragon Girl had people come greet them. One was the disciple of an ancient sect, the other Underwater Dragon Palace’s inheritor!

Then, another old monster appeared, making everyone on the scene feel a wave of alarm. Quite a few great clans’ experts withdrew. This person directly welcomed Ten Crown King Tian Zi.

“No wonder, no wonder, he was actually this old fella’s inheritor!” Someone released a light sigh.

This old thing’s origins were too great, a legendary person, like a dragon who only revealed its head, not its tail. He came from the Nine Heavens above, but he always remained in Imperial Pass. His strength was terrifying, there were people who said that he might be a True Dragon’s descendant!

“Why do I feel like we are really poverty-stricken, that there might not be someone coming to welcome us?” Cao Yusheng muttered to Shi Hao, his expression extremely embarrassed.

They politely refused Lunar Jade Rabbit, Chang Gongyan, Qing Yi, and others’ invitations, not going with them. In the end, they discovered that there really might not be anyone here to greet them.


A loud noise sounded. There were powerful creatures who appeared, coming to welcome Six Crown King Ning Chuan.

“This chick really is not simple, having a great figure to come greet him.” Cao Yusheng complained about the unfair treatment.

During this process, group after group of creatures appeared, coming to welcome their clan’s disciples. Even after finding their descendants, there were many experts who didn’t leave in a hurry.

Great Xu Tuo, Princess Yao Yue, and others all had experts come welcome them.

In the end, there was only a small group of experts who didn’t have clansmen come to meet them, among them including Cao Yusheng, Shi Hao, and even Shi Yi and Qin Hao!

“Heh heh, aren’t those Stone Clan’s three brothers? As expected, no one came to welcome them.” Right now, someone laughed.

“Who said that? What are you trying to say?” Qin Hao lost his cool, loudly asking, searching for the one who said this.

Wang Family’s Wang Changhe laughed coldly. He looked at Huang, saying, “Wu, turns out this younger generation is Stone Clan’s remnant evil, sinner’s blood descendant, yet recently you still dared to stir up such trouble, insufferably arrogant. Only today did we find out that your footing isn’t all that straight, having great problems!”

Quite a few people looked over, staring at Stone Clan’s three brothers.

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