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Chapter 1384 - Origins Too Great

Sinner’s blood descendant, there were people discussing this even in Imperial Pass, bringing it up. This made Shi Hao narrow his eyes; it seems like things were not that simple. There were some ‘things’ that happened here before!

“What right do you have to say we are sinner’s blood descendants? Which eye of yours saw fault with our ancestors?” Qin Hao was unwilling to accept this, surging with emotion, arguing here.

“There are some things that have long been accepted, moreover, even many people here know that there are some clans that previously made great mistakes that could not be forgiven.” Someone said coldly.

“Sinner’s bloodline, what good is there to say? Many people already know about this.” Wang Changhe said with a sneer.

Wang Family’s hundred thousand elite troops came here, the five dragons even more so assigned here, the environment vile, perhaps unable to return alive, so he naturally hated Shi Hao.

Qin Hao was furious, still wishing to argue back.

Shi Hao stopped him, saying, “What is there to say to them? He is a sinner who has made a huge mistake, sent away here to Desolate Border’s Imperial Pass, yet he has the nerve to talk randomly about others.”

Shi Yi surprisingly spoke up, saying, “You’re not wrong. The past prisoners were banished here, sinners themselves, here to do service. What face do they have left to criticize others?”

Wang Changhe’s face immediately turned green and pale, expression immediately sunken. They actually clearly opposed him just like this, not even easing into it in the slightest.

Chilly cold intent spread. He was a great expert who surpassed the Void Dao Realm, so he could naturally directly suppress these three, kill the Stone Clan youngsters with limitless potential.

However, he didn’t dare, at the very least, he couldn’t do it in Emperor City. Under everyone’s eyes, if he truly overstepped his boundaries, there might be someone who would kill him with a single finger!

However, he didn’t want to just accept things either, coldly saying, “Just a few youngsters, what kind of nonsense are you all spouting? If you all don’t believe me, then you can ask others whether Stone Clan has sinned. Everyone in Imperial Pass definitely knows about it!”

Even though he was denouncing others, it clearly wasn’t as good as the direct suppression he wanted to carry out. Moreover, his words seemed a bit powerless, making him feel great discontent.

However, there were others here, quite a few of them agreeing with him.

“Stone Clan had previously brought disaster onto Desolate Border, making a great mistake, this is what most people acknowledge. Even though there are some people who don’t agree, it doesn't really change things.” A golden giant nodded.

“Correct, Stone Clan used to be extremely strong, exceptionally powerful, but a wrong is a wrong. Sinner’s blood became a sign that was spread through later generations.” A great figure from Jin Zhan’s family spoke up.

Words from a giant power like the Jin Family carried great importance.

“Heng, merely a sinner’s blood descendant. If it was us, we would have long wiped all of you out, completely eradicate you to avoid feeling so annoyed!” The great figure who came to welcome Six Crown King Ning Chuan said coldly.

The others’ words were still endurable, but when this person spoke, divine radiance immediately swirled within Shi Hao’s eyes. It was because in the past, Six Crown King Ning Chuan always opposed Stone Clan, receiving the full support of the people behind him.

Those behind him were definitely the main factor, there was a group of powers who joined together to wipe out the sinner’s bloodline. In the Three Thousand Dao Provinces, there was even more so a province used specifically for imprisoning sinner’s blood descendants.

When he thought about these things, Shi Hao felt anger within him!

“What? Youngster, don’t tell me you are showing me killing intent? If this weren’t Emperor City, I would have directly killed you!” The one behind Ning Chuan said coldly. He was an old monster, his cultivation terrifyingly high. Now, his strength was terrifying beyond compare, a super powerful expert in this city.

“Who are you? So old already, yet still trying to act domineering, are you not a sinner from Desolate Border? How much merit have you brought back?” Shi Hao asked coldly.

Many people were speechless. This young man truly dared to speak, saying the other party was old yet domineering. Was this criticizing the other side’s dao heart and character having problems? He even dared to question whether the other party had any accomplishments.

“All of you are too hateful!” Qin Hao also shouted out loud, he was extremely angry.

Stone Clan had existed for an extremely long time, previously extremely glorious, too many legends related to them in Desolate Border. However, as soon as the three brothers came here, they were opposed, all because their surname was Shi. They naturally felt extremely humiliated.

The one behind Ning Chuan looked at Shi Hao, coldly saying, “Young man, if not because of your bit of reputation, I would have long taken action to teach you a lesson. If you want to cleanse your humiliation, you can remove Stone Clan’s surname, and we can still forgive you in the city.”

He really was domineering, even speaking these types of words, having him change his surname. This was naturally a type of humiliation.

Of course, the reason why he said Shi Hao had some reputation was naturally because there was a reason behind it. In Great Scarlet Sky Border’s battle, a youngster fought ten kings alone, continuously winning ten rounds, this produced quite the commotion in Imperial Pass.

They believed that if something unexpected happened to this young man, it would definitely draw the attention of quite some people, which was why the one behind Ning Chuan didn’t dare act randomly.

Meanwhile, Wang Family was also like this. They could do what they pleased in the outside world, act powerfully and domineeringly, but in Imperial Pass, they had no choice but to become low-pitched. It was because there were definitely more than just one or two great figures here.

However, regardless, until now, there was no one who came to welcome Stone Clan’s three brothers, this was indeed quite the awkward matter.

One could imagine that Stone Clan’s situation really was bleak here, full of controversy. Meanwhile, the clan’s descendant’s situation was also extremely terrible.

“Cough, I’ll stick with you guys, I am someone loved by no one, no one here to welcome me.” Cao Yusheng scratched his head. Even though his skin was thick, he still found this awkwardness a bit tough to deal with.

A few people revealed cold smiles, even more people who directly spoke, saying, “Do you all see now, how much everyone loathes the sinner’s bloodline?”

Wang Changhe even more so directly sneered, saying, “It would be weird if someone really did come. Who is willing to get involved with this clan? Oh, right, don’t tell me that it is Great Elder Meng Tianzheng’s descendants who will come to welcome you all, right? However, I heard that they went out to battle.”

“This is unavoidable, the clan that has shame attached to their name will only be remembered by history in the end.” The one behind Ning Chuan spoke. His name was Gu Mingdao, an extremely terrifying expert, someone who was quite well-known in the city.

However, there were some people who sighed as well. Huang won ten times in succession, shaking up Great Scarlet Sky, news of it even reaching here, many people paying close attention to this. If not for this, today’s situation would have definitely been even more unfavorable.

This was also what Gu Mingdao, Wang Changhe and others felt regret over, or else they could have properly dealt with Stone Clan’s three brothers today, no need to feel too much misgivings over doing so.

“Let’s go, it is already time for us to leave as well. Staring at these sinner’s blood descendants will only bring disdain, it really is a bit hard to bear.” Someone said this on purpose, clearly out of mockery.

“Heh heh, there’s no one coming after all, no one will step out for Stone Clan, this is how it should be.” Wang Changhe laughed, shaking his head.

There were many people who sympathized with Stone Clan’s three brothers, but none of them spoke up, because there was too much controversy related to Stone Clan. There was no way to wash away the past events.

“I can’t even sleep properly without being bothered? What idiots are making noise?” The golden little ant crawled out from Shi Hao’s shoulder, rubbing his eyes.

Regardless of whether it was Wang Changhe or Gu Mingdao behind Ning Chuan, this group of people all felt restraining fear towards him. This was but the Heavenly Horned Ant’s descendant. Because of certain reasons, they couldn’t offend him in Imperial Pass.

Footsteps sounded from the distance. A tall and slender figure walked over, style unmatched, quick-witted and extraordinary, carrying divine splendor, white clothes fluttering about as she walked over.

“There was someone who doesn’t feel fear, willing to walk with us, heh…” Cao Yusheng laughed. That woman was just too pretty, to the point where others were too embarrassed to look straight at her, making others feel ashamed of their own inferiority.

At this moment, everyone’s minds trembled. Quite a few people recognized this woman, not daring to act carelessly.

“Young man, I’ve come to receive you, welcome you to Emperor City. After parting back then, many years passed in a flash.” The young lady giggled, looking towards Shi Hao.

This triggered great alarm, their expressions becoming rigid and sluggish. It was because this young lady’s origins were definitely not simple, making many people feel restraining fear. She actually recognized Huang.

“Ye Qingxian!” Shi Hao looked towards her, not forgetting this young lady. It was because the impression she left him with was too deep.

Her beauty needed no doubt, flawless and perfect, could be said to be a work of heaven. Her figure was soft and slender, her skin like fine jade. Her large eyes were intelligent, a bit crafty, filled with spirituality.

Shi Hao remembered her not because of her beauty, but because of everything she did. He first learned about the Archaic Contract of Alliance precisely from her.

Back then, while smiling and laughing, she completely extinguished Celestial Clan’s pressure, moreover directly conscripting away the incredibly powerful Old Celestial and War Clan’s War Emperor, impossible for one not to feel shock over these events.

As for the crowd in Imperial Pass, they understood well that this woman wasn’t simple, because even the most powerful ancient figures doted on her greatly.

“Young miss Qingxian, this is a descendant of the sinner’s bloodline.” Gu Mingdao behind Ning Chuan felt extremely strongly, not forgetting to remind her at this moment. The hatred he felt towards Stone Clan was extremely strong.

“Fairy Ye.” Wang Changhe also greeted her. For someone from the Wang Family to lower themselves like this was extremely rare.

“Just now, I heard quite a few people spouting noisily, something about sinner’s blood, something about bringing disaster to Desolate Border, even saying that this clan had shame nailed to their name.” Ye Qingxian said coldly, putting away her smile.

“This is the truth, things were originally like this.” The one behind Jin Zhan said, this person a great figure.

“I fear that things are not like this. All of you need to apologize, moreover bow deeply, some people perhaps needing to have their mouths slapped!” Ye Qingxian said with an ice-cold voice.

Stone Clan’s three brothers were immediately shaken up. Ye Qingxian seemed to be extremely sympathetic and protective over Stone Clan. What did she know, could she do anything?

“Fairy Ye, your identity is great, but it is best if you don’t get involved in this affair. Stone Clan having shame nailed to them was spoken by me, this is reality, who can refute this?” Gu Mingdao behind Ning Chuan responded powerfully.

“Sinner’s blood, shame? Do you dare say this one more time?” Ye Qingxian asked.

Gu Mingdao, Wang Changhe, Jin Family, and others’ minds were shaken, but they still said it.


Right at this time, a wave of boundless divine might rose from the distance, immediately sweeping over. Forget about them, even the distant powerful cultivators were trembling.

Meanwhile, this place was the center of the impact. Many people almost fell weak onto the ground. This type of power was simply unimaginable, incomparable.

“This is…” Wang Changhe trembled. This wasn’t his original intention, but his body sold him out, about to bow down.

Gu Mingdao even more so trembled, his soul even trembling along, almost bowing down.

Right now, everyone who was targeting Stone Clan felt as if doomsday arrived. Under putong putong sounds, a few people’s knees touched the ground, kneeling on the ground.

“It came from the ancestral altar, the place several unmatched figures are overseeing!” Someone said with a trembling sound, knowing who was displaying anger.

Ancestral altar, that place was extremely mysterious. It was rumored that only a few people could approach that place. Those individuals were all known to be unequalled, their ages terrifyingly great, possibly even half a generation greater than Meng Tianzheng and Immortal Wang.

Just how terrifying of a thing was this? It was just too horrifying. Just what generation was this creature from?

At this moment, three waves of blood energy surged from that place, turning into three giant figures. They towered between heaven and earth, aura boundless like an abyss, the profoundness shocking everyone.

That type of power was too great, any one of those figures enough to wipe out all experts.

They actually ended up alarming this level of existence!

Shi Hao’s mind was shaken, and then he was incredibly shocked, because he saw that the giant figures condensed from blood energy were a bit uneasy, having similar characteristics with the Desolate Border’s seven kings!

“Even things like you all dare to presumptuously talk about sinner’s blood?” Ye Qingxian sneered, and then added, “The true unmatched figures have gotten angry, are you all going to admit your guilt or not?”


Right at this time, the three huge bodies condensed from blood energy each released a streak of divine multicolored light, forming a great golden path, laying beneath Shi Hao, Shi Yi, and the others’ feet, welcoming them over.


Many people were scared badly, falling weakly onto the ground.

“Seniors, please quell your anger, we know we were wrong!” Cold sweat poured out from Wang Changhe’s body, the first time he lowered his head and admitted his guilt. He really was scared badly.

Then, Gu Mingdao revealed a face full of shock, not daring to believe all of this. In the end, he added, “I shouldn’t have said that Stone Clan has shame nailed to them, it was my mistake.”


He had no choice but to slap his own mouth to acknowledge his mistake.

Jin Family, Wang Family, and others’ faces also turned white, bowing down here respectfully, and then confessing their guilt.

Cao Yusheng, golden little ant and the others were all a bit stupefied. These were all great figures with extraordinary backgrounds, yet in the end, they were forced to lower their heads, even slap their own mouths, it was just too shocking.

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