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Chapter 1320 - Immortal Wang

Immortal Wang was known to be an unmatched expert who overlooks the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. However, the one who appeared before them was a young man, one full of youthfulness!

Shi Hao was stunned, almost not daring to believe what he was seeing!

It was because he could see with his heavenly eyes that this wasn’t the result of forcefully changing himself through divine abilities, but rather truly was a young man with vigorous blood energy.

Regardless of whether it was his bones or flesh, all of it displayed that this was an eighteen year old youth, definitely not an old monster.

The golden little ant’s lower jaw almost fell onto the ground. It naturally saw that this youngster wasn’t feigning tenderness, that this was what he truly looked like.

They became completely speechless. This was but an old freak!

At the same time, when they carefully thought about it, they felt a wave of coldness inside, feeling a wave of flusteredness, becoming extremely uneasy.

It was because there was only one possibility that could lead to this result, which was that Immortal Wang recovered his youthfulness, possibly living his second life. This was just too frightening and terrifying!

After the changes of heaven and earth, there was a lack of undying matter in this world, the day would come when all cultivators died. Even if one had astonishing divine abilities, if they never achieved immortality, then they were destined to fall.

Those who had great cultivations could live for more than a million years, but the day would eventually come when their lives dried up.

How many years had Immortal Wang lived for? He should have long passed a million years, should already be senile and doddering, life flame weak, about to reach his end.

However, the feeling he gave others was that he had only just now begun his journey, just starting to rise up!

He was too young, his muscles, bones, blood vessels, and other things were full of the power of life. He was precisely an elegant young man!

It was rumored that those who lived a second life were extremely rare, not many people able to achieve this from past until present. This had always only been something of legends.

Now, Immortal Wang succeeded!

“You really do get younger as the years go on. After another million years, will you become a child?” Great Elder was deeply moved. This was not mockery, but rather an innermost exclaim of admiration.

When one reached their age, not having much life left, what they longed for the most was to live another life, cast off the old set of dao core and recover one’s youth.

However, this was something that depended on opportunities, not something that can be achieved purely through great strength. There were some who had inferior cultivations, but still made more progress on this aspect.

This path, living a second life, did not have too much of a connection with one’s true combat strength.

“When the state of the mind is good, life will naturally be full of youth.” Immortal Wang said with a light chuckle.

He had a head of pitch-black long hair that scattered down, smooth and shiny to the point where it was like a mirror. His eyes were incredibly clear like crystals, without a hint of blemish, seemingly extremely pure.

When he smiled, he revealed his snow-white teeth, as if an expanse of morning multicolored light scattered down.

He was too young. This type of smile left Shi Hao and the golden little ant a bit speechless. When they compared the nine dragons to this young man, just who was the older generation here?

“Brother Tianzheng, you’ve truly taxed your mind and body these years.” Immortal Wang said with a smile.

His smile really was too dazzling, like rising multicolored splendor. His face carried a type of brilliance that was full of life force, as if he was the boy next door.

However, it was precisely because of this that Shi Hao and the golden little ant broke out into cold shivers. This was but an old freak! For him to be this young was what was frightening.

One just shouldn’t look at that gentle smile, seemingly harmless, regardless of whether it was Shi Hao or the Heavenly Horned Ant, they both felt as if they were suffocating.

This was an incomparably terrifying existence. Even though he looked bright and radiant right now, no one dared to truly think this, because he was Immortal Wang!

“Still a bit lacking, not perfect enough. Voice is still old.” Great Elder suddenly said.

When Immortal Wang heard this, his put away his smile, appearing a bit young and immature. With a sigh, he said, “Indeed, my transformation is not perfect enough, the divine core still flawed, some things within the body impossible to hide. However, I do not wish to hide either.”

Despite this being the case, from the two individuals’ conversation, Immortal Wang was still formidable, his lifespan greatly extended, perhaps able to live for another larger half of an era.

In reality, the dao core complete transformation they pursued, the main part was still the primordial spirit transformation.

It was because the so-called lifespan withering up, ultimately dying in meditation, was caused by the decay of primordial spirit!

Otherwise, for someone this powerful, just directly seizing a new host was enough.

“Perhaps this heaven and earth is not cruel enough, and as such, I lack a sense of urgency, not forcing out the last bit of potential.” Immortal Wang shook his head, reflecting upon himself.

“You truly are formidable, already deducing some things.” Great Elder’s body was shaken, expression serious

It was clear that he also understood some truths, which was why there was this type of reaction.

The two of them didn’t seem to be opposing each other, as if there was no way a battle would erupt between the two. It was as if they were old friends that were merely chatting.

“Indeed, you and I have both deduced that if nothing unexpected happens, this world’s environment will become increasingly terrible, truly heading into an age of destruction.” Immortal Wang said.

“This won’t necessarily be entirely bad, perhaps it can forge the toughest batch of cultivators. In addition, the vitality of this world is unending, there will always be cultivation essence energy left for them.” Great Elder said.

Immortal Wang was extremely serious. “I already sensed that when that day truly arrives, the world will dry up, undying matter completely disappear, environment become vile to the extreme. When that time comes, it can already be considered heaven-defying if the most powerful cultivators could even live for more than ten thousand years!”

Moreover, based on his understanding, the consequences would even be a bit more serious. When that time came, as long as a matchless expert appeared, he would exhaust several tens of thousands of years of ‘opportunity’, preventing anyone else from reaching his level for a very long time.

“The crueler, the more difficult, the more it will grind the will of people. If I was born in that era, I believe that I would have long forced myself to truly live a second life, and not like right now!” Immortal Wang said with great regret.

It was because right now, even though undying matter was sparse, there were still trace amounts preserved that allowed cultivators to live long enough. When one strived to live a second life, those substances would have long merged with the body.

It was precisely because of this that the body produced a type of instinctive reaction that wasn’t too direct, impossible to set the resolution to cut off all means of retreat, unable to set out on a path of no return to recover one’s youth!

“Dao brother, barging into my Wang Family like this has truly left me quite troubled. Must you have a falling out with me over a single young man?”

The atmosphere was changing for the worse, or perhaps this was how it should be. Immortal Wang was acting out!

“The entire world knows that this is my close disciple, equivalent to my descendant, precisely like the Nine Dragons for Immortal Wang. If one knew this, but still wished to harm them, what would you do?” Great Elder’s voice was forceful!

Shi Hao’s eyes surged with heat, his mind experiencing great emotions. Great Elder’s words left him moved, yet he couldn’t return the favor. Only when he rose up in the future could he pay back this kindness. He was going to sweep through the foreign great enemies, challenge the other side of the world!

Wang Family’s nine dragons definitely didn’t want to hear this, a few of their eyes turning cold, releasing dao splendor one after another, extremely terrifying. When the nine individuals stood together, they were incomparable.

“Father, I wish to fight against Meng Tianzheng!” Wang Family’s eighth child spoke. This was an extremely terrifying expert, second only to Wang Jiu.

Within his eyes, the starry sky collapsed, corpses endless, underworld appearing among the living. Those heaven piercing eyes could derive the world; this was a terrifying exceptional expert.

Immortal Wang smiled and said, “Is dao brother willing to offer them guidance? Old eight or old nine, you can choose whichever you wish, test them.”

“Wang Jiu is formidable, blessed by heaven, destined to achieve greatness. In the future, he might even be stronger than you.” Great Elder was not stingy with his praises, speaking a few truths.

Then, he changed his tone, saying, “Letting them compete against me now, while they still lack maturity, are you sure about this? You have to understand that if I truly take action, I won’t hold back!”

“What did you say?” There were some among the nine dragons who were discontent, unable to accept these words that sounded like intimidation and threats to them.

“I am merely telling it as it is.” Great Elder replied calmly.

“Since this is the case, how about my nine children just go up together?” Immortal Wang was all smiles, revealing true killing intent.

Great Elder’s expression changed, because there were rumors circulating this entire world that when the nine dragons joined up, they were unmatched in this world!

Even if he was a true unmatched expert himself, based on the rumors, it was hard to predict the results.

“Are you determined to continue like this? When the time comes, it will be difficult to hold back. If I accidentally kill a dragon or two, you won’t feel any grievance?” Great Elder asked.


There were a few dragons who moved, surrounding Great Elder.

“You want to kill me, but will you succeed?” Great Elder looked towards Immortal Wang.

“When my nine children move together, I believe they are pretty much unmatched. If I am added as well, even if you sacrificed everything to break free and escape, perhaps you will still fail.” Immortal Wang said indifferently.

“Why did I come in? It was precisely to demand an explanation, to kill!” Great Elder said coldly, not feeling the slightest bit of fear, instead acting even more powerfully.

“Oh? You have confidence in facing us head-on?” Immortal Wang asked. It was because from his opinion, Meng Tianzheng and himself were lifetime rivals, difficult to say who was on top. However, when the nine dragons were added into the mix, together with their home field advantage, he felt that they could definitely suppress and kill Great Elder.

“If you fight me one on one, I can keep you company. We’ll talk through strength!” Great Elder said. Then, after a pause, he said, “If you all wish to join up together, kill me in spite of everything, then you’ll be disappointed. Even if this is an immortal family pure land, I will still raze it to the ground!”


A scroll unfolded, lining up with the sky!

At the same time, the dragons who surrounded Great Elder all flew backwards, one even more so coughing out large amounts of blood on the spot.

A wave of frightening aura pervaded the air. A great world seemed to have appeared, opening up again, moreover wishing to suppress this present heaven and earth!

“Ten Realms Diagram!” Immortal Wang’s pupils contracted, releasing a light sigh.

Even if this was an immortal family pure land with exceptional great formations protecting it, his expression still couldn’t help but become serious, treating this matter with importance. At the same time, he began to feel worry.

Ten Realms Diagram, what was this? It was like the Heaven and Earth Pouch, known as supreme treasures. In the past Immortal Ancient War, it shook the heavens above and earth below, even foreign creatures wailing in anguish because of it, countless people on their side dying.

The most important thing was that this was Wang Family’s pure land. Even if Immortal Wang had an immortal weapon that could oppose it with equal harshness, as well as unmatched formations, he still felt some restraining fear.

It was because this was where the Wang Family’s foundation laid. If it really was broken down, the losses would be his descendants. Perhaps blood would flow like rivers, many experts dying.

It was to the extent where even a few of his nine children might be wiped out!

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