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Chapter 1319 - Wang Family’s Backing

Immortal Wang, this was a taboo, a name not many people were willing to mention. He was a matchless figure who could truly sweep through the Nine Heavens Ten Earths!

In the past, he gave many powers headaches, making many heroic geniuses of that time fall. Compared to him, they were like fireflies before the brilliance of the moon, the difference too great.

It was because it was rumored that he might be an immortal seed, perhaps a creature that had been sealed and preserved by the immortal family.

Everyone knew that when Wang Family was at its peak, ruling over a region, they had previously produced an ‘immortal’. This was a glorious and incomparably grand occasion.

The elders who had now already passed away had previously mentioned that Immortal Wang might not be someone from this great era, that he was a descendant that true immortal had personally sealed, wishing for him to be born after the situation calmed and the great chaos ended. As a result, he swept through all under the sky, establishing the greatest brilliance of the clan.

Someone who had been taught by a true immortal, previously immersed in immortal energy, had his marrow and arteries cleansed, just how terrifying was this?

If it wasn’t because of this heaven and earth’s great changes, he might have long achieved immortality!

He was precisely a giant like this who had lived from the ancient past until today. After endless time, he continued to live in this world, displaying unsurpassed power.

As long as he was still alive, then there would be a type of pressure exerted on the great powers of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, aura devouring ten thousand generations, pressuring the nine great heavens. This was precisely Immortal Wang!

It was precisely this person who now transmitted sound, having Wang Da and others stop, inviting Great Elder inside.

When this existence who was known to remain undying through all of time treated Great Elder with this type of attitude, not all that forceful, it only made others’ expressions become even more grave.

If he directly appeared, opposing the other side with equal harshness, then it might still be within the realms of what they can endure.

However, he was extremely calm, temporarily not showing any animosity, asking Great Elder to enter this immortal ancient land!

Should they go in or not? Even though Great Elder gave an affirmative reply, in Shi Hao’s opinion, this was still an extremely serious issue. 

If they didn’t go inside, then it would mean that Great Elder lacked confidence. However, if they did enter, it would be a completely different situation. This place had previously produced a true immortal, so heaven knew what kind of formations there were inside. Perhaps they could even directly suppress a long life being!

Speaking more bluntly, this place was even more frightening than a dragon pool, even for someone with such great cultivation like Great Elder, once he set foot inside, he would be in extreme danger.

This was also the reason why Great Elder previously transmitted sound, shouting for Immortal Wang to come out, and not directly going in himself.

At this moment, Great Elder took steps forward, steadily advancing, each step producing a great dao flower, walking towards the inside of Wang Family.

Star Palace was in ruins. This was the entrance, the only way into the immortal family dao rite, yet it collapsed under the head Great Elder flung out.

Draconic energy rose, divine beasts roared. What they saw in this ancient land was extremely shocking.

From the outside, this was a pure land, a long life family’s residence.

However, when one walked in, they would feel more and more like this was a boundless expanse of mountains, rivers, and lakes, vast without limit.

There were over ten thousand spiritual mountains, every single one of them releasing auspicious light. Hazy essence energy swirled about, winding about that place. It was as if they arrived in a place of dreams, as if this was the homeland of a true immortal.

Every single spiritual mountain had a building, tower, copper palace, or giant monument cast from Divine Gold. They also all had patterns that were complicated and difficult to understand.

Shi Hao frowned. What was that? There were Immortal Ancient characters!

From the past until now, they had never been destroyed. He could feel the changes over the years, the aura of passed time!

Yet these things were all still here, not even a single corner damaged.

These were imperishable buildings, definitely had imperishable dao patterns engraved on them. This was extremely frightening, proving that they weren’t only there to serve as places of residence, items that recorded merits and achievements, but rather to subdue fate.

This was a formation!

There were over ten thousand giant mountains, copper palace halls, stone buildings, giant metal monuments, and other things, they were all formation banners, unbreaking through ten thousand generations. They preserved the dignity and the tranquility of this place, difficult for the outside world to break through.

“Roar…” A Black Hou roared, its body massive. It rushed out from the mountain range, chasing after a group of Five-colored Divine Deer.

This Black Hou was definitely powerful. Shi Hao’s mind immediately became serious, because that was a pure-blooded one, its bloodline definitely noble. It was an archaic vicious beast!

However, now, it was raised in these mountains, treated like an ordinary battle beast, or it could be said to be a vicious beast that ‘protected the courtyard’. This was just too extravagant!

Meanwhile, the group of Five-colored Divine Deer were definitely not ordinary creatures either!

This type of inner treasury and backing, this type of scene left them speechless.

The most alarming thing was that this was merely what they saw in a corner of this place. As they went further inside, Shi Hao started to become numb. There were extremely powerful vicious creatures in every region, some ancient beasts living for an unimaginably long amount of time, ridiculously powerful.

Even Great Elder was a bit shaken when he saw an old white ape mediating on a boulder beneath a pine tree. It was because he recognized that ancient ape.

“Heh, even one of the archaic giant vicious beings was subdued, guarding the path here.” This was Great Elder’s voice.

That old ape raised its head slightly. It took a sip of fragrant tea, nodded towards Great Elder, but didn’t say anything.

The mountains and rivers were magnificent. When moving through these spiritual mountains, Shi Hao remained silent, not saying a thing. This was the first time he sensed what a long life family really was. It was just too astonishing!

If a long life family went to war, it would definitely create great chaos in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, their backing terrifyingly powerful.

When they passed by a scarlet red mountain range, golden light surged, covering everything. Those were Golden Crows, actually a great flock raised here. This was horrifying, leaving them speechless!

This type of vicious beast clearly lived for an extremely long time, every one of them dangerous creatures. If they were released into the world, they would produce unimaginable disasters!

“Sigh, that Golden Crow from that year has also been subdued by Wang Family. Did you all leave this here just for me to see?” Great Elder sighed.

He saw an old Golden Crow whose golden feathers were about to completely fall off. It stood on top of a stone mountain peak just like that, its eyes turbid, but aura extremely powerful.

It was as if it was a sun, falling over there!

This archaic vicious bird looked incredibly ancient, but once it displayed might, it would be simply unimaginable. Perhaps it might be able to even cause a doomsday catastrophe.

“Great Elder, the stone monuments, copper palaces, and other things on the mountain peaks are all formation banners. Your respected self isn’t worried?” Shi Hao reminded softly.

“Since we are already here, we ought to just take it easy.” Great Elder said.

Instead of saying that this was an immortal family dao rite, it was better to call this a primitive world left behind from Immortal Ancient!

They arrived! The primal chaos before them scattered, turning into giant dragons one after another. Every single one of them was as tall as the sky, shockingly majestic, filling the dome of heaven.

These were irregular scenes of this world, formed from the spontaneous transformations of primal chaos!

It was because this was a mysterious and terrifying place.

Several thousand large dragons gathered, protecting a grand ancient palace. It was made from stone materials, covered in mottled traces left behind by wind and rain.

Wang Da, Wang Er, and the others had long appeared there, facing them coldly. They stood before that grand ancient palace, watching Great Elder intently.

“So this is the Wang Family’s famous and well-known ancestral palace?” Great Elder released a light sigh, carefully sizing it up.

The gray stone material and brown tiles carried the most simple and unadorned qualities. However, they were wrapped within the several thousand great drakes produced from primal chaos.

There was only a single reason for it, it was because the Wang Family’s earliest ancestor, that existence who had achieved immortality personally created this palace.

There were some who said that this was his place of seclusion before he achieved immortality, and fortunately, this was the case. Otherwise, if he built it after achieving immortality, then it would definitely be heaven-defying, just this palace alone would be greater than many supreme treasures of this world.

Right at this time, five people walked out from within the palace, every one of them exuding shocking immortal might. There were Red-crowned Cranes that flew about above them, great dao flower petals scattering down, fairies dancing about, forming a brilliant and varied pure land.

This place was full of colors and wondrous things, as if an immortal realm was opened up here!

These weren’t real, they floated above the five individuals’ heads. Regardless of whether it was the fairies or the multicolored pure land and other things, they were all produced by their great dao flowers!

These were five middle-aged men, their heads of gray hair carrying bits of whiteness. Their blood energy were even more frightening, exceeding Wang Da and Wang Er’s group of four. 

Shi Hao knew that these were definite the other five of the so-called Nine Dragons!

Of these five, the last one was the most terrifying. His hair was completely gray, not a single white hair, looking not past thirty something years of age. When his eyes opened and closed, the world would be derived, collapsing and disintegrating. They contained endless mysteries!

Wang Jiu!

It was definitely this person. This was the conclusion Shi Hao made.

It was because not long ago, when Wang Family’s people were discussing amongst themselves, he already knew that Wang Family had nine children, one more powerful than the next. The ones who were born later were extraordinary and incomparable.

This was especially true with the last one, known to be blessed by the heavens, walking alone under heaven, his power oppressing a period of time. In the hundred thousand years he had roamed this world, he had never encountered an enemy, intimidating an entire era!

This was the first time Shi Hao saw the nine dragons stand together. If the nine of them were together, they would be unmatched under the sky, rumored to not have any opponents.

This was one of the reasons why Wang Family could remain far above all others!

“Senior Meng Tianzheng, you truly are admirable. After failing to step into the immortal dao, you didn’t even die, instead living, worthy of being an overlord of this world! However, the day will come when all become old, this is already no longer the era of the past. Now, not only have you already aged, your blood energy is no longer as exuberant as in the past. Moreover, this era already belongs to a few others. There are new powerful creatures that have risen up, the glory that belonged to you has long ended.” Wang Family’s old six spoke extremely directly. The situation seemed to be heading in the direction of battle.

“Sixth brother, you are not Senior Meng Tianzheng’s opponent. Let me.” Right at this time, Wang Family’s old seven walked up. He had a head of gray hair that had a few strands of white in it.

This was the third most powerful individual among the nine dragons, only inferior to the most powerful two sons blessed by heaven!!

This was a display of strength! Immortal Wang even spoke, inviting Great Elder inside, yet the nine dragons still didn’t want to drop the matter, about to challenge Great Elder here.

“Immortal Wang, just when are you going to come out?” Great Elder spoke.

“Heh heh, since dao brother asks, I am naturally going to make an appearance. However, you really are looking down on my Wang Family a bit, only coming with a spiritual body. Even these children of mine have the qualifications to challenge you.”

When these words sounded, Wang Family’s nine dragons’ expression changed. None of them were able to tell that this was only a spiritual body!

Only Wang Family’s eighth child and ninth child remained calm, especially the ninth child who didn’t have a single strand of white hair on his head, as if nothing could move his heart, everything in his grasp.

The ninth child was extremely terrifying!

Scenes of the cosmos changing and stars of the heavens withering up could be seen within his eyes. Apart from this, there was ascension light that moved past the depths of his eyes. It was impossible to see through this person.


The distant skies were cut open. A figure appeared; it was Great Elder’s true body!

He actually came, his true body arriving in Wang Family.

With a shua sound, the spiritual body returned, becoming one. 

“When old friends meet, it truly is a joyful matter.” Right at this time, Immortal Wang’s words sounded by everyone’s ears once more.

A young man walked out from the palace hall overflowing with chaotic energy. He had delicate features, red lips and white teeth, truly too young.

Those words came out from his mouth! This was that Immortal Wang?

Shi Hao was stupefied, at the same time feeling inwardly shocked. This was completely different from the unmatched expert he had imagined!

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