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Chapter 1281 - Extreme Strength

Everyone raised their heads, watching as Cao Yusheng’s figure disappeared, turning into a small black point. His body traveled further and further, eventually completely disappearing.

This was extremely shocking. Cao Yusheng excelled in both the Engravement and Formation Arrangement cultivation realms, making inconceivable breakthroughs in both of them, carving down the Third Killing Formation.

He possessed powerful destructive force, yet this type of scene appeared now, leaving everyone stupefied. His entire body disappeared without a trace from a single fist.

“He’s unconscious!” The witch said quietly.

It was because everyone saw how distressed Fatty Cao was when he was flying into the distance, punched unconscious by a single fist strike. His eyes were rolling back, going unconscious.

“Really is embarrassing.” The Lunar Jade Rabbit didn’t feel any sympathy, giggling and laughing, because she knew that fatty wouldn’t die, just suffering a bit.

At this moment, everyone looked at the ground, searching for the culprit!

They all became petrified, speechless. That place… was too outrageous.

After a long time had passed, this place remained extremely quiet. Everyone’s expressions were full of shock, as if they saw living ghosts!

It was because right now, everyone noticed what kind of creature it was. It was a fella the size of a finger segment, looking incredibly proud and complacent.

It was an ant. Its body was golden, around the size of an inch. This was precisely the creature who sent Cao Yusheng flying!

“Wu, the fatty really is good-for-nothing, really losing us face!” The little rabbit covered her face, feeling embarrassed in his place. This really left them speechless. It was just an ant, yet a single fist knocked the fatty unconscious.

At this time, it was unknown where Fatty Cao fell. From the looks of it, he was at least several dozen li out.

No one knew what to say. This scene was too comical, extremely strange, yet they couldn’t laugh even if they tried.

“If you aren’t convinced, then this is the result!” Next to that divine pool, auspicious multicolored light surged, indistinct watery mist pervading the air. That place was extremely brilliant, the ant incredibly arrogant.

The golden body was extremely sturdy, as if it was polished from a grain of sand. Its small body stood upright, looking like a person. Its arms were crossed before its chest, its head raised, large eyes like golden lights, one foot in front, one foot in back, standing in a rather carefree manner.


Finally, someone couldn’t help but roar with laughter.

It was precisely this ‘bean’ that sent Cao Yusheng flying, his figure directly disappearing. This was just too laughable, how was that fatty supposed to show himself in the future? Would he still dare boast shamelessly or act cockily?

“What are you laughing at? If you are unwilling, then all of you can come over as well!” The golden ant reached out an arm that was just like a human arm, five fingers on that arm as well.

This was, without a doubt, a bizarre ant. Even though it was extremely small, it was a bit similar to a person. It moved its hand, taunting everyone, its intention as if challenging everyone.

When they heard its immature sounding voice and saw its jumping motion, everyone felt like it was a bit ridiculous. Even such a little thing dared act so frivolously, this arrogant.

“You said that this pool was what you used for showering?” A disciple from Heavenly Deity Institution asked.

“Correct!” This golden ant nodded, behaving ostentatiously. It was clearly still young and tender, but it put on a mature look, saying, “It is precisely this king’s place of bathing. Do you all have nothing better to do, drinking my bath water?”

This fella really needed a spanking. Everyone felt the urge to throw themselves over and strike it with their shoes, their shoes might just directly cover its body.

Of course, if it was a normal ant, it would definitely be crushed into a paste under their shoes.

“Luckily, I didn’t drink it.” The Lunar Jade Rabbit stuck out its tongue, Feng Wu and the others also feeling glad.

It was because as women, they were all extremely reserved, there was no way they would just follow along and jump in to drink it, that type of appearance would really lack beauty, and it wouldn’t make them look like wise and virtuous women.

As a result, a few people remained silent, all of them staring at the ant. Meanwhile, Shi Hao treated this golden divine bug seriously the moment he saw it.

Chang Gongyan, witch, Mo Dao, and the others were all carefully observing as well.

“Heavenly Horned Ant!” Shi Hao said softly. After observing for a long time, he came to this type of conclusion.

When these three words sounded, everyone’s expressions immediately changed. Then, their minds surged greatly. It was actually this type of immortal ant? It was too inconceivable. Didn’t they long go extinct?

If one were to discuss who was number one in courage and strength under the sky, they would all think about the Heavenly Horned Ant. In terms of strength, there was no one who could compare. It was known to be able to sweep through all enemies.

Not even the True Dragon was stronger than it. This was a bug race that was the greatest not only in name but also in reality.

Of course, the Heavenly Horned Ants of the Immortal Ancient years were different from the present descendants. When they matured, there was no way they would only be the size of a bean, at the very least a zhang in size.

There were some that could turn into human forms, carrying some ant characteristics. At that time, they would become exceptionally terrifying!

Before they matured, they could easily collapse giant mountains, kick down mountain ridges. They were incredibly powerful, incomparable!

Everyone carefully examined it, feeling like they overlooked something. There was a small bulge where its head was, if one didn’t look carefully, there was no way they would notice anything.

That was precisely the Heavenly Horned Ant’s ‘Heavenly Horn’, able to split apart the heaven and earth, break apart the universe. This was the mature Heavenly horned Ant’s most powerful weapon in this world!

It was still young, and that was why it didn’t completely take form and grow out.

The golden body was full of power. Even though it was still extremely small in size, there was still a domain that formed around it, purely created through power.

This type of creature had matchless divine strength, able to dominate this entire world through its extreme strength!

This left everyone horrified. Was one of the archaic vicious ten going to appear in this world?

A few people’s expressions were unpleasant, including the few young supreme beings in the back, their faces serious. It was because the temperaments of the archaic vicious ten were all quite bad, or else why would they have this type of title?

Only Shi Hao’s eyes released green light, staring at that little golden ant, the corners of his lips carrying a smile, saliva about to fall out.

For him, this was heaven-defying natural luck, something that he wanted even while dreaming. This represented the unmatched precious technique of the Heavenly Horned Ant, representing the supreme divine ability of the dao of strength.

If he grasped this small ant, Shi Hao’s strength would definitely advance by leaps and bounds!

It was because his flesh was already domineering to begin with, extremely strong, more like a body refiner than a body refiner. If he grasped this type of matchless divine ability, who would be able to stop him under the heavens? He would be unstoppable in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, travel unhindered through the world!

At the same time, he remembered that when he was in the three thousand provinces, when Immortal Ancient Remains opened, didn’t Exiled Immortal enter a Heavenly horned Ant’s nest? He had previously killed hundreds of thousands of people. Wasn’t that the residence of the Heavenly Horned Ant?

How could there be one here? Moreover, a young one.

It seemed like there was more than one nest, and this was an extremely important place!

Shi Hao never dared to look down on Exiled Immortal, because he knew that this person should have successfully cultivated the extreme strength precious technique, moreover grasping an ancient horn.

Back then, if not for the Ten Thousand Spirit Diagram he had, he would have definitely been easily destroyed by that mysterious ancient horn!

“Little ant, where are your parents?” A female cultivator smiled, calling out to the young bug before her.

“Remove the word little, call me king! This king is here, yet you all dare belittle me, treating me like a child?!” That golden ant had its arms behind its back, standing with its head held up high, as if it was proud of its age and experiences.

However, its voice was just too young and tender, appearing extremely immature no matter how they looked at it.

“How old are you really?” Someone asked. Even though they knew that it was astonishing, perhaps could even be said to be terrifying, they still lacked respect for it, because it was too little.

“This king has already lived longer than a great era, you tell me how old I am!” The little ant said coldly.

“What?!” Everyone became shocked.

A great era? Was it talking nonsense? Just how ancient was this, how many years had passed? There shouldn’t be anyone in this world who is that old.

Unless it was an old monster who had undergone rebirth, otherwise, how could it be this ancient?

Everyone broke out into a shiver. This wasn’t an impossible thing, because according to some legends they heard, a few old monsters acquired the essence of heaven and earth, seizing life energy in this world, from this recovering youth from a fundamental biological level.

“Where is the bean?” Right at this time, Cao Yusheng appeared. He fainted quickly, but recovered quickly as well. His condition was quite miserable, limping as he returned, his clothes in tatters, really looking like he was trampled on by a barbaric cow, almost falling apart, his injuries not light.

“With this king here, a fatty like you still doesn’t come over to bow down in respect?!” The little golden ant said proudly.

Cao Yusheng was furious, his eyes even turning green. It was different from Shi Hao’s excitement, the fatty was feeling gloominess. The veins on his forehead were jumping. He was actually sent flying by an ant, making him feel completely humiliated. Even though he was thick skinned, this was still too shameful.

“Fatty, don’t act recklessly, this is a Heavenly Horned Ant, so being sent flying  by it isn’t shameful!” Shi Hao reminded.

“Heavenly Horned Ant?” Cao Yusheng’s voice immediately rose an octave, his mood completely shifting. That chubby face gradually produced a smile, becoming even more dazzling than a flower.

He wiped away a mouthful of saliva in a rather unsightly manner, tapped Shi Hao with his shoulder, and then said quietly, “Extreme strength blood! Doesn’t this mean that we don’t lack this type of precious blood in the future?

Cough! Shi Hao coughed, having him shut his mouth.

“Hahaha…” Cao Yusheng laughed in an unbridled manner, his eyes green, not holding any grudge at all, instead feeling happy and excited.

In Sacred Academy, there was a bit of extreme strength blood, but it was all occupied by Jin Zhang, Little Saint, Daoist Qi Gu and others. It was too difficult for others to obtain even a drop!

For a body cultivator, if they wanted to transform and undergo rebirth, that was the most rare and precious blood, able to allow one’s strength to become boundless, changing their constitution through the most shocking transformation!

“Fatty, what are you muttering about? Do you want to get beat up? Be careful not to be blasted apart by a second fist from me!” The golden little ant said in an extremely blunt manner.

Cao Yusheng was a bit gloomy. He lowered his head towards that miniature creature. There was such a huge difference in their size, so why was their strength not also proportionate?

Ta! Ta! Ta...

Footsteps sounded. Several city defenders walked over, dressed in dark armor that carried a mysterious and cold radiance. They held heavy weapons, looking like extremely serious war gods.

“There is natural luck here, seize it with your own abilities. However, the true inheritance is only left for the two descendants of kings with the purest ancient bloodlines!

One of the defenders was extremely direct, speaking like this.

Everyone looked towards the young Qilin beast, as well as that little golden ant. They immediately knew that the two Immortal Ancient bloodlines definitely referred to them.

“Seniors, are you all immortals?” A young supreme being at Great Xu Tuo’s side said, wishing to learn the answer to this.

Everyone listened carefully, all of them wanting to know as well.

“We are just a few old soldiers. In the past, waves of blood rushed into the heavens, the entire world wiped out, all experts dying in battle. Our wills have struggled to this day, turning our bodies into puppets to carry out the final protection.” One of them said.

In a daze, it was as if they could hear the shouts of war fill the world gain, corpses piling up into mountains, blood flowing like rivers, all species reaching their final days, walking towards the end.

That type of terrifying scene seemed to be rushing straight at them.

Several old soldiers dragged their ruined bodies here, all for the sake of protecting the final source of flame. They were truly worthy of respect.

“After exhausting all of our efforts, we finally resurrected the descendant of the Heavenly Horned Ant. It slept for millions and millions of years, and then it revived, completing its rebirth in this world.” One of them said.

When everyone heard this, they couldn’t help but sigh.

“Great one, the bloodline of Immortal Ancient is important, but that doesn’t mean that the descendants are inferior to the predecessors. The main force of the future battle will depend on us, so you all should not be biased, and instead grant us the most important inheritances and opportunities.” Lan Xian spoke, trying to fight over the opportunities.

“Fine, you all will get a chance. Whoever can raise that Origin Source Cauldron, I will acknowledge that person!” The one in the lead said, pointing out with the large black halberd in his hand.

There was a stone mountain over there, immortal energy released strand after strand from it. This was clearly an extremely important cave.

At the top of the mountain was a cauldron. It wasn’t extremely grand, only three foot tall. It rested there, releasing a simple and ancient aura.

“Origin Source cauldron, I seemed to have heard of it before…” Lan Xian frowned.”

“It is the number one treasure of Immortal Ancient, unimaginable heavy. It is because it is the weapon of the Heavenly Horned Ant, forget about brandishing it, normal people can’t even lift it, just touching it would send them flying.” Great Xu Tuo said.

“Is there anyone who wishes to try? If anyone can move it, then I will acknowledge that person!” An old soldier spoke in a stiff and blank manner. He had long become a puppet, lacking spirituality, only some of the ruined defender will infused into the puppet body remained, which was why it was so machine-like.

“I’ll give it a go!” A young supreme being stood out, wishing to give it a try.

“Huang, you have to go as well! You possess extraordinary strength, I feel like you have a chance of succeeding!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples all wanted him to give it a try.

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