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Chapter 1279 - Underground

Huang was calling a group of people to come with him into the underground immortal manor world. Just how bold was this? The others felt envy and jealousy. This was just too crazy!

Cao Yusheng, Lunar Jade Rabbit, Chang Gongyan, witch, Feng Wu, and the others were no exception. They all flew over, entering the mud pool.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples weren’t all that calm, everyone of them pleasantly surprised. They never thought that Huang would bring them with him. This was an unimaginable great opportunity!

They didn’t interact all that much with Huang, in the past not exchanging much words, yet now, just because they were from the same academy, voicing a bit of unfairness for him, they received this type of opportunity.

Even though the mud pool wasn’t that large, it couldn’t be considered small either, enough to hold these people. The mud pool splashed everywhere, at the center an enormous hole where immortal energy was rising from.

“Huang, you are just too unbridled. If it was just you entering, then that is one thing, yet you want to bring a group of people inside?!” There were people who spoke coldly from the dark.

“If it’s something I wish to do, would it be something you should concern yourself with?” Shi Hao directly berated.

“Arrogant!” Divine light surged from the dark, rushing over from that underground world. Lightning hacked out streak after streak, thunder crashing down, someone attacking them.


Shi Hao’s right hand reached out, his five fingers unfolding, continuously increasing in size, simply able to cover heaven and earth. He immediately grabbed towards that cave entrance, grabbing all of the lightning with a single motion.

At the end of his fingers, lightning radiance roiled, extremely terrifying!

Right now, his palm was enormous like a dark cloud, every single finger like a pillar that supported the heavens, incredibly shocking.

“World Within the Palm!” Someone sighed with astonishment.

When one’s cultivation reached a certain point, one was no longer restricted to the precious techniques they inherently had, but could rearrange bone texts to create great divine abilities. This was precisely an embodiment of this.

Shi Hao’s large hand moved down, completely refining all of the lightning. Then, with a turn of his hand, it was as if the heavens collapsed and earth sunk, thousands to tens of thousands of streaks of lightning crashing down violently.

“This…” Everyone was stunned. This was just too grand of a display, making many people’s scalps turning numb.

“Huang, you dare?!” Someone roared out angrily.

“Could it be that you want to attack everyone?” Someone said coldly.

“I don’t want to hear your nonsense. All of you are underground, attacking me, hiding your heads and showing your tails so that I can’t tell who exactly it was, so you think that because of this, I don’t dare take action? Keep dreaming!” Shi Hao powerfully responded.

Shi Hao’s palm descended, truly collapsing the heavens and splitting the earth, the mud pool destroyed, the earth below even rumbling and shaking, releasing loud noises.

There was also divine light that accompanied this attack, because there was a cave below, an immortal dao rite. After suffering this type of heavy blow, many old formations were activated, thus releasing undying power here.

It was as if a hornet’s nest was poked, producing great chaos!

The people who rushed down earlier all suffered greatly. They hurriedly defended themselves, or else there would likely be danger to their lives!

On the ground, everyone was stupefied. Huang was extremely daring after all, tyrannical beyond compare. Someone was secretly targeting him, so he directly put everyone in danger.

“Huang, you… have crossed the line!” Someone said coldly.

“Why are you wasting your time? The one who is harming you isn’t me, the one who is provoking me is the main culprit. All of you below should know who it is, yet you aren’t talking to him, instead think I am easy to bully? If you are discontent, then come up and fight!” Shi Hao responded coldly.

Everyone was speechless. This really was domineering! He was aggressive even when being reasoned with, all those who dared anger him would definitely face fierce retaliation.

The one who spoke was also speechless. This person really wasn’t someone he could afford to provoke, incredibly unrestrained. If he continued to oppose him with equal harshness, Huang might just directly jump down and fight a decisive battle against him.

A moment later, the underground world became peaceful again, the earth no longer quaking, a mist of light engulfing everything.

“We should also head down.” Shi Hao said. He took the lead, opening up a barrier of light, protecting the front of the group to guard against ambushes.

Of course, he also had confidence that now, normal people wouldn’t dare act recklessly. It was because even Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was defeated by him, this producing great intimidation.

The mud pool was extremely dark, and also extremely vast, an endlessly large karst cave. The stalactites were of all different types and oddities, releasing brilliant radiance like strange yet beautiful sculptures.

“Huang great one, what exactly was inside the stone box you seized?” A student from Heavenly Deity Institution was curious, asking about it here.

Shi Hao was moved. Previously, there was a streak of multicolored light that flew out of the mud pool, wrapping itself around a stone box, obtained by him. This was precisely why he entered the battlefield, fighting against others.

Shi Hao produced it from his bosom. This stone box was flowing with a hazy splendor, currently sealed, extremely difficult to open.

“En?” After trying several times, it was unexpectedly ineffective. Then, he began to decipher the bone texts, trying to completely break it open.

“Natural laws of force?” Shi Hao frowned. After carefully studying it, his mind jumped. The bone texts that were attached to the stone box were extremely strange, forming a wave of great power, preventing it from being opened.

“Open!” When he understood what it was, he shouted, exerting force, using brute strength to break this box.


An intense explosion sounded, shaking up heaven and earth, shocking everyone.

This was especially the case when this underground world even began to collapse, making the faces of the young great supreme beings below fall ashen. Even an exceptional beauty like Lan Xian had dark lines appear on her forehead, her teeth gritted.

“Huang, you are going too far! It is true that someone has tried to deal with you, but you cannot always deliberately stir things up, right?” Someone couldn’t help but shout out.

“En, this was an accident, but I refuse to apologize. Who told you all to provoke me just now?” Shi Hao replied.

The people below were speechless, this person really was hard to provoke, just too arrogant. However, there really were people among them who were in the wrong.

A wave of extreme brilliance rushed into the sky, leaving those on the ground greatly shocked as well.

In the underground world, stalactites covered everything, the radiance dazzling.

Cao Yusheng, Dragon Girl, and the others all stared at Shi Hao’s hand. After stirring up so much commotion, what exactly was there inside?

Shi Hao was opening the stone box through brute force, using it to deal with the tremendous force natural laws contained within. In reality, the most effective method was to just forcibly open it.

After Shi Hao opened the box, a snow-white head stuck out, looking around, appearing rather amusing.

Everyone was stunned. They rubbed their eyes to make sure they weren’t seeing things!

The stone box that flew out from the immortal manor had a creature, not an artifact, this really was a bit inconceivable. After all these years, there was still a living creature inside?

“A tortoise!” The little fatty Cao Yusheng cried out.

After carefully examining it, everyone became speechless. This was a snow-white tortoise that was palm-sized, its shell sparkling like fine jade. Its body was also like this. 

Unlike normal tortoises, it was quick-witted, its eyes looking rather lowly.

“What kind of tortoise is this? Don’t tell me it is a long life medicine that developed intelligence, turning into a white tortoise! I remember that in the three thousand provinces, there was previously a White Tortoise Carrying Immortal wondrous medicine!” The little rabbit’s saliva was startling to flow out, its large ruby-like eyes about to release flames.

When the others heard this, they were all shocked as well. This was not entirely impossible!

After all, this was a stone box that rushed out from the immortal manor, so there were naturally immortal treasures contained within. 

“You all thought too much.” Shi Hao shook his head. It was because he recognized this snow-white tortoise, he had met it a few years ago.

At that time, the great elder was angling here, wishing to fish out that cunning creature out from the immortal manor, but in the end he only fished out this greedy tortoise.

This was the Octadic Treasure Tortoise!

Even though it wasn’t comparable to a long life medicine, its reputation was also astonishing, its name shaking the Nine Heavens Ten Earths. Not only was it one of the most well-known delicacies, it was also a great mending medicine.

It was known as the number one blood enriching food, something that could grant supreme being level figures blood energy when they grew old and their bodies dried up.

“Octadic Treasure Tortoise, this is even harder to find than a divine medicine, something absolutely priceless!” A few people cried out in shock.

“This is the Great Elder’s belongings, left behind to replenish blood energy.” Shi Hao said. He placed this tortoise back into the stone case.

He used his divine will to ask this tortoise what exactly was going on.

The Octadic Treasure Tortoise had long developed intelligence, so it naturally knew how to communicate. It was a bit nervous, telling him that when it was roaming around the mud pool, it was swept into the underground world by a wave of great power. Then, it was mysteriously subdued.

“It’s that creature!” Shi Hao narrowed his eyes, recalling that thing that the Great Elder had always wanted to capture but always failed to do so.


Suddenly, the underground cave released a giant noise. There was a region that ruptured open, many stalactites falling, the ground starting to sink.


Rubble rushed out, all types of smoke and dust pervading the air.

In the depths of the underground layer, there were sinister dao symbols that flickered about. There was an underground palace there, grand and ancient looking, almost like an immortal dao ancient city.

Upon closer inspection, it was unexpectedly made from metal.

It was extremely grand and majestic.

“What a large city!” Feng Wu exclaimed in admiration.

“It should be said that this is a small world, a vast cave.” Chang Gongyan said.

Everyone flew into the air, gazing forward, feeling that this was reasonable. That city had a few stone mountains that had caves opened in them, all of them releasing immortal energy.

This made one’s mind tremble. This was an immortal treasure land!

Once one barged in, there would inevitably be great natural luck!

At the same time, Shi Hao felt like there were several extremely frightening lumps of energy present. Even though they were hidden well, they still couldn’t escape his spiritual awareness.

Without a doubt, those were young supreme beings. They had long arrived here, just hiding on the side this entire time.

The giant city was entirely greenish-gold, like the most magnificent metal work of art. These green-gold structures didn’t show any sign of decaying even after all these years, still bright and brilliant.

At the same time, everyone felt that this so-called grand immortal city wasn’t the main point, that the true great opportunity was most likely hidden within those stone mountains’ caves.

This place was astonishing as expected. Normally speaking, it was incredible for there to be a single immortal cave nearby, but there were nine stone mountains in this city, the ancient caves dark, all of them releasing immortal energy, meaning that there were nine great immortal caves!

This was an important place, an immortal city!

Everyone revealed serious expressions, not daring to act blindly without thinking. It was because Heavenly Deity Institution’s great elder had previously discovered this place, but had never entered inside.

Zhi ya ya!

A noise sounded from the immortal city. Giant green metal doors opened wide, chaotic energy surging. That place was incredibly mysterious.

Then, a rumbling noise rang out. There was a stone gate inside that was also large, and right now, it also opened up. The immortal city was opened wide, displaying itself without restraint towards everyone here.

This was extremely strange. After endless time had passed, this city didn’t display any movements, yet today, it actually opened up on its own!

Above the city, the symbols covering the void all disappeared. What did this mean? Could it be that they could directly enter by jumping over the city walls?

In the past, that was but a restricted area! Those who dared trespass into the city would be blasted to pieces by the symbols, even supreme beings similarly dying!

Immortal City truly appeared in this world just like that. Were they going to see the heavenly sun?

Meanwhile, ka ka sounds rang out from inside the city, several creatures slowly walking over. They all had human forms, their bodies covered in armor, carrying immortal energy.

This left everyone alarmed. There were living creatures! Were they true immortals?!

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