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Chapter 1278 - Undefeated Legend

There were people who had taken that path ever since Immortal Ancient, but everyone failed without exception!

Moreover, their ends were extremely miserable. If they didn’t die, then they became half-crippled, not a single good result!

In the eyes of those of this world, that was an abyss that devoured all those who attempted it, a path that was impossible. Those who took it did not have good endings.

One had to understand that none of those who took this path were ordinary! They were all stunning individuals, the pride of heaven, having illustrious reputations. However, when they chose this path, it represented gloominess, death, self-destruction!

This was a path that had faults even in theory, not yet completely researched, let alone truly finishing it. It was unknown just how many young supreme beings it had troubled!

If one wanted to succeed, settle a matter in one go, how could it be that easy? It would inevitably be more difficult than even ascending to heaven!

However, there was someone before their very eyes who seemed to have succeeded, currently displaying great divine might, unstoppable, beating up Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch until he was about to be half crippled!

What kind of scene was this? It seemed real, yet also fake, everyone really didn’t feel like what they were seeing was true!

Many people were in disbelief, feeling that Shi Hao was hiding something. He definitely merged with a strange ancient seed that they didn’t know about, and that was why he had this type of strength.

Only, when everyone carefully thought things over, they knew that the number of unmatched seeds from past until now was set, already determined which ones there were exactly. What seed could he possibly find?

The few well-known seeds were all concentrated in Immortal Academy!

There were a few others that were in the most frightening places of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ restricted areas, no one able to enter, the seeds could not be taken out. They had long reached this conclusion!

Moreover, even now, there were people lingering about those forbidden areas. They were full of unwillingness, the opportunity they were looking for was there, able to confirm that the seeds did exist.

When these were eliminated, where else could the seed in Shi Hao’s body come from? Even if they weren’t willing to accept it, Huang… really might have succeeded!

Using the body as a seed, these four words were as heavy as a mountain, crushing everyone until they couldn't breathe.


In this place, divine light surged, heaven and earth rupturing, a bloody rain pouring down. All types of terrifying irregular scenes appeared between heaven and earth.

This was Shi Hao’s power. Every move he made made sand and rocks stir about, ghosts weep and deities howl, accompanied by all types of terrifying scenes of natural deities falling.

His fists’ power was like collapsing mountains, roaring seas. With every fist that was released, the world would shake intensely, boundless waves of energy roiling out, tearing open the skies, making everyone’s minds tremble.


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch screamed out, his body greatly shaken, completely unable to stop this power. He coughed out large mouthfuls of blood, unable to withstand Huang’s unmatched power.

Huang’s movements weren’t that fast. Right now, he was only walking slowly, moving forward step by step, as if a heavenly emperor was patrolling the skies.

Right now, every movement Shi Hao made was terrifying, because they contained the extreme dao strength of this cultivation realm, impossible to contend against!


Shi Hao’s expression was cold. His arms moved out, his right fist slowly striking forward, crushing space until it rumbled and then exploded. Endless brilliant multicolored light poured out, as if a great ocean dam burst

This type of power was too frightening. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch flew out like a scarecrow, as if a heavy mountain smashed into him, almost about to break apart. It was unknown just how many bones within his body broke.

Right now, Shi Hao’s divine might was generation transcending!

Great Xu Tuo and Lan Xian had taken action just now, but they weren’t that much on the initiative. They slowed down the pace of their attacks, now standing not too far away.

Right now, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was in an extremely pitiful state. He was first struck flying, and then when he landed, he coughed out blood and took steps backwards, staggering as he moved. His hair was disheveled, his appearance extremely miserable.

He was a young supreme being of this generation, when had he ever been in such a sorry state? He had never suffered defeat, yet today, he encountered the greatest setback of his life, experiencing a crushing defeat!

He couldn’t defeat Huang, unable to rival him!

It was to the extent where Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch had a type of feeling that even if the Great Mist Purple Energy was fully released, he still might not be able to match up to Shi Hao, unable to easily suppress him.

This was utterly absurd. This was what he felt the most confidence in his entire life, yet before the other party, he was so helpless. It truly left him dejected.

At the same time, he became even more resentful. What he had worked so hard for, the seed that was viewed to be the most precious was actually forced down by another, this filled him with too much unwillingness!


Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch roared out, doing everything he could to resist, but his chest was blasted through by a streak of fist radiance. A large bloody hole appeared there, his body almost smashed to pieces.

Immortal Academy’s elders’ expressions changed. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was defeated, unable to continue fighting, or else he might even die. This was not something they wanted to see.

“Stay your hand!” An elder cried out.

However, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch seemed to have gone crazy. After suffering this type of serious injury, his entire body surged with purple essence energy, flames raging around him. He began to risk everything, not willing to cower back.

“I am undefeated, die!” His long hair was dyed with blood, his purple pupils becoming scarlet red.


Shi Hao sent another fist over, looking down from above like a war immortal. He was too far up, impossible to compare to, breaking many of Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch’s muscles and bones again.

“How could it be like this?” At this moment, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch collapsed, falling. His pupils were like blades as they stared at his calmly moving opponent.

In the distance, the attendant was horrified, his expression deathly pale. When he thought about how rude he acted in front of Huang before, he couldn’t help but shiver.

Even his master ended up like this, not Huang’s opponent, yet he previously provoked the other party again and again, he really was tired of living, looking like he didn’t know the difference between life and death.

Wu Tai’s face was also as white as snow, now hiding in the crowd, all of his fine hairs standing on end, waves of coldness running through his body. He had never felt so much fear before in his life.

Even someone who had a perfect dao seed was defeated, so how many were there in this world who could keep Huang in check? Wu Tai shivered with coldness. He felt an urge to immediately run.

“Zi Ri, come back, you are still not his opponent right now. He has already taken that path, using the body as the seed, achieving perfection!” An elder from Immortal Academy shouted.

This voice rang through this place like heavenly thunder. His voice actually wasn’t that loud, but this sentence’s effects were too frightening, leaving everyone shocked.

Previously, they also had their speculations that Shi Hao did take this path, suspected to have succeeded, but those elders weren’t too sure.

However now, he spoke this out loud, undoubtedly to confirm everyone’s suspicions. Huang was world shocking, truly surpassing the past; he succeeded!

He was the first person to have taken this path. Even if there were still flaws, not perfect, the meaning of this was too extraordinary, creating great waves within their minds!

This was a miracle, a legend. It would definitely be spoken about far into the future!

As the one who established this, the first one to successfully take this path, this achievement would definitely shine throughout the ages, the glory continuing into the next great era. He would become someone who couldn’t be avoided in the records of history.

This was truly enviable, as well as making people feel fear. This path was so difficult, yet Huang could still succeed, how stunning was this?

“Using the body as a seed, there was someone who really succeeded in doing this…” Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch muttered, feeling incredibly dejected. Which one of those who took this path before weren’t the most powerful? Yet they all failed in the end. However, this enemy of his… actually succeeded! 

This dealt too heavy of a mental blow to him. It was just incomparable!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was arrogant, and he was also self-confident, yet in the end, he encountered such a freak, making his own glory seem not all that brilliant. He felt extremely empty and sullen.

“Withdraw now!” Immortal Academy’s elder warned again.

However, Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was incredibly stubborn. His head of purple hair flew about chaotically, a low roar released. He wanted to make the Great Mist Purple Energy fully appear, not just an imperfect form, but completely display itself, and then carry out an ultimate battle against Shi Hao.

Immortal Academy’s elder’s expression changed. He was about to walk up and stop all of this.

Shi Hao was completely indifferent, not feeling fear at all. He was about to take action, beat down this so-called Heavenly Monarch!

Great Xu Tuo and Lan Xian couldn’t remain uninvolved any longer. The two slowed down their steps, reduced their frequency of attacks, to the extent where they no longer fully participated in the final battle.

However, now, they had to do something, had to stop Huang. After all, they both came from Immortal Academy, and the elder even spoke up. If they didn’t express anything, it would be too difficult to justify their actions.

The two of them knew that if they still didn’t go all out, still holding back, then Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch would undoubtedly be dead. It was because he didn’t have any time to fully awaken the Great Mist Purple Energy Seed.


The battle continued, becoming even more intense.

Three great supreme beings joined hands, surrounding Shi Hao, aiming attacks at him.


The result was still extremely frightening. Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch was struck flying by Shi Hao, his clothes in tatters. If not for the purple seed that appeared, wrapping around him, he would have definitely been crippled, perhaps even dying.

The expression of the elder from Immortal Academy changed. He quickly rushed out, arms reaching out to support Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch. He fed him a golden pill, saving his life.

Everyone was shocked and alarmed. Huang was fighting one versus three, yet he still seriously injured the heavenly monarch of a generation, writing his own undefeated legend. Everyone knew that from today forth, news of Huang’s return would spread throughout the world.

He had risen up once more!

After going missing for three years, remaining dormant all this time, he had returned. He was still a king, glorious and dazzling!

Purple Sun Heavenly Monarch fell, life or death unknown. This produced heaven shocking waves. Everyone couldn’t help but cry out, erupting into fervent discussions, this place becoming extremely noisy.

Cao Yusheng, little rabbit, and others were of course extremely excited, incredibly happy.

The faces of Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples were red, incredibly stirred up, all of them shouting.

Even Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy’s people, even though there were some who bore hostility against Shi Hao, right now, they still couldn’t help but sigh at his unmatched bravery, few able to match him!

Wang Xi’s expression became complicated. She originally thought that after three years, Huang had already declined, no longer being a threat, but now, it seemed like his accomplishments far exceeded her imagination, even that legendary path taken. Just how stunning was this? Her clansmen were likely going to become worried!

She was also wondering just how strong the heavenly talent she was engaged to, Jin Zhan, was. After undergoing several rebirths, he reached the limits of the present world methods, achieved unmatched dao fruits. Would he be able to face Huang?

“Truly not simple… if he entered a long life family and was nurtured with all of their attention, his accomplishments would have definitely became even more world shocking!” Princess Yao Yue’s beautiful eyes released radiance, saying this quietly. She felt like she had to contact her clansmen and ‘steal’ this genius!

In this battlefield, heaven and earth lost color, wind and clouds moving!

Shi Hao fought against two supreme individuals, taking the initiative to attack Lan Xian, forcing her into a passive situation. There was a chance that she might enter a dangerous situation at any time, the battle incredibly intense, reaching its climax.

Everyone was stunned. Just how much time had passed? Was another supreme being going to nurse a grievance? Huang was just too frightening!

“En?” Right at this time, Shi Hao’s mind trembled. He could feel that extremely powerful figures were appearing in his surroundings.

There were more people who came, the auras they gave off full of youthfulness. These were without a doubt the best of the present world’s young supreme beings.

Shi Hao’s spiritual awareness was still extremely sharp while in battle. Soon afterwards, he sensed several auras hurry over one after the other.


A moment later, a loud noise sounded. The mud pool suddenly exploded, mud flying in all directions. Someone was taking action, wishing to open up the immortal manor’s gate.

In fact, at this moment, the auspicious light became richer, immortal energy dense. After this strike, a great change took place underground.


The mud pool caved in, immortal light rushing into the heavens. Waves of immortal music sounded, and the loud noise of a stone door being opened could be heard; the underground world was opened!


At this moment, several figures rushed over. They were as fast as lightning, entering the mud pool in the blink of an eye.

“Come over here!”

Shi Hao shouted, calling out to Cao Yusheng, witch, and the others, and also calling to Heavenly Deity Institution’s disciples, wishing to bring them in.

Many people were stupefied, and then they felt envious. Huang really was bold, daring to do this, using his power alone to shelter a group of people, bringing them with him into the immortal manor!

Who else would dare do such a thing?

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