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Chapter 1255 - Scalp Numbing Path of Transformation

Shi Hao still hadn’t truly entered seclusion, yet he already drew everyone’s attention!

“I am waiting for you to come out of seclusion, will you still be able to act that domineering? Please don’t fall behind now, or else it will be quite miserable for you! You’ll have a taste of what it feels like to be defeated with just a raise of another’s hand!” Someone said through clenched teeth.

“Huang, you don’t have an unmatched ancient seed, no world-shaking Heavenly Horned Ant blood, so what will you bring out to compete? I want to see just how you will maintain your glory!”

“Haha, I’ve finally waited until this day! After we all make it through the Heavenly Deity Realm and meet again at the sect master level, let’s see who will be the one who laughs last! I really am looking forward to it, already can’t wait!

There were some people who bore hostility against Shi Hao, right now all of them waiting for the result. The Heavenly Deity Realm Shi Hao was like a great mountain that weighed down on their minds, not many people able to match him. They were hoping that the situation could be turned around at a higher realm.

When that time came, it wouldn’t be Shi Hao’s world, perhaps it might be them who look down on Shi Hao instead. Many people knew that Shi Hao’s seclusion this time was going to be incredibly rough. 

In reality, many people were curious as well. Why would Huang, while not having an unmatched heavenly seed, dare break through? Wasn’t this destroying his own path?

One had to understand that once you shot the arrow, there’s no getting it back. Once he made the choice, there was no way out. He either succeeded, or he became half crippled, or he might even die!

“Shi Hao, just what kind of path did you end up choosing? I hope everything goes well for you!”

There were people who felt worry for Shi Hao as well, for example, Qing Yi. They all felt worry. Shi Hao went into seclusion so abruptly, just like that. Without an ancient seed, how was he supposed to proceed?

“He shouldn’t die from this, I feel like he is quite similar to that person my master who is always muddle-headed or sleeping talked about.” Cao Yusheng said quietly.

In the outside world, everyone was discussing spiritedly, but Heavenly Deity Institution was extremely quiet.

Shi Hao had long completed all of his preparations, adjusting himself to the greatest state. Every inch of his flesh was sparkling and shining, releasing auspicious multicolored light.

He was full of vigor, his primordial spirit’s flourishing life force forming a silver blaze, emerging from the space between his brows, extremely brilliant. In the end, this wave of spiritual flame condensed into a small figure, floating there.

The Great Elder was quite shocked, saying, “The flame that leaks out from your primordial spirit is already like this, simply able to forge another primordial spirit!”

At this time, the several medicinal pools on the ground all released ripples, within them all different types of rare divine medicines and ores, for example, Heavenly Deity Tree’s leaves, Octadic Treasure Unicorn, Immortal Blood Star Sand… every one of them was priceless! If they were in the outside world, many people’s eyes would become red, experts from all directions coming to fight over them.

“Enter the first medicinal pool first!” The Great Elder said.

Shi Hao sat down. A medicinal fragrance wafted out, all of his pores relaxing. The scalding medicinal liquid stimulated his body until it trembled, this really wasn’t a normal type of heat, but similar to molten iron, making even Shi Hao grimace in pain.

With his present flesh shell, it was difficult for even the sharp edges of divine weapons to injure his body.

“It is the Immortal Blood Star Sand!” Shi Hao was a bit dizzy.

This wasn’t a normal type of medicinal liquid, but the product of a type of sand after it melted. When it landed on his body, the temperature was even greater than that of magma!

It was rumored that this type of star sand was extremely rarely seen in this world. After the blood of immortals who had been killed in battle was scattered across the cosmos, they would dye a few star fragments red. As time went out, only a bit of essence remained, becoming specks of sparkling and translucent sand.

This sand was completely melted into a large cyan cauldron by the Great Elder. Right now, it was poured down like soup straight onto Shi Hao’s head, leaving him speechless. This was just too forceful!

If it was an ordinary deity, they would have long been burned to ruin, turning into bones.

After the sparkling and translucent sand melted, turning into scarlet red liquid, it released sky reaching brilliance, truly as if the blood of an immortal was flowing.

It carried a faint bloody smell, as well as a type of fragrance!

“It seems like the rumors were true, this sand indeed created after being soaked in the blood of immortals.” The Great Elder said to himself.

Shi Hao grimaced. This really didn’t feel that good. Having liquid that was who knew how many times hotter than magma poured right on his head, wasn’t this simply suicide?

From this, one could see just how sturdy his flesh was, not even his flesh melting, still sparkling and shining, his body swirling with brilliant colors, absorbing the essence of the Immortal Blood Star Sand.

“If it truly is immortal blood, pouring it over your body would have immediately turned you into a thick puddle of blood, nothing left behind. Fortunately, after transforming into star sand, as well as the nurturing of endless years, the murderous energy has been removed, only a bit of essence left behind, which is why you can now make use of it.”

The Great Elder released a sigh. This type of thing was just too precious, once it was used up, that was that, there wasn’t much left in this world.

It was quite amazing. Even under this type of great temperature, when the red star sand liquid entered the medicinal pool, it didn’t destroy the other medicinal goods, instead blending inside, everything becoming even more fragrant.

Shi Hao began to suspect if it was the high temperature that made him feel intense pain, or if it was actually the bit of essence left from the immortal blood remains hacking at his body!

Just like that, he endured the intense pain, rising and falling in the first medicinal pool. His body felt as if it was being cut by blades, continuously tempered. Eventually, the Great Elder even produced a large blade, starting to cut at his body.

Shi Hao’s face was about to turn green. What kind of skills did the Great Elder have? If this blade descended, wouldn’t his body and spirit be erased?

“Don’t worry, I will properly control my strength. Hurry and use the Bone Tempering Method!” The Great Elder reminded.


Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao knew what was called pain seeping into the bone marrow. When the Great Elder’s blade descended, blade energy poured out endlessly, brilliant as if a silver river descended, pouring down from above. However, this didn’t injure his skin, all of it cutting into his bones.

This type of control of strength and technique really made one gasp in amazement.

Shi Hao immediately released a muffled groan. He really was in great pain, unknown just how many bones were hacked apart, exposing the bone marrow within, making him directly break out into cold sweat. The suffering he went through not too long ago in by the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo reappeared.

“I am examining your achievements, see if your gains from Immortal Mound have been sufficient, inspecting for deficiencies to help complete you!” The Great Elder said.

Could he still be imperfect? Even the Heavenly Deity Tree’s leaves, Octadic Treasure Unicorn, Immortal Blood Star Sand, these things were used to refine his body, his body would be sturdy even if he didn’t want it to be!

Shi Hao’s suffering only began. His body was being reforged again. At first, he didn’t utter a sound, but later on, as the Great Elder hacked at his bone marrow with blade energy, snapping his muscles and veins, destroying them a hundred times over, the medicinal liquid continuously refining him, in the end, he couldn’t hold it back anymore, releasing a low roar.

This continued for ten days.

Then, the Great Elder had him sit inside of a cauldron, scattering some Evil Warding Divine Bamboo liquid onto him. A day and night later, Shi Hao felt as if he had the spirit of a dragon and the ferocity of a tiger. After this round of tempering, his body became even a bit stronger than before!

Was this to allow a heavenly deity fight a sect master? Shi Hao really had a type of powerful self-confidence. Even though he was still in the Heavenly Deity Realm, right now, he felt the urge to challenge an even stronger opponent.

“Enter the second medicinal pool.” The Great Elder didn’t even give him the chance to take a breather, pointing at the second sparkling pool. White mists were rising from it.

Shi Hao entered. His fine hairs immediately all stood on end!

There weren’t only many types of medicinal goods inside, there were also all types of bugs, all of them variant species across the great wasteland that were extremely toxic!

Below the white mist, even though that liquid was brilliant, one could tell with a single look that it was extremely frightening, not sacred and holy. This place was brightly colored, a strong smell wafting out, the bugs that filled this pool truly horrifying.

At the same time, there was a cauldron on the side that was already boiling, the liquid inside continuously splashing out. The various divine bugs within it were even more rarely seen, some still alive, needing to be refine by a divine cauldron.

Shi Hao’s scalp even felt a bit numb, but he silently remained inside.

With a hua sound, the Great Elder poured all of the liquid and bugs over his body, into the second medicinal pool.

“They’re living!”

Shi Hao could sense that not a single one of the bugs that were poured into the great cauldron were dead, all of them attaching themselves to his body, starting to chew at him.

The moment they opened their eyes, the white scorpions all over him stabbed their tails into Shi Hao’s skin, the hooked stinger terrifyingly sharp, even tougher than divine weapons.

The Great Elder shouted, “Don’t resist! Let them pierce in, you absolutely must not kill them! These are White Jade Scorpions, rare and precious, all noble-blooded rare creatures!”

Shi Hao was speechless. He actually had to take the initiative to go along with this, allowing these scorpions to sting him!

Immediately afterwards, his entire body relaxed, or else he might end up killing these White Jade Scorpions. Even though quite a few of these reached the deity level, they still might be blasted apart by the Heavenly Deity Realm Shi Hao’s flesh.

“Ah…” Shi Hao released a miserable scream.

These scorpions’ venom was highly toxic. His entire body, aside from his eyes, was completely covered by these white scorpions, unknown just how many scorpion tails pierced his skin.

There were scorpions all over him, stinging him. They hung from his body, moving about, leaving one horrified!

If it was a female going through this, they would have long screamed, immediately vomit. Fortunately, Shi Hao was a thick-skinned person, not minding it too much. It was because he had even eaten scorpion flesh before.

Only, that type of intense pain and messy feeling still made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

The main thing was the pain, this was definitely enough to kill a normal heavenly deity. It was because these were deity level venomous bugs, and with so many of them together, it was just too horrifying.

Soon afterwards, the White Jade Scorpions changed from white to scarlet red, dyed this color from Shi Hao’s blood. In the end, the venomous blood returned to Shi Hao’s body. He couldn’t help but move his body, releasing a muffled groan.


In the end, he screamed out. Being nailed by endless venomous scorpion tails like this was just too hard to endure! When the venomous blood returned, it was about to completely corrode all of his flesh and inner organs.

In the end, after a day and night passed, this type of suffering finally ended. All of the heavenly scorpions died, the venom’s essence scattering.

However, immediately afterwards, Shi Hao felt the world before him go dark. It was because endless centipedes appeared, all of them golden with wings. They poured down from a large cauldron, scattering down on his body.

With so many centipedes moving about, crawling over every inch of his body, Shi Hao’s skin went cold. Then, the intense pain returned.

“Elder, is there a need to refine the physical body like this?!” He felt like he was about to fall apart.

“Of course there is a need. Refining the muscles, bones, and skin, something like this needs all types of fierce methods. Only after experiencing all types of tribulations will it be clear if you are the genuine article. The future does not need bean sprouts from greenhouses, reality will be ten thousand times worse than this.” The Great Elder spoke extremely calmly.

Just like that, after ten whole days and nights, Shi Hao was tormented by ten types of the most frightening venomous insects, lingering between life and death. In the end, he soaked in divine liquid, his flesh being recovered.

Sure enough, the effects were amazing. The ten types of poisonous bugs were wondrous treasures of this world to begin with, ‘heavenly materials’ of the highest grade for refining the body. Now that it was paired with all types of divine medicines, they displayed astonishing effects as expected.

“Elder, when can I use the body as the seed?” Shi Hao felt like he had already completed enough preparations, ready to carry out a transformation at any time.

“You are already in the process. Even though you still haven’t carried out the crucial step, you are already on the path. To use the flesh as the seed, one naturally needs to rise to the highest level on all aspects, becoming the most powerful in the Heavenly Deity Realm. Otherwise, what hope will there be in succeeding?” The Great Elder was extremely serious.


In these twenty something days, a few astonishing things happened in the outside world.

“Huge news, an exceptional genius from Immortal Academy broke through, merged with a perfect ancient seed, carrying out a higher biological level rebirth! He succeeded, the transformation said to be perfect without any flaw, his unmatched disposition world-shocking!”

“Wu, there is someone from Sacred Academy who has also successfully merged with the Heavenly Horned Ant’s extreme strength blood and Phoenix’ rebirth essence blood. In addition, he surpassed the ancients, merging ten heavenly passages to one, carving a natural primal chaos killing formation in his body, undergoing an inherent sublimation on the biological level!”

In the outside world, a few shocking pieces of news sounded. People broke through the Heavenly Deity Realm one after another, reaching an even greater domain, undergoing perfect transformations, shocking the world.

Meanwhile, what was Huang doing? Everyone was waiting for news about him.

Quite a few people sneered. Without an unmatched heavenly seed, how was he supposed to compare to those people? He was destined for defeat!

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