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Chapter 1254 - Drawing Attention


There was an enormous cauldron, incredibly massive, chaotic energy surging within it, making it appear exceptionally deep, as if it contained a boundless universe of its own.

Correct, within it, there were all types of stellar rivers and great stars flickering about, adorning that area, deeply buried within that cauldron’s primal chaos, making it seem increasingly grand and boundless.

“This cauldron…” Shi Hao’s eyes erupted with divine light. This was the scene he saw through the little rabbit’s divine consciousness.

It was that cauldron he had previously seen before, only, right now, it was even more astonishing. It displayed its original form, submerging itself in the cosmos, as if it could devour endless stellar systems.

Every time he saw this cauldron, it would always be difficult for Shi Hao to calm down. He always felt like there was something extraordinary that would happen between them, the two of them sharing great karma!

“That woman!”

Shi Hao suddenly discovered a white-clothed woman behind that great cauldron, style exceptional, her hands currently forming imprints, striking the great cauldron over.

Her body was a bit indistinct, on her face a bronze mask that carried tears and traces of blood. It left others just that deep of an impression, even making one’s heart tremble.

“It’s her!”

Shi Hao previously followed Heavenly Deity Institution’s people to Immortal Battlefield Remains, at that time entering a strange land. In that place, he had seen a giant seated in the endless past who wished to kill present world geniuses, but in the end, a woman with exceptional charm took action from the lower reaches of the river of time, stopping him.

It was precisely the woman from behind the great cauldron, actually her who was moving this cauldron!

“Yi, there are others!”

Shi Hao saw three more indistinct figures, all of them male. One of them even stood on a great bell, releasing sound waves. Time rippled outwards, surging like a great sea, entering the cauldron ahead.

It was them who struck this cauldron, making it quickly arrive.


With one last blow, the great cauldron disappeared. The little rabbit woke up.

Shi Hao didn’t see that woman seated within that cauldron from the little rabbit’s divine consciousness, but instead saw the individuals who took action behind the cauldron. It was extremely strange, difficult to explain clearly.

These were clearly scenes the little rabbit’s divine consciousness seized, yet in the end, what Shi Hao saw was different from her!

“This doesn’t make any sense!” The little rabbit cried out strangely, because what Shi Hao described was different from what she saw.

“Think a bit more, what else did you see and hear?” Shi Hao asked. This matter was definitely not normal. What the two witnessed was different, leaving one in confusion.

“I forgot everything already.” The little rabbit was quite embarrassed. What exactly did she experience? She already forgot it all! Even though her primordial spirit had previously undergone something similar to reincarnation, experiencing a great dream, she couldn’t remember any of it.

“Try to think a bit more!” Shi Hao’s expression was serious.

“There are some sounds, and then this great cauldron flew over. It shone, the noise it released was faint and drawn-out, as if it sounded from the ends of the world, as if…” The little rabbit tried her best to remember, her brows locked together, the process painful. She was searching with the deep layers of her sea of consciousness.

“It seems to be trying to communicate with me, saying that there was one who has been buried in endless corpses, stepped through the remains of endless realms, traveled through the dark domain alone, drifted through the realm sea, neutralized the ominous and inauspicious of endless ancients, a lonesome and desolate journey, fighting a bloody war alone, they wanted to ask that about all of that person’s…”

The little rabbit unexpectedly began to cry when she spoke up to here. “I should be able to remember some of this… back then, I felt extremely brokenhearted, I clearly heard something extremely important, but now… I actually don’t have any impressions of it left.”

The more she struggled, wishing to see something from the depths of her sea of consciousness, the more futile it was. Eventually, everything was covered in clouds, nothing visible anymore.

Shi Hao tried to enter her sea of consciousness to carefully examine those experiences, but it was still useless. It was because that place was covered in mist, carrying the power of time.

Cao Yusheng also tried, helping Shi Hao.

“Forget it.” Shi Hao shook his head. He released a light sigh, saying, “When the universe is overturned, yin and yang disturbed, time in chaos, these imprints cannot remain. We won’t be able to capture them.”

The most important thing was that it went against the flow of time, contradicting it, which was why those imprints no longer existed.

“Are you all going to enter Immortal Mound?” Shi Hao asked.

“Forget it, since the opportunities have already been brought out by you, what are we going to do inside?” Cao Yusheng’s skin was extremely thick.

Shi Hao gave some of the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo’s precious liquid to them, gave Cao Yusheng a Yellow Springs Fruit, and then they went back together. During this period of time, they saw Chang Gongyan and others, also giving them a bit of divine liquid.

“That’s Huang!”

After leaving Immortal Mound and arriving at the peak of the great mountain, many people cried out in alarm. They naturally all recognized him.

Right now, the golden ancient temple suspended on the mountain top had already disappeared, all of the war deities’ imprints scattering, no traces to be seen.

“Youngster, are you truly not going to consider joining my Immortal Academy? That is the land of natural luck where you can transform.” An elder from Immortal Academy said.

“If there are no perfect ancient seeds, then there won’t be much meaning in me going.” Shi Hao replied.

“Then come to my Sacred Academy.” An old monster from Sacred Academy called out.

Shi Hao smiled, feeling a bit bitter, but also rather helpless. Sacred Academy’s elders long came to a decision, the Heavenly Horned Ant’s extreme strength blood and other Vicious Ten essence blood long divied up. What was the point in him going?

There was no share of great natural luck for him, the few world-shaking geniuses the two academies fostered already occupying all of the natural luck. Even if he went, they still wouldn’t give him more resources.

The last of the immortal opportunities left behind by the two academies was only enough for two or three people, but it was already decided beforehand to be given to long life family’s successors. 

“Seniors, goodbye!” Shi Hao descended the mountain without any hesitation, his speed extremely fast, gradually disappearing.

“Formidable, this mountain has a hundred thousand steps, the great pressure able to crush a heavenly deity to death, yet he can descend so carefreely like this. Just how powerful is his body?” An old monster sucked in a cold breath of air.

They believed that when they were young themselves, they were far from having this type of skill. Compared to Shi Hao, the difference was tremendous!

A few people felt regret. If they let this type of genius go, leaving him in Heavenly Deity Institution, allowing him to emerge and perish on his own, advancing casually, wouldn’t it be too much of a pity?

“Those who made the decisions will likely feel regret. I have a premonition that Huang has far greater potential than what we have imagined, might be even more formidable than the seeds that have been specially fostered!” An old monster spoke quietly, his expression grave.

Shi Hao used many days to ascend the mountain, but going down was a breeze, quickly arriving at the foot of the mountain.

It was because after experiencing the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo’s pure white liquid’s baptism, as well as comprehending the dao there, his flesh became even more sturdy. The symbols and pressure released by the mountain were ineffective on him.

Shi Hao left into the distance, leaving this area, heading straight back to Heavenly Deity Institution.

On the mountain, a group of people were discussing among themselves.

A few young geniuses already returned, arriving at the top of the mountain.

“Sigh, it is a pity. Forget about the most ancient Evil Warding Divine Bamboo, not even a normal stalk was found.”

“Forget it, don’t be like this. There are only those few stalks of Evil Warding Divine Bamboo, the youngest all several tens of thousand years of age, never were there any ordinary ones.”

“Did Huang really obtain the most ancient Evil Warding Divine Bamboo? It truly is unimaginable! Just how great of a natural luck is that? It was rumored that from the past until now, not many have seen that bamboo.” 

They felt that it was a pity, all of them feeling regretful. Of course, they were also full of envy and jealousy towards Shi Hao, truly a bit unable to accept this.

“No harm, even if Huang obtained the most ancient Evil Warding Divine Bamboo liquid, so what? He is unmatched at the Heavenly Deity Realm, but that doesn’t meant that he can continue to remain invincible in higher levels. You have to understand that if one wants to become the most powerful figure in the next level, a precious seed is needed to break through. Does he have one?”

“You’re right. He will not play the leading role in the future under this sky, can only make those others look even more unapproachable. Without a perfect heavenly seed, he won’t have any extraordinary accomplishments.”

“His figure will most likely be missing from the competition for most powerful among sect masters. The conclusion has already been decided!”

“Heh, I want to see if he can still look down on everyone in the next great cultivation realm. If he cannot, then he should just know his limits and lay low. Otherwise, there will be many who will look for him for revenge!”

Many people sneered, because Shi Hao had previously oppressed them until they couldn’t even breathe. This was especially the case for a few people who had previously stood against him, now even more so feeling pleased.

Shi Hao was in the distance. He didn’t even have to think too much to know that there were people waiting for him to become a laughing stock. They all knew that he didn’t find a suitable dao seed.

“Using the body as the seed, everything will start soon!” He said to himself. Many days later, he returned to Heavenly Deity Institution, visiting the Great Elder.

The academy was now much quieter, because the outstanding individuals have all left, either entering Immortal Academy or Sacred Academy. Only a group of cultivators who didn’t have the qualifications to enter either remained.

There weren’t that many left. Now, no matter where one went in the massive Heavenly Deity Institution, it was extremely quiet, a somewhat desolate scenery.

“You’ve done very well.” The Great Elder gave Shi Hao recognition for his tempering this time.

Below a spiritual mountain, the Great Elder had long prepared several medicinal pools. He was working at the arrangements himself, beside him a few large cauldrons that were cooking old medicines, full of brilliant lights and overflowing color.

A wave of fragrant and strong medicinal smell wafted over.

“It will be difficult to say how much time it will take now, the shortest a few months, the longest perhaps more than ten years!” The Great Elder said with an incredibly serious expression.

“I understand!” Shi Hao nodded. He already completed all preparations, wishing to break through now.

He produced the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo and Yellow Springs Fruit, because the Great Elder might need to use a bit when refining medicinal herbs.

“How are you feeling? Many people outside are paying close attention, wanting to see how you are going to merge with a dao seed, see if you can take that step!” The Great Elder said in a solemn and serious manner.

This was reality. One could well imagine that when Shi Hao entered seclusion, it will be difficult for the academy to keep the secret even if they wanted to. The disciples who remained behind will definitely leak the news out.

Shi Hao was now at the very forefront, few people able to compare to him. Many people knew that he didn’t have a perfect precious seed. What kind of choice was he going to make? What kind of accomplishments would he have?

Quite a few people were waiting to see him become a laughingstock!

In reality, that very day when Shi Hao began to make preparations, news already leaked out.

A few long life families and geniuses from the two academies received news.

“Huang is going to enter seclusion! Wu, I really want to see if he can stir up any disturbance!”

“He is unmatched in the Heavenly Deity Realm, but what about the next level? How will he continue from here?!”

“Heh, it’s finally starting. Will it be the beginning of his decline, or will it be a sudden rise to glory? We will have to wait and see!”

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