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Chapter 1253 - Era of Chaos

The return path went extremely smoothly. Along the way, Shi Hao met a few acquaintances, for example, Xuan Kun, Yao Yue, as well as other powerful cultivators from the two academies.

“He already came back. There is still so much time left, don’t tell me he already obtained the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo in Immortal Mound?” A genius from Immortal Academy said quietly, his eyes flickering with light.

The others all looked over, all of them feeling restless. They all used up a great deal of effort, and only then did they manage to all break through the mountain gate together. Meanwhile, the other party was actually this easygoing, about to leave already.

“Dao brother, did you obtain any harvest?” Someone from Sacred Academy asked with a smile.

Shi Hao gave him a look, replying, “A bit.”

“Don’t tell me you really found Evil Warding Divine Bamboo?” Princess Yao Yue’s eyes swirled with radiance. She was originally lucid and elegant like an immortal, but now, she was a bit mischievous.

Shi Hao smiled, but didn’t say anything, not replying. However, this instead stirred up everyone’s suspicions, all of them revealing strange looks, finding it difficult to calm down.

“Don’t tell me you really did discover Evil Warding Divine Bamboo, moreover obtaining it?!” A young man from Immortal Academy asked with a serious expression.

Shi Hao didn't respond, turning around to leave. There was no need for him to tell everyone about his experiences.

“Halt!” After being ignored, that male from Immortal Academy became a bit angry, loudly berating out.

Shi Hao didn’t pay him any attention, continuing forward, about to walk out from the mountain gate.


That young man raised his hand, a streak of sword energy released from his palm that was divided into five colors, carrying metal wood water fire earth auras. This was Five Elements Divine Sword, a type of ancient divine ability.

However, the five-colored sword energy didn’t blast towards Shi Hao, but on a giant rock beside him. It first hacked it into two pieces, and then that boulder then turned into powder.

The sword energy was like a rainbow, able to split the heavens!

“What is the meaning of this?” Shi Hao turned around, looking at him and asking indifferently.

Everyone’s minds jumped, because Shi Hao’s battle accomplishments were too astonishing. After defeating the Nine Netherworlds Ao, he vaguely had the might of number one in the Heavenly Deity Realm. How many people dared provoke him?

The more powerful geniuses had long broken through, now at the sect master level, waiting for Huang. Now, there weren’t many heavenly deities who dared provoke him.

“Dao friend, do not misunderstand, this dao brother’s temperament is too straightforward, he was a bit agitated just now.” Someone else from Immortal Academy hurriedly explained.

That youngster also woke up, his body becoming a bit cold, feeling like he had acted too rashly. Normally, Immortal Academy’s disciples were high up above, receiving the respect of everyone no matter where they went. However, this person was different, he was simply a demon!

This Huang could clearly enter either Immortal Academy or Sacred Academy, but because the two academies’ elders weren’t able to grant him enough benefits, under discontent, he decided to give up on both.

Towards this type of figure who could overlook all of Immortal and Sacred Academy’s heaven warping figures, he really didn’t have the courage to provoke him, not daring to speak disrespectfully before him.

That was why when this youngster woke up, he felt a wave of fear.


Shi Hao took action. A sword streaked across the sky, inconceivably fast, striking the gold crest that held the youngster’s hair in place. There was also a lock of hair that scattered down.

“You…” That youngster’s face turned white. He wanted to say something, but his arm was grabbed by that person next to him, and then he directly shut his mouth, not saying anymore.

“Don’t carelessly aim your sword at others, or else I might misunderstand it for you declaring war against me.” Shi Hao gave him a glance, and then turned around to leave.

The group of people remained silent for a long time. Huang’s style still never changed, not caring about the two academies’ dignity at all. If anyone provoked him, even if it was the two academies’ elders’ direct disciples, they would still be taught a lesson.

“You should just stop here. The fact that he didn’t directly take action against you is already not bad.” Someone advised from the side.

The youngster’s face was pale. He released a cold snort, really daring to show anger but not daring to speak out. Even though his three strands of immortal energy were created after the elders of the long life family exhausted endless efforts to create them, ‘bestowed’ upon him, regardless, he was still someone with three strands of immortal energy. However, all of his dignity and prestige were trampled on by another just like that.

“I refuse to believe that without a perfect seed, his future accomplishments will still be that astonishing.” The youngster said with a sneer.

Right now, everyone knew that Huang needed a perfect ancient seed, and only then would it match his heaven warping aptitude. However, the two academies didn’t prepare one for him. His current situation was quite awkward; once he merged with a normal seed, his future accomplishments would become limited, and he himself wouldn’t receive that much attention.

“No matter how arrogant, how conceited you act, it will only be in the Heavenly Deity Realm! I’ll be waiting for you at a higher cultivation realm. When we are both sect master level figures, I want to see what you’ll bring out to show off!” The youngster’s voice was extremely cold, but he spoke it extremely joyously.

Of course, the main reason was because Shi Hao had already gone far away, breaking through the mountain gate's energy screen, already leaving.

However, everyone nodded as well. Forget about obtaining a Yin Yang Seed, World Tree Sapling and other things, Huang couldn’t even take out a slightly inferior dao seed. If he wanted to compete with the top level figures, it would be just too difficult.

Regardless of whether it was little Sky King or the few others, they had all merged with unmatched ancient seeds. They originally looked down on their peers, undefeated, but now, they were even more so perfect, truly becoming one with the dao, none able to face them in the heavens above or the earth below.

“What a pity he didn’t choose to side with a long life family. Perhaps he might just become a part of the masses.” Wang Xi also spoke out. She felt like Shi Hao’s future looked bleak, losing the qualifications to compete for number one among the younger generation! It was because since he chose the ancient method, he needed the most precious seed, but he didn’t have one.

“Wu, who knows, Heavenly Deity Institution might have an ancient seed as well.” Someone said quietly.

“From the past until now, extremely few perfect seeds have appeared, pretty much a fixed amount. Several ancient seeds were excavated one after another, where would he even go to look for them? It really is a pity.” Princess Yao Yue also spoke like this.

Right now, everyone believed that Shi Hao’s path ahead would definitely be rough, losing all of his former brilliance, unable to become a future miracle.

Everyone knew that he was at his entire life’s most critical point right now, but it would be difficult for there to be any suspense in his situation. If nothing unexpected happened, from today on, it would be a downhill road for him.

“Even if he obtained the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo, it still wouldn’t be too useful. Even if he refined the most powerful golden body under the heavens, he still wouldn’t be able to stop a light brush from an immortal method. Those who have truly merged with perfect immortal seeds will have unmatched dao methods that can destroy all body methods.” Someone said with a sneer.

No one thought that Shi Hao’s future was good. Even though they all felt restraining fear towards him, once the Heavenly Deity Realm was broken through, everything would be changed!

“We’re going!” They continued forward, wishing to find the Evil Warding Divine Bamboo and other heaven-defying opportunities.

On the road back, Shi Hao saw a few old friends. He discovered that Cao Yusheng was the most relaxed. When he woke up from the state of dealing with heroic spirits, he took the initiative to seek out those ancient war souls, actually trying to steal from masters.

He used a strange method that allowed him to search the heroic spirits’ memories, learn their ancient methods.

“So this is the Yellow Springs Fruit?” Cao Yusheng didn’t dare eat it, because after he heard Shi Hao’s experiences, he shivered all over. Mysteriously undergoing four reincarnations, everything just that vivid, this was just too shocking.

He decided to put this fruit away first, and then ask Sacred Academy’s old monsters in the future for guidance or show it to his master in the lower realm, and eat it then.

“I’ll eat it!” The Lunar Jade Rabbit just happened to be here. She didn’t hear their conversation before, only believing it to be a divine fruit. She seized it, and then with a keng chi sound, ate it in a single mouthful.

“This really is a delicacy, I love eating non-meat things the most!” The little rabbit widened her large ruby-like eyes, her head of long silver hair flying everywhere, her fine porcelain-like little face filled with joy and happiness.

However, immediately afterwards, she entered an absent-minded state, not moving at all, entering a state of blankness.

“Where is her consciousness, why did it disappear?” Cao Yusheng cried out.

The young Qilin beast in her arms cried out with ao ao sounds, clearly also frightened. Even the primordial spirit vanished! This could signify a person’s death!

“Too domineering!” Shi Hao’s expression was serious. This was the first time he saw what happened after someone ate a Yellow Springs Fruit.

In that instant just now, he vaguely felt that a corner of the void had been torn apart, as if there was a dark region that flashed past. However, he wasn’t sure if what he saw was real or fake.

Regardless, the little rabbit’s primordial spirit disappeared. This was extremely serious!

“Could it be that the Yellow Springs Fruit really can bring one into reincarnation?” Shi Hao said to himself.

He and Cao Yusheng guarded this place, not daring to take half a step from here, to the extent where they didn’t even dare touch the little rabbit out of fear of something unexpected happening.

Just like that, one day and night passed. The Lunar Jade Hare was like a young lady sculpture, fine and beautiful, her white skin like snow-white porcelain. However, there was no spiritual aura, unable to move at all.

Finally, around noon, when yang energy was at its greatest, a transformation happened!

In that instant, darkness surrounded this place. The little rabbit’s flesh became indistinct, and then she disappeared.

Shi Hao and Cao Yusheng wanted to stop it, but they were too late. They were actually pushed out by a wave of mysterious power, the little rabbit thus disappearing.

“Where did she go?” Cao Yusheng shouted.

Soon afterwards, the darkness disappeared. The little rabbit’s beautiful body reappeared, still standing in her original spot. Moreover, her long eyelashes moved, and then she opened her eyes.

She looked extremely perplexed, a bit lost. She stood there, not knowing what to do.

“Wake up!” Shi Hao called out, dragging her out from some type of state, restoring her divine consciousness. 

“What did you end up experiencing? What did you see?” Cao Yusheng immediately asked.

The little rabbit looked at the two individuals before her, still looking a bit stupefied. Her experiences just now clearly frightened her quite badly. She opened her mouth, and then with a ao sound cried out loudly, saying, “I was scared to death! A damn disk seemed to be sending me through rebirths, so strange, I… why don’t I remember any of it? I only have some blurry impressions.”

Shi Hao hurriedly grabbed one of her arms, checking to see if there were reincarnations symbols. However, in the end, he discovered that it was completely blank.

“Examine yourself, see if there was an imprint added anywhere.” Shi Hao said.

“Over here!” The little rabbit pointed at her calf, pulling up her dress. On her small leg that was pure white like jade, there was a scar, looking like a burn, but it was quite indistinct.

The Lunar Jade Rabbit shouted angrily, “Who plotted against me, trying to disfigure my beauty?!”

Shi Hao was shocked. This was an injury, as if something was forcefully scrubbed off, and that was why one couldn’t see if there really was a reincarnation imprint. There was a strange wave of power there, removing everything.

“What exactly did you experience?” Shi Hao asked.

“There seemed to be reincarnation. On that road of reincarnation, I remember I saw a cauldron that was cast from all types of Immortal Gold, flickering with nine-colored brilliance. There was also an all life source energy flowing about. The cauldron was full of blood, the blood continuously trickling down. It broke free from the shackles of space and time. I seem to have seen some scenes, all of them of great battles, terrifying and unimaginable. Also, I seemed to have seen a blurry figure in the cauldron that was seemingly familiar, as if I had seen it somewhere, but I just can’t recall where right now.”

The little rabbit spoke about many things in one breath, leaving Shi Hao shocked and alarmed. This was all too strange, the little rabbit’s reincarnation a bit different from his.

The cauldron she saw made Shi Hao’s mind tremble. It was because he knew that cauldron, the cauldron that didn’t belong to the present or past!

He concluded that this great era was too strange, involving too many things. There were things from the past Immortal Ancient, as well as later generations, involving too many powers, everything tangling together, making this entire heaven and earth become ‘chaotic’.

“Replay everything to me clearly through divine will, let me take a look!” Shi Hao said. He wanted to see the little rabbit’s experiences.

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