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Chapter 1237 - Choice

“You…” Immortal Academy’s old monster’s expression was not good, as if two snow-white streaks of lightning shot out from his eyes. Only, what could he say in retort? Those unmatched seeds had long been promised to others, so they couldn’t go back on their words now. 

In reality, there were some that were already merged with others, so where would they even look for them?

“Old fella, you have to think it through. Are you cherishing geniuses by doing this, or are you wasting their time.” Sacred Academy’s elder ‘added another cut’ to the wounds.

“So you’re saying that if he doesn’t go to my Immortal Academy, going to your Sacred Academy is better?” Immortal Academy’s old monster laughed coldly, also aiming right for the other party’s weakness, saying, “Walking the path of present world methods, this type of body cultivation needs all types of unmatched immortal treasures. Are you all willing to part with your immortal medicines? They were long given out, right? Also, the True Dragon heart blood, I believe that it has also been assigned to certain people right? As for the Heavenly Phoenix’ rebirth essence blood, it has already been inherited by others. There’s no way the few other things can be given out either.”

These words not only left Shi Hao extremely shocked, even Heavenly Deity Institution’s Second Elder’s mind was shaken up. Sacred Academy’s backing really was astonishing, actually having these types of things!

True Dragon’s heart blood, essence blood after a phoenix’ rebirth, Heavenly Horned Ant’s extreme strength blood… these were not normal types of blood, but rather the essence of their respective spiritual blood!

Just how many drops of heart blood could a single dragon have?

These types of resources, this type of accumulation truly left one moved!

“My Sacred Academy’s resources are abundant, heavenly treasures countless, gathered the natural luck of the nine heavens above. Shi Hao’s share will not be missing!” Sacred Academy’s elder powerfully patted his own chest.

“Haha… can you make that decision for your entire academy? Those things have long been prearranged, don’t think that I don’t know!” Immortal Academy’s old monster laughed loudly.

Shi Hao became silent. The two academies weren’t simple after all, having heaven-defying precious resources, only, neither side could guarantee anything.

Heavenly Deity Institution’s Second Elder spoke up, helping Shi Hao fight for various heavenly treasures, saying, “All of you already know that this child’s natural talents are exceptional, but if he enters Immortal Academy or Sacred Academy, yet can’t obtain ancient seeds, unable to receive True Dragon’s heart blood, what is the meaning in going? As for scriptures, we can find them for him as well.”

“Don’t worry, Sacred Academy still has some Heavenly Horned Ant extreme strength blood that can be gifted to Shi Hao. He is like a body cultivator to begin with, so with this, it will be like adding oil to an inferno.” Sacred Academy’s elder said with a smile.

“It’s better if you give up on that. I’ve already heard a long time ago that this type of blood was extremely precious, no way it was saved, definitely long been designated for others. Your plan was just to go back and try to bargain for a bit back, is there any meaning in doing such a thing?” Immortal Academy’s old monster mocked.

“Seniors only need to express their sincerity, I will serve as the auctioneer’s hammer for where Shi Hao will pursue his studies!” Heavenly Deity Institution’s Second Elder said.

Soon afterwards, Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy’s people took action, each leaving, producing a small bone altar and starting an offering.

The white bone altars shone, becoming a bit indistinct. They passed the bone books they wrote onto the altar, and then waited for the result. This was a type of long distance communication.

What followed was a seemingly endless wait. Shi Hao’s area now became quiet.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Heavenly Deity Institution was bustling with activity. A few talented disciples were surrounded, the two academies’ cultivators doing their best to rope them in.

“The so-called achieving the dao and becoming an immortal is the highest realm of cultivation, the ultimate goal for all cultivators. If you don’t choose Immortal Academy, it will definitely be your life’s greatest regret!” This was how Immortal Academy’s people promoted their school, currently roping in geniuses.

“Forget it, Immortal Ancient has already been wiped out, this alone already proves enough things. Those types of methods have long lagged behind, the pile of old books not worthy of being viewed as sacred scriptures.” Sacred Academy’s people laughed and said, moreover, stressing that choosing present world methods was the only path, where their hopes laid.

The two academies were in dispute, those geniuses becoming what they fought over.

Soon afterwards, many people from Heavenly Deity Institution made their choices, not hesitating any longer. In reality, they had already long made their decisions.

Ten Crown King, Exiled Immortal, Lu Tuo, and the others chose Immortal Academy, while the white-clothed Ning Chuan, Wang Xi, and others chose Sacred Academy.

Wang Xi originally planned to go to Immortal Academy, but under the family’s urging, she ended up choosing Sacred Academy. There was an exceptional hero who might become her fiance there.

“Stop trying to rope me in, there’s no way I’m going to Immortal Academy! I already made my decision to go to Sacred Academy a long time ago!” The little fatty Cao Yusheng shouted out.

Immortal Academy’s people were angered to the point where their noses almost became crooked. He never said anything good back when Shi Hao was fighting the Nine Netherworlds Ao, so why would they come to invite him.

“Can you not act like we want you?!” A young man from Immortal Academy showed disdain.

“If you aren’t inviting me, then why did you all come?” Cao Yusheng spoke from a high attitude.

“We came to invite this young fairy.” Immortal Academy’s young cultivators looked towards the Lunar Jade Rabbit.

“What? This rabbit was still muttering about eating the Nine Netherworlds Ao’s meat, wondering if it should be steamed or roasted. You all want her?” Cao Yusheng exposed her.

The corners of Immortal Academy’s people’s lips twitched. They really didn’t want to come and invite this little girl. However, when they saw the pure-blooded young Qilin beast in her arms, they braced themselves and came over.

Moreover, an old monster followed them here, personally hurrying over.

“My little Qilin beast normally likes to eat divine medicines, needing about one stalk every ten days. Do you all have enough?” The little rabbit giggled.

Did she treat them like radishes?! Everyone immediately felt disdain.

However, that old man instead revealed a smile, saying, “We can try to find a way to settle these issues.”

“Little friend, are you willing to join my Sacred Academy?” An elder came, inviting Cao Yusheng and the others.

“Of course!” The little fatty immediately jolted his buttocks over, angering Immortal Academy’s people to the point where they wanted to beat him up.

Soon afterwards, Heavenly Deity Institution calmed down. Many people made their decision, making a choice.

“Shi Hao, are you going to Immortal Academy? You just defeated the Nine Netherworlds Ao, and you will fight against Little Sky King too! If you go there, they’ll make things difficult for you!” Cao Yusheng ran over, urging him to come to Sacred Academy.

Then, a group of old friends all appeared. Apart from Qing Yi who was going to Immortal Academy, the others were all going to Sacred Academy.

“I am waiting for more information.” Shi Hao responded. He wanted to see how the two academies were going to treat him.

Soon afterwards, Immortal Academy’s old monster appeared, his complexion not all that good, brows furrowed. He opened his mouth, appearing extremely troubled.

“Senior, please tell me what is on your mind!” Shi Hao could see his hesitation.

“The ancient seeds have already been previously designated, one of them given to your Heavenly Deity Institution’s person, but this is a favor to repay the gratitude a long life family had previously shown to Immortal Academy.” The old monster said with a sigh.

Then, he quickly added, saying, “However, don’t worry, as long as a new ancient seed is found, it will definitely be given to you.”

Shi Hao shook his head, not saying anything.

Cao Yusheng and the others were all discontent, speaking out about the unfairness for Shi Hao.

“You all saw that Shi Hao defeated the Nine Netherworlds Ao too, with this type of talents, how many people can compare? Can even someone like him not have an unmatched ancient seed? Then who is worthy? Not going to this type of academy isn’t even that big of a deal, too unfair!”

The others were also upset, feeling like Immortal Academy wasn’t fair to its disciples.

“Come to Sacred Academy, it’s not like there’s nowhere you can go!” They all shouted.

Immortal Academy’s old monster felt embarrassed. He felt quite vexed as well, but those above just didn’t agree, saying that those seeds have already been given out, things cannot be changed now.

Shi Hao sighed. In the end, Immortal Academy was a place of great talents, having someone like Little Sky King, most likely not just one or two people like this too. That was why the old monsters wouldn’t make an exception to change their plans.

Sacred Academy’s elder also returned, similarly embarrassed. He directly beated his chest and stamped his feet, saying, “I was a step late, the true blood have all been divided.”

This time, the little fatty Cao Yusheng and the others were even more dissatisfied, saying, “Elder, what is the point in us going to Sacred Academy then? The good things have already been divided up, so what meaning is there in studying there?”

“We can help you cleanse your marrows and wash your vessels, and we can help you open up inner treasuries as well. When more immortal blood is obtained, we can help you all establish your great dao foundations!” The elder made a solemn vow.

The group of people were discontent, still feeling dissatisfied.

“Don’t worry, when the time comes, all types of unmatched ancient texts can be viewed by you all, this can serve as compensation.” Sacred Academy’s old man promised. Not only did he attach importance to the little rabbit, Cao Yusheng and the others, he also wanted to rope Shi Hao in through them.

“Then let’s just do this, Shi Hao can just remain in Heavenly Deity Institution. If it is just to temper a single person’s dao foundation, my academy can still do it.” Right at this time, Heavenly Deity Institution’s Second Elder suddenly spoke up.

This made the faces of both Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy’s old monsters change. They never expected Second Elder to be such a hindrance, stopping them here.

Shi Hao said with a smile, “Fine, I will just stay behind in Heavenly Deity Institution!” He made this choice without any hesitation.

“Youngster, you need to think this through. Immortal Academy is the most suitable place in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths for cultivating immortality!”

“Little friend, sacred academy have all types of caves as well, as well as countless divine treasures, even more secret texts. This is the place you need to pursue your studies!” 

The elders of the two academies urged, wanting to bring him away.

“Forget it, those places are full of geniuses, what difference will it make if it doesn’t have me? I’ll just stay behind in Heavenly Deity Institution.” Shi Hao turned them down.

He felt like this really was the case with the two academies. They had too many great geniuses, so that was why it was a bit difficult for them to support him as well, not able to attach too much importance to him. As such, he might as well just stay behind.

“Just stay inside my Heavenly Deity Institution for now, if there is nothing else we can teach him here, then he’ll go over to your academies.” Second Elder said.

“Wu, alright. Someone from the higher levels decided that the three academies’ caves might be shifted to another unmatched immortal earth in a few years together, so when that time comes, it will be quite easy for us to meet again.” Immortal Academy’s old monster said after thinking for a bit.

These news were quite astonishing, shocking Cao Yusheng, Gu Jianyun, Feng Wu, and the others.

“Correct.” Sacred Academy’s elder nodded.

When it was time to leave Shi Hao stood at the entrance of Heavenly Deity Institution, seeing off those old friends, watching them leave, giving them his most sincere blessings.

With heaven and earth about to become chaotic, this might be the final time of peace. They didn’t have much time left, an extremely crucial period of time for them. They had to quickly rise up!

Heavenly Deity Institution became quiet. Shi Hao walked in an unhurried manner along the cobblestone path, silently comprehending his own methods and future path.

A figure shrouded in mist appeared from within the purple bamboo forest. The Great Elder’s true body appeared.

“I will give you ten days of time for you to to figure out your path from here on forward. After you have thought things through, come and see me.” After saying this, the great elder disappeared.

He rarely appeared. This was one of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths’ most powerful individuals, someone even Immortal Academy and Sacred Academy’s old monsters felt restraining fear towards. He was also one of the most ancient existences in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.

Heaven and earth became peaceful. Shi Hao sat down, starting to think to himself. Then, he produced some things, lowering his head to look at them.

There was an ancient coffin that was brought up from the three thousand provinces, within it a sealed jade book. This was something he obtained from Immortal Ancient Remains.

Then, he produced a stone box. This was something that was extremely mysterious, something he obtained from the innermost depths of Immortal Ancient Remains during the great battle between the three thousand provinces’ geniuses, something that should be even more precious than the jade book in the ancient coffin.

Then, Shi Hao’s body shone slightly, a seed appearing. It changed from large to small, not having a set form, surrounded by chaotic energy, strands of mysterious light surging from it.

This seed was like a heaven and earth placenta, containing an immortal treasure that hadn’t matured yet, not time for it to emerge in this world yet. This was something he obtained from the three thousand provinces, obtained from Celestial Clan’s ancient mine.

These things were extremely important, possibly related to his future path. Shi Hao began to think to himself.

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