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Chapter 1161 - Unbridled

Shi Hao came out, standing outside the cave and gazing outwards. There really were too many people, all of them discussing noisily, filling up this area.

Chaotic energy pervaded the air. Shi Hao’s body was sparkling and translucent, extremely calm as he faced Wang Family’s people.

The cave was established at the belly of the mountain. Right now, the outside world was filled with people, all of these people, from the academy’s young cultivators to the unordinary characters from a few families of the outside world, all of them were looking at him.

“Brat, are you tired of living?!” Someone from the Wang Family shouted. They felt like they were losing face, truly hating this fella bitterly, wishing send him flying with a smack to the face.


The void trembled, bone texts forming bundles, turning into a resplendent stellar stream. They interweaved, suppressing forward.


Shi Hao’s body disappeared with a flash. The instant he withdrew, the stone door automatically closed, blocking the stellar river like bone texts outside. Heaven shocking noise erupted here.

This cave was opened up by the academy’s elders, having powerful restrictions. If it was closed from the inside and sealed, it would become extremely difficult for those of the outside world to break through.


Several loud noises sounded. Divine chains of order interweaved like a web, striking down on the stone gates, surrounding this place, the divine sounds like thunder.

“Brat, get out here! Even daring to touch my Wang Family’s people, seeking your own death!” Someone roared furiously, head flying about chaotically, his figure looking like a demonic god.

“Come out!”

It wasn’t just the Wang Family’s younger generation who were furious, even the older generation were getting anxious. It was because Wang Xi’s status wasn’t ordinary, their clan’s pearl, they wouldn’t allow her to be blasphemed by a servant.

If nothing unexpected happened, Wang Xi would definitely be married to a legendary exceptional figure, and all essential marriage ties would be formed, using this to deal with the impending great chaos.

In reality, if the marriage succeeded, the two families would become one entity. When the creatures from the other side slaughtered their way into the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, they could join hands and defend themselves.

Back then, during Immortal Ancient Great Era’s final days, this world even withered, ninety-nine percent of creatures turning into the smoke and dust of history. There were two great families back then who had cooperated, and that was why they could survive.

And now, they encountered a life and death danger again, so they naturally hoped to develop a closer relationship.

“What a mess of a group, so noisy!” Shi Hao replied from inside the cave.

It was extremely noisy before, many people in discussion, making an unending racket, but now, everyone became dumbstruck, especially the Wang Family’s people whose faces became even more ashen.

Mess of a group? Who dared to describe them like this? Someone who was wearing their family’s diamond band was actually acting so disrespectful.

Wang Family’s people were furious, even more people now taking action, bombarding the cave with attacks, wishing to capture him.

“Young man, if you come out and beg for forgiveness, we can still let you off leniently!” An elder from Wang Family transmitted sound.

“Clan grandfather, why are you wasting so much words with him? He definitely has to be punished severely, does he think he is all that? My clan can easily suppress him! He will similarly be punished even if we are in heavenly deity institution!” A young man shouted.


As a result, he immediately suffered a great slap to the face, blood flowing out from the corners of his lips, immediately beaten silly.

Even though there were some people from the Wang Family who felt angry, wishing to immediately get rid of Shi Hao, they still had to admit that this person’s talents were extremely high. At the same time, they felt quite dissatisfied with the youngster from their clan, feeling that he really was losing them face.


Princess Yao Yue immediately laughed, saying, “The Wang Family really is domineering! Daring to act like this in heavenly deity institution, immediately saying they are going to kill or cut down, beneath them to even try to hide anything.”

“Young man, I must ask you to come out to have a chat.” Someone from Wang Family said, not paying Princess Yao Yue’s mockery any attention. It was because the other party had experts from her family here, currently watching them make a fool of themselves.

The longer this dragged on, the more the Wang Family would be making a fool of themselves.

The stone door opened again, because Shi Hao heard someone transmit sound that heavenly deity institution's elder came, asking him to open up the stone door.

Within the rumbling sounds, mists pervaded the air. Shi Hao appeared again.

“Elder, please do not stop us. Let us bring away this slave!” A middle-aged man with an explosive nature from the Wang Family spoke, wishing to bring away Shi Hao, speaking like this while looking at that elder from heavenly deity institution.

“Slave my ass, if you dare humiliate anymore, I am going to wipe out your entire family’s younger generation!” Shi Hao was furious, shouting like this.

Everyone immediately became at a loss for what to do. Wang Family’s people were unbridled, while this youngster’s temper was also extremely great, opposing the other side with equal harshness, not showing any intention of backing down.

Everyone was watching the situation. This matter was definitely not small.

Shi Hao continued speaking, pointing at that middle-aged man’s nose and loudly berating, “You better drag your ass as far away from my sight as possible. Don’t defile my ears.”

Everyone became speechless. Just who was the one defiling whose ears? He really knew how to talk.

“Brat, you dare treat me with disrespect? You don’t want to live any longer?!” That person was so angry his lungs were going to explode. He reached out a large golden hand, reaching forward, about to deal with Shi Hao.

“Unbridled, daring to act vicious in heavenly deity institution, are you seeking your own death?!” A thunderous voice resounded in the skies above.

Everyone’s ears rumbled with noise, but when they saw who it was that was speaking, all of them looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to say.

It was because it wasn't the elder from heavenly deity institution who was berating, but rather Shi Hao who was roaring loudly.

Everyone was speechless. The guest was acting as the host, what kind of attitude was this? It didn’t seem normal at all.

The Wang Family’s people almost fainted from anger. This brat was too unbridled, did he really think he was the ruler of heavenly deity institution? This was beyond intolerable!

Only, when Wang Family’s people took action, a large hand reached over, carrying chaotic energy, even more so an aura of passed time, stopping them.

Heavenly deity institution’s elder took action. Even though he didn’t say anything, his attitude was clearly partial to one side.

Shi Hao was extremely calm, long aware that this was what was going to happen.

In reality, he didn’t fear these people from Wang Family at all, because the ones who came were all from the middle class, none of them great figures who couldn’t be offended.

Moreover, he indeed had a bit of confidence, not wishing to let himself be wronged.

After returning from Immortal Battlefield, the great elders of heavenly deity institution had called him over. Before these types of figures, it was hard to hide many secrets.

In reality, Shi Hao didn’t want to hide anything either, rather straightforward, speaking things as they were, telling the academy’s great elders his identity, as well as his battle accomplishments in the Immortal Battlefield.

He was sure that the academy would protect him, because a talent like him was one of the most powerful seeds. No matter how complicated the things in the academy were, they would still feel quite partial towards him.

It might be dangerous to expose his identity to others, but towards these most powerful elders from heavenly deity institution, it would definitely grant him protection.

What was the purpose of the heavenly deity institution’s existence? One of the main reasons these great elders were doing all of this was naturally to foster the geniuses who could kill creatures like the Three-Headed King and Void Beast.

“Senior, what is your intention? Why are you interfering with our punishment directed at this crazy disciple?” Wang Family’s people were displeased.

“Do not rashly use arms, talk things through clearly first.” This elder said.

“What is there left to ask? He is a servant, yet still dares to rise in revolt, harming my clan’s pearl!” The middle-aged male from the Wang Clan with an explosive temper was extremely discontent.

“Do you know how to speak like a person?” Shi Hao put on a warlike appearance, berating him, “Who is the servant you are talking about? Me and Wang Xi called each other dao friends, and now, we likely have to switch to another way of address!”

Dark lines appeared on the foreheads of Wang Family’s people. That middle-aged man’s expression even more so fell ashen, using his hand to point at Shi Hao, so angry he couldn’t say anything.

The people here felt a bit dizzy. What was this fella trying to say? They were all saying how he used some type of method to capture Wang Xi, bringing her into the cave to carry out ritual kneeling.

Now that he was saying his relationship with Wang Xi was different, needing to call each other something else, wasn’t this an undisguised humiliation directed at the Wang Family?

After a momentary stupor, everyone couldn’t help but erupt with commotion. None of them had ever seen someone as unbridled and crazy as him.

Wang Family’s people were naturally utterly furious, some of their bodies even shaking, truly angered bad.

“Haha…” Princess Yao Yue laughed loudly. She was extremely beautiful, her skin snow-white and sparkling, the corners of her clothes moving about, moonlight surrounding her body as she said, “Dao brother, becoming the Wang Family’s domineering son-in-law like this isn’t that good! Right, I’ll send you a congratulatory gift when we go back, congratulate you and Wang Xi.”

She was probably the only one who dared act so  frivolously here, her words clearly ridiculing the Wang Family’s people, not leaving them with the slightest bit of face.

“Who said I was going to become the Wang Family’s son-in-law? With their revolting behavior, I can’t handle it!” Shi Hao said while pointing at Wang Family’s people, his face full of disdain.

Motherfucker! Wang Family’s people all wanted to chop him up into pieces, really wanting to cut him up in front of everyone.

Even the expressions of the others became strange. This fella was too arrogant right? There were all these rumors that he was going to carry out a ritual kneeling with Wang Xi, yet he now spoke this sentence, how was Wang Family supposed to endure this?

“I’m going to kill you!”

This time, Wang Family’s people almost moved at the same time, all of them unable to take it.

“Unbridled!” Heavenly deity institution's elder took action. A hazy large hand reached out, sending this group of people flying.

“Senior, what is the meaning of this?!” Wang Family’s people cried out loudly.

“What is the meaning behind your actions?!” Shi Hao shouted. “This is heavenly deity institution, not Wang Family! There is no tolerance for your vicious behavior!”

“You aren’t even a disciple of the academy, nothing more than a servant my Wang Family subdued, so you naturally ought to be punished!” Wang Family’s people said coldly. 

“Everyone, the great elder has already issued the decree. He will become a disciple of my heavenly deity institution.” That elder said.

Everyone became stupefied. The elders of heavenly institution could all be said to be hidden experts of the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, their strength terrifying to the extreme, rarely appearing even after endless years.

Meanwhile, great elders were even more extraordinary, an unmatched expert, deep and immeasurable. This youth was actually worth him speaking out for.

“I am still considering whether I want to join heavenly deity institution or not.” Shi Hao said, his voice not slow or rushed.

When everyone heard this, they were all stupefied, truly not knowing how to feel.

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