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Chapter 1162 - Misleading

This type of feeling was extremely complex. The corners of everyone’s mouths were twitching. They opened their mouths, but closed them again in the end, because then news were too shocking.

A great elder of heavenly deity institution, one known to be an unmatched expert in the Nine Heavens Ten Earths, released a decree to have Shi Hao become a disciple of the academy, yet this youth was actually still hesitating, contemplating whether or not he should join.

“Is the difference between two different people really this great?” In the end, a cultivator couldn’t help but say softly.

Back then, for the sake of entering the academy, he frantically increased his strength, fighting endlessly to seize this qualification from others, almost dying in the process, only entering after suffering untold hardships.

“I want to… beat him up!” A young lady said, currently grinding her silver teeth. She was extremely beautiful and moving, cultivated immortal energy, but in the past, for the sake of joining heavenly deity institution, experienced all types of trials, even becoming seriously injured in the process.

Many people were discontent. For the sake of obtaining the qualifications to become a member of the academy, they all paid a tremendous price. When they finally succeeded, their blood boiled, becoming extremely excited, many of their eyes brimming with tears.

Yet this youth before them was directly invited inside by a great elder, not paying much at all, yet he was still being picky, how could they not be upset? This was just too unfair.

They were just dealt too great of a mental blow. The expressions in the young men and women’s eyes were all unkind, feeling jealousy and hatred, but at the same time becoming speechless.

As for other powers that were visiting the academy, for example, Wang Family’s people and the other experts, their expressions all became grave, extremely serious. This was not a small matter!

A great elder spoke for Shi Hao to join the academy, so how could everyone not be shaken up?

Everyone had no choice but to treat this matter seriously, even Wang Family’s people immediately restraining their anger, sizing up Shi Hao again and again, re-examining him. This youth was too strange.

A few people narrowed their eyes, naturally understanding that this youth wasn’t simple!

In that instant, Shi Hao became the focal point of their attention. After a short moment, this place became noisy with discussion.

The Wang Family was in the worst position. This was originally a servant with a diamond band on his head, yet he triggered this type of great disturbance, involving the academy’s great elder. This was definitely no small matter.

The people from Wang Family who were previously targeting Shi Hao now didn’t know what to say. They were still berating him before, yet now, their faces were incredibly downcast.

“Senior, regardless of who he is, he has to pay the price for doing wrong!” An elder from Wang Family spoke, speaking towards that heavenly deity institution elder.

It was clear that they were no longer as forceful as in the beginning, but they couldn’t just give up like this. It was because if they got rid of their enmity just because the youth was favored by heavenly deity institution, then they would look too helpless.

They were a long life family after all, their background sufficiently great.

“How is Wang Xi, where is she?” Heavenly deity institution's elder asked.

At the same time, this was what the Wang Family was most worried about, because the rumors that had been passed around made them extremely worried, wishing to immediately kill Shi Hao.

They also wanted to know what exactly happened.

“She is doing well, sleeping soundly.” Shi Hao replied.

When this sentence sounded, there was immediately an awkward silence. Everyone couldn’t help but look towards the cave entrance.

Even Princess Yao Yue widened her eyes in shock. This fella really dared act randomly?

After a momentary silence, everyone’s minds began to stir about crazily, completely shocked, feeling their thoughts surge violently.

It was because those words seemed a bit ambiguous, making some people’s imagination run wild, the words stabbing at those experts from Wang Family.

“You brute, daring to take advantage of my Wang Family, are you tired of living?!” An elder from Wang Family shouted, throwing himself forward, wishing to kill Shi Hao right here.

It was because this was related to too much. The family already had plans to wed Wang Xi to an exceptional figure. If something unexpected happened, then it really would be too difficult to endure.

“Seeking his own death! Just kill him!” The middle-aged man with the most explosive temper roared, also rushing forward.

Everyone became stupefied, not expecting there to be this type of result.

Heavenly deity institution’s people all felt extremely brokenhearted, now extremely upset, especially the ones who had good opinions towards Wang Xi, always paying attention to her, who now felt even more hatred.

“This fella really is… decisive! Is he trying to make others accept it by just straight up doing it? Definitely not someone good!” There were others who muttered quietly like this.

“Did you all go crazy?” Shi Hao shouted, and then quickly moved out of the way.

Heavenly deity institution’s elder snapped out of his daze, taking action again, stopping Wang Family’s people. He couldn’t just watch as Shi Hao was killed, as he came here on the great elder’s orders.


An intense collision happened. Smoke rushed into the heavens, symbols shining resplendently, interweaving in the void.

“Seniors, even this type of vile thing happened, yet you are still going to shelter this lunatic?” Wang Family’s people were furious, killing intent pervading the end, all of their eyes revealing vicious looks.

Heavenly deity institution’s elder was also speechless. He looked at Shi Hao with an unkind expression. This was just too much trouble, how was he supposed to mediate things?”

“Now that this type of thing happened, how do you think we should settle thing?” Heavenly deity institution’s elder said while pointing at Shi Hao.

“How else? Chop them up and then drag them out to feed to the dogs!” Wang Family’s people laughed with hatred.

“I don’t know what you all are talking about.” Shi Hao shook his head, putting on a look of confusion, looking quite carefree and innocent, making the Wang Family simply about to go crazy.

Even after going this far, he was still going to act like this, pretending as if nothing was wrong? Wang Family’s eyes all turned red from killing intent.

“Even now, you still dare act so unbridled, I want to see just how heavenly deity institution will protect you, see who can still shield a vile person like you!” Wang Family’s elder said coldly.

He was laughing from extreme anger, but he didn’t lose himself, not in a hurry to take action. It was because they weren’t worried about things becoming huge anymore. If heavenly deity institution really wanted to shield him, then they didn’t mind inviting over their old ancestor to stir up a huge disturbance.

“What nonsense is this, can’t understand it at all.” Shi Hao shook his head.

Everyone became speechless. This fella’s mind really was too strong, right? Things already reached this state, yet he still looked so calm.

“Where is Wang Xi? Have Xi’er come out!” Wang Family’s people transmitted sound.

“Stop being so noisy, disturbing her beauty rest.” Shi Hao said.

Heavenly deity institution's elder felt as if something wasn’t quite right. Wasn’t this fella just too calm, not looking like he provoked a huge disaster? Why was this the case?

He cautiously asked, “Where is Wang Xi, what exactly did you do to her?”

When they heard him ask like this, the Wang Family and other cultivators all became stupefied, looking towards Shi Hao.

“My relationship with her is very close, cultivating together. I woke up first, while she is still resting.” Shi Hao replied.

The expressions of Wang Family’s people were unpleasant, but they endured it, not immediately saying anything. Heavenly deity institution’s elder continued, “How exactly did you two cultivate? What kind of method?”

“Naturally a magical and wonderful method suitable for two people to cultivate together, a really unordinary type.” Shi Hao replied.

Wang Family couldn’t sit still anymore. This fella’s words were too clear. A male and female cultivating together? It was just lacking dual cultivating, these words now.

“Ah…” Wang Family’s people cried out, truly stirred up.

“Speak, what exactly happened?!” Heavenly deity institution’s elder shouted, interrogating Shi Hao. He was an outsider. When he saw the strange light flash through Shi Hao’s eyes, he felt like this brat was purposely provoking the other party.

At this time, forget about heavenly deity institution’s elder, even the others saw that there was something wrong. There was definitely something that wasn’t right with the situation, or else why was he this calm?

Heavenly deity institution’s elder took a step out, disappearing from this place, and then brought out Wang Xi a moment later. She really was sleeping, her expressions extremely peaceful.

“Xi’er!” A middle-aged individual from the Wang Family cried out.

Heavenly deity institution’s elder point out with his finger. Wang Xi immediately woke up, quickly getting up, appearing a bit confused.

“Wang Xi, what exactly happened.” An elder from the Wang Family shouted.

“Nothing, I obtained the ‘Heart Dream Ancient Scripture’ from Immortal Battlefield, needing to enter a dream to comprehend the dao, the first piece needing someone to enter the dream to offer assistance…” Wang Xi explained.

When everyone heard this, they all revealed strange looks, looking at Shi Hao. This fella spoke so much nonsense, about to make the Wang Family’s lungs explode, but turns out it was just to help with comprehending the dao. Everyone felt like this fella was a rascal, too lacking in moral sense, who could handle this type of shock? Wang Family’s people were likely feeling resentment even now.

“There are rumors going about that you secretly attacked and suppressed her, so we came to take a look, about to provide aid.” Wang Family’s people said, embarrassed, really not knowing what to say.

“Rumors.” Wang Xi shook her head, not saying too much at all.

“I’ll be magnanimous and not bicker with you all.” Shi Hao said, waving his hand.

Wang Family weren’t the only ones, even everyone else’s expressions became stupefied. Was there anyone with skin thicker than this? This was simply going about to anger everyone to death!

“Alright, this event will just be a thing of the past, just a misunderstanding.” Heavenly deity institution’s elder stepped out, at the same time announcing an important piece of information.

“Things are going to be settled just like this?!” Wang Family’s people really couldn’t just drop things like this. After a momentary period of silence, they all carried cold smiles.

“The reputation of my clan’s pearl has been tarnished in this event, how are you going to compensate for this?” Wang Family’s people shouted.

“Simple, since you all still have such misgivings, then just marry Wang Xi to this youth.” The voice of a great elder sounded from heavenly deity institution.

Everyone became stupefied. Meanwhile, Wang Family’s people didn’t accept this, but couldn’t directly reject this either.

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