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Chapter 1144 - Fierce Battle

Specks of light appeared in Shi Hao’s surroundings, the radiance rich and diverse. This was the power of time, and right now, it was like a blade, hacking down towards him!

With a raise of his hand, strange patterns appeared within his five fingers and palm, similarly carrying the aura of time to face the Three-Headed King’s heaven-shocking attack.

Resplendent divine light erupted!

This was the destruction of time, an eruption of temporal force. In that instant, it was as if five hundred years had passed, even the most pure and holy temple would be full of dust.

Only, in the eyes of outsiders, it happened in an extremely short amount of time, only a rain of light flickering about. Then, everything disappeared.

Shi Hao was inwardly shaken. This Three-Headed King was frightening after all, actually grasping this type of exceptional divine ability. If not for the fact that he also understood the profound mysteries of time, anyone else would undoubtedly be in danger!

Temporal force, this type of power was extremely frightening, even an undying being declining before it, let alone the creatures who roamed the mortal world.

In the ancient times, it was unknown just how many world-shaking great figures fell under time, not having much life left, dying in a seated posture in the long river of time.

That was why temporal precious techniques made one feel restraining fear. Regardless of whether it was profound or shallow, as long as it touched upon time, it would make one feel worry and fear.

“Somewhat amusing. That was just a random attack without much power gathered, not using the power of time. Again!” The Three-Headed King turned around for the first time to look at his opponent, revealing a strange expression as he looked at Shi Hao.

Shi Hao remained fearless. Just now, he held back and didn’t use his greatest methods, because his intuition told him that strike wouldn’t kill the Three-Headed King in one blow. It was extremely careful, still on guard.

That was why he waited for a chance. He was still confident, and when a true great collision happened, he wanted to kill the other party in a single blow!


Great winds roared. The Three-Headed King opened its mouth and blew out, gray astral winds surging, crushing the void. This made others shiver in alarm. It was another precious technique that originally belonged to the Nine Heavens Ten Earths.


Suddenly Mo Dao took action, scarlet multicolored light surged from his hand, flame clouds erupting endlessly, scarlet lotus flowers filling the skies. Endless flames raged, burning the heavens, submerging the Three-Headed King.

It was because he feared that Shi Hao would suffer greatly.


Three-Headed King shouted. The astral winds changed directions, rushing towards Mo Dao, clashing with his precious technique, this place becoming incomparably brilliant as a result.


The young supreme being who was previously fighting against Mo Dao took action, attacking the white-robed youth.

An intense chaotic battle erupted!

Not too far out, the battles of the others were also reaching their peak, to the extent where it was even more intense than over here. Blood splashed out, corpses falling onto the ground.


Not far out, blood was drawn from Wang Xi’s shoulders, struck by a spider thread, receiving a light injury.

It was because right at this moment, a few young supreme beings who cultivated three strands of immortal energy attacked her at the same time.

When the Three-Headed King was targeting Mo Dao, it suddenly turned around, joining the others in dealing with Wang Xi. This was a hidden assault, wishing to eradicate the enemies who had three strands of immortal energy in the battlefield.

“Hateful, big spider, where do you think you are going?!” Shi Hao shouted from behind.

The Three-Headed King was incredibly irritated. With its status, who dared to look down on it? Yet this person called it a ‘spider’ so casually! It turned around again, returning to that battlefield.


Not far out, Yao Yue’s body staggered, similarly suffering joint attacks from several great experts.

“You all want to concentrate your power and eliminate one of us first?” Yao Yue laughed coldly. She called over Lu Tuo, Xuan Kun, Wang Xi, and then they took action together, also trying to work together to eliminate an important individual.


The important figures didn’t fall, but there were a few outstanding individuals who exploded under their destructive power, flesh and blood flying everywhere.

The battlefield was now in complete chaos, simply a meat grinder. Many people collapsed one after another, lives quickly taken. Corpses and crushed bones were everywhere, the scene too horrible to endure.

However, during this process, Shi Hao discovered a few issues. The life preserving symbols heavenly deity institution’s elders issues displayed their use, bringing the dead away from this place.

Similarly, the foreign creatures also had life saving methods, quite a few of their corpses ultimately turning into divine rainbows and leaving.

“What the fuck! I contributed so greatly, yet still don’t have those life saving measures to save me.” Shi Hao was discontent.

Of course, there were still some who died, the ground stained with blood, corpses all around them. Not even the life saving symbols could save them.

Fortunately, the Void Beast he killed earlier didn’t leave like this, truly killed. This had something to do with the degree of strength.

Things became more and more chaotic, more and more bitter. The creatures on the battlefield slaughtered towards different directions, some entering mountain ranges, some fighting their way into the valleys.

“Not good, where did he go?” Wang Xi was shocked. When she turned around, Shi Hao disappeared. She was fighting against great enemies just now, so she forgot about him.

“Little sis, you learned how to worry about another?” Princess Yao Yue giggled, teasing her. She wasn’t far from Wang Xi, currently fighting against a young supreme being.

Wang Xi berated, “What are you randomly spouting? I am feeling regret! He subdued a young supreme being who has three strands of immortal energy for our side to use. If he died now, our losses would be too great.”

“Don’t worry, just now, I saw him and that Three-Headed King rush into the mountain range depths. Mo Dao followed along, so there’s definitely no problem.” Yao Yue said.

“Body cultivators really are just too strong, his flesh actually able to match the Three-Headed King…” Someone said.

Shouts of war shook the skies. The heroes of both sides fought bloodily on the battlefield, all of them fighting intensely.

However, at this time, Shi Hao had already separated from the battlefield, entering the mountain range depths.

At this time, Mo Dao was no longer the main force, but instead Shi Hao! He fully erupted with power!

The white-robed youth Mo Dao was stupefied, as if he saw a ghost!

That youth actually cultivated three strands of immortal energy, not just a body cultivator, but also a terrifying young supreme being, strength exceptional, enough to dominate a region.

Mo Dao sighed inwardly, now no longer feeling resentment. Previously, he still blamed himself for gambling against the other party with only two strands of immortal energy, restricting himself, feeling unconvinced, but now that he saw this scene, he had nothing to say.

A youth who was even younger than him cultivated three strands of immortal energy. Now, he fully erupted, basically a human-shaped barbaric dragon, his attacks powerful and destructive!

Shi Hao used the Willow Deity’s precious technique with his very first attack, sky covering golden divine chains of order shot out, all of them shooting forward, blasting an expanse of bloody holes in the Three-Headed King’s body.

The Three-Headed King was completely stupefied, his face falling, feeling incredibly terrible. The little figure in his eyes, the creature he looked down on was definitely not inferior to itself! With three strand of immortal energy supporting him, he possessed divine heroicness, unmatched might!

It had never suffered so greatly before, almost receiving a life-threatening blow.

This was like a docile little sheep who suddenly became a lion, devouring the entire herd.

The Three-Headed King was too shocked. This youth suddenly erupted, this scene like a complete nightmare. If not for his strength being heaven-defying enough, he would have been killed right here!


A large web flew up, something the Three-Headed King spat out. This was its own innate divine method, covering heaven and earth, surrounding Shi Hao beneath. It shouted loudly, “Heaven’s net has wide meshes, but the guilty will not escape!”

Shi Hao was immediately pointed out in anger, “Even a fierce bug like you can say things like nothing escapes heaven’s net?”


Endless willow branches shot out, golden divine chains of order were like rainbows, even more terrifying than before. They pierced through the spider web’s gaps, hacking into the Three-Headed King’s body.

“I understand, this is the method of that Willow Deity from back then!” The Three-Headed King’s expression changed, and then loudly cried out.

That willow tree was too well known, known as an ancestral guardian spirit. Back then, it fled the inescapable net, forcibly slaughtering its way out, not dying.

In Immortal Ancient Great Era, that willow tree moved unhindered, not even the many undying experts who moved out able to stop it. It was simply a taboo existence, its power too great.

“Ten Thousand Spider Demonic Art!” The Three-Headed King roared.

Its spider web actually couldn’t restrict this youth, broken by the Willow Deity’s method. As a result, it now used a type of ancient heavenly art!

Its eight spider legs thus began to move, drawing out complex and mysterious trajectories one after another, constructing the force of the starry streams above, wishing to explode and blast apart Shi Hao.

“Six Dao Reincarnations!”


Heaven and earth split. The two great experts directly clashed. Great black cracks extended out for who knew how many li in the void, killing intent overflowing into the heavens.

“It’s actually the Six Dao Reincarnations?” The Three-Headed King cried out in alarm. There were just too many legends of this ancient heavenly art from the past.

This type of ancient heavenly method was accompanied by glory, contained the power of long life. There were too many secrets of it left behind from the past, even true immortals previously praising it.

As for the nearby Mo Dao, he was truly shocked. This fella was many times stronger than he had thought, actually displaying a few precious techniques he didn’t know about.

Shi Hao fought until his eyes turned red, clashing head-on with the Three-Headed King. In the end, he even more so grabbed a spider leg, blood splashing everywhere, this battle incredibly crazy and intense.

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