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Chapter 1145 - Battle At the Very Peak


Shi Hao roared, his head of black hair flying about like a waterfall. Then, it even more so stood up in reverse, drifting in the void.

He carried one of the Three-Headed King’s enormous spider legs, and then frantically twisted, about to straight up remove it. He wanted to break its body, tear apart its body.

At the same time, the Three-Headed King also roared, the expression in all three heads sinister, roars shaking the heavens, making this entire mountain range rupture. Its fighting strength was world-shocking.

Their bodies were bloody, all of them suffering serious injuries.

Shi Hao’s hands shone, his flesh extremely powerful, forcefully breaking that leg. Cracks covered its surface, as if porcelain was breaking. Blood flowed out.

However, there were many fine spider hairs on this leg. They looked like soft fur, but at this time, they all stood on end, their use unimaginable, becoming rigid like steel needles.

They were just too sharp. They were normally supple and strong, but now, their rigidity already exceeded heavenly deity level weapons, unstoppable, piercing Shi Hao’s arms until they were full of bloody holes.

This result was extremely shocking!

Even Mo Dao was stupefied, not knowing that the Three-Headed King had this type of innate ability. The spider hairs on its legs were extremely terrifying, actually the sturdiest weapons on its body!

The two of them were both injured because of this. The Three-Headed King’s leg was almost snapped by Shi Hao, while the Shi Hao’s forearms were also injured.


In that instant, the two creatures shouted out at the same time.


A loud and clear sound rang out, and then a miserable cry accompanied this noise. The Three-Headed King’s leg was broken by Shi Hao. It was twenty to thirty zhang in length, bringing with it large amounts of blood as it separated. Shi Hao withdrew while carrying it.

The Three-Headed King roared with fury. The other legs all shone, turning into the most terrifying war spears, becoming perfectly straight. They flickered with metallic luster as they stabbed at Shi Hao.


While withdrawing, Shi Hao raised that giant leg in his hands, brandishing it, sweeping it towards the terrifying metal spears. Ear-splitting metallic sounds rang out.

At the same time, precious technique symbols spread, scattering wave after wave.

Blood splashed out, that leg breaking into several pieces.

Shi Hao backed up again. The Three-Headed King roared, blood surging outwards.

The Three-Headed King was clearly on the losing end this time, but Shi Hao paid quite the heavy price as well. His arms were pierced through, even white bones revealed.

The most terrifying thing was that the spider hairs had poison, corroding his muscles and bones. That area was pitch black, the original sparkling flesh all becoming purple and black, releasing a foul stench.

This was no a normal type of poison, but rather a type of precious technique. Right now, they turned into black symbols, corroding his body.


Shi Hao’s flesh surged with brilliant radiance, producing divine flames that could burn the nine great heavens, the fire raging crazily.

He was detoxifying his body, using the True Primordial Record’s bone texts to expel the black symbols, forcing it out of him.

At the same time, his flesh regrew, bright red divine light flowing, fixing his flesh’s damage, recovering those areas. Flesh and skin wrapped around the exposed white bones.

On the other side, the Three-Headed King’s broken leg surged with divine light, the limb regrowing. Even though the intense pain was difficult to bear, it wasn’t something that it couldn’t endure.

When one’s strength reached the Heavenly Deity Realm, they could accomplish this, let alone someone like the Three-Headed King.

Others might receive great injuries to their vitality when they do this, their strength declining, but the Three-Headed King’s body wasn’t like this, easily regrown. This was its innate talent.

“Wu, seems like you’ve done quite the work to replace a leg. Why don’t you change a head too? I think a dog head suits you better!” Shi Hao said.

The Three-Headed King’s face fell, anger surging, but from the outside, his expression only appeared cold, gaze intimidating. It looked down on this creature who had impure blood flowing within him this entire time, yet now, it was injured by this very person.

“Uncivilized generation, you all bowed down, worshiped us. Have you petty and low bugs forgotten what pain feels like? Now that you meet your masters, you still aren’t kowtowing?!” It berated.

It was displaying a type of pride, looking down on Shi Hao, and also trying to irritate him, wishing to throw his mind in chaos and disturb his dao heart.

“Your mouth really is unbearably smelly, is something wrong with your brain? What are you even randomly spouting, what kowtow and worship, I’m going to beat your spider head into a dog head, let you become a bit more clear-headed!” Shi Hao shouted.

“Descendant with filthy sinner’s blood flowing through your veins, I will teach a lowly servant like you a lesson with the status of a divine master, accept death!” The Three-Headed King shouted.


Immediately afterwards, chaotic energy surged. The area around it immediately became indistinct, becoming more and more difficult to see clearly.

He could vaguely make out a giant spider person standing there, sinister and terrifying. Of the eight spider legs, aside from two that were turned into human shape, the other six were brandishing about, forming imprints, moving like hands!

In that area, divine light flew out streak after streak, all of them precious techniques, incomparably terrifying.

Ten Thousand Spider Demonic Art!

It was displaying an ancient heavenly art, a great method that had previously appeared in the nightmares of creatures of this world. It used all types of precious techniques, mixing together many of the all different types of great divine abilities of heaven and earth, known as a matchless extreme art.

However, Shi Hao remained calm. He was extremely familiar with the Six Dao Reincarnations’ hand seals. He immediately completed them, and then sent them all smashing out!


The heavens split and earth cracked, ghosts wept and deities howled, this place simply about to be turned into a wasteland.

Mo Dao’s expression was stupefied. He was watching quietly from the distance, but in reality, great waves were stirring within him, simply unable to believe that this youth was actually this powerful.

How laughable was it that before, he had always thought that he only had two strands of immortal energy? Now, his brilliance was simply unstoppable. Was he going to kill the Three-Headed King?

Two ancient heavenly arts clashed, these two previously colliding an endless time ago. Now, they faced off once again, clearly a predestined confrontation!

There was no way the Three-Headed King wouldn’t be shocked. Ever since he first saw Shi Hao display the Six Dao Reincarnations Heavenly art, it felt that it had to eliminate him.

Whenever it touched upon this ancient method, their realms’ jade strips recorded blood and tears. There were people who previously used it to hunt down undying individuals, killing unmatched experts, the past extremely bitter.

This place was in absolute chaos, the scene simply unimaginable.

A figure silently appeared, suddenly displaying vicious attacks to ambush and kill Shi Hao.

Shi Hao traded a blow with both of the great experts, body staggering, blood flowing out from the corners of his lips as he quickly took steps backwards.

“The consequences of not cultivating all three strand of immortal energy into dao flowers really is showing itself now!” He wiped off the blood from the corners of his lips, saying this quietly.


Mo Dao took action, stopping the assailant in Shi Hao’s place.

This was a young supreme being who cultivated three strands of immortal energy, as well as one of the leading figures this time. He had previously appeared before, the one that had fought a great battle against Mo Dao.

In the chaotic battle, Mo Dao thought that he had broken free from him, never expecting that this person was hiding, following along, attacking at the critical moment.

As a result, two separate battles erupted in the mountain range depths.

In the intense great battle, the Three-Headed King’s left lion head faced the sky and roared, displaying a type of archaic great divine ability, Lion Roar!

When this roar sounded, it shattered mountains and rivers, causing tall peaks to collapse, making a great river dry up. The great earth caved in, the void exploded!

In this intense battle, the effects of this type of divine voice had tremendous effects.

The other three in the group were all affected, their bodies staggering about.

Fortunately, Shi Hao’s reaction speed was fast enough, immediately supporting his single heavenly passage, blocking off the sound waves formed from divine patterns, withstanding it!

At the same time, Shi Hao erupted with power, almost going berserk. He displayed the magical immunity strange divine ability, rushing at the Three-Headed King to kill him.

Previously, he had already displayed it, but the other party was too vigilant, always on guard, so it wasn’t a good time.

This time, he seized the opportunity, paying a set price. The spider furs shot through the air, also attacking out murderously!


A great cry sounded here. The Three-Headed King roared angrily.

Shi Hao fought a great battle against it during the short magic immunity period. He tore through the precious technique radiance, leaping out and slaughtering his way over.


Shi Hao’s fist represented his greatest physical strength, and it was also supported by precious techniques, incredibly powerful and domineering. When the fist was brandished, a Kun Peng covered the sky, spreading its wings!

This was the embodiment of the Kun Peng profound mysteries raised to its limit, all of the power concentrated into this single fist!


This fist smashed through the Three-Headed King’s body, blood rushing several hundred feet into the air.

After Shi Hao seized the advantage, he leapt onto its body, his fists making contact with flesh, palms striking bone, blasting the Three-Headed King until it was greatly shaken. Loud sounds rang out again and again as he pounded down, flesh and blood flying everywhere.

“Fearless Lion Imprint!” Following its great roar, the Three-Headed King’s left head shone. That lion head turned into a giant lion, jumping off.

“En?” Shi Hao was stunned. This was a bit similar to the ancient monk inheritance’s technique from the eradicated great era.

What was the most bizarre was that this divine ability wasn’t stopped by the immunity. It jumped off, extremely strange.

Shi Hao was incredibly shocked, but his expression remained unchanged. After taking a deep breath, he roared out, forming magical imprints to smash down on it!

This was a confrontation at the very peak, a life and death struggle, victory or defeat about to be decided in an instant, the conclusion about to be settled.

“Regardless of what you do, I won’t die. Hand over your life!” The Three-Headed King roared.

“Just drop dead already!” Shi Hao roared.

He turned into a Kun Peng, his fist power matchless, throwing himself at that terrifying fearless lion. Then, light erupted, drowning out that place.

This place was too brilliant, nothing visible anymore, only light!


Finally, a light sound rang out. A terrifying Kun Peng swooped down with matchless might, blasting apart that fearless lion, moving past its tattered body.

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