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Chapter 1053 - Demonized

Everything happened too suddenly. There were always things that exceeded the imagination.

Shi Hao never thought that he would meet that snow-white little Qilin again. Even though he didn't feel like it had been that long since he had last seen it, for this Qilin youth, endless years had already passed.

When he heard the little Qilin's sobs, the wails of grief, Shi Hao's heart also moved. He had always been thinking about this matter in the last few months, questioning whether the things he had experienced were real. 

He had previously met them, the phoenix girl, young man with Radiant Immortal Gold Sword, the young lady who carried the little Qilin all fell into pools of blood one after another, killed in Southern Sea Purple Bamboo Forest. He had since always felt broken hearted. He watched as those miserable scenes played out one after another, yet was powerless to change anything, his heart full of grief and pain.

Now that he saw this little Qilin, everything was proven true. His experiences back then weren't fake, but real. 

Shi Hao's eyes were sore, his heart in great pain. He truly went on a mental journey back to Immortal Ancient's last days, becoming friends with those people, yet the ending was so cruel, watching them die one after another. 

"I was still waiting, wishing for her to come back, wishing for her…" The little Qilin wept with wuwu sounds, bringing Shi Hao's thoughts back to Immortal Ancient. 

Even though he hadn't interacted with those people for a long time, it was still an unforgettable experience!

"Don't cry anymore, just come with me. The Desolate Border is about to become chaotic, I'll bring you out to kill the enemy, get revenge for them!" Shi Hao said, staring at the snow-white little Qilin in the void. 

He felt a wave of fighting intent that surged like flames. He was going to ascend onto that battlefield! The dream back to Immortal Ancient left him with regrets, a feeling of helplessness. Now, in this era, he was going to fight a glorious battle and slaughter his way into the Desolate Border!

"No, I want to wait for her, wait for her to appear and come back!" The little Qilin was extremely firm, not willing to display its real body, using that void image to communicate with him.

"I want her to come back too, but she cannot appear again." Shi Hao said. Even though his voice was calm, that was definitely not the same on the inside. 

That great era was full of sadness and grief, all of the young supreme beings withered away. They were all so stunning, no lack of people like phoenix girl and the others who cultivated three strands of immortal energy. If they lived to this world, regardless of whether it was Shi Hao or Ten Crown King, neither of them would be able to hold the highest spots. 

That was a glorious era where talents emerged in large numbers, the final days that left one in grief. Those powerful heroes emerged group after group, yet before they could even grow up, they withered away prematurely. 

How tragic of an era that was, a period of sadness and tragedy. 

"No, I don't believe it, she will come back, she will appear again to find me in this mountain valley!" The little Qilin cried out, full of emotions, eyes carrying tears, crying painfully. 

Even a young beast was like this, let alone a grown-up Shi Hao. He released a long sigh, gazing into the heaven and earth, into the distance.

He was greatly touched by the little Qilin's loyalty, also feeling powerless for the past. Everything went by just like that, the lamentable and sad Immortal Ancient Great Era gradually faded away just like that. 

"You will grow up, should accept reality a bit earlier." Shi Hao said. Even though it was cruel, he still wanted to wake up the little Qilin from its dream.

It was because it was a pure-blooded Qilin, and once it grew up, its combat strength would be heaven overflowing, its bravery oppressing the world, a future great force. He couldn't leave it in this type of perplexed state, still muddle-headed.

"Even though I'm small, I am still clear headed. I believe she will definitely appear." The little Qilin's tone was resolute. 

Shi Hao was shocked. Even though he didn't believe, he still asked, "Why?"

"Even you could dream back to Immortal Ancient, why can't she appear in this world?" The little Qilin said softly.

Shi Hao remained silent. The reason he could return was because of Without End great one turning back the flow of time, using that bell of time to guide him on a mental journey. 

It was to the extent where Six Dao Reincarnations Immortal King had taken action, and with him using his method, there was definitely immeasurable power in effect. 

In that instant, Shi Hao realized something.

Right, he only thought about time, forgetting about Six Dao Reincarnations King. His methods, his dao, if it was developed to the extreme, perhaps it might be able to do something.

"How did you end up surviving?" Shi Hao asked the little Qilin, wishing to understand how it didn't die first.

"Someone cut open space and sent me out, buried in a pile of undying matter and then slept for endless years, only waking up again recently. Time cannot take my life!" The snow-white little Qilin said. 

This left Shi Hao shocked. Undying matter, this was something many great figures in this world were gathering. If one couldn't become a long life being, then that type of matter could undoubtedly preserve one's life, preventing death. 

Then, regardless of what Shi Hao said, the little Qilin wasn't willing to get up, only telling him that others couldn't find it because of an Immortal Ancient secret treasure. 

It went into hiding, not appearing any longer. 

Then, it only left behind one sentence, saying, "I am going to wait for her, wait for her to come back and appear in this world again."

This left Shi Hao feeling a wave of melancholy, a wave of perplexity. Would that little Qilin really be able to wait until that young lady came back? He felt like it was unrealistic. There was no reincarnation in this world, was it still living in its dreams?

However, Shi Hao still carried hope as well. If that little Qilin really waited until that young lady was alive again, or if there were other creatures from that great era who returned, the significance behind this would definitely be tremendous. Even if the Desolate Border was pierced, it wouldn't be as depressing!

The city was extremely large, Shi Hao came back again. 

In reality, the others also returned, going on a wild goose chase again, no one able to find where the little Qilin was, to the extent where even though many people used magical force to move mountains and valleys, digging up the underground rivers, it was all still futile. 

That was why everyone believed that the so-called Qilin egg wasn't that close, but rather in an extremely distant place, having a strange treasure that allowed it to protect itself. 

In the city, more people appeared. It was because not only did Shi Hao and the witch arrive, there were a few other outside cultivators, every single one of them extremely powerful. 

They came from different ancient cities, all of them, after hearing news of a Qilin's appearance, wishing to capture that young beast. 

"It is rumored to be a little Qilin, returning to an egg due to rebirth. Once it is obtained, that would mean that one would have a great divine beast at one's side." 

This was the information these people obtained. They all flocked over as a result. 

In the depths of the forbidden region, there weren't many ancient cities, but they were all extremely large, with groups of experts. They set out one after another, this naturally triggering a huge commotion. 

Every single city a had glorious past, established by the world shaking experts of the past, all of them unmatched in the higher realms during their era. 

However, those people all fell one after another, only the ancient cities and their descendents left.

"You don't seem to care that much, you aren't interested in that little Qilin anymore?" The witch asked Shi Hao. 

"You should listen to my advice and head out together with me, hurry and reach that emperor city by the Desolate Border. It's best if we don't forget the original purpose for coming here." Shi Hao said, telling her that there is no hope of obtaining that little Qilin.

Of course, he didn't mention the matters of conversing with that little Qilin, because this type of thing was just too shocking. To form friendship with a group of people in Immortal Ancient, regardless of how one looked at it from, it seemed a bit ridiculous. If he told others about it, others would definitely think that he went mad. 

"Are you sure that the Qilin youth here cannot be obtained?" The witch asked. 

"I am sure." Shi Hao replied calmly.

The witch looked at him, and surprisingly spoke resolutely, saying, "Since that's the case, let's go then. We should hurry to the Desolate Border and find that city."

Upon hearing news about a Qilin, not many people could remain calm, especially someone like the witch who had the mysterious bead on her, with such great power to rely on. Yet now, she actually gave up just like that. 

Shi Hao have her a look, never expecting her to leave just because he told her to.

"What kind of look is that? Could it be that you want me to stay behind?" She shot him a sidelong glance. 

"No, I just never expected you to be so straightforward." 

This time, the two of them went on their way together, leaving the enormous city and proceeding deeper into the forbidden region. 

When they traveled several tens of thousands of li out, there were sounds of armored horses galloping, chasing over from behind. The group numbered at least ten, their eyes red like vicious beasts, carrying heaven overflowing killing energy, chasing up to here. 

"It's this type of people again!" Shi Hao had previously killed a group of heavenly deities, all of them in this type of state, eyes crimson red, losing their sense of self.

"It seems like something is greatly wrong with the forbidden region depths, so many experts infected, all of them daring to attack so openly, it's clear how domineering they are." The witch said. 

It was clear that these people had shortcuts to take, allowing them to immediately rush at Shi Hao's group. 

Otherwise, with their speeds, there was no way they could compare to Shi Hao, impossible to catch up. 

"You killed squad nineteen's people?" On the other side, the leader stared coldly at Shi Hao.

"You all are even sensitive to each other? Can even sense the fact that I killed a team?" Shi Hao asked. 

At the same time, this was the same as admitting that he had killed a group of infected experts.

Standing about in this forbidden region depths was extremely dangerous. The mist that spread over from the Desolate Border could confuse one's mind, corrupt them. 

"Making us your enemies, there is no place in this forbidden region for you to walk!" That leader shouted. Behind him, more than ten people's weapons shone. 

"How extravagant! A team of heavenly deities, this forbidden region really is unimaginable, the numbers even though not that astonishing, there are too many experts!" The witch sighed in praise. 

"I already traveled over ten thousand li, what do you mean no place to walk?" 

"From my intuition, I can tell that you are strong, but you still aren't a great figure. Without being able to grow up, you will undoubtedly die!" That leader said, the vicious beast he sat on roared, eyes also blood red.

"Is that so? Then you all can feel free to give me a try." Shi Hao said. 

"Being able to wipe out squad nineteen's men means that we might not be your opponent, but you still won't be able to continue living." That leader said. Then, he chanted an ancient language, as if he was carrying out some type of sacrifice.

"I invite great one to descend!" Someone said.

Right at this moment, a stone mountain not far out cracked apart, revealing a blood-colored altar soaked in blood. It was entirely red, extremely striking. 

"It can't be, right?!" The witch's expression even changed. Even though she heard that the Desolate Border was unstable, she never thought that it would be terrible to this degree.

"What are they trying to do?" Shi Hao asked. 

"These people originally belonged to the three thousand provinces, only being demonized. However now, the blood altar they made really might cause the creatures on the other side of the Desolate Border to descend!" The witch's expression was serious. 

Shi Hao felt a headache. This really was a huge problem.

Those people chanted the incantation, each of them slitting their own wrists, pouring their heavenly deity blood over the altar as an offering.

"Who is calling me? Can my original body cross over?" Right at this moment, a lazy voice sounded from the altar. It was quite young, but also possessed a type of great pressure!

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