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Chapter 1054 - Blood Sacrifice Altar

The mountains split apart, revealing a blood altar.

That sound was extremely careless, as if it didn't really care much about anything, giving one a rather sinister feeling.

"We pay our respects to the great one!" That troop shouted together. At the same time, their eyes became even more red, as if they were dyed in blood. 

Shi Hao was quite shocked, actually encountering this type of blood altar here. It was clear that it wasn't connected to the three thousand provinces, but rather the most terrifying Desolate Border end!

This was too sudden, and it also left one feeling extremely shocked!

He knew that the war was coming, that it would sweep through the sky above and earth below, the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths unable to free themselves from this disaster. However, only when he truly came into contact with it did one understand how stifling it was. 

One had to understand that Immortal Ancient was burieds precisely by those enemies. This time, they came again, so who could stop them?

At the very least, there were the Vicious Ten, Willow Deity, Without End, and Six Dao Reincarnations King back then, but now, who was left? Those unmatched experts were no longer in existence!

When he thought of the scene of the enemy breaking through, even Shi Hao's mind was shaken up. This was just too fast, he hadn't even made his preparations yet, not having truly risen up. 

The witch's expression was also grave, her eyes deep, putting away the normal frivolous attitude she carried. Now, she looked like an ice-cold demon god!

She never expected this day to come so quickly either. The blood altar had long been built, the one on the other side able to use this to travel over.

Now, it was clear that the other side had prepared for many years. When they were truly going to attack, there were definitely going to be altars everywhere, an endless army rising up. Just the thought alone made one's scalp go numb and feel great fear. 

Shi Hao took action, the Willow Deity appearing the moment he raised his hand. A thick golden willow branch shot out like a divine chain of order, rushing towards the altar to destroy it.

"Even with this one here, you dare act impudently?"

That voice on the blood altar was still indifferent, not treating this matter like anything important at all. In addition, the altar shone, the diagrams and other things on its surface becoming vivid and lifelike, as if reviving.

The barrier this altar produced blocked Shi Hao's strike!

The witch took action. With a raise of her hand, her ten long and slender fingers all shone, shooting out strand after strand of rainbow light. This was Sky Severing Technique, she immediately used her sect-protecting precious technique. 

However, she didn't attack that altar, but rather those mounted soldiers.


There was immediately someone killed by her, blood splashing outwards. The witch was quite calm and unhurried, not displaying any fluctuations in emotions.

This allowed Shi Hao to see a different side to her. She was normally laughing and giggling, always behaving strangely, but when she truly took action, she had the appearance of a female asura added to her witch style. 

What was strange was that the dead heavenly deity's blood all flowed towards the altar. Even though the witch tried to stop it, the bloody mist still flowed along, entering that altar. 

"Kill them!" 

That witch shouted. Even though he was willing to die, he wasn't afraid of death. This group of individuals all seemed to have gone mad like this. 

It was because their souls were already no longer pure, already corrupted and completely fallen into demonification. 


Shi Hao took action, temporarily giving up on the altar and attacking these people with full force. Meanwhile, the witch also moved, fighting a great battle against these experts.

The two people were were incredibly powerful when they joined hands, both of them cultivated immortal energy, power exceptional. Even though these people were powerful, veterans that crawled out from piles of corpses, they still weren't a match.

Following pu pu sounds, heads tumbled one after another, forcefully cut down by these two. 

However, the bad thing was that these individuals' blood flowed towards the altar. Even if they were crushed apart, they would still turn into bloody mist and rush towards the altar. This was the same thing as sacrifice. 

One had to understand that these were heavenly deities, their blood essence comparable to that of tens of millions of creatures. Now that so many of them had gathered together, the concentration was shockingly great. 

Shi Hao and the witch wouldn't allow them to do as they wished. They used precious techniques to condense the blood, forcefully collecting it into some spatial magical artifacts, not allowing the altar to absorb it. 

All of the heavenly deities were killed. The spiritual essence they scattered out had all been refined and collected, only a small amount absorbed by the altar.

However, Shi Hao and the witch's expressions were grave, staring at this blood altar. It wasn't that grand, unable to let the one on the other side cross over easily.

However, one could well imagine that if the conditions were right, this would become a gate, a passage for the most powerful and terrifying creatures to slaughter their way out. 

"Not bad hm? Ending the battle so quickly, opponents that'll allow me to enjoy the thrill of the hunt, not that much inferior to those so-called young supreme beings from Immortal Ancient."

This kind of voice sounded from the altar. He was extremely young, sounding not concerned in the slightest, unbridled and brash. 

"If you have the skill, then just come over." Shi Hao said, staring at the altar. 

"Haha…" That person's laughter sounded from the altar, extremely carefree, but becoming a bit cold. "Not any random cat or dog can make me take action. However, you two can make me move."

"Less nonsense. If you dare fight, then come over. If not, then get lost!" Shi Hao berated. 

"Fool, are you looking for death?" On the other side, that person said coldly. 

At the same time, this altar shone, rumbling with noise, releasing streak after streak of scarlet lightning. Simultaneously, the diagrams on the altar all revived, on the surface carved diagrams of all types of creatures from the three thousand provinces. As a result, they all rose and fell, worshiping towards the altar.


A creature appeared on the altar. It was wrapped around by a black metal armor, only a humanoid figure visible. A domineering and berserk aura immediately seeped out.

This type of aura directly tore apart the heavenly dome, collapsing the great earth. 

"Am I, Lao Mu, the first powerful being to once again rule over this great earth after endless years?" He said to himself. 

These words were brash, and even more so carried a type of domineeringness. At the same time, it leaked a lot of information, telling Shi Hao that no one had truly crossed over yet, that he might very well be the first.

This meant that even though the situation was critical, it still hadn't reached an irremediable state.


The altar swayed back and forth, blood-colored multicolored light flickered. It began to crack apart, unexpectedly about to be destroyed. 


The one on the altar cried out loudly, the figure of the one named Lao Mu became dim, about to disappear. 

It was clear that there was something wrong with this altar, not considered complete yet. Otherwise, a large scale offensive would have been carried out from the other side a long time ago instead of gathering power in secret like this. 


That person finally disappeared, carrying unwillingness, saying, "The events of today haven't ended, I will cross over!"

Then, streak after streak of blood-colored multicolored mists appeared, an individual gathering by the altar. Only, the armor became a blood-color.

"Come, let me see just how strong the two of you are. I only have a bit of power right now." Lao Mu was extremely self-confident and powerful, challenging like this.

On the altar, the figure that was gathering finally completely appeared. 

He walked over step by step, saying, "Even though I'm not in my peak state, only producing an incarnation, it should be about enough to deal with you two."

Lao Mu's incarnation condensed from essence energy rushed over just like that, rushing out from the the altar and throwing itself towards Shi Hao, decisive and forceful. 


This palm of his was extremely special, the baseless fingers suddenly becoming coming pitch black, absorbing all of the surrounding radiance, even the mountains, valleys, grass, and trees were greatly affected. 


Shi Hao released a first, golden light erupting endlessly from it, rushing into the sky. The two clashed, fist with fist, a collision of the extremes. 

It was because one of their hands was pitch-black like an abyss, while the other's was brilliant like a sun, illuminating all directions.

This type of collision was truly opposing each other with equal harshness!

"A bit interesting!" Lao Mu was shocked. Just how great of power his incarnation currently contained was completely unknown. 

"Interesting?" Shi Hao laughed coldly. When he took action again, he never expected this so-called great one would only be a heavenly deity as well, not as terrifying as he had previously thought.

That was why he directly pressed forward, immediately raising his hand to suppress the other party. As if he was an adult teaching a child, a palm crushed downwards, the hand covering the other party's entire body as it descended.


They exchanged another round of attacks. That person was blasted until his figure went dim. After all, it wasn't his true body.

"Just this bit of skill, yet you dare boast shamelessly?" Shi Hao sneered. 


This person released a shout, and then his eyes shone, unexpectedly shining like two stars. One was of the great yin, while the other great yang. Eventually, his entire being erupted with a wave of strange energy. 


Massive energy swept out in all directions, battering in this direction, incomparably crazy. 

Those were two immortal seeds, now completely activated, yin and yang carried together, forming a small expanse of cosmos, directly crushing downwards like that. 

"Wu, not all that special though, the same type of cultivation system as those experts of Immortal Ancient Great Era." Shi Hao said, taunting this person. 

"Hahah, didn't you know? This is the method I obtained from the so-called young supreme being, it's quite ordinary!" Lao Mu laughed coldly.

When the two clashed this time, it was as if thousands of streaks of thunder erupted at the same time, absolutely deafening. 

The small cosmos was split apart, stars growing dim one after another, thus disappearing. 


However, Lao Mu was injured. Even though it was an essence energy incarnation, not possessing the flesh of a true body, it still coughed, as if it was coughing out large amounts of blood.

"So nothing more than this." Shi Hao said. 

"I merely sent over a bit of essence energy, not my true body at all, the method I displayed also a bit of your world's methods. If my true body comes over, what young supreme being? All nothing more than chickens and dogs!"

Lao Mu said coldly. It was clear that even though he was injured, he still found it hard to stomach this result. 

"Then just directly accept suppression and death!" The witch said.

Just like that, Shi Hao rushed over, fighting an intense battle against him. In the end, with a point of his finger, the space between his brows split apart, concluding this battle.


The altar swayed, the black armor flickering with cold light again. That true body appeared again, only, it still wasn't stable. His feet were still within the void, unable to truly cross over.

He carried cold intent, body releasing world shocking fluctuations, taking action against Shi Hao.

"Truly quite strong, are you a young supreme being from the Desolate Border side?" The witch was moved, extremely shocked. It was because this type of aura was too frightening. 

Before Shi Hao took action, the witch moved, activating the stone bead, blasting towards the altar.

"You…" That person's expression changed. Even though he tried to protect himself, he couldn't change anything. He had to cross this trial first. 


The entire altar was blasted through. Lao Mu's entire body coughed out blood, blasted by that strange wave of power, now appearing quite weak. 

"When I truly descend into this world in the future, neither one of you will be able to live!"

Unfortunately, he was too fast, Shi Hao not fast enough to catch him. 

That person, even though the altar broke apart, his true body still survived, so he could still come back again.

"You what you? Just beat you up again!" The witch said.

Then, this place became quiet. The altar was destroyed, a passage blocked. Otherwise, in the future, a great disaster would definitely appear. 

"Let's go!" They went on their way, advancing towards the so-called heavenly emperor's city. 

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