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Chapter 1044 - Forbidden Region 

Three Thousand Provinces, a place vast and boundless. A single person's power was limited. No matter how powerful they were, it would still be difficult to travel through it.

Shi Hao turned into the Kun Peng, carrying a type of reluctance, a wave of emotions that were difficult to suppress. He spread his wings into the skies, moving through heaven and earth. 

After who knew how much time had passed, he sensed powerful figures staring at him, and only then did he hack apart the void, thus disappearing from the sky.

His plan was to head into the boundless uninhabited region and enter the legendary forbidden region. He might face many dangers, or even directly die. 

For the remainder of the path, he used the giant transport formations to travel from province to province, advancing towards his destination. 

Meanwhile, during this process, Shi Hao unexpectedly learned that the foreign guests lowered the expectations, allowing anyone to head towards that ancient path. As long as they could find that ancient city, they will consider them having passed, having the qualifications of entering the heavenly deity institution. 

The higher realms immediately erupted into commotion. Now, everyone already knew the purpose for the foreign guests' visit. Many geniuses were moved, truly wishing to immediately hurry into the uninhabited region. 

However, the higher levels of a few sects were frowning. If those young heroes were too self-confident, advancing there without fear of risks, then the higher realms' losses would be great.

"The sect master of Natural Luck Academy even died in that forbidden region. If you all wish to enter, you must properly think it over. 

"From the past to present, the number of those who could come out alive are few. Act with prudence, caution, think three times over!"

A few great figures appeared, their words not many, but it was a if they poured cold water down on their heads, extinguished the fiery passion of quite a few youngsters' hearts. 

This was reality. The three thousand provinces were extremely large, but that terrifying forbidden region was even more so, filled with dangers, to the extent where entering it was definitely nine deaths one life. 

Even though there were a few regions that were already established, comparatively safer, that trial of fire, the ancient path, was definitely not one estanlished through those places. 

Should they go or not?

The three thousand provinces could not remain calm in the following few days, commotion breaking out from all directions, many people discussing this. 

"Do you think you are Ten Crown King? He has true strength, having the qualification to enter the heavenly deity institution, which is why treading on that path isn't that big of a deal."

"Exactly, we should wake up. We never cultivated immortal energy, far from being comparable to Exiled Immortal and the others. If we wanted to obtain the qualifications through luck, that's not realistic at all."

Of course, there were some who weren't convinced, not believing in the supernatural, thinking that they still had potential to dig up. 

"From the past to present, the true exceptional supreme beings are often late bloomers, all outstanding figures that would only gradually become stronger after several hundred years, progressively become more powerful. I believe that when I step into the heavenly deity domain, I will definitely advance by leaps and bounds, not being inferior to anyone else!"

A few youngsters had wild ambitions, feeling that they could rise up, not willing to remain ordinary.

Their seniors sighed, seriously advising against this action. The supreme beings recorded in those bone books were all extremely, extremely rare individuals, not even one to be found among millions and millions, not worth imitating. 

When the foreign guests loosened the conditions, they also said something else. They told the geniuses of the three thousand provinces that whether or not they cultivated immortal energy isn't important, because there was still an opportunity for them to rise up. The Heavenly Deity Realm could change, to the extent where there are great cultivation realms beyond that where one could bathe in flames and undergo rebirth!

This undoubtedly boosted the morale of many people. Quite a few geniuses went on their way, carrying dreams and ambition!

The higher realms became more and more noisy, unable to calm down. 

Shi Hao already arrived outside the uninhabited region according to plan. However, this place was different from the place where he entered Immortal Ancient Remains, bordering several dozen provinces. 

This was a terrifying region few dared to step foot in. 

Meanwhile, the part of the uninhabited region that led into Immortal Ancient Remains, even though it had dangers, was already pretty much explored, a place that could be entered. 

Sheng Province, at the outermost region, adjacent to enormous mountains that reached through the clouds. 

Shi Hao stood there, looking forward. Those great peaks in the forbidden region were just too tall. They were dark black, giving off a majestic and boundless aura, as if they supported the palaces of Heavenly Emperors. 

Halfway up the mountain was already fogbound, deep inside the clouds. It didn't feel like a mountain, but rather like pillars that propped up the heavenly dome. 

"You've made your decision?" Not far out, on a short mountain, the three great supreme beings had arrived, seated there, looking at Shi Hao below. 

Apart from them, Lin Tian, the blue-pupiled woman and the others were also present, standing at the side, extremely respectful and careful when speaking to those three, obeying their instructions. 

"I've decided!" Shi Hao said. He already made his preparations, ready to head out on this journey at any time.

"You should stay on the side and rest for the time being." On the short mountain a middle-aged man pointed out with a finger. A praying mat appeared in the void, weaved out of white-colored divine grass, sparkling and shining. There were sounds of chanting that could be heard. 

On the side, the blue-pupiled woman and five individuals were incomparably shocked, especially Lin Tian, who revealed a look of envy, as if he attached quite a bit of importance to that praying mat. 

Shi Hao didn't say anything more, moving through the air and sitting down, closing his eyes to rest.

Immediately, his mind was shaken. This praying mat was too strange. As soon as he sat down, it made his heart calm, his pains and sorrows departing from him. All of the feelings of reluctance were removed. 

Soon after, he entered a clear-minded state, about to comprehend the dao!

What kind of praying mat was this? He began to speculate inwardly.

As if knowing what he was thinking, that blue-pupiled woman said with a smile, "This is definitely not some praying mat made of normal divine grass, but something from an immortal cave."

Shi Hao was shocked. He knew that the Nine Heavens Ten Earths had many opportunities and quite a bit of natural luck. There were naturally no lack of true immortal ancient caves. 

However now, he was personally sitting on the praying mat related to an immortal, leaving him quite shocked. 

Soon after, he calmed down again. It wasn't like he didn't encounter something similar before. He had previously brought back one from the Kun Peng Nest, but that praying mat was eaten by that Emperor Butterfly of his!

This was definitely an embarrassing thing. If others knew, they would definitely ridicule him. 

During these past few months, Ning Chuan arrived, Exiled Immortal appeared, and even Ten Crown King came!

Apart from them, there were many people, not less than a hundred thousand!

The numbers weren't small, but compared to when they were entering Immortal Ancient Remains, it was still much, much fewer. After all, it was far more dangerous this time, definitely nine deaths one life without many people able to survive. 

"Hey, over here!" Shi Hao saw a fatty frantically waving his hands in the crowd. It was precisely Cao Yusheng. 

Apart from this, Shi Hao saw a few familiar people, for example, Goddess Academy's Feng Wu, Heaven Mending Sect's Yue Chan, Sky Severing Sect's witch, and others, they all came.

Apart from this, there were a few enemies, for example, Sword Valley's Gu Jianyun.

Upon closer inspection, there were a few heroes from the hundred thousand that had unordinary identities and statuses, this gathering quite powerful. 

"I will say it again. There is a danger of falling at any time, you all must properly think it through. There is still time to back out now!" A middle-aged man on the mountain said, carrying out the final warning.

Even though there was quite the clamoring, no one withdrew.

"Alright, then let it begin!"

On the short mountain, a middle-aged man stood up. With a large swing of his sleeve, great winds swept about. A streak of resplendent light appeared in the uninhabited region, forming a great golden path, charging forward. 

"This is the path, you all just need to proceed forward. As long as you can persevere through, you'll be able to find that ancient city!"

Along with a wave of his great sleeve, the forbidden region surged with many symbols. As if it was activated, the ancient dust-covered path was opened up, welcoming the participants of this trial by flames. 

"Senior, have you walked through this path before?" Exiled Immortal asked. 

"I have not traveled through this path, but I have other methods of entering that ancient city." The middle-aged man on the short mountain said. 

When these words were spoken, many people's expressions turned pale, immediately changing. Not even this supreme being had traveled through it, yet they were supposed to?

"I'm withdrawing!"

Just now, no one backed out, but now, there were immediately over ten thousand that chose to leave, no longer advancing. 

"Are there any others?" The three great supreme beings all stood up, looking at everyone.

"Alright, since there is no one, then be on your way." The three of them worked together. Multicolored mists rushed into the heavens, bone texts pouring out like a sea. They sent those who remained into that path. 

"Shi Hao, this way!" The little fatty Cao Yusheng shouted.

However, he was destined for disappointment. After the three great supreme beings took action, everyone turned into specks of light, entering that forbidden region with pilipala sounds. 

Everyone was separated, with few people close to each other. They were all scattered throughout this ancient path. 

This path's width alone reached eight thousand li, unimaginably long. It led directly into the uninhabited region's innermost depths!

There were others who were already a million li out, while some only just started moving. This was the results of the three great supreme beings working together, separating them. 

Shi Hao entered this ancient land. He didn't feel like he was in a jungle, but more like a great desolate desert, because it was too quiet. 

Even though ancient trees reached into the heavens, rich with vegetation, there wasn't a trace of activity, no birds to be seen, no beast roars to be heard. There wasn't even an insect in sight. 

This was extremely strange, but this was the true uninhabited region. 

No cultivators like himself could be seen, at the very least, he didn't meet any yet.

Shi Hao opened his Heavenly Eyes, inspecting all of the scenery around him, not letting any abnormalities through. It was because even the yellow mud and water droplets here could kill sect masters. 


Suddenly, a miserably cry sounded. A cultivator screamed in fear just several dozen li in front of him. 

Shi Hao's eyebrows frowned. His body moved, and then like a streak of light, he shot out while staying close to the ground. However, what was shocking was that it sounded like it came from several dozen li away, yet he only noticed something after running several hundred li.

The scene before his eyes left him shocked. More than ten corpses were hanging from an ancient tree's forked branch. 

Perhaps, it was more correct to say that there were more than ten sets of shriveled-up human skin!

It wasn't the skin that was peeled off, but rather that something sucked out all of their blood, refined their bones, devouring the marrow, internal organs, and others, only leaving behind a set of intact skin that fluttered about in the wind, hanging on that ancient tree.

Shi Hao's eyes became cold. What kind of thing was that? It was too strange. His divine senses didn't capture anything, while he didn't see anything even after rushing over. 


Suddenly, a stalk of withered grass moved, flying towards him.

Shi Hao avoided it. That stalk of withered grass released a hong sound, directly smashing a distant towering black mountain into fine pieces.

Shi Hao turned around, looking in a direction. With a qiang sound, he pulled out the Everlasting Immortal Sword. Whenever he used this sword, it was always when he displayed killing intent, or when the situation looked extremely bad. 

A cold laughter sounded, carrying endless chilliness.

Then, an ancient language he had never heard of before sounded in this jungle, the voice full of malice.

Shi Hao couldn't understand this language, but he sensed its divine will.

"After crossing the Desolate Border, there's immediately so much food waiting for me, what great luck!"

These words made Shi Hao shiver coldly. 

He knew that things were bad, something major happening!

Those three supreme beings might not have even anticipated something unexpected happening to this path. There were actually creatures from the other side of the Desolate Border that crossed over, this is definitely a huge incident!

What kind of existence is it exactly? Shi Hao widened his eyes. 

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