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Chapter 1045 - Existence on the Other Side of the Desolate Border

There were ancient trees everywhere, all of them several hundred zhang tall, the leaves bright, leaves and branches swirling about, with many water jar thick vines coiling around them. It was extremely wild and primitive. 

Only, it was too quiet!

Shi Hao looked around, Everlasting Immortal Sword in hand, taking precautions in this place and searching about. 

Suddenly, running sounds could be heard from the distance. Someone else came, a cultivator from the three thousand provinces who rushed here. 

"Careful!" Shi Hao loudly reminded. 

The creature that crossed over the Desolate Border didn't take action against him, instead releasing a strange fluctuation and then rushing at the newcomer.


A miserable scream shouted, fast to the point where one couldn't react in time. That person died. These methods left even Shi Hao a bit startled.

He didn't cower back, instead rushing over. It was because he knew that there was no way he could make his way around this individual. He could only fight!

In this place, a creature with a humanoid body and an elephant head was killed. It was still the same as those before it, bone marrow, inner organs, flesh, all sucked clean, only a layer of skin left. 

It hung from the vine, fluttering about in the wind, expression pale, a bit terrified.

Another cultivator was killed. Peace was returned to this place. That terrifying existence unexpectedly didn't immediately take action to deal with Shi Hao, becoming silent.

However, Shi Hao had a feeling that there was something eyeing him in secret!

At this moment, his entire body went taut, fine hairs standing on end, feeling as if he was targeted by some beast from the great wilderness. It was as if he was facing a great enemy. That type of danger sensation made him feel a chill inside. 

Even though he was taking great precautions, incredibly nervous, Shi Hao still felt a bit better, not as bad as he had imagined. It was because if this creature was powerful enough, it wouldn't have to observe him and would instead just directly devour him. 

What kind of thing was this?

Shi Hao frowned. That creature was actually hiding in the void, unable to see it even with the Heavenly Eyes. 

He found it!

His eyes flashed with light. The Heavenly Eyes could see through the fabricated, stare straight at the source. He saw a lump of dark matter in the nothingness. 

However, immediately afterwards, his eyes felt a wave of pain, scarlet multicolored light erupting, stabbing at his eyes like nails. 

The scarlet light flashed, and then that creature disappeared.


Shi Hao brandished the sword core in his hand, hacking behind him. This was a type of instinct, because the fine hairs on his back all stood up, revealing a layer of goosebumps, sensing that danger was approaching.


Sparks flew in all directions, an expanse of bone texts erased. The blast of light that creature released stopped the sword core, and there was also a wave of scorching pain that surged towards the surface of Shi Hao's body. 

This was definitely quite a rare sight. Shi Hao's full force attack with the Everlasting Immortal Sword could slice apart the heavens, split the secret treasures of the heavens, yet right now, it was stopped, which meant that Shi Hao himself was being counterattacked. 

An expanse of symbols appeared beneath his feet, shrinking the earth into inches, quickly moving out. The ancient trees in front of him turned into ashes, and then an enormous mountain melted into magma, exploding there. 

In the void, the lump of dark matter hid itself.

Shi Hao's brows were standing vertically, releasing a roar. Golden patterns appeared over his entire body, a hundred thousand of Kun Peng feathers flying out, all of them produced by symbols, drowning out that area.

That place directly exploded. The hundred thousand divine feathers were like hundred thousand heavenly swords, hacking apart the void. 

Finally, that creature rushed up, revealing its original body. It was round like a ball, diameter at least a meter. It was black, carrying burn marks, as well as bloodstains.

It was an eyeball!

When it closed, it hid in the void, difficult to see. 

Meanwhile, when it opened slightly, the eye released scarlet light like was like fire, but also like lightning, able to stop all tangible matter in front of it. 

Meanwhile, at this time, it suddenly opened wide, this entire place was filled with scarlet multicolored light, flooded by blood-colored radiance. There was a wave of deep and thick killing intent, as if he had fallen into a blood-colored hell. 

A streak of lightning shot out as soon as Shi Hao raised his hand, shooting out from his palm. Golden divine radiance overflowed outwards, surging like a great stream.

"Lightning Emperor's secret method!"

That eyeball spoke with an extremely strange language. Shi Hao naturally didn't know this language, but understood its meaning through his divine senses. 

"You even know this?!"

"Little demon, I know many things!" That eyeball said. 


The eyeball shone, blood-colored mists rose, unexpectedly stopping the lightning. In addition, the void mysteriously oozed out blood, incredibly terrifying. It was as if the space around Shi Hao was being crushed, streak after streaks of cracks produced under its warping, blood flowing out from within.

Shi Hao shivered inwardly. That blood could corrode all living things, trapping him inside. He tried touching a bit of the blood that splashed out, and when he made contact, he felt waves of burning pain. 

"Blood pool, reappear, exterminate!"

Following that eyeball's short shout, the void distorted, producing a blood pool. It was full of corrupted blood, possessing a strange power that was going to devour Shi Hao within.

He finally knew why only a layer of skin remained on those people. They were devoured just like this!

"Lightning Judgment!"

Shi Hao shouted. His hand formed imprints, and then all types of precious light surged in the void. Lightning then flooded outwards from between heaven and earth, pouring down in torrents. 

Then, in front of him appeared a lightning pool that contained all types of lightning radiance. There were great yin electrical arcs, five colored divine lightning, and primal chaos electrical radiance. 

This was the lightning dao he comprehended after crossing tribulation several times, directly producing a lightning pool! 


Electrical light suddenly erupted, endless lightning surging, any random bit of electricity from within it possessing destructive power, resisting that blood pool. 

Finally the two pools rushed together, erupting with world shocking brilliance.

In that instance, nothing could be seen, only lightning and blood, everything else drowned out. Only when all of this faded did Shi Hao appear again. He was in a sorry state, his battle clothes long shattered to pieces, entire body covered in injuries. His body smashed through several mountain peaks, the jungle itself damaged beyond recognition. 

Meanwhile, this was only the result of the blast waves. The confrontation just now completely happened in the void!

The lightning pool disappeared, the blood pool also vanishing. 

In the sky suspended an eye, dark in appearance, its surface now having a bit more bloody traces. It rotated about there, carrying ice-cold killing intent. 

"What a pity, only an eye of mine able to cross over. Otherwise, killing tens of thousands of ants like you wouldn't be difficult at all."

The ancient language was cryptic and difficult to understand, however, the meaning was clear. It was extremely unsatisfied, feeling that it was extremely shameful that it couldn't even kill a single heavenly deity level creature. 

Shi Hao was greatly shaken. What was its original form like then? How powerful would it be then? A single eye was like this, it truly was horrifying. 

He felt like even if sect masters came, they would still be far inferior to its main body. 

Immediately afterwards, Shi Hao became even more horrified.

It was because he saw that eyeball move, exposing a terrifying injury. There was a broken bronze spear inserted within, already rusted.


Shi Hao was stupefied. If not for that bronze broken spear exhausting most of the eyeball's vitality, he likely wouldn't have been able to stop even a single eyeball.

"If not for this injury, you think you could have acted so impudent before me?" That eyeball coldly said. 

"The seven great kings defending the Desolate Border are matchless and unrivaled. If they took action, you definitely wouldn't have been able to cross over. Was it just their subordinates that injured you, which is why you were able to luckily escape through the net?!" Shi Hao asked, trying to fish for information. 

"Seven great kings? How ancient are those figures, there are still people bringing them up, hahaha…" The eyeball laughed loudly, carrying coldness, and even more a wave of killing intent. 

Shi Hao's mind immediately sank. Could it be that the seven great kings were already no longer in existence?

Sinner blood's ancestors, known as matchless kings, they defended the desolate border, misunderstood by the people of the three thousand provinces. They possessed unmatched achievements, but even in death, they were going to fade away without recognition?

Shi Hao shivered inwardly, feeling a wave of pressure, and even more a type of grief. A powerful emotion was surging.

"The so-called Desolate Border is about to no longer exist. We are about to cross over! When the time comes, everything under the sky will be connected!" That eyeball said coldly.

"Less nonsense. Even someone as powerful as you could only send over an eyeball, and even that was nailed by someone's war spear, almost destroyed, yet you still wish to fully cross over?" Shi Hao said, hoping to obtain more information. 

"The Desolate Border is doomed to decay." This eyeball sneered. Then, it stared into the uninhabited region depths, saying, "My injury wasn't obtained in the Desolate Border, but rather because this forbidden region is too strange. An undying spear stabbed me."

There was actually this type of thing? Shi Hao was shocked. A rusted war spear in the forbidden region actually ended up mysteriously seriously injuring this eyeball. 

Suddenly, that eyeball no longer spoke, seemingly silently thinking. Then, it abruptly opened its eyes, that pupil an expanse of scarlet-red like a roiling blood sea, killing intent even thicker. 

It said to itself, "After being penetrated by this war spear, I rested for a bit, thinking that it would only take a few hours, never expecting that ten thousand years have already passed."

Ten thousand years?!

How long of a period of time was this? This eyeball was injured and recovering, entering a dormant state, yet over ten thousand years passed just like that. 

Shi Hao sighed. This type of existence was too terrifying, strength tyrannical. Fortunately, it was seriously injured, pierced by the war spear, or else it would have definitely been a great disaster, forever buried here. He couldn't treat this place with normal reasoning.

"Heh, it seems like what you said about the Desolate Border no longer existing was false. Your side has lost, unable to cross over." Shi Hao mocked, wishing to provoke the other party, understand more. 

It was clear that even though this eye was damaged, not complete, it was still an ancient being, understanding what he meant. 

However, it didn't care, because it had confidence. It wasn't too worried about the Desolate Border side's matters, saying to itself, "Seems like they are carrying out the second plan, unable to forcefully break through."

"Haha…" Shi Hao laughed loudly. 

"Youngster, are you acting complacently?" The eyeball gave him a glance, carrying contempt, and even more a type of coldness and pity, saying, "You should be in sorrow, because after the second plan is carried out, once they cross over, this so-called Three Thousand Dao Provinces would no longer exist, becoming even more terrifying."

"What are you even talking about?" Shi Hao really wished to know the concrete situation.

"When you die, I'll tell your ruined soul!" That eyeball said, throwing itself forward.

Shi Hao released a great roar, using all of his precious techniques, fighting a great battle against it. 

In these past few years, Shi Hao advanced valiantly. He could be considered an incomparably powerful figure too, yet now, he nearly died. Even though this eyeball was badly damaged, it was still powerful to the extreme. 

"I refuse to believe that I can't kill you!" Shi Hao roared.

As for the eyeball, it had long become scarlet-red like blood, its entire body shining, distorting the void and making it sink in, completely deform. 

It became even more angry, unexpectedly becoming weak to this extent where it couldn't even kill a younger generation individual. 


Right at this moment, the rusted broken speak inserted into the eyeball shone, and then erupted with resplendent light, shaking off the rust. A line of ancient characters appeared on its surface, shining brilliantly. 

"Ah…" The eyeball cried out, continuously shedding blood. It became entirely scorched black, as if it suffered a great blow.

"I just knew that this damaged weapon of yours was from an immortal weapon, possessing immortal dao will!" It roared angrily. 

This was also why it couldn't force out this war spear, impaled deeply within this eyeball the entire time. 

"Kill!" Shi Hao shouted loudly.

Meanwhile, the bronze war spear was also moving, causing this eyeball to scream miserably, blood flowing outwards. It was splitting apart, about to break in half!

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