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Chapter 1227: The Child of the Continent

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A chance to vie for the Child of the Continent? After the War Emperor heard what the Flame Emperor had said, his eyebrows knit tightly instantly.

Without any hesitation, he said, “That’s impossible. You should know how precious it is since we put in so much of our resources for it. They could become the next Heavenly Sovereigns, after all. Given our status in the Western Kingdom Continent, we could only gather enough Strength of Continent for three candidates, and that Strength was gathered by nurturing the power from Heaven and Earth for the past few hundreds of years!”

The War Emperor rejected this idea firmly, as the resources they’d already spent on the Child of the Continent were too precious. Since only a Heavenly Sovereign could mobilize the Strength of Continent, the Child of the Continent was also one of the biggest attractions for the Western Kingdom War Temple. As such, it helped them to attract various top powers to join the sect.

According to the rules in the Western Kingdom War Temple, only those forces and top powers who had already joined the War Temple for more than ten years would have a chance to vie for the Child of the Continent.

Even those Complete Earthly Sovereigns would be tempted by such an opportunity. Hence, the War Emperor was agitated when he heard that the Flame Emperor was eyeing the Child of the Continent of the Western Kingdom War Temple.

After all, every Child of the Continent had the potential to become a Heavenly Sovereign. At the very least, their success rate in breaking through to a Heavenly Sovereign was definitely higher than the rest.

“What’s a Child of the Continent?” While the War Emperor was feeling agitated, Mu Chen asked Luo Li.

Luo Li had some understanding of it, so she explained its background to Mu Chen, who could not help but be stunned. He did not expect that the Flame Emperor would help him to fight for such an opportunity.

“Flame Emperor, your Endless Fire Territory has a broader region and daunting strength. You also have more than one Heavenly Sovereign. As such, your Strength of Continent produced is much more when compared to our Western Kingdom Continent. So, why are you eyeing us?” the War Emperor asked in a low voice.

The Flame Emperor smiled helplessly and said, “We had a trial for the Child of the Continent hundreds of years ago. The Strength of the Continent depleted too much. I’m afraid that gathering it back again would take another hundred years.”

“But, you don’t have to reject the idea now. I’m just asking for a chance to vie for the trial. As to whether Mu Chen could win eventually, that would depend on his own capabilities. If he fails, he will only have himself to blame.” The Flame Emperor gave a sneer and said, “Or, does the War Emperor think that no one can beat Mu Chen, despite having countless top powers in the Western Kingdom Continent?”

The War Emperor gave a snort and looked askew at Mu Chen when he heard this. “A Lower Earthly Sovereign is nothing in our Western Kingdom Continent. If he wants to become a Child of the Continent, he can dream on.”

“Then, what are you worried about?” the Flame Emperor asked with a grin.

The War Emperor snorted and said, “Nothing is definite. This lad has his own means. What if he really becomes the Child of the Continent? I would lose big time. Moreover, many forces and top powers joined our Western Kingdom War Temple for the Child of the Continent. They paid the price of being loyal, and they contributed a lot to our Western Kingdom Continent. If I allow Mu Chen to join, how am I going to answer to them? So, you don’t have to spur me on. I’m not giving him this qualification.”

When he saw this to be true, Mu Chen quickly said to the Flame Emperor in a low voice, “I’m very grateful to you, but since the War Emperor is unwilling, let’s not force him.”

Although the Child of the Continent was quite attractive, Mu Chen did not want to see the Flame Emperor fall out of the War Emperor’s good graces because of him. Otherwise, the favor would be too huge to repay.

The Flame Emperor gave a faint smile and said, “I’m asking this not because of our personal relationship, but I was hoping that the Great Thousand World could produce another one who is similar to us. You have that potential.”

He then added, “Although the Great Thousand World is peaceful now, the Extraterritorial Race is eyeing us secretly. Their strength is so powerful, it’s beyond our imagination, and all of us need to fear it, including me. Thus, the Great Thousand World needs more powerful people to avoid an invasion.”

The Flame Emperor shook his head. “Now, only the Western Kingdom Continent will be having a trial for the Child of the Continent in the short run, among all the rest of the continents in the Great Thousand World. We cannot miss it.”

Mu Chen was slightly shocked, as he did not think that the Flame Emperor would have such high hopes for him. He also admired the Flame Emperor for his great integrity, as he was helping him out of the concern for the survival of the Great Thousand World.

The Flame Emperor smiled, then turned to the War Emperor again and said calmly, “War Emperor, I’m not asking for a seat in the Lower Earthly Sovereign trial, but the Upper Earthly Sovereign.”

Once he finished his sentence, even the War Emperor had a slight change in his facial expression. The War Emperor looked astounded, then he sneered in Mu Chen’s direction. “You really have high hopes for this lad.”

The trial of the Child of the Continent was divided into three battlefields. These were the Battlefield of the Lower Earthly Sovereign, Upper Earthly Sovereign, and the Complete Earthly Sovereign.

Just as their names infer, the Battlefield of the Lower Earthly Sovereign was for those who were in the Lower Earthly Sovereign level, and the Battlefield of the Upper Earthly Sovereign was the place for those Upper Earthly Sovereigns in the Western Kingdom Continent.

Each battlefield had one seat available for one to become the Child of the Continent. This process also matched the three levels of the Earthly Sovereigns. If these were mixed battles, all of the places would be obtained by the old Complete Earthly Sovereigns.

Most of these old fellows had already lost their dashing spirits. As such, their success rates in hitting the Heavenly Sovereign were much lower than the Lower and Upper Earthly Sovereigns. Hence, the rules had been formed with this in mind.

Mu Chen was at the Lower Earthly Sovereign level, so he should enter the Battlefield of the Lower Earthly Sovereigns. But, the Flame Emperor actually asked for him to join the Battlefield of the Upper Earthly Sovereigns. This was a joke in the eyes of the War Emperor.

Even though Mu Chen had displayed various formidable means in the past and could be crowned as the cream of the crop among those Lower Earthly Sovereigns, his capability was still not to the level of being able to handle an Upper Earthly Sovereign.

Between the Heaven and Earth, Xue Lingzi and some of the Upper Earthly Sovereigns stared strangely at Mu Chen. The meanings behind their stares were quite obvious… The Flame Emperor had given Mu Chen a tall order.

“Hmph, the Flame Emperor thinks too highly of Mu Chen. Once this lad enters the Battlefield of the Upper Earthly Sovereigns, I’m afraid he will be reduced to ashes!” Xue Lingzi laughed coldly in secret.

From the bottom of his heart, he wanted Mu Chen to enter the battlefield, as he would be participating in this trial as well. If he met Mu Chen, he could just slaughter Mu Chen personally! If he were to kill Mu Chen, it would Mu Chen’s own fault!

“I guess the War Emperor can put your mind at ease if Mu Chen enters the Battlefield of the Upper Earthly Sovereign? If Mu Chen could become a Child of the Continent, I guess he deserved it,” said the Flame Emperor smilingly.

As a radiance flickered in the War Emperor’s eyes, his reluctance was reduced. Given the strength that Mu Chen displayed previously, he might really win if he entered the Battlefield of the Lower Earthly Sovereigns. But, if this lad were to join the Battlefield of the Upper Earthly Sovereigns, the War Emperor did not believe that he accomplish much.

After all, those Upper Earthly Sovereigns were old cunning fellows. All of them had domineering foundations and strengths. If a Lower Earthly Sovereign like Mu Chen were to enter the battlefield, it was equivalent to throwing a rabbit in front of a pack of wolves!

The War Emperor was rather happy to see this. After all, he still bore a grudge towards Mu Chen for this matter, even with the mediation efforts of the Flame Emperor. He would not feel at ease until someone taught Mu Chen a lesson.

The Flame Emperor was protecting Mu Chen, and even the War Emperor could do nothing about it. But, if Mu Chen were to enter the Battlefield of the Upper Earthly Sovereigns, he believed that Mu Chen might just be forced to give up his slot and flee in embarrassment.

The War Emperor felt more comfortable just by imagining that scene. He pondered for a moment and again, shook his head. “I know I need to give some face to you, but the Child of the Continent is too important…”

The Flame Emperor smiled faintly as he heard this. He flicked his finger suddenly and a beam of light darted out from his sleeve, then suspended itself in front of the War Emperor. Its glow diminished, revealing a pill.

The pill was crystal-like and clear. The pill exuded an aura, which later formed into a strange phenomenon that had a dragon and phoenix dancing around it. The pill also gave off a fragrance, which caused the spiritual energy of anyone who sniffed it to grow stronger.

The War Emperor was slightly shaken while looking at the pill in front of him. He could not help but exclaim in shock, “The Dragon-Phoenix Heavenly Sovereign Pill!”

This was a rare and high-quality God Pill, which was quite useful even for a Heavenly Sovereign. Pills of such quality could not be bought from the market. If it ever appeared, it would be snatched up by the various Heavenly Sovereigns instantly.

Numerous top powers between the Heaven and Earth stared at that pill with envious eyes. In the Great Thousand World, everyone envied the Flame Emperor, not because of his extraordinary strength, but for his unique way of refining elixirs. Thus, the pills produced by the Flame Emperor must be premium pills!

The pill produced by the Flame Emperor was what many top powers had been seeking. As such, even the eyes of the War Emperor shone when he saw the pill in front of him.

“With this pill, I suppose that the War Emperor will not reject my request anymore, right?” The Flame Emperor smiled.

The War Emperor pouted. He pondered for a moment, while holding the Dragon-Phoenix Heavenly Sovereign Pill in his hand. The God Pill was really tempting, but as the Flame Emperor had already given into him a few times, if he continued to ask for more, he was afraid that he might agitate the Flame Emperor.

He was already in a bad relationship with Martial Ancestor. So, if his relationship with the Flame Emperor turned sour, that would be a real headache for him.

Hence, the War Emperor kept the God Pill and cast a cold glance at Mu Chen. Then, he nodded gently at the Flame Emperor and spoke…

“On account of the Flame Emperor, I’ll allow this lad to enter the Battlefield of the Upper Earthly Sovereigns for the trial of the Child of the Continent. But, the battlefield is extremely dangerous. If this lad proves himself incapable and dies there, he has no one to blame but himself…”

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