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Chapter 1298 - The Enlargement Stroke

"He is Long Fei?"

"The junior master of the former Hell Gate?"

"The son of hell?"

"Not much."

"Isn't he the sect master of the Kunlun Sect? Why is he fighting alone? "

"The Sect Master is really foolish to mix in such an appearance."

… ….

Seeing Long Fei fighting against a large group of people in the rain, those people who were radiating light at the BOSS in the distance all seemed like they were watching a show.

To them, Long Fei was just a fish on the chopping block, he would not be able to live for long.

Long Fei massacred.

In less than a few minutes, his body was full of wounds. However, the ground was littered with corpses.

The System was going berserk.

His Experience Points was going wild.

His Energy Values was also going wild.

All of the things that dropped had mysteriously disappeared, and were all eaten by the sky swallowing rat with closed eyes. Not a single thing was left for Long Fei.

Long Fei did not mind, as long as it was not a ancient spiritual treasure, he would not put it in his eyes.

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"System Notification: Activating Paralysis Effect!"

Long Fei's Xiu Luo machete smashed down heavily, "Kacha!"

"Bloody Battlefield Four Knives!"

"Hack your mother!"


After killing another person, Long Fei rushed forward to meet him once again.

Five minutes later, Long Fei was still killing.

Ten minutes later, he was still killing.

There were more and more corpses in the plaza, as well as more and more people entering the plaza.

After an hour.

Long Fei was still trying to kill him, but he had to do something about it. At this time, he was like a bloodthirsty shark, getting more and more excited, killing more and more valiantly. A gap appeared on the Xiu Luo machete, the originally fine Mountain Spliting Knief had now become a 'Mountain Splitting Saw'.

Blood and rain merged together.

Blood flowed like a river across the entire plaza.

The BOSS rank powerhouse in the distance seemed to have lost his patience.

One of the elders asked, "Will your Million Swords make a move?"

"If you don't, then I'll do it?"

An old man from the Hell Gate walked out, and laughed coldly: "To deal with this kind of people, you have to ruthlessly crush them, let me do it!"

As soon as he finished.

The naked old man from Hell Gate suddenly moved.



In half a breath of time, the hands hidden in the sleeves of his robes extended out, ten fingers holding onto the incomparably sharp Spurs, and his body turned.


As the rain swept across, a drop of rain shot towards Xiang Longfei like a bullet.

The sharp claws moved.

His body turned into a straight line, and under the rain of bullets, he rushed towards Xiang Longfei's throat.

"He's dead for sure!"

"What incredible speed."

"What a heavy crush."

… ….

Many people began to sneer.

Long Fei was surrounded, and suddenly a powerhouse appeared out of nowhere?


At the start, he had been a little worried, but now that an hour had passed, Huo Lin and the rest had definitely all entered the forbidden grounds. If that was the case, he had nothing to worry about.

The moment this "Boss" appeared, Long Fei immediately sensed it.

Because …

How could he not discover the golden light surrounding his body?

"Good job!"

"I'm just afraid that you won't come!"

Long Fei's Mountain Spliting Knief suddenly threw, and directly chopped at a person's head.

And then …

His hands sank, "Chi …"

White smoke began to emit from his hands, and a scalding power started to slowly radiate from his body.

Chi chi chi …

Chi chi chi …

Long Fei's body began to emit white smoke, and the rain began to drip onto his body. Under the high temperature, it instantly evaporated, becoming white smoke.

"Pretending to be ghosts!"

"You want to hide?"


"Kid, if you can dodge any further, your aura will not be able to escape." The Hell Gate elder laughed coldly in disdain as his claws moved, locking firmly onto Long Fei's aura.


At this moment.

Long Fei said with a cold smile: "Hide?"

"Do I need to dodge in order to kill you?"

As soon as he finished.

A flaming fist rushed out from the white smoke.

The old man from hell was surprised, but he did not panic at all. He was calm even though he had experienced hundreds of battles.

With a leap, his body shot forward.

He could not understand Long Fei's technique and was the first to force him to retreat.

"You want to escape?"

"Did I speak?"

Long Fei roared out, his body rushing forward, directly blocking off the Hell Elder's escape route. Without any warning, he rushed forward.

The face of the Hell's Elder turned sinister. "You're courting death!"

The claws of the ten fingers began to spin, heavily stabbing into Long Fei's abdomen.

"Heh heh …"

Long Fei didn't feel any pain, and instead laughed darkly: "You made a move, right? Now it's my turn! "

"Lock it for me!"

The magma in his body surged, binding the old man's hands in an instant. He then moved his fists, getting close to the old man and punching out with his fists.

At this moment.

Magma splashed in all directions, and the flames shattered.

Punch! Punch! Punch! Punch!

The Red Dog s were so powerful that it was a complete mess. Even if the old man's cultivation was higher than Long Fei's by a few levels, it would still be useless to use it at such a close distance.

He was turned into a human by Long Fei.

A strong pressure kept exploding out, wanting to use that pressure to crush the power in Long Fei's body. However, the Emperor Fire Blue Lotus was burning all of the pressure.

The power of suppression couldn't do it!

The old man from hell shouted, "Kid, let me go."

"Do you know who this old man is?"

"This old man is an elder of the Hell Gate. If you dare kill me, the Hell Gate will turn your Kunlun Sect into a land of hell." The old man struggled with all his might, but it was to no avail.

It was simply unable to break free from Long Fei's restraints.

"Are the Hell Gate people that great?" Long Fei began to sneer, "Not to mention you're an elder of the Hell Gate, even if it's the ancestors of the Hell Gate, I will still kill you anyway."

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Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

A punch was sent down explosively.

The old man from the Infernal Realm's health crazily dropped.


It became '0'!

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

's body fell from midair and a large hole was blasted out in his chest by Long Fei. The system rang out and released a set of ancient spiritual artifact s, without waiting for the sky swallowing rat to engulf him, Long Fei immediately filled it with the golden cudgel's energy and poured it into the second floor.

The other things were all swallowed by the sky swallowing rat.

"First BOSS, go all out!"

Long Fei's mouth twitched as he looked at the group of glittering BOSSes in the distance. He coldly laughed: "Who's next?"

The brows of the few elders of the Hell Gate sunk as they coldly shouted, "You're too arrogant."

"Kill them all!"

More warriors rushed out from the plaza.

The disciples of the Hell Gate rushed towards Xiang Longfei one after another.

The plaza was densely packed.

But now, Long Fei no longer had any interest in them, it was just to give them more time, they had definitely all entered the forbidden grounds.

Long Fei did not need to delay any longer.

The one he wanted to kill now was the Boss, but he had no interest in killing these small monsters.

Long Fei looked at the wave of 'monsters' below him and laughed coldly, "It's time for the Enlargement Stroke!"

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