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Tang Xia was slightly fortunate that the person she loved was not Helian Jue.

Otherwise, she could be hurt for hundreds of times.

She raised her chin and looked directly at Helian Jue's eyes. She knelt at once and made a kowtow to him. "Your Majesty, I beg you to give me more time."

Helian Jue's eyes became dark and his thought fell on Tang Xia's proud face.

He was indifferent and cold, and was even similar to Lengmei.

"I give you my permission."

He waved his sleeves. Yi Jiazi was in his arms and her eyes were shining. She stared at Tang Xia and was afraid she would find out some clues.

"First, I have never touched those flowers that sister Jiazi mentioned. I accepted her kindness to me. However, when I sent back all those flowers to her, she said those had been poisoned. Can I think that sister Jiazi originally planned to hurt me but hurt herself in the end."

Tang Xia's tone was compelling, making Helian Jue frowned. Yi Jiazi's eyes turned cold as ice and hoped to shot Tang Xia into a sieve with her eyesight.

"Secondly, there is no evidence in sister Jiazi's words. The flowers have been transferred by many people and we don't know whether someone has poisoned on them. My sister, you put all the faults on my head, but I don't care. However, I would not accept the fake crimes."

At her last sentence, she turned to Yi Jiazi directly.

"Thirdly, the flowers were found poisoned in Lianyue Palace, but sister Jiazi put the faults on my palace. When she found something wrong, she did not ask me to figure out the fact, but looked for His Majesty first and described me as a treacherous woman. Sister Jiazi, you're really a good player."

"An entry-level member of the Virgin Mary."

Tang Xia was resentful to say the last sentence in her mind.

These were enough to decide her conviction with "sinister affairs". Tang Xia's eyes turned around and finally stayed at Yi Jiazi who was in Helian Jue's arms.

Yi Jiazi was just slightly surprised at first, but now she recovered to be calm.

She even wore a ridiculed smile.

Tang Xia was clear it was not enough to defeat Yi Jiazi just relying on these.

Tang Xia wore a smile, or to be called a sneer. The breeze came from the outside of Shangshufang's window and rolled up her silky hair, raising them in the air.

An enchanting face was only at the size of a palm. She had a delicate mouth and clean teeth with bright eyes and tender skin.

She knew Helian Jue was the most crucial point.

"The last words are to you, Your Majesty." Tang Xia held her tears in her eyes, full of countless grievances.

Helian Jue slightly raised his eyes.

"Your Majesty, do you still keep the perfume pouch I sent to you on that day? You said you would come to Jiangfang Palace alone, but I have waited for you for more than half a month. Now, you own another beauty, but I am not regretful. I am unfear of anything when I see you."

In the second half of Tang Xia's words, she said words by words. The way she was talking was like an orchid. Her eyes were glittering.

The key point to winning was to pay him back in his own coin.

Yi Jiazi knew how to use her limpness to gain the emperor's sympathy, showing a spoony girl appearance of "I love you at the witness of heaven and earth". In addition, Helian Jue was such an unreasonable tyrant. Everything would come true.

In this case, Tang Xia also knew the way to use her limpness. Those three pieces of evidence were the light ceremony for Yi Jiazi.

Even if Yi Jiazi had supernatural powers, she could not win Tang Xia's unforgettable old feelings of the emperor.

On the one side of Yi Jiazi, a girl hoped to live a happy life with you and was not afraid of her own death, but only cared about your life.

On the other side was Tang Xia, a girl had promised that she would wait for you no matter how long she should wait for, and you are the most devout faith in her heart.

Helian Jue filled his mind with a myriad of thoughts and ideas and was stunned for a while because of Tang Xia's words.

He cheated her and made her wait for him so long.

Helian Jue had not expected that his casual sigh would make a person treat it so seriously.

It should be a girl who loved him so deeply.

"It's my fault. I'm late for my promise." Helian Jue was choked and just spit out these sad words.

Yi Jiazi changed her face and lowered her voice. "Your Majesty... Jiazi feels not good..."

Helian Jue moved and frowned his eyebrows.

"Your Majesty, Guard Chu asked to see you." Shun Decai interrupted their conversation at the right time. He bowed to the emperor. "Guard Chu said he had something important to report."

Helian Jue raised his eyebrows. "Let him in."

When hearing Chu Tiankuo's name, Tang Xia unreasonably showed happiness in her eyes and wore a smile.

Yi Jiazi captured her subtle changes.

"Chu Tiankuo, greetings, Your Majesty." Chu Tiankuo's cold voice turned up behind and brought a faint breeze.

She turned around and saw a silver armor. He was still handsome. Their eyes came across and then slowly moved away.

It seemed that every inch of land where Chu Tiankuo stayed would become blooming.

Perhaps it was because of his extraordinary temperament.

Chu Tiankuo bowed to the emperor. His beautiful voice raised, "I found a suspicious person on the way to the Jiaofang Palace from the Lianyue Palace."

Lianyue Palace and Jiaofang Palace.

Everyone recovered their minds.

"Bring it up." Helian Jue waved his hand.

Chu Tiankuo clapped his hands to express his order. Two guards carried a girl in the cyan dress from the outside and dragged her to the center of the hall.

It was her!

Yi Jiazi changed color but still kept her body straight. Her voice turned cold. "Why do you take my maid over here, Guard Chu?"

Chu Tiankuo seemed to know nothing and even was too lazy to raise his eyes."She turned out to be your maid, Your Grace."

"Recently, I saw this maid always lingering on the way from Lianyue Palace to Jiaofang Palace. I heard about the issue of Shangshufang, so I was suspicious of this maid."

"I asked her a few questions and noticed her fingers were black. Then I asked an imperial physician for advice and finally knew that she had long-term exposure to toxicity-induced toxin expansion."

Chu Tiankuo said casually, but Yi Jiazi reprimanded him immediately, "Nonsense!"

Yi Jiazi was worried and got rid of Helian Jue's arms.

"Whether Guard Chu's words are nonsense or not, you must know in your mind. But sister Jiazi, you behaved so worriedly. I don't know it's because you know the hidden truth or just plan to deliberately lead the crime to me."

Tang Xia said words by words, lightly as a cloud.

Yi Jiazi could not bear any longer, but she still forced herself to calm down. "I'm too absurd. Faner is my intimate maid and I trust her. So I would say something for justice."

"This really a supporting crime..." Tang Xia whispered, but only Chu Tiankuo could hear.

He smiled and his voice was low and melodious.

"Sister Jiazi, What do you mean? I just refused your flowers, so you went here for help. You told our emperor I am the killer. But now, with enough evidence to tell Faner is the prime culprit, you still believe her."

"Sister Jiazi, are you even trusting a maid more than me?" Tang Xia pretended to be innocent and successfully made Yi Jiazi angry.

"I didn't mean this." She bowed to them all and closed her eyes. She didn't even want to see Helian Jue.

She knew she lost in this battle.

Helian Jue finally said something to break the deadlock. "Since it has been identified, you don't have to say something more. Take this maid away and off her head on the base of law."

Tang Xia squinted her eyes. Putting a crime on a maid in such a casual way could see that the emperor always disgraced human's life.

Faner was shocked and squatted backward, looking at Yi Jiazi with prayer in her eyes. She knelt in a hurry and continued kowtowing like a chicken eating rice.

The desperation showed up in her eyes, while Yi Jiazi's eyes filled with coldness.

"I... I have..."

Faner shook her body like a sieve. Tang Xia raised her eyebrows and waited for her later words. Yi Jiazi on the seat was like an arrow from the string, pulling out the sword of the guard and stabbed into Faner's heart directly.

A sword, stained sleeves, Faner was no longer alive.

Yi Jiazi was trembling, while Faner's blood covered the ground. The red blood wetted her dress, which was really glaring.

She turned back and bowed to Helian Jue. She put her head onto the ground. "Your Majesty, please forgive me... I killed Faner by myself. I beg your forgiveness."

Yi Jiazi's voice was shaking. It seemed that she was extremely scared.

Helian Jue was extremely disgusted with these bloody scenes. He turned his head. "Fine."

He stood up, following with Shun Decai. Helian Jue stepped by Tang Xia. "I lost my promise last time, but I won't let you down this time."

Then, he turned to Shun Decai and said, "Shun Decai, I will stay at Jiaofang Palace tonight."

Shun Decai answered in a light voice. Helian Jue gently kissed Tang Xia's forehead.

Tang Xia wore a bare smile and watched him leave.

"Sister, you could resolve the crisis every time, which makes me convinced." Yi Jiazi stood up and her eyes were clear.

There was a piece of hatred in her eyes, which was totally different from the scare just now.

"Sister Jiazi, your acting skills are really superb. I am also convinced."

Tang Xia fight back unrequitedly. Yi Jiazi snorted and left the hall arrogantly.

Lyuyou made a bow, leaving Chu Tiankuo and Tang Xia alone.

Ah, and the corpse.

Tang Xia wore a smile and ignored the blood on the ground.

"Do you know how dangerous just now?" Chu Tiankuo pulled her body in front of him like a wrathful lion.

Tang Xia was stunned, while the smile on her face deepened.

"I know."

Chu Tiankuo was stunned.

Tang Xia's eyes were full of smile and her smile looked extraordinarily charming. Her long hair was held on her back, fluttering with the breeze.

"Good." Chu Tiankuo turned his head awkwardly, and looked around her face.

Then, he bent down and took out a square scarf from Faner's sleeve. He walked towards Tang Xia.

Chu Tiankuo's body proportion was perfect. Tang Xia always wanted to ask how tall he was. Her figure was a standard model, but when she stood in front of Chu Tiankuo, she was only on his shoulders.

Chu Tiankuo used the square scarf rudely rubbed Tang Xia's forehead.

Tang Xia turned her head.

"Don't move." He snorted in a low voice, seemingly extremely dissatisfied with her avoidance.

"It's dirty over there. Clean it yourself." Chu Tiankuo pointed at her forehead and put the square scarf in her hand.

Before leaving, Tang Xia asked the last question.

"The poison on Faner's hands..." Tang Xia did not believe that Yi Jiazi would be stupid enough to ask her intimate maid to poison her every day.

Chu Tiankuo's eyes deepened. He turned his face, while the side of his face was like a man from the painting.

"It's fine to give those things to me. You are only responsible for keeping purity as ever."

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