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Maksensei is anxious

Part 1:

Seikadai Academy—with the elevator style, you can stay in the same institution from grade school, to middle school, through high school, even up to university. Since grade school, I have been attending this school.

Though I feel like the entrance exam was pretty difficult, I don't have any strong memory left of that event. Rather, I remember the incident in kindergarten more vividly. The teacher I looked up to betrayed me and went to marry someone else. That really hurt the me at that time.

Right now, I'm in my second year of high school. But, all the way up here, my impressions were rather thin. Maybe because I was always scolded since I rebelled against my teachers. Heh, I won't lose against pressure.

Maksensei's punishment doesn't have any pressure at all, it's so fluffy. I can't help losing against that.

"Today's modern literature will not take place since Renku-sensei had caught a cold, so please use the time for self-studying. We won't pass out worksheets, but please don't leave the classroom."

Currently, it was just another morning during home room. Our home room teacher—Maksensei isn't the type to talk much. Informing us just of the most important news, she's gone as soon as she was here. Even so, all the students look up to her for being so cool. The unobtainable flower really is cool.

"Next week, midterms will start. This will be your first periodical exam after becoming second-years. Though there still might be some time until you have to choose your path for your future, please don't relax and do it at the last minute."

Oh right, next week we have midterms already. Since most of our students plan to stay inside the academy, they mostly take it very easy.

Though normally, second-years should already think about which university they want to go to. Since about ⅔ of high school student life is about entrance exams, it's certainly not time for dreams and hopes. Although Seikadai's university is rather well known, many students plan to attend another high school, which results in a wide variety of grades. And of course, said students never relax, not even for midterms. In my case, I was also considering on a different university.Though my grades might turn into a problem.

"And also, from tomorrow onwards, it's prohibited to enter the teacher's office and various preparations rooms. If you have business with the teachers, please call for them."


Well, I don't go out of my way towards the teacher's office, so I don't really care about that. Though it's mostly a think of being called there instead of going there out of my own will. Only because I might be a tiny bit rebellious towards teachers. Even though I'm not doing anything bad.


Wait, did she say that entering various preparation rooms is also prohibited? That should include Maksensei's 'castle', right? For Maksensei's 'education', we had also used the student guidance room and the student council office, but we can't just use them whenever we want. (Though I can't say that we're using the English preparations room freely either)

Anyway—there's no place left on school grounds, where Maksensei could discipline me. So that means that Maksensei's education will be on break for some time now, huh…

B-But it's not like I'm sad about that or anything!

—This isn't the time to suddenly go full tsundere.

Without any incident whatsoever, today's classes ended, and now it was after class—

Finally, oh finally it came. Some free time for myself!

I know that I said that in the past before, only to feel despair as my time was stolen, but this time will be different! Even if it's Maksensei, she should have more to do during the preparation of midterms. That means, in these three days before the midterm test week, I can use the time however I want!

"Why, nyanya?"


The source of that voice was Kisou Tenksan. She's a fellow classmate of class 2A—and actually Maksensei's little sister. The reason for their different family names was because their parents divorced, and while Maksensei stayed with her father, Kisou-san went with her mother, though she was still a kid as they divorced.

Kisou-san has light brown hair, always wearing twintails. With her small stature, she looks like a middle school—or grade school student at worst. Since Maksensei's stature was the complete opposite, you couldn't say that they looked like sisters. Though if you take a closer look, you can see some similarities. The most prominent similarity would be the size of her breast region. It seems that, because of this similarity, rumours have been going around the school that the two of them might actually be sisters.

But, that isn't the only secret that Maksensei holds.

"U-Uhm…Kisou-san, do you need something?"

"Now that you've found out my secret, sadly, I'll gladly come visit without business, obviously."

"Wait a moment!"

What kind of manner of speaking is that, Kisou-san! The classroom is starting to get noisy!

"Hey hey Saigi, I thought that Saigi would only rebel against teachers."

"Saigi-kun is the person to doubt everyone after all. Maybe that's how he's able to find out everyone's secret."

"He even used his fiendish magic on that small Kisou-san…? This is like a real-life ero manga, I can't laugh at all."

My dear classmates, I can hear everything you say!

"Kisou-san, don't say anything that could be used against me!"

"Who's small here…? I remembered your name and face, whoever said that."

Kisou-san completely ignored my protest, and glared at the girl that called her small. Though she might look small and cute from the outside, she apparently has quite the offensive personality.

"Uhm, if you don't have any business with me, I'll go home, okay?"

"Do you have some urgent business, hurrying home like this?"

"Rather than urgent business…I have to go shopping, and there's this new drama from overseas (even only 980 yen today) that I would really like to see."

"Saigi, you don't have to study?"


Not good, I happened to blurt that out. That's right, the reason we can't use the preparations room is because it's right before the tests. That means that I should study for tests too.

Hahaha, maybe my longed for free time might never come again.

"I don't know, but what about Saigi's grades, though?"

"…Normal, I guess. What about Kisou-san?"

"I'm good. Mostly."


Our school has the bad habit of hanging up the results of every regular test in the hallways. But, even though I'm surely not in the top 50, I remember seeing Kisou-san's name in there.

"W-Well…at least I'm higher up than Amanashi…"

"Am I suddenly being dissed?!"

"Though I don't know your exact position, I can say with confidence that I'm higher than you."

"You're saying I'm an idiot just from your impression?!"

"…Am I wrong?"

"Y-You're not really wrong, but…"

The face that flinched after my question belonged to my classmate Amanashi Nui. With a reddish colour, she had semi-long hair. She's not wearing a blazer for a certain reason, which is why she's considered this school's 'best'. By the way, said certain reason is because the blazer of her buttons won't close since her breasts are so big. Below that, she was wearing a miniskirt, from which her slender legs appeared. She's working part-time as a gravure model, with her super erotic style, and her cute face. Of course, it's no surprise that she's extremely popular with the boys. Maksensei even judged that about ⅓ of them have romantic feelings for her.

And, said Amanashi had been watching the conversation between me and Kisou-san for quite some time now.

"But, Sai-kun, Ten-chan! In last years endterm exams, I wasn't rock bottom!"

She basically confessed that she's rock bottom right now.

In Seikadai, after every test, the scores get added up to one number, which is where the ranking comes from.

"Since the teachers told me that I can't move up a class if I don't get the minimum limit of points, I took the workbooks home with me and worked hard through the entire night!"

"It seems like the shocking revelations keep on coming."

So apart from end term exams, she never took her workbooks home and never learned through the night. I'm actually surprised that she made it here.

"I'm actually surprised that she made it here…"

"Hey, Ten-chan! That's pretty rude!"

Oh really now, Kisou-san, even though I tried my best to swallow these words…that strength of her really is something I gotta say.

"I don't mean to brag or anything, but I was never held back for a year!"

"You really shouldn't brag about that…I heard that for the past ten years, no student here had to repeat a year."

"Sai-kun, why do you know something like that?"

"…T-The wind told me."

Before, I was told that because I was so rebellious, and that I was running danger of being held back because of that. But there's no way I can tell her that.


"………!" My body reflexively stiffened up.

As I turned around, Maksensei, who should've left the classroom after home room was over, was standing in the doorframe.

"Saigi-kun, come with me for a second."


Somehow, I got a bad feeling from this.

"Saigi, go. Right now."

"Tch, Maktea again…Mumumu!"

"Hey hey, Saigi. You're getting called in by Maksensei again? Man, how much I want switch with you!"

"Dude, if you pull another kabe-don, the scary people from her fanclub will come after you."

"Shut it."

As I walked towards Maksensei, I glared at my classmates, talking about useless stuff as usual. But, nobody seems to care any more than that. It's only been a few days since there was a rumour about Maksensei's and my fishy relationship. In reaction to that, I disseminated 'A photo where Saigi Makoto corners Maksensei with a kabe-don'—

Though most people just summarized it with 'Saigi Makoto is running after Maksensei'. Thanks to that, rather than believing the impossible of a boring male student like me dating the number one beautiful teacher Maksensei, they decided that me running after her was more real…Why did they accept this so easily…? Do they think that I'm nothing but a stalker? Well, the rumour is gone and that is all that counts.

"Instead of making such a severe face, how about you look a bit more like you're actually scolded? You should be good at that, right?"

"It's true that I'm often getting scolded, but it's not like I can flip a switch or something."

Maksensei and I walked down the hallway next to the windows. While she's acting like a teacher, holding documents in her arms, she has a serious expression on her face. And of course, it only looked like I was chasing after her like always, while she was lecturing me.

"It's about your 'education'. Like I said in HR (home room), we cannot use the preparations room for a while. Though we could use the guidance room, it would seem weird if I called you over there every day before tests."

"Well, that makes sense."

So it wasn't weird to call me there if it's not before tests…?

"I completely forgot, but why didn't you tell me earlier that we couldn't use the preparations room anymore for a while?"

"I was trying to run away from reality. Ahh, to think that I can't educate Saigi-kun for such a long time…what worth do these days even have?"

"All your colleagues and pupils still spoil you, right?"

Why exactly are you so dissatisfied with that?

"Anyway, just keep a low profile and properly study for the exams. If you're yearning for me, you just have to close your eyes and imagine me, standing there completely naked…"

"I won't imagine anything!"

I didn't even see Maksensei's naked body yet—is what I can't really say here, but it's not like that's engraved in my brain that it will come flying to me as soon as I close my eyes. Though I did see her hand bra and butt…Well, full-nude didn't happen yet.

"That's right, if you were to remember my full-naked appearance, there's no way that you could study."

"Don't say that with a serious face."

You're still supposed to be lecturing me, you know? At least say that when you're grinning.

"Hey hey, Sai-kun!"


Suddenly, a heavy impact on my back. Turning around, Amanashi was standing there with a smile. Whatever she was thinking, she apparently jumped full force onto my back.

"Hey hey, there's something I want to talk about!"

"……Amanashi-san, can you see that we're in the middle of a conversation?"

"And Ten-chan and I were talking with him even before! Sai-kun belongs to everyone!"

"No, I only belong to myself."

Since when did I lose my human rights?

"I'm sorry, but a conversation with a teacher has to take priority."

"Even if you're a teacher, it's not right to interrupt our conversation like that! Stand up, students! Fight against our teachers oppression!"

"Amanashi-san, you have quite the influence here, so can you please not stir up something like that?"

Well, it's true that teachers always have priority for everything… If you're told 'Help me carry these printouts', you can't just answer with 'I want to meet my friends though' and expect to get let off easily.

"Saigi-kun, you're not thinking something like 'Maybe everyone really is listening to teachers a bit too earnestly', right?"


Just what I would expect from Maksensei, she sees right through me. But, Amanashi is quite rebellious right now. That reminds me, before, she came to join us when Maksensei and I were having lunch.

"Even I have something important to talk about with him. And that was interrupted after Maktea stole him!"

"Eh? Really?"

As I asked for confirmation, Amanashi nodded once.

"It's about before but…I was hoping that you could teach me!"

"Don't ask the impossible of me."

"Another direct diss?! Sai-kun, do you have a grudge towards me!?"

"Rather than a grudge, I just don't know Amanashi that well."

"This bastard!"

Usually, she was pretty naive, but now she looks really mad. And 'bastard', huh? What vulgar vocabulary.

"Calm down, Amanashi-san. That is indeed an important topic."

Oh, Maksensei is agreeing with her?

"Just as Saigi-kun stated, trying to teach Amanashi-san would be as useful as trying to teach a cat the difference between possible and impossible 'If-clause'."

"Sai-kun didn't say anything like that, though?!"

"But even so, I cannot ignore Amanashi-san's wasted courage, saying that she honestly wants to learn."

"Somehow it feels like you're trying to make me feel bad…"

Stare—Amamashi glared at Maksensei.

"Can't help it. Saigi-kun, help Amanashi-san with her studies."

"Ehhhh, Maktea, what are you planning!? Don't take me for a fool!"

"Amanashi…aren't you a bit too used to being called an idiot?"—is what I said, but even I thought that it was weird for Maksensei.

At this point in time, Maksensei is still in conflict with Amanashi. Yes, I'm talking about the 'It's fine if I die Alliance'—

That name comes from a certain translation that Futabatei Shimei came up with. Short name is SID. Maksensei said "The name sounds dangerous so call them like that". SID is currently made up of four members, which Amanashi Nui being one of them.

Other members are:

The third-year student council president, and currently a sister in training; Jinsho Karen.

The fifth-grade student from grade school and the daughter of an acquaintance; Shinju Muku.

Not to mention my little sister, who's a first-year at this school; Saigi Miharu.

A gravure idol and a sister in training, a young girl and my little sister.

Apparently, all four of them—have feelings for me. Really? They seem to have made up some rules that no one can go on the offense, and they just keep on watching me from afar. And, there's another important aspect.

All of them seem to be loosely antagonistic towards Maksensei. After all, there are times when they happen to exchange information with her. Even so, both parties constantly watch each other's movements. But, everyone involved decided to keep the information regarding everything to themselves, so that I wouldn't suffer.

Though this might seem like a completely unbelievable story—it would've been fine if that was the case, really. Sadly, there is no definite proof that this is all just a big lie.

Even though it should be impossible to be like by four girls like this, we're talking about a gravure model, a sister in training, a young girl, and my little sister here, you know? Everyone of them should be in a position where they shouldn't fall in love with a boy—or especially me, right? It doesn't have to be me, who's doubting everyone and everything, to feel like something is off.

Right now, Maksensei and I are faking a relationship, to dodge these quadruple confessions. But, I don't think that we can run away forever.

And, one member of SID, Amanashi Nui, is especially on confrontation course with Maksensei. I didn't expect for her to be able to be so aggressive.

"Listen here, Amanashi-san. Go prepare for your studies. I'm guessing that you left your workbook, notes, and so on inside your desk, right?"

"Ah, yeah. It's convenient since we have a desk at school," saying that, Amanashi returned to the classroom.

"Judging from her words, it seems like she doesn't have a desk at home where she can study at."

"As far as I know, you would receive something like this as soon as you leave grade school."

And she's a student of a private school…she's not a scholar student or anything, is she? At the very least, I don't know of any financial situation that would make it impossible for her parents to buy her a desk.

"Ahh, I know very well that there is a desk inside Saigi-kun's room. But, there are toys on there, so you probably can't focus while you study, right?"

"……? Wait a moment, it's true that I have some dinosaur figures as decoration on there, but why does Sensei know of that?"


"Tehe?! And you did that at the perfect timing no people were passing us, right?!"

To stick out her tongue with a cute expression wouldn't be forgiven if it was the unobtainable flower. She's just as slick as always!

"Really, who leaked my information this time…"

In April, after Maksensei confessed to me, be it her or SID, they keep getting information from whoever knows. Well, the most suspicious person is of course her (my little sister).

"Well, leaving that aside for now."

"Why does the flow of events always deny me from finding out the identity of the culprit…"

"More serious talk now. This thing with Amanashi-san might be a bit problematic."

"She was rather aggressive yes, and more rebellious. Though I can't tell how serious she actually was, since it's Amanashi we're talking about."

"I don't mind that she's rebellious. Those types of students aren't rare after all, and I've grown accustomed to it after dealing with the most problematic student."

Now I wonder who exactly she might be talking about.

"She can be rebellious for all I care. I'm more troubled by the fact that she wants you to teach her."

"…Are her grades really that bad?"

"Even if it's Saigi-kun, I can't talk about another student's grade like this. But, after seeing her grades from last year, I had to take some eye drops and nutritional drink to make sure that I wasn't dreaming."

"So her grades are that bad, huh…"

No, I could've guessed as much after just checking her grades from the start of the second year. Not to mention that she can almost never give an answer when the teacher asks her, and she's sleeping all the time anyway.

"Really, really, I really don't want Saigi-kun to teach Amanashi-san…!"

"The documents! Sensei! The documents are going to get wrinkled!"

Gritting her teeth, her grip on the documents in her hand strengthened.

"In front of love, documents have no power at all."

"What kind of proverb is that?!"

And, can you not say love, please. It's really embarrassing.

"For crying out loud…No matter how hard I try, I will never get Saigi-kun to teach me, you know?"

"That's why you're a teacher after all…"

"I know that we can't help it, but please be careful. We still don't know her true nature."

And you're any better? Really, why are you separating yourself like that? Terrible.

Ahhh, where did the Saigi-kun that would always talk back to his teachers go… But still, it doesn't look like I'll get to spend a calming afternoon after all. Yes, I'm not optimistic enough to believe that nothing will happen while the two of us study together.

Actually, at Seikadai, taking the long way home isn't allowed. That being said, not even the kids from grade school really pay any attention to that rule. Once you become a high school student, there are one or two places you visit before you go home, and even the teachers don't say anything bad if they spot you.

That reminds me, I once went to eat at a yakiniku restaurant with Maksensei, but that was also on the way home, right?

"Uhm, I'll use the drinkbar. You're okay with that too, Sai-kun?" I nodded, and Amanashi ordered what she wanted.

In the end, Amanashi and I went to a family restaurant near the school. The place was rather booked, and I could spot countless people with the Seikadai uniforms besides us. And of course, their goal was the same as ours: To study.

Since you shouldn't raise your voice inside the library or the self-study room, many people come here with their study-groups. Though there are countless other family restaurants around here, you're still pretty lucky to get a seat this close before the tests.

Anyway, I decided on some ice-tea, while Amanashi chose a coke.

"Wow~ I didn't know that there was a family restaurant around here."

"Eh, really?"

To be frank, I don't have many friends. And outside from school, they are nonexistent. But still, there were times when I went home with someone and ate at a family restaurant like this.

"Well, I don't really go out with my friends that much. Most of them are just superficial after all."

"You said that before, right. About having around a hundred friends."

Though Amanashi might be an idiot at times, she's very open-minded and friendly. Even before she confessed to me, she called me 'Sai-kun', and did the same for the other classmates as well. For example Kisou-san, whom she calls 'Ten-chan'.

"Though I have friends with whom I'm really close with, you know? Like the ones that took the pictures for me. I couldn't really ask anyone I'm not relatively close with after all. It would be really scary if they were to spread them online, right? The people from my job told me. It's called something like revenge porn or something?"

"That's completely different."

Though she knows some useless vocabulary, she uses it the wrong way nonetheless

Unrelated to her job, she often takes some rather erotic photos on her own. For better or worse, I know that very well.

"But, even though I trust them that they won't spread these photos online, I really don't want them to teach me! Basically…you get what I'm saying?"

"I-I don't really want to get it."

It seems I happened to accept a very dangerous job.

"T-Talking about photos…do you not have your job today?"

"It's not like I have a photo shoot everyday. It's a rather small job anyway. Like being a guest at an event, or appearing on TV."

"But, aren't you always busy?"

"I go workout at the gym, do some yoga and so on to keep my style. Also, sometimes I have vocal lessons or dance lessons…even though I have no interest of becoming an idol."

It seems like gravure models have it really hard.

"Well, if I act like I'm stressed from my job, I can sleep during class after all."


Fair enough, our school's supposed to be rather strict, but Amanashi can just sleep through class all she wants. Since she's the school's first celebrity, maybe they treat her differently. Even a famous school needs to have one or two superstars, so to speak. It might be a good appeal for people outside after all. But, to think that Amanashi would use her position as a celebrity this skillfully…

"Well, for starters, how about you try to stay awake during class? You might greatly improve your grades just from that after all."

"Muu, you start with an impossible challenge, Sai-kun. I can't stand being sleepy."

"All the others also partake in class even though they might be sleepy."

"Now that you say it, although Sai-kun's supposed to be a rebel, you quietly listen in class, right? Just when I thought that I had a comrade, you're suddenly back-stabbing me!"

"That's completely different."

She's saying something completely random again. But, it looks like it might a bit difficult to stop her from sleeping in class.

"And also, even if we stop that, it won't help for the upcoming tests anyway. Uhm, I'm rather the social sciences type, what about you?"

"More the relaxing type, I guess?"

"If you play around like this, I'll teach you nonsense and watch as you take last place, okay?"

"Sai-kun, your kind smile is really scary!"

Well, at this rate, she'll take the last place nonetheless, so there's no need to tease here like this probably.

"U-Uhm, I guess I'm also the social sciences type. I gave up on math in my first year of middle school."

"So fast!"

There's only about one week left until the exams, so it might be better to focus on her strong points.

"Well, it would be good if you had the bare minimum of a scholarly ability. Since you're basically living in the show biz, you'll probably be forced to play the idiot and suffer from that."

"My selling point is not my stupidity! It's my breasts! My breasts! These breasts that are about to overflow is my selling point!" (WHERES THE ILLUSTRATION DOE)

In one quick motion, she rested her big breasts on the table. What's with these non-highschool-typical breasts…!

"J-Just put them away, okay."

"I can't just deposit and withdraw them."

"Anyway! We'll start studying now! If you don't understand anything, just ask me!"

"Yes, Saigi-sensei!"


Leaving aside that way of calling me…is this really going to be alright…?

"…Hey, Amanashi."

"What is it, Sai-kun."

"I don't think that studying is everything, you know? You can perfectly live without that."

"That's completely different from what you said just now!"

And, it didn't turn out alright in the end.

"I'll just be honest. I didn't think that Amanashi was very clever, but…"


"R-Rather than an idiot…I'd call it extreme…"

"I don't get what you mean!"

Yeah, I don't really get it either, but you could probably guess what I meant.

"Be it modern Japanese, or older Japanese, even the basic English is something we should have to fix, but we don't have the time for that. The only thing we can do is put all our hopes on world history…"

"Uuuu…World history, huh…" Amanashi's breasts once more dropped on the table.

Maybe that position is easier for her. They look really heavy…I wonder how much one breast weighs…?

"I'm bad at remembering names written in katakana, you know. Like this one…Marcus Aurelius Antoninus! Is this some sort of tease towards me?"

"Yeah, a tease that crossed time. But, why did you chose world history then…"

At Seikadai, students have the option to change between world history and Japanese history. And between the two, the people who chose Japanese history are in the majority.

"Muu, I'm not good with Japanese history. I mean, I have to remember names as well, right? Yoshitomo or Yoritomo, Kiyomori or Takamori or Atsumori and so on…"

Wasn't Atsumori that verse that Oda Nobunaga performed before the battle Okehazama, saying "Man has but 50 years, and life is but a dream"…Why does she know that?


"I can't remember either of them…But I thought that I would have less problems if I chose world history without all these Japanese names and their kanji."

It seems like we really have to focus on her current resources so that maybe it will turn out okay in the end.

"Anyway, let's focus on the things that you can still take points in. See these underlined parts in my workbook? You do the same and focus on these for now—"

"Hm? What's wrong, Sai-kun? Do you want to fondle my breasts?"

"I won't turn into a sudden beast like that! It's not that—I'm gonna make a phone call, so you do what I just told you."

"Okaaaay. Take your time~"

I picked up the phone on the table and stood up. After bowing my head to an employee that passed me, I left the store. In front of the restaurant, there was a black board, with the current menus written on them. I just happened to spot it. In the shadow of that—

"Maksensei, what are you doing?"

"—Ah?! W-What a coincidence, Saigi-kun!"

The person that froze up at my words was of course my home room teacher, Maksensei.

"Y-You're wrong, okay? I'm still in the middle of work, you know."

"Do you get paid by hiding in front of a family restaurant?"

"Boy…it seems like your education is still lacking. That cheeky attitude towards Maksensei is a no-go"

And, once more she's in her bewitching Onee-san mode.

"No, it's not that. It's really for my job. I mean, right now there are many students who study in family restaurants and burger shops, right? I'm just looking over them so that they don't cause any trouble." She says as she once more hides behind the blackboard, pulling me with her.

Well, it's true that, if Amanashi would see us like this, we, or rather I, wouldn't get off that easily.

"Say, Sensei, is it really necessary to go this far?"

"You really are doubtful…Look, that person. Over there."

She pointed her gaze towards a person standing in front of the family restaurant. Wearing glasses and a suit, a young woman is looking inside the restaurant.

"That person is a middle school teacher I believe. I've seen her before at an incorporation training or something. There are other teachers doing that besides me."

"A teacher from middle school? I don't remember her…I think?"

But, isn't she staring straight at where Amanashi is sitting? Maybe she's even looking over the high school students while she's at it.

"……? Ah"

That teacher-looking like person realized our gaze and let out a weird voice—

As if she wanted to run away, she turned on her heel and started walking away on fast feet.

"What was that about? That's some suspicious behaviour, just like with Maksensei before."

"I was just flustered that you saw me while I was watching you!"

That's what you call an admission.

"Though I was watching, I had no intention of step in your studies. I'm trying my best so that the students won't see me."

"I see…"

So as long as the students don't trouble the stores, she stays in a safe distance to not interrupt them, huh. Seems like I thought too deep into this. Well, dwelling too deep on that middle school teacher would be a waste too.

"That's right, you don't have to worry. I just hid here because of my instructions!"

"That sounds like you just thought of that…"

"And, I'm still young. Since an older teacher was supposed to do this, I offered to take that job!"

"Are you sure that there's no other goal besides that?!"

She didn't take this upon her to search for me and Amanashi, right?! Just what I would expect from Maksensei, she can keep an eye on us, all the while getting praise from her colleagues.

"And also, watching over problem children like you and Amanashi is something I do all the time anway."

"Sadly, I have no response to that…"

Maybe the other teachers would do exactly the same if they saw me and Amanashi study together. No wait, I'm just a bit rebellious, okay? It's like I'm a problem child.

"But still, it's just as I suspected…Amanashi-san keeps resting her inhuman chest on the table…how indecent…I don't remember raising her like this!"

"I'm sure that it's the same for Amanashi…"

Are you her mother or what?

"Grr…Just when I thought that Jinsho-san would be our only problem, Amanashi-san keeps surprising me. No, since I don't know what she's planning, she might be the most dangerous one."

"I don't know if your head hurts or anything, but she's just studying."

"Keep letting down your guard like that, and all of a sudden she'll jump at you with her fangs bared! Maybe she'll invite you to her room, and force you into the bath with her!"

"You would know best, since you did the exact same thing."

Sometimes, she really puts herself on a pedestal, this person.

"Ah, that's right. But, Saigi-kun, do you have your crime-prevention buzzer?"

"There's no way I'd still have that."

I'm not in grade school anymore. If I'd ring that as a high school student, it would only look weird.

"W-Why…you're letting your guard down, Saigi-kun!"

"People tend to say the exact opposite about me, though."

Aren't you forgetting that I am alertness personified?

"Ahh, it's time already. I have to watch the next place. And, just for reference, how are her studies looking so far?"

"You're asking like you're a teacher, huh."

"I am a teacher! Ahh, no. I'm actually afraid of the answer, so pretend you didn't hear that," Maksensei said as she let out a sigh.

She then proceeded to turn her back to me and walk away—just when I thought that, she stopped again.

"…If you're troubled, then come ask me for advice. Looking after Amanashi-san's trouble might be a bit too much for one person alone, so rely on me anytime you want."

"Ah, yes," I nodded, and this time she left for good.

She really is an absurd person, but she really honestly is worried about her pupils. But…

I stepped out of my hiding spot and watch the interior of the restaurant. Amanashi realized my gaze, stopped up and started waving at me with a bright smile.

"The person in question doesn't even realize her dire situation…"

The next morning, when I woke up, it had already been ten minutes later than usual. Normally, I never oversleep.

Maybe because I overused my head yesterday when I was teaching Amanashi.

"Fuwaaaa…So sleepy…"

I hurriedly changed into my uniform and stepped out of my room. My home has a combined living room, dining room and a kitchen. Though it was built about 20 years prior, it's still looking as good as new, and it's very spacious. And here, I'm living together with my little sister Miharu. It's not like there was a tragic events with our parents or anything, it's just that they're both in the foreign trade business, so they rarely come back to Japan, which still seems a bit fishy to me. They're not involved in human trafficking right?

Anyway, we get enough financial support from them, but everything house work related, I have to do that myself. Even though there's another member in this household, I have to do it myself.


Walking down the hallway, I noticed a strange occurrence. I heard sounds coming from the living room.

Huh, Miharu's up already? No way. She normally wakes up one hour later than me. Impossible.

No, wait. That's right. Miharu's 15 this year, a high school girl. There might be a slight possibility that she had a change of heart! At the very least, the chance that she got up before me and made breakfast already isn't zero! If I take one more step, I can look into the dining room. And even further than that, the possibility that there'd a newborn Miharu there might disappear—so basically, should I just wait here?

"…No, there's no way! Mother? I thought I told you to contact me if you come home—

As I entered the living room—

"Oh, good morning. You're up early I see."


There was a naked apron.

"Wait a bit, the breakfast will take a bit longer. Go and wash your face."

"Why are you here, Maksensei!" I asked as I hurriedly hid behind the sofa.

I saw everything! Maksensei, who turned around as she was standing in front of the dishwasher—She wore an apron. Or rather, she wore nothing BUT an apron! From the sides of that apron, I could almost see her breasts! And when she turned her back to me, her white panties were in plain sight! Ahh, rather than a naked apron, isn't this an underwear apron?

"Wait, that doesn't matter anyway!"

"What are you talking about, Saigi-kun? Properly return the greeting, will you."

"It's not like you're wrong about that, but…Well, good morning. And? What's up with these crazy clothes?"

"What's crazy here is that greeting. And this naked apron here is a welcoming greeting from a new wife for her husband. The tradition was brought over from Europe after the Meiji-restoration (~1867), you know?"

"That's just 100% nonsense like always, right?"

Well, I shouldn't bother retorting to that anyway.

"Just what I would expect from my doubtful Saigi-kun. You saw right through me. This right here is the formal manner for girls to seduce a boy! Meeting physical and sexual hunger, it's a magical costume!"


Even if she's an English teacher, I wish that she'd use more every-day vocabulary to make it easier for me to understand.

"…But, wait. Being seen any more like this is really embarrassing…"

"Ah, I'm sorr—No no no, Sensei's the one showing me, right?!"

I happened to lift my head up over to couch to retort that, to which Maksensei responded by hiding her body with her arms. But somehow, that looks even more erotic…

"……Mhm? How did you even get in here? The door was locked, right?"

The Fujiki household she's living in is directly next doors to ours. It seems like it didn't happen per pure coincidence, but rather she was actually aiming for it. Is she serious?

"Ahh, I happened to meet Miharu last night and borrowed a key. I told her I'd give her some pudding and some cheese sufflét, and she just gave it to me."

"That's bribery, you know that!"

Miharu…I know that she loves sweets from the convenience store, but to think that she'd give away the key for just two of them…

"I mean, a surprise is important, don't you think? Have to make sure that our relationship doesn't get stale, right?"

"Can you please not pull any more surprises like this? It's really bad for my heart…"

"Don't worry, I'm a teacher, right? If it came down ti it, I could give you CPR!"

"How about you try not to make it come this far instead?!"

And what do you mean with stale…we're not in this sort of relationship anyway.

"Ahhh, anyway, just put on some clothes, will you! Things will be bad if Miharu were to see this!"

She'd find out how nuts Maksensei actually is. It would completely destroy her 'Unobtainable Flower' image in her head.

"No problem. Miharu-san won't wake up just yet. I found out about that already."

"Even family information is leaking out, huh…"

It seems like I have to go full-out and stop whoever's leaking all that information. Even know there's so many things I don't know, everyone around me seems to know everything about me.

"And will you finally put on some clothes?!"

"Wait a bit, will you, Saigi-kun! This is so embarrassing that I want to die! If you don't enjoy this at least a little bit, all my effort and built up courage will be for naught!"

"Use your courage for some more commendable actions, will you!"

Why am I the one at fault here?!

"Yesterday, you were ogling Amanashi-san's breasts all the time, right! I had to overwrite that no matter what!"

"So that really is your goal?!"

Whenever I happen to see an erotic video or photo, she has to 'overwrite' with something even more erotic from her side. Even though I thought that she was really worried about her students!

"It's very important! It's really rude, telling me to change without having a taste first!"

"A taste of what?!"

"Of course, this. Now, come here."


Trying my best no to look at her, I slowly trotted towards the kitchen.

Ahhh, her plump butt, only covered by her white underwear…and her side-boobs…

"Saigi-kun, have a taste?"

"Ah, it's miso soup…"

I focussed my senses away from her impactful appearance, and onto the scent that greeted me. Apparently, she was making miso soup with a induction cooker. She put a small bit on a small plate and handed it to me.

"…Yeah, it seems good."

"Thank god. I was afraid that I had to cut my belly open if it didn't fit your taste…"

"I'm really glad that you had to choose this joke and not another, more harmless one!"

But, yeah, it really is delicious. And that's not flattery, I really think so. But—

"It's really good, but, how do I say it…it's too perfect?"

"Of course, I did everything according to the recipe down to the smallest measurement. In cooking, it's 'Don't do anything unnecessary' after all."


Ahh, I see. So it's that.

Once you've grown accustomed to cooking, you start with measuring the ingredients with your eyes, but this person's balance is a bit too perfect. Though I happen to forget it at times, she still is the unobtainable flower, a perfectionist. There's no way that she would be bad at cooking.

"Well, she does have some obvious flaws, but since there's always a chance of being seen by other people, she has her techniques to hide these flaws."

"Saigi-kun, Saigi-kun, your monologue is coming out."


Well, I happened to blurt out my real feelings there.

"Though I really would like to hear more about these flaws—Next, will you have a taste of me?"

"Make sure to go home before Miharu wakes up, okay?"

Maksensei grinned at me, to what I responded with an equal grin.

Immediately, Maksensei puffed her cheeks—and at the same time took out her smartphone to quickly take a picture of my smiling face. For her, is my smile really so worth it to take a picture of it?

But still, for my home room teacher to greet me this early in the morning, cooking something for me while wearing nothing but an apron…What kind of novel-like scenario is this? Though, I'm also quite terrified of myself that I can calmly assess the situation right now.

"But, if I don't do something like this, I can never win against Amanashi-san, right?"

"Never win…I really don't think that you always have to try to one-up them."

Even if she's on antagonistic terms with SID, is there really a need to pull an naked apron on me?

"But, Saigi-kun hates teacher's, right? You don't necessarily hate your cute classmate, do you?"


Her voice sounded unexpectedly serious there. But, she's right. Towards teachers, I'm the rebellious, cheeky Saigi-kun. However, I never said that I hated any of my female classmates, and i don't either now. Amanashi is just so easy to retort against, so the conversations are pretty funny most of the time. Now that I think about it—how do I feel towards the girl named Amanashi Nui? If I had something to say about her, that is.

"……Sensei, even if you say that with a straight face, the persuasiveness is close to zero."

"Oh no~ ♡"

Please spare me that.

Though she looks pretty embarrassed, there's no way she'd actually reflect on this or regret this at all. Leaving out the question of how I feel about Amanashi, I have to think of how I should feel about Sensei.

Though our mansion might be a bit old, the location is great. It's just about three minutes until the next train station. Thanks to that, my little sister can sleep in until the last minute. To be fair, I don't think that this kind of lifestyle is very commendable for a girl of her age.

After Maksensei finished preparing breakfast, she left our house, and just in that moment, Miharu woke up. Typical Sensei, she's too good with her timing…it's almost scary. And, even though it was prepared from someone else, she ate her breakfast without complaining. Is she not the slightest bit suspicious that Maksensei might've made this, since Miharu gave her the key to our apartment? Even though she should be on antagonistic terms with Maksensei, as a member of SID, she's even helping her…Weird.

—Or this is what an amateur would think. As her older brother, who had seen similar behaviour for years, it's not that weird at all. After all, my little sister is someone that loves sweets more than anything. I guess I should be happy that she wasn't lured in by sweets as a small kid.

"Alright Miharu, I'll go on ahead. Make sure to lock everything up, okay."

"Okeeeeeey" She gave an absent-minded answer.

She's got her long, black hair put in a ponytail, and wears a hoodie under her uniforms blazer. Though it is an indisputable fact that my little sister certainly is cute, she still has that sloppy atmosphere around her. And, this cat-like little sister of mine is currently tapping and tapping on her smartphone as she takes an elegant sip of her black tea.

You really don't have the time to gracefully drink that, you know? Well, since she's normally on time, I won't be the noisy one here.

Leaving the mansion on my own, I started walking towards the train station. Maksensei on her part should've already gone out. With proper clothes, that is. Really, I'm sure that every time I'm gonna see her today, I'll be forced to remember that naked apron figure of hers. Seems like my grades for English this year might drop a bit.


Outside the mansion, there's a small park after one minute on foot. With attractions to play on, it's perfectly made for little children. Though, most of these attractions didn't win against the time, and now it was only a playground slide and swing. When we were kids, Miharu and I often came here to play—actually, no.

Even in her younger years, she loved being at home just as much as she does today, calling it her paradise and so on.

But, nevermind that.

There really aren't a lot of people here this early. The kids from grade school are on the way there already, and the younger kids' moms probably still sleep at this time of the day, so it's still a bit more time until it will get crowded here.

But even so, there are human silhouettes, standing at said park—

"Ah, you came. I thought that you didn't pass by here just out of a whim. I wonder what kind of punishment would've been suitable…"


The silhouette was standing at the most prominent spot—the top of the slide, and it was the student president of Seikadai Academy, with crossed arms as she looked down at me.

Jinsho Karen—long, black hair; slender, long legs and her uniform perfectly fit that beauty. And, I'll just say this up front but she's rather the unreasonably pushy person.

"Ahahahahaha, heyho, Sai-kun!"

The person swinging up and down while she was waving at me was Amanashi Nui.

"G-Good morning, Sensei…"

Standing next to the swing, the girl, Shinju Muku, was holding a cat for some reason. Her nickname is 'Kuu'. Her dark-blue hair reaches until her shoulders, and she has them connected on the side. Wearing a small hat, and a cute sailor uniform, she is a student of the Seikadai's grade school department. To be precise, she's in fifth grade, and because of certain circumstances, she calls me 'Sensei'. Sometimes I'm really worried if it was fine for such a small, cute creature to walk down the streets around here.

"E-Eh? Why are you all here…?" I stepped into the park.

Leaving aside the other two from my high school, it's weird for even Kuu to be here.

"Ahhh, so sleepy… Why can't Onii-chan not just carry Miharu to school?"


Turning around towards that voice behind me, Miharu, who was supposed to take her time at home, was standing there.

"What is this?"

Why is SID gathered here? In a children's playground, at this hour?

"Good work coming here, Saigi Makoto!"

"Uhm, President. This is literally my neighbourhood, you know?"

The cloister Karen-kaichou lives in is more than just a small walk away. In truth, I should be the one asking : "Why did you come here, Jinsho Karen."

"You should know why we're here, Saigi Makoto."

"Uhm, I don't remember doing anything bad, though…"

"You really have thick skin to be able to say something like that. Well, it doesn't matter."

Even though President really is quite the beauty to behold, her manner of speaking is quite manly. Just like her personality.

"We already got the information. You've been studying together with Amanshi Nui, right? Not to mention just the two of you."

"Well, Amanashi is an idiot after all…"

"I'm getting dissed again?! Really, you have to take responsibility if I start enjoying that, you know, Sai-kun!"

"No, I won't, okay…?"

It seems like Amanashi is a slight masochist. By the way, President is undoubtedly a sadist. A hardcore one. (Proofreader note: Sadist Girls are hot, change my mind)

"Amanashi Nui's sexual preferences are none of my business. However—the fact that the two of you were studying all alone is something that we, SID, cannot ignore. Originally, we would have to hang you up, and pull out the details with that method.

"I'll tell you even without having to hang me up!"

Is this some sort of hobby of hers?

"Tch. You're honest at the weirdest time."

"Karen-kaichou wants to hang me up at the weirdest times is all."

"However, the fact that we can't overlook this doesn't change. Isn't that right, Saigi Miharu, Shinju Muku?"

"Yeah yeah, Miharu also wants to be taught by Onii-chan."

"…Y-Yes. It is my duty…to be taught by Sensei after all…"


It's true that I never taught Miharu before—

Or rather, it's because she never showed any motivation to actually study. And concerning Kuu…there were times when I looked over her studies.

"It's very simple, Saigi Makoto. You'll just have to teach every single member of SID! We won't let Amanashi Nui have all these sweet memories for herself!"

"Even teach President?!"

If my memory doesn't fail me, Karen-kaichou should be a year above me: a third-year. And I heard that she's considered a genius too. There's no wait I could teach her anything—but, that's right. The story is pretty simple.

It's totally unbelievable, but all the girls gathered here have romantic feelings for me. All of them simply want to study together with me, I guess…

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