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Chapter 57

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If it is someone else who said that he would scrap Song Jian'an's hand and let Sanda club members suffer, everyone would just burst into laughter and listen to it as a joke .

But the one saying it now was the fierce person, Xiao Luo, his one foot can kick a person four or five meters away, playing football can make the football burn into a fireball, such a guy is non-human, they believe Xiao Luo has the strength from the bottom of their hearts .

Looking at Xiao Luo's leaving figure, Du Pengfei cried, crying like a poor child with shivering body . He finally understand why Tang Yuze and Zhao Xinghe when it comes to Xiao Luo's face will change color . He is a terrible monster!

"What's your name? Didn't you hear the teacher telling you to stop?"

The PE teacher felt humiliated and pointed to Xiao Luo and shouted angrily .

But when Xiao Luo stopped, he subconsciously stepped back, fully alert at Xiao Luo, he was really afraid of the beast, afraid that he'll be next .

Xiao Luo turned his head slowly and said indifferently: "Teacher, I believe you have seen what happened . They hit me with the ball first, and I just gave him the same thing . "

The PE teacher was furious and pointed at Du Pengfei . He shouted, "Bullshit . According to what you said, do you want to bite the dog if the dog bites you?"

"I agree that they are dogs, but I will not bite the dog, because I am a human being . If the dog bites me, I will only hit him with a stick until he is afraid of me!" Xiao Luo said indifferently .

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Although these words were spoken lightly, everyone in the place felt Xiao Luo's ruthless determination .

"You . . . "

The physical education teacher was livid with anger and his nostrils were smoldering . It was really the first time that he met such a difficult student . He thought that as a physical education teacher, he was strong and can not get easily angry . Any student was afraid of something . But this student just had no fear of him .

At this moment, Chu Yue, with a graceful figure, came up and said softly with red lips: "Mr . Wang, this really can't be blamed on him . It's all because of Du Pengfei's provocation . It's because of Du Pengfei . There would be no such situation if it weren't for him . "

Bai Xeiwen beside, nodded .

In the face of these two great beauties, teacher Wang's furrowed brows slowly spread out . Moreover, when Chu yue came along, they brought up a fragrant wind . as a middle-aged man with strong androgen secretion, he usually dealt with male students . Now he smelled the fragrance of such women and it could be said that it was impossible to be distracted .

"Well, what Chu Yue said was quite right . I was confused for a moment and accidentally blamed the wrong person . "

Mr . Wang immediately agreed with Chu Yue's statement, then turned his face straight and shouted at Du Pengfei, "Du Pengfei, in view of your serious disturbance of classroom discipline, your attempt to hurt your classmates, and your extremely bad behavior, I will apply to the school for your next punishment . In addition, your sports results this semester are not up to standard, so please continue to make up for it next semester . "

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Sh*t, is this the charm of a school flower?

Clearly, it was Du Pengfei who got hurt . But as a result, Xiao Luo was not responsible at all . The punishment fell on Du Pengfei and they had to make up for it next semester . What a waste of time!

Everyone is sympathetic to Du Pengfei and his companions, at the same time, the bottom of their hearts have also put the relationship between Chu Yue and Xiao Luo with speculation . Those who pursue her are greeted with straightforward refusal, so maybe she already have a boyfriend . Plus they don't know where this fierce person, Xiao Luo, came from . Otherwise chu month how can stand up to speak for him?

When Du Pengfei and the others heard teacher Wang's words, they became suddenly white and have a bloodless complexion, their intestines green from regret .

Xiao Luo was surprised and glanced at Chu Yue . He's a little surprised that she decided to help himself to speak, but in the end he said nothing . He turned and walked to a corner, took out his mobile phone and continued to play .

Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen after talking to teacher Wang, ran towards him .

"Pretender, I helped you, wont you say thank you?" Chu Yue pursed her mouth, unhappy .

"Thank you!"

Xiao Luo didn't even look at her, he's just playing his mobile phone game selflessly, "If you're done, and if there is nothing else, you can go away . "

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Chu Yue stamped her foot with anger: "Can you talk to me well? If you are friendly, will you die?"

She really didn't know where this guy's superiority came from . She took the initiative to come forward to chat with him . However, he was a smelly fart that kept people away, making it difficult for her not to get angry .

"Xiao Luo, Queen Chu wants to be friends with you . "

Bai Xeiwen joined, as Chu Yue's best friend, the two people talk about almost everything, she naturally know Chu Yue's attitude to Xiao Luo, such a good boy in all aspects, even if Chu Yue aren't close to boys . She also a great interest in Xiao Luo, there is still some desire to make friends with him .


Xiao Luo is self-aware, he just wants to get out of the way after the protection of Chu Yue after 3 months . He won't have any contact with anyone in Hua Ye school, quietly leaving these people's world, without taking away a cloud . So to make friends with Chu Yuw, he strongly resist from the bottom of his heart .

Chu Yue also made no secret of it: "Pretender, we had a lot of unhappiness, but that was all over, wasn't it? Let's bury the hatchet and be friends . "

She said, and stretched out her right hand .

Of course, this is not to say that she likes Xiao Luo, but she simply appreciates such a boy, she just wants to be friends with him .

"It's okay to bury the hatchet, but we can't be friends . " Xiao Luo stood up and said .

"Why?" Chu Yue was angry and she doesn't understand .

"You are a rich young lady, and I am just a guy from an ordinary family . I am just a passer-by . I never believe that we can become friends . " Xiao Luo casually found a reason to perfunctory .

"Xiao Luo, I am from an ordinary family, but Chu and I are very good friends . " Bai Xeiwen said .

Xiao Luo smiled: "You are a girl, and I am definitely not the same . " Looking at Chu Yue, "Moreover, if I get too close to you, I'm afraid many people will misunderstand . Once that misunderstanding occurs, I may have more trouble . "

"Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding? " Chu Yue blinked her almond eyes .

"Misunderstanding that I am your boyfriend . " Xiao Luo calmly said .

Hearing this, Chu Yue blushed immediately and cried with shame and anger: "What are you talking about? Even if all the boys in the world are dead, I will never let you be my boyfriend . "

"So let's not be friends . It's really bad to be misunderstood by others . " Xiao Luo shrugged it off .

"Hum, who cares anymore!? Don't you think this young lady is very rare to be friends with you, Bai Xeiwen? Let's go . This guy is a psychopath . " Chu Yue irritatedly took Bai Xeiwen turned and walked away .

Xiao Luo exhaled a long breath, sat down and continued to play with his mobile phone .

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