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Chapter 56

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"Ding, congratulations to the host for his football skill!"

Xiao Luo ignored the system prompt in his mind, a pair of eyes coldly glared at Du Pengfei and his companions . His face horribly gloomy, the temperature fell down several degrees . Everyone's body can't help but hit chills .

"You like playing football, don't you? Well, I'll play with you!"

He cruelly licked his lips, his body became a flash, he came to another football near him, pumping another foot shot . The same action and not sloppy .

The football roared up and brought up a strong wind that roared and hissed . It spun and tore the space at a high speed, rapidly closing the distance of 20 to 30 meters . It severely impacted on the forehead of a sports student . Under the strong and domineering force, the sports student's strong body rolled upside down like an out-of-control car and fell three to four meters away .

Humming his head, his brain seemed to be stirred into a pool of paste by a blender . He tried hard to stand up, but as if he had lost his cerebellum, he could not maintain the balance of his body . He stumbled a few steps and fell down again like a drunk amn .

Before the crowd could react, Xiao Luo kicked another ball .

"Peng Peng ~"

At once, four sports students were knocked over by the ferocious football .

Hiss . . .

The whole crowd gasped in horror and looked at it with horror . What kind of strength and power is this? Is that guy really omega supreme's leg?

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Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen were completely stunned, they looked at Xiao Luo stupefied, they think this guy is enigmatic but is incredibly powerful .

Despite the crowds surprise . Xiao Luo was deadpan, as he made another incredible kick posture . The upper part of the body is low, his face is almost touching the football, his right foot is raised back high, and his left foot alone supports his entire body .

Oh, my god, can you keep your balance like this?

Seeing this scene, the crowd couldn't help but widen their eyes .

The physical education teacher was also stunned on the spot . Such a kicking posture is unheard of and unprecedented, but he can clearly feel its domineering and ferocity . This is to concentrate the whole body's strength on his right foot, and the raised right foot can magnify this force to the extreme in the process of kicking . The ordinary kicking method is already strong enough . If the ball is kicked out like this and hits a person, wouldn't it he/she be . . . dead?

Considering this, the PE teacher broke out in a cold sweat .

"Stop it, quick . . . stop it!"

He shouted loudly and rushed at Xiao Luo regardless of everything, vowing to stop Xiao Luo from hitting the ball .

But it was too late, and Xiao Luo's right foot had been shot down .


The football turned into a wild beast and roared . The trajectory it flew over was no longer a parabola, but a straight line that looked straight to the naked eye . It clung to the ground and hissed at Du Pengfei's remaining three companions .

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The three men's eyeballs were almost protruding from their eyes . The high-speed rotating soccer ball was getting bigger and bigger in their eyes . Suddenly, they seemed to have hallucinations, because the soccer ball flying towards them turned into a fireball and the flames were burning up on its surface .

Blinked their eyes, they looked intently . The three men were immediately scared out of their wits . Was it their illusion, but this is clearly true? The football really burned up, like a comet dragging the red tail, with sweeping power and surging impact!

"Help . . . Help!"

The three men closed their eyes and cried aloud . At this moment, they really experienced the feeling of death, despair, fear, and their mind was enveloped by heat .

"Peng ~"

The burning soccer ball burst open when it was about to hit them, turning into countless fiery flames scattered all over the floor . A pungent smell of scorching air filled the sapce, and black smoke rose up with it .


There was a deathly silence in the football field . Everyone opened their eyes wide and stared blankly at the scattered flames on the ground . After that, a cold shiver ran down their backs . The hairs on their backs stood up uncontrollably at the moment .

"The football was . . . was set on fire . . . " A student said in a trembling voice .

Another student was dumbfounded when he said that, "It turns out that what is shown in the movie is true . When the speed of the football reaches a certain level, it can really burn up and become a fireball after severe friction with the air . "

And Du Pengfei's three companions, like walking from the gates of hell were pale . They can no longer maintain a standing posture . They collapsed and sat on the ground like mud, breathing heavily as cold sweat drip from their bodies . Their body can't help but shiver . One of them had a wet crotch, but was scared to urinate .

Chu Yue and Bai Xeiwen gaped and did not dare to imagine that all this was true . Xiao Luo, in a short time, turned the football field into a battlefield-like thriller . Terrifying, Horrifying!

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However, the PE teacher was quietly relieved . Fortunately, the football burst open at the critical moment after it was ignited, without causing any substantial damage to the three students . Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable .

At the moment, Du Pengfei's face was as black as earth, his tongue froze and he could not say a word . In the blink of an eye, his nine companions collapsed or were knocked over by the football they were proud of . This was simply unthinkable . He was so frightened that he could not even breathe in the air . His heart pounded and his legs trembled uncontrollably .

"It's your turn!"

When Xiao Luo's cold, unemotional words sounded .

Du Pengfei was shaking with fear . After returning to his absolute being, he turned and ran like a chicken outside the stadium . He ran recklessly . He wanted to stay as far away from the beast as possible .

"Do you run away from football?"

The corners of Xiao Luo's mouth curled into a sneer . He leisurely walked to a football near .

No, he's going to shoot again!

The physical education teacher looked at this and his face suddenly changed .

"Stop fooling around!"

With a loud roar, he ran up a short distance, fell to the ground and glided, with his sole breaking towards the football at the foot of Xiao Luo . This was a beautiful tackle, with the obvious aim of cutting off Xiao Luo's football .

Xiao Luo glanced at him lightly and took the football with his foot . He easily escaped his shovel . Then, with a shot on his instep, the football slowly lifted up . Then, he drew a rainbow arc in the air, bypassing one person and rushing towards Du Pengfei, speeding up furiously at the sprint time like life .

"This is . . . what did I see? Beckham's curveball? "

The PE teacher was shocked and forgot for a moment that Xiao Luo was throwing a football at people .

The others were also stunned and shocked .

In the rush, Du Pengfei felt the football roaring behind him . He subconsciously wanted to avoid it .

But it's too late!

"Peng ~"

The soccer ball hit him hard on the back . The terrible force contained in it knocked him directly to the ground . Du Pengfei even rolled the ball four or five meters away . How awkward it was . At last, like a dead dog, he lay prone on the grass and gasped . The grass on his mouth was blown away by him .

The whole stadium was silent, everyone's mind could not get rid of the football with fire for a long time, as well as the last arc track like a rainbow in the air!

The PE teacher was relieved because it was obvious that Xiao Luo did not have an intention to kill the other party . Otherwise, all of Du Pengfei's people would have been seriously injured and even killed .

Xiao Luo walked to the front of Du Pengfei step by step and looked at him from a high position: "I tell you Sanda club members, especially Song Jian'an, my patience is limited . If he doesn't know how to restrain himself, I will personally find him and take away his hand . All of you have to suffer with him . I will do what I say!"

Arrogant, overbearing, arrogant!

All the people who heard these words felt a shiver from their souls .

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