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Chapter 431

Chapter 431: Barbarian .


“Thank you for your kindness . No matter what the performance of Group 3 is, I am always a member and a part of it . ” Si Yueting rejected Xu Le’s invitation, which was only offered for the purpose of provoking their current Team Leader . She would not accept it .

Liu Yiyao also nodded and chuckled, “Like Yueting, I was born (figuratively) in Group 3 and will die (figuratively) in Group 3 .   Till the very end . ”


Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows, and his eyes brightened a bit .   After all, the three of them were still strangers, but with them saying that, although he was able to maintain calmness on the surface, he was indeed feeling a little surprised inside .

“Well, that’s a pity . ”

When Xu Le saw that he had failed to humiliate Xiao Luo, he spat and cursed fiercely in his heart . “This two smelly b*tches are really shameless . Hah, you’ll be crying later anyways!”

“Le Ge, your water . ”

At this moment, Guan Tong just came back from fetching water, and happily handed Xu Le the thermos cup, smiling and being respectful .

Xu Le immediately vented his anger on Guan Tong and shouted, “What are you doing, do you want to burn me to death?”

“But your… water …” Guan Tong frowned, clearly puzzled .

“Pig brain, can’t you put it on my desk? Must you hand it over to me?” Xu Le didn’t give Tong any face, and rebuked him in front of everyone .

Guan Tong grinded his teeth . Anger flashed on his face, but he still smiled and replied, “Understood brother!”

Turning around, he walked to Xu Le’s desk . .

The people in the sales department had different attitudes towards such scenes, it ranged from ridicule, regret to disapproval . But, there was no sympathy . The more cowardly Guan Tong was, the more no one would appreciate him . Although they agreed Xu Le was indeed going overboard, Guan Tong’s acceptance made them dislike him even more .

“Fat idiot! I doubt someone will marry you!”

Xu Le looked at Guan Tong’s back and cursed . Then he deliberately glanced at Xiao Luo from the corner of his eye . “Birds of the same feather, flock together . Indeed, people are divided into groups . This idiot’s fat friend is by no means a good ‘creature . ’ So what if you’re lucky to get an order from a princess? F*cking ignorant garbage . ”

Hearing this, Xiao Luo finally put down his pen and stood up . He walked from his seat to the corridor, and confronted Xu Le with a hard glare, “Team leader Xu, I didn’t hear you clearly just now . Can you repeat what you just said?”

With a smile on his face, everyone could hear the threat in his words .

Si Yueting and Liu Yiyao looked at each other and asked themselves, “Brother Luo is not going to hit people, is he?”

When being stared down by Xiao Luo’s eyes, Xu Le inexplicably felt a sense of panic, but everyone in the office was looking over at them . Therefore, even if he was overwhelmed by Xiao Luo’s momentum, he still had to remain dignified? When he thought about this, he immediately straightened his chest and pointed at Xiao Luo’s nose . “Fine I’ll say it again, that idiot’s fat friend is not a good person . So what if you’re lucky to get an order from a princess? F*cking ignorant garbage . ”

“You have a lot of balls . ”

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Xiao Luo nodded with a smile . But the next second, he turned freezing cold . He then proceeded to kick Xu Le in the chest .


With the sound of a dull physical collision, Xu Le was like a broken kite as he flew two to three meters back . He slammed to the ground, and felt like his bones were falling apart . He screamed out in pain .

Before he could react, Xiao Luo grabbed a potted cactus plant on the desk next to him, and threw it as if he was a baseball pitcher, it went crashing against Xu Le’s head .

Direct and agile, without hesitation!

“Pa cha ~”

The pot broke instantly, the soil inside was scattered all over the floor, while the cactus rolled aside . Xu Le’s head received injury, many of the cactus’ spines pricked his forehead, which aggravated the pain and increased his screaming .

The whole office stood up almost at the same time, and looked into the corridor with horror . Xu Le was beaten by Xiao Luo, they felt the chill that was instilled from the crown of their skull to the soles of their feet . Their whole body was cold as they looked at Xiao Luo in fear .

A malicious person!


They had never thought that this elegant-looking guy would be so cruel to launch such a malicious attack . He was comparable to a bad wolf . He also was not very talkable, and such types of people were frequently the most terrifying .

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“God Bless… God bless… What are you doing? Do you not want to work in Huayao Group anymore?”

Guan Tong hurriedly ran to Xiao Luo at this time, and quickly held him back . Although he knew that Xiao Luo was the boss of Luo Fang, he shouldn’t make trouble in Huayao Group . He might get into a lawsuit . Not to mention Boss Shen, they would become public enemy . It would do more harm than good .

“Guan Tong, don’t worry about it!”

Xiao Luo pushed Guan Tong aside, looked down and swept his eyes around . Xiao Luo then walked to Xu Le, who was still conscious despite the injury on his head . He squatted down and put his hand against his ear in a ‘listen’ gesture . “Come, repeat what you just said . My ear has not been well lately and I didn’t hear things clearly . ”

“You barbarian, I will sue you, I will sue you!” Xu Le stared at Xiao Luo in shock and fury .

“That’s not what you just said, is it? Come on, let me listen to that sentence . ” Xiao Luo smiled and said .


Would Xu Le still dare to say it again? He literally just got kicked and hit in the head by a potted cactus . If he said it again, what would hit him next?

“Huh, you don’t dare? Are you this useless?” Xiao Luo chillingly asked .

Although Xu Le was beyond angry, he dare not say a word . Right now, all he could do was stare at Xiao Luo, fear oozing from his eyes .

“Xiao Luo, that’s enough!”

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“What do you think of the office, your home? Do you think you can come and go as you like?”

“Hurry and apologize to our team leader!”

In order to show their loyalty, the members of Group 2 came over and started rebuking Xiao Luo with indignation .

“There is nothing for you here . If you don’t want to be beaten, go back to your seats and continue to do your own thing . ” Xiao Luo was not gonna let this one slide, he was provoked and was finally angered by Xu Le . His patience was good but if it ran out, his temper wasn’t so flowery and jolly .

One of the men who was close to Xu Le couldn’t help laughing at Xiao Luo’s statement, “Who do you think you are? You want to beat us? If you have the ability, you can try!”

His voice just fell when Xiao Luo already rushed over to the man . Xiao Luo then conveniently took a vase originally used for breeding rich bamboo from the desk next to him, and hit the man’s head .

“Pa cha ~”

The effect was just like a beer bottle getting smashed on top of the man’s head .   Immediately after, the same as when Xu Le was hit in the head, he fell to the ground, screaming .


Everyone in the office gasped . This Xiao Luo was too cruel .

The team members from Group 2 were so frightened that they did not dare to say a word . Some people had also quietly dialed the telephone number for security .   They hoped the violent happenings that just occured in the office would be taken care of .

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