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Chapter 403

Chapter 403: Eat .


Su Li did not continue to eat the breakfast prepared by Aunt Li, and instead followed Xiao Luo to the kitchen . This time, she planned to carefully watch and understand how Xiao Luo cooked the green vegetables and taro paste .

Auntie Li was also watching and humbly asking for advice .

“Dad, what are you going to do?”

Su Bei trotted near and stood on her tiptoes . Her small hands could just barely grab the edge of the marble platform in the kitchen . Her big gem-like eyes looked at Xiao Luo curiously .

Xiao Luo patted her head and smiled . “You’ll know later . Be good and stay with your mother . ”

“Mmm . ”

Su Bei was very obedient, she turned and ran back to Su Li’s side .

Xiao Luo first put some taro roots into a casserole and boiled them, then he cut a proper amount of Chinese cabbage into thin slices . He beat two eggs in a large bowl, added water and salt, and then mixed them well with chopsticks . Then he placed the mixture in a pressure cooker to be steamed .

After the taro was cooked, he turned off the heat, drained the hot water and replaced it with cold water . He then started peeling the taro .

“You have to pick the right taro and make sure that it isn’t as hard as stone when boiled, otherwise the taste of this dish will be greatly reduced . ”  Xiao Luo explained while peeling .

“Do you mean that this kind of taro, which is easy to cook, must be used to make green vegetables and taro paste?”  Su Li’s eyes were full of concentration and thirst for knowledge .

Xiao Luo nodded, “Well, only this kind of easily boiled taro can be mashed into a paste when boiled with green vegetables . ”

“I see . ”

Su Li silently wrote it down .

Auntie Li was usually responsible for the purchase of food items . She said, “Mr Xiao, the easy-to-cook taro and the hard-to-cook taro you mentioned are mixed and sold in the vegetable market . You have to choose them yourself . Sometimes it is difficult to pick out the easy-to-cook taro . ”

“The flat and smaller ones are usually easy to cook, while the larger ones are usually hard to cook . If you cook the hard ones once you peeled them, it would be uncomfortable to eat, your throat will have a sticky feeling . ”  Xiao Luo pointed to his throat .

“It turns out that there is such knowledge, Mr Xiao is really good!”  Aunt Li gave Xiao Luo a thumbs-up with great approval .

Xiao Luo said humbly, “It’s all because of the experience I acquired after cooking them for a while . ”

“Dad is great!”

Su Bei didn’t understand a word they were saying, but when she saw Aunt Li praising Xiao Luo, she also praised him .

Xiao Luo gave her a smile back, and then went on cooking the vegetable taro paste .

This guy was getting more pleasing to the eye!

Su Li said silently in her heart . She was really observing the making process of the vegetable taro paste . But at the same time, she was also looking at Xiao Luo . The more she looked at him, the more she felt that the man was handsome and neat, giving a clean impression . For the first time, she was not so disgusted toward men .

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She suddenly asked, “Yesterday your interview was very successful?”

“Not bad . ”

Xiao Luo simply replied .

Su Li coughed softly, “Qingyan said that you know several foreign languages . Is this true or false?”

Xiao Luo was stunned but immediately nodded: “Yes . ”

Although she had prepared for it, after the actual confirmation, Su Li was still very surprised . She spent a lot of money, time and energy to master two foreign languages, English and French respectively, but Xiao Luo had mastered three . In addition to that, there was also English, meaning he was able to master four foreighn languages . This was simply unimaginable . At least she had never met this kind of freak, except the man in front of her .

“How did you learn those foreign languages?”

Su Li is very curious . Learning a language was not an overnight achievement . It was true that diligence can make up for weakness . However, it still required some talent . Otherwise, even 50 or 60 years olds can’t master four foreign languages in that amount of time . However, Xiao Luo was older than her by two years .   She would like to know how Xiao Luo was able to learn four languages . .

“It is very simple . Listen more, speak more, read more and write more . ”  Xiao Luo said .

Su Li frowned and thought aloud, “If only learning a foreign language was as simple as that . ”

Xiao Luo raised his head and looked at her, “You have asked me so many questions, so how about we turn the table and I ask a question . Are you Sumir’s boss?”


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Su Li did not have enough time to react .

Why did this topic jump to her pastry business?  She was aware that this information was very well hidden, no one knew that she was Sumir’s boss behind the scenes .   Where did this guy get the news?

She answered truthfully, “It is me . What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, just asking . ”

Xiao Luo smiled, but in his heart he thought when Luo Fang marched into Xia Hai, the first opponent he would meet would be his nominal wife . He couldn’t deal with Sumir the same way he did with Taste Buds back then .

Su Li’s ability to observe is still very deep so she said seriously, “Your eyes tell me that you seem to be hiding something . ”

Xiao Luo said in surprise, “You caught me . Yes I do have something . I just don’t understand that since you are the boss of Sumir, why don’t you let me go to Sumir instead of Huayao Group?”

“So you like your food chewed for you?”  Su Li asked irritatedly .



Xiao Luo’s forehead was sweating, he did not expect this woman’s reaction to be so big, he was purely joking .


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Finally, the food was served, a large bowl of steaming green vegetables and taro paste, a bowl of steamed eggs, and a small plate of soy chili sauce were placed on the dining table, Su Li couldn’t help but get excited .   In order for Aunt Li to know the exact taste when it was her turn to prepare them, she also had Aunt Li have a taste of the dishes .

As for Su Bei, she couldn’t wait long ago . She already put on her bib and ate it as soon as it was served .

This was the first time they had white rice for breakfast . There were two dishes, green vegetables and taro paste, and steamed eggs . Su Bei had a surprisingly good appetite and soon finished a large bowl of rice .

“It’s so delicious, really delicious . I never thought the soup made with green vegetables and taro would taste so delicious . ”  Aunt Li gave high praises . From her body language and excited expression, it could be seen that she did not pretend to say to please Xiao Luo, but it was really delicious and heartfelt .

Su Li’s eating was still very elegant . She took small bites, then she immediately wiped it with a napkin as she then continued to nibble at it . However, she also seemed to have eaten a bowl of rice .

“It’s good for city people to change their tastes to rural people occasionally . ”

Xiao Luo silently ate toast .

“Why don’t you eat?”  Su Li looked up and asked .

“Don’t worry about me, I can eat anything . ”  Xiao Luo laughed .

Su Li stopped talking to him and continued to eat .

Xiao Luo looked at her . This woman was eating bountifully, he couldn’t help but laugh in his heart, “Eat!”

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