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Chapter 397

Chapter 397: White-haired Beggar .


After leaving Zhongshan residential area, Xiao Luo and Li Zimeng had a chat with each other . Li Zimeng told him that Luo Fang’s factory in Xia Hai city was under urgent construction and had hired more than a dozen engineering teams . If there were no further hold-ups, the factory could be completed in six months .

In addition, the baking equipment and store layout were also going according to plans, and everything was going on smoothly .

The only thing to worry about was the baking industry in Xia Hai City was currently being dominated by ‘Sumir’ . When Luo Fang entered Xia Hai’s market, it would inevitably interweave with Sumir, which had long taken root in Xia Hai City .

“Who is Sumir’s boss, have you investigated?”

Sitting in the cafe, Xiao Luo asked after hearing Li Zimeng’s report .

Li Zimeng handed a piece of information to Xiao Luo and said, “After investigation, the boss behind the scene is Su Li, the current famous celebrity . ”

Su Li!?

Xiao Luo almost sprayed the coffee in his mouth . He bowed his head and read the information about Su Li compiled by Li Zimeng . Her age, height, weight, hobbies and filmography works were clearly written on it . He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . He never thought that Su Li would be the boss and also his nominal wife .

“As a star, how could she get involved in the baking industry?”  Xiao Luo was very puzzled .

“It’s not surprising that many stars have side investments . I also know that a male star has opened a nationwide chain of hotpot restaurants . With his fame, the business is very prosperous, but Su Li seems to be relatively low-key and has not gone public about such matters . Almost no one knows that she is Sumir’s boss . ”

Li Zimeng handed another copy of the information to Xiao Luo . “This is the information of Sumir’s branches all over the country . Their brand is very powerful . Boss Xiao should take a look . ”

Xiao Luo picked it up and immediately felt a lot of pressure . His Luo Fang was the the major king in Jiang city, but Sumir had branches in all major key cities in the country . Its scale was much larger than his Luo Fang . In front of Sumir, Luo Fang was really too small .

It was no wonder that this woman was always acting highty mighty, brimming with confidence . She indeed had the capital to be proud!

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and felt that he didn’t know Su Li well enough .

He nodded and said, “You’ve worked hard this time . ”

“That is natural . Also, our male compatriots worked harder, following the engineering team to start work in the factory . They are tired like bears in hibernation every day, ha ha …” Li Zimeng lightly laughed . She got praised, her heart was naturally happy .

“Then let them get tired and do more coolie work, it’s exercise . ”

Xiao Luo picked up his cup and took a sip of coffee . “By the way, accompany me to visit Sumir’s stores later, let’s get familiar with their products, and see where their advantages lie . Only in this way can we perfect ourselves and let Luo Fang have the ability to compete fairly . ”

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“Well, okay . ”

Li Zimeng nodded, added a little of white granulated sugar to her coffee, stirred it with a spoon, and then drank it gracefully .



After visiting all of Sumir’s stores in Xia Hai City, it was already over eight o’clock in the evening . Xiao Luo and Li Zimeng had a meal together, exchanged ideas with each other, summed up several major advantages of Sumir, and at the same time got a clear idea of Sumir’s products .

If Luo Fang wanted to gain a firm foothold in Xia Hai City, it must do better than Sumir . Its service and products must be excellent in all aspects .

Xiao Luo felt that the road was long and tedious . On the one hand, Sumir’s strength and customer base were strong . On the other hand, Sumir’s boss was Su Li . When Luo Fang extended into Xia Hai, wouldn’t it force him to go to war with Su Li?  Such matters made his head hurt .

After separating from Li Zimeng, he drove to the river .

The night was hanging over heaven and earth, like a piece of dark cloth, enveloping the complicated world . The sky was dotted with stars, and the moon was high up on the horizon . The night was clear .

The riverside environment was quiet and serene, and the reflections of the buildings were glowing on the surface of the river . It seemed that there was another world under the water .

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All of a sudden, an unpleasant smell drifted up from one side, like the smell of fermented garbage .

Xiao Luo frowned, he looked and saw a man dressed in rags with white hair . He came up to him, wearing a pair of flip-flops, revealing his arms and legs . His hair, eyebrows and beard were long and white . His pair of eyes were intense, looking very glorious .

He didn’t need to ask, the unpleasant smell emanated from this person, because this person was very dirty, especially the flip-flops he wore on his feet, which felt like stepping on coal . If he was to use a basin of clean water to wash, the basin of clean water would surely become as muddy as sewage .

The man walked up to him, smiling, “Brother, can I sit next to you?”


Xiao Luo refused without hesitation . It was too smelly . He was not used to it .

However, the other party still sat down beside him gracefully and even farted while sitting down .

Xiao Luo’s face changed, he wanted to beat this person .

However, the other party breathed out a sigh of relief with great comfort, just like a constipated person who suddenly was able to excrete smoothly, and his body quivered, as if it was a particularly comfortable thing to fart .

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He held out his hand to Xiao Luo, “Little brother, nice to meet you, my name is Hong Ji”

“Get away!”

Xiao Luo wasn’t into humouring with him .   If a beggar suddenly came to sit beside you, and pulled a long and smelly fart, what would you do? It was already great kindness that Xiao Luo didn’t immediately begin to beat him into a pulp?

“Young man, don’t be so angry, I just came to meet you …”

“Go before I hit you, take this money and roll away . ”  Xiao Luo took out a $100 bill, a full face of abandon .

The white-haired beggar froze, then smiled and said, “Look at you, if you don’t learn well at a young age, you’ll end up badly . You like to take money and insult people? Although I am a beggar, I also have professional ethics and won’t be bullied . ”  He said righteously, but he still took the money . He carefully took a look at it, and then returned the money to Xiao Luo . He said solemnly, “Change it, brother . This one feels fake . I seriously suspect it is a counterfeit . ”

Xiao Luo laughed angrily and said coldly, “I think you old man deserve a beating!”

After saying this, he grabbed the white-haired beggar by the collar like a ghost in an attempt to subdue him .

But the white-haired beggar’s response was surprisingly quick . Before his claw arrived, the beggar already leaned back, and properly dodged Xiao Luo’s strike . The white-haired beggar had already moved away at a distance .

A practitioner?

Xiao Luo’s eyes slightly narrowed . He was very sure that this guy deliberately looked for trouble with him . He supported himself from the ground with his right hand and his body revolved as his left leg swung towards the white-haired beggar’s chest .

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