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Chapter 396

Chapter 396: No one can protect you .


Li Zimeng took out her phone and dialed department minister Lin Chong of Luo Fang: “Minister Lin, fire Li Yueze . ”

“Why?  Didn’t you promote Li Yueze?  He was also one of the first batch of personnel we sent into Xia Hai . Why should we fire him?” Lin Chong asked, wonderingly .

“This is Boss Xiao’s order . ”  Li Zimeng answered .

“Well, I see . Li Yueze’s Dismissal Notice will be sent to all of Luo Fang’s employees’ phones within five minutes . ”

Since it was Xiao Luo’s orders, Lin Chong naturally would follow without any hesitation, he immediately agreed .

Li Zimeng nodded her head, ended the call and relayed Lin Chong’s reply to Xiao Luo, “Minister Lin said that the matter will be done in five minutes!”

In fact, it didn’t need five minutes at all . Just as her words finished, she already received a new email .

Li Yueze’s phone also rang a notification, he too received the new mail . Opening it, it was an email from Luo Fang’s Human Resources Department, his Dismissal Notice was included in the email . At the end, there was a line of eye-catching words, “Employment Not Recommended!”

This …

Li Yueze opened his eyes wide, as if he had fallen from heaven to hell . Everything in the world turned gray .

He was not very rich nor his family . On the contrary, the economic conditions of their family had not even reached a well-to-do level . Today’s achievement depended entirely on his own unremitting efforts and struggle to become the store manager of Luo Fang . This was the thing he was most proud of and the source of his confidence .

But now, he was no longer a manager of Luo Fang . He was dismissed, fired, which meant that all his efforts had been in vain . It also meant that he would lose his economic foundation . He was millions in debt and reduced to nothing in an instant .

No!  No!! No!!!

His heart screamed in despair, then he hugged Xiao Luo’s thigh desperately and begged, “Boss Xiao, give me one more chance, give me another chance, please, I beg of you …”

This job was his world . He worked hard for it . But now this world was shattered . He only felt despair . He was willing to give up his dignity as a man to save it .

“Give you a chance?”

Xiao Luo sneered, he already lost his temper so someone had to pay the price . Unfortunately, this Li Yueze was the cause and annoyed him to the point of taking action .

“I’m sorry, opportunities like this are not for people like you . ”

He kicked Li Yueze away, Xiao Luo didn’t want a grown man clinging to his thigh .

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In the distance, the Tan family of three were all in extreme shock .

He … He turned out to be the boss of Luo Fang?

Tan Mu even temporarily forgot the pain of her hands . As soon as Xiao Luo’s identity was revealed, she felt that she had some difficulty breathing . She said before that Xiao Luo could not compare to a strand of hair on Li Yueze’s head .   However, the fact of the matter turned out to be just the opposite, he was Li Yueze’s boss . In addition to shock, her cheek was burning hot, it felt like she was harshly slapped .

Tan Ning Fu’s beautiful eyes also stared at Xiao Luo in stupefaction, and could not accept the sudden change in Xiao Luo’s identity . She knew early on that Xiao Luo’s identity was not ordinary, but she didn’t expect it to be so grand . She knew of Luo Fang since it made its way into the headlines last year .   Half of the country should know about Jiang City’s Luo Fang, a company that had become a legend . The boss of this company was now in front of them, standing not far from her .

How is that possible?

This is …… Impossible!

She couldn’t believe that she came in close contact with such a person .

Li Yueze, who was kicked away by Xiao Luo, climbed up from the ground and kowtowed to Xiao Luo continuously . his forehead kept “knocking” on the ground . In a few moments, his forehead was cracked and blood flowed .

“Give me another chance, give me another chance, I kowtow to you Boss Xiao, please …”

Li Yueze cried, his tears overflowing mixing with his snot . He couldn’t afford to lose this job, because this job was his everything . If this job was gone, he felt that he would no longer be a man .

His forehead was now mixed with dust and his blood . His expression was extremely miserable . Li Zimeng couldn’t help but frown .

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Tan Ning Fu tried to dissuade him, but was stopped by her father Tan Jianbai . He shook his head and motioned for her to leave it alone . Xiao Luo would never like a meddlesome woman .



“You are quite ruthless!”

Xiao Luo squatted down and looked at Li Yueze’s bloody face .

Li Yueze, on the other hand, looked at him imploringly . Compared with the previous mockery and arrogance, the current Li Yueze was undoubtedly pathetic . Li Yueze’s body was shaking from the pain he was feeling . His voice was hoarse, “Boss Xiao, I … I can’t lose this job . My family regards me as their pride . I can’t let them down . I know I’m wrong . I’m sorry . Please forgive this insignificant bug . Forgive me …”

“But how would I know after this that you can still be loyal to the company in the future, and will not take the first chance you get to retaliate?”  Xiao Luo coldly asked .

Li Yueze knelt down and took a few steps forward . His eyes were filled with entreaties and fear . He said nervously, “I would like to sign a ten-year agreement with the company . If I do something against the company, I would like to take corresponding legal responsibilities and divide all my property into the company . ”

Xiao Luo looked at him questioningly, not saying a word .

Li Yueze felt extremely uneasy, and then continued to kowtow . Each time he kowtowed to the ground, his blood spattered . He was like a blood bag bursting during filming, leaving a shocking blood pool on the ground .

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Xiao Luo stopped him . He turned to Li Zimeng and said, “Withdraw the order and continue to employ him . ”

Li Zimeng, regardless of the reason, would carry out Xiao Luo’s instructions unconditionally . Not only she, but also all of Luo Fang’s veterans would do so . Xiao Luo’s status was the highest in their mind .

She dialed Lin Chong’s phone again and relayed Xiao Luo’s words .

Both Lin Chong and her didn’t ask any reason, they only acted according to instructions .

“Thank you, thank you, Mr . Xiao . I will never forget your kindness . Thank you!”

Li Yueze cried like a child . All his hard work was finally saved and his heart was able to settle .

“Remember what happened today! I hope you can put your vicious energy into work . At the same time, here is a piece of advice I’ll give you, don’t do anything that damages the company, or no one can protect you!”  Xiao Luo put his hands in his pocket as he stood looking down at Li Yueze from a high position .

“I will remember, I will remember …”

Li Yueze felt grateful and nodded incessantly . He was grateful to Xiao Luo for his forgiveness .

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