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Published at 7th of October 2020 10:33:54 AM
Chapter 398

Chapter 398: Dog Beating .


The white-haired beggar crossed his arms to protect his chest . Xiao Luo’s powerful kick accurately hit the center of his arms . One could only hear a muffled “bang” bang . The white-haired beggar retreated back, staggering while retreating . He finally stabilized himself after retreating 3 meters back .

He looked at Xiao Luo, who was kneeling on one knee with his hands propped up on the ground . He smiled, “Little brother, are you practicing frog technique (style)?  Your pose is somewhat similar to Ouyang’s . ”

His words were full of banter .

“Who are you?”

Xiao Luo stood up and leered at him with hostility .

“Didn’t I just say that my name is Hong Ji and that the Jianghu people call me Hong Ge? I am also the current leader of the Beggars’ Sect . ”

The white-haired beggar stuffed the hundred-dollar bill into his pocket and dug his nose for ‘treasure’ .   “For the sake that you gave me some money, I’ll tell you one thing . You’ve offended a person, and he paid me to teach you a lesson . ”

“Who?”  Xiao Luo’s eyes shrunk .

“Yes, there he is!”

The white-haired beggar pointed to the bank with a relaxed smile on his face .

Xiao Luo looked in the direction he pointed out and saw a black car parked there with its door open . Two black bodyguards were standing on both sides of the door . Xiao Luo knew that it was Ah San and Ah Si, Yang Hongzhi’s bodyguards . Obviously, Yang Hongzhi was the one sitting inside .

Yang Hongzhi jumped out from the car, waved his hand at Xiao Luo, and then shouted loudly, “Rotten loach, aren’t you very good at fighting? Come on, start your performance . If you are still in good condition after this, this f*cking boss will eat shit!!!”

His last line was almost a growl . His beloved woman was snatched away by Xiao Luo . He wished he could tear Xiao Luo alive .

Xiao Luo gently humphed, this buffoon appeared again . He was not in a particularly good mood in the first place, so he really didn’t mind beating people .

He looked back, smiled and said to the white-haired beggar, “How much did Yang Hongzhi give you?”

“Not much, not much, just 300,000 . ”

The white-haired beggar squinted and smiled . “I take the money and complete my order . Little brother, in order to avoid accidentally killing you, I think you’d better stand still and let me break your hand willingly . Don’t worry, it won’t hurt . I will be very careful . If you go to the hospital as soon as possible, there is a 90% chance that you will recover without leaving any sequelae . What do you think?”

Xiao Luo smiled angrily, “Are you here to make fun of me?”  He held out his hand, and taunted the white-haired beggar, “Let me see what you can do and if you can really break my hand just like you said!”

“Brother, we could’ve done this the easy way . ”

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The white-haired beggar shook his head and sighed helplessly . The smile on his face also slowly faded . “Then don’t mind me being harsh . ”

His eyes solidified and a sharp momentum of a sword storm burst out from his body, flooding the area . He rushed towards Xiao Luo like the wind . He was like a ghost under the night .

“Hum ~”

Xiao Luo let out a cold snort . Xiao Luo met him head on . The two forces collided .

“Peng ~”

Xiao Luo’s leg and the white-haired beggar’s fist collided with each other fiercely . Xiao Luo took advantage of his strength and his sharp legs shot like a bullet at the white-haired beggar .

The white-haired beggar had a serious expression . His body rushed forward and his claws seemed to turn into a ghostly shadow against the darkened night . His claws were like a sickle of death, cutting through the space .

Xiao Luo’s body suddenly shook, he leapt into mid-air and made an exaggerated turn . He was able to dodge the shadow attack! But he didn’t stop there, he sent strikes of his own . It  seemed slow but rapidly-changing . It was accurate and deadly .

“Motherf*cker, is this a martial arts play?”

Yang Hongzhi was watching with wide eyes . His mouth could fit an egg as he looked at Xiao Luo and the white-haired beggar’s figures almost intertwined with each other . Even though he was 20 or 30 meters away, he could still feel the nerve-racking force behind their fists .

Ah San and Ah Si were horrified and thought, Are these two monsters?

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They originally thought the white-haired beggar was just bluffing about his strength .

But to think he had such power! Their master’s 300,000 yuan was worth it .

At that time, Xiao Luo and the white-haired beggar had already exchanged a hundred blows . The grass at their feet had become clumps, and large amounts of soil were displaced into the air by their internal forces . If it was not the time being nighttime, people would surely see that their fighting was causing strong wind to blow . The dead leaves on the ground had been swept up, and those close to them were directly shattered into powder by their internal forces .

“Peng ~”

Xiao Luo punched was met by the white-haired beggar’s palm . ‘Boom’, the two people both retreated five steps . At the same time, they need to stabilize their body since their qi and blood was disturbed . Their chest felt like there was a dragon churning inside .

Each mobilized their internal force and suppressed the agitation!

“Good boy, you have some ability . It seems that this Hong Ge has to show some skill . ”

He concluded that Xiao Luo’s method was very wild and his fighting style was disorganized . However, he was as fierce as a wild animal . If he did not show his real strength, he would suffer a great loss .

He spat saliva at his palm and then stretched out his hand . A stick used to hold up small trees on the ground in the distance was sucked into his hand . His internal force poured into the stick, and the ordinary stick was now as tough as iron .

“Let me show you our Beggar Sect’s Dog Beating method!”

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The white-haired beggar waved his wooden stick and pounced on Xiao Luo . Under his control, the single wooden stick turned into two, then into three, and into four … In the end, it seemed as if a thousand sticks were dancing in his hand .

At the same time, a strong wind started brewing . The stick was sharp and felt that it could penetrate anything .

In the distance, Yang Hongzhi and his bodyguards were stunned . This was too incredible, one stick actually multiplied into thousands .

Xiao Luo was forced to retreat, but the white-haired beggar approached lightning fast that he had to fight . However, he did not know how this Dog Beating method works . He was instantly struck six times . The internal force of the wooden stick was poured into his body, it felt like he got whipped . He felt burning pain .

“Hit-the-dog-on-the-head with a stick, watch out for the stick!”

As the white-haired beggar chanted lightly, Xiao Luo was severely beaten on the head .


The stick swept across Xiao Luo’s hip .

“Hit-the-dog-on-the-shoulder, he he …”

The stick suddenly stretched out, and struck down . One thousand jins worth of pressure fell on Xiao Luo’s shoulder, Xiao Luo immediately knelt to the ground .

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