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Chapter 387


Chapter 387: Accepted .


When Salama took out the Swiss bank black gold card, her image instantly became unattainable in the hearts of these people . Although she was dressed in the most common Chinese clothes, no one really thought she was just an ordinary person anymore .

After Salama complained to Shen Xingqing, she got up and said a lot to Xiao Luo .

“She said that she had changed her mind and would not place an order in Huayao Group anymore . ”  Xiao Luo translated her words .

Shen Qingyan glared at Shen Xingqing mercilessly, “Uncle, apologize to her quickly . If this business fails, I think not only I, but also the other board members will have great opinions about you . Don’t make me ‘not recognize you as a relative’!”

There was a strong threat in her words . She firmly believed that the other party was the princess of Dubai . She firmly believed that this was an opportunity to enter the United Arab Emirates and compete fairly with Renhe Pharmaceutical . No matter who it was, they were not allowed to destroy this deal .

“You’ve gone senile! Do you really believe that she is the princess of Dubai? That black gold card is probably fake … ”

Shen Xingqing, who was out of control, suddenly had a ‘realization’ of his own . “I understand now! You are all colluding with each other against me! This is really a well-performed play . My beautiful niece… Your uncle really underestimated your methods . ”

“Do you think I am just like you, so idle everyday?”

Shen Qingyan was now extremely angry and thought how could she have such an uncle . She disregarded Shen Xingqing and shouted at him, “Apologize to Ms . Salama . This is an order!”

Shen Xingqing gnashed his teeth: “Well, since you’ve asked your uncle for it…”  He was very unwilling as he walked towards Salama . He said gravely, “I’m sorry!”

Xiao Luo translated this to Salama: “xxxx!”

Salama nodded, and then her mood lightened . She proudly put her hands on her waist and spat at Shen Xingqing .

“You dare spit your disgusting saliva at this boss?! You are tired of living!”

Shen Xingqing looked ferocious, he rolled up his sleeves and was ready to teach Salama a lesson .

But before he could do so, Xiao Luo kicked him out .

After drawing a beautiful arc in the air, Shen Xingqing slammed on the solid ground . He miserably howled like a pig! Shen Xingqing’s cronies were surprised and they hurriedly came up to assist him .

In the meantime,  Shen Qingyan, Guan Tong and the tall woman looked at Xiao Luo with their eyes wide open in surprise . They couldn’t believe that Xiao Luo kicked Shen Xingqing away with one foot . How powerful must he be!



A little while later, three black cars stopped in a long queue at the bottom of the Huayao group building . The middle one was a Lincoln sedan limo with luxurious decoration, and a strong and distinguished appearance .

At the same time, the Xia Hai police were also escorting these vehicles .

The consul of the United Arab Emirates in Xia Hai came to meet Salama in person . The huge Huayao group was boiling .

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“She … was really a princess …”

The expression on Shen Xingqing’s face was as ugly as if he had eaten ten catties worth of dung . This was originally his client . However, he judged her by her appearance, and denied Salama’s identity based on preconceptions .   Instead, he took her to Shen Qingyan and poke fun at her . But as a result, he just sent away such a big client! If he negotiated the deal, his status would rise to a new level, and it may necessarily be able to completely suppress Shen Qingyan .

Shen Qingyan smiled and said to him, “Uncle, I was wrong about you before . How ‘great’ of you! To actually introduce such a client to me so that I can sit in this position more securely, I really appreciate it . ”

Shen Xingqing almost vomited blood . “F*ck!” He replied coldly, “You still have a long way to go . Don’t be complacent . ”

After saying that, he humphed and left .

“Still have a long way to go …”

Shen Qingyan mumbled meaningfully, she then went to look for Xiao Luo’s figure . She took a quick look around and found that Xiao Luo had actually walked down the road, and was having a conversation with the police .



“We have an operation tomorrow . Will Mr . Xiao go?”  The policeman asked .

His facial features were delicate and pretty, but there was a sense of justice underlying in his brow . It was Qiu Yuanjie who Ji Siying mentioned before . This time he received a report that Dubai’s princess Salama went out alone and came to Huayao Group . However, he did not expect to meet Xiao Luo of NSA here . In fact, he had received an order from his superiors to get familiar with Xiao Luo . However, he felt that it should have nothing to do with NSA as he would, sooner or later, uproot the pyramid scheming tumor in Xia Hai .

“I’ll go and look . ”

Xiao Luo nodded .

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Since he has taken up this task, he would not slack off . This was always his attitude .

“Well, please come to the General Administration at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning . ”  Qiu Yuanjie said .

After saying that, he turned and left with little enthusiasm . He felt that the meeting was unnecessary and there was no need to let NSA’s people in .

“Xiao Luo . ”

Shen Qingyan came up at this moment and asked curiously, “What are you talking about with that policeman?”

“Nothing . ”  Xiao Luo smiled gently .

Shen Qingyan did not break the pot and instead asked, “Ms… . Princess Salama’s order was made because of you . The company will give you a commission according to the rules . ”

“You mean I passed the interview?”  Xiao Luo asked .

“Of course, we need talents like you and your friend to go to the sales department . ”

Shen Qingyan glanced at Guan Tong, who was standing in fear and trembling in the distance . “He is also a genius for pretending to be an interviewer and driving out other competitors, but the additional conditions previously imposed are only valid for you . ”

Xiao Luo knew she was referring to the fact that he controlled his own work hours . This would not only stop Su Li from bothering him about a job, but he would also get a basic salary every month . This was really good . He said approvingly, “Ms . Shen is very generous . ”

“I have always been so . ”

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Shen Qingyan smiled charmingly, “Although the working hours are decided by you, I hope you can at least make sure to show up at the company every day . ”

Xiao Luo thought for a moment before replying, “No problem!”

When Xiao He left with Xiao Luo and Guan Tong to go through the new hire formalities, Shen Qingyan dialed Su Li’s phone .

“Li, you seem to have underestimated the man with whom you obtained the license with (marriage for short) . ”

The other end of the phone was silent for a while before Su Li’s voice sounded, “Did he cause you trouble?”

“No, no, no, no, I’m not being sarcastic . The guy Xiao Luo seems to have hidden a lot of things . ”

Shen Qingyan said earnestly, and then told Su Li what had just happened .

“How can he speak so many foreign languages?”  Su Li couldn’t believe it .

“Yes, French, Russian, and Arabic, which were spoken as if he had their native tongue .   If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed that he could speak so many languages and speaks better than me . ”

Shen Qingyan would seldom praise people, but Xiao Luo really gave her a surprise . “Li, is this man really just a part-time worker in Jiang City?”

“Well, the first time I met him was in his shabby rented room . ”  Su Li’s didn’t really sound absolute, she was beginning to doubt . Her heart was stirred . He could speak so many foreign languages, how was that possible?


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