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Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Translator .


Shen Qingyan went up and pushed Shen Xingqing away, staring straight at Xiao Luo, “Xiao Luo, do you really understand what she is saying?”

“What’s the advantage in it for me to deceive you?”  Xiao Luo asked .

Shen Qingyan was stunned and immediately smiled . “There’s none .   Then can you help me ask her why a princess from a country would come here alone?”

“Yes, but I need benefits now . ”  Xiao Luo said .

Shen Qingyan said, “You help me and I will not pursue what your friend did in our company . In addition, you and he can both join our Huayao Group . ”

“One more condition, I am employed in Huayao Group, and my working hours are freely controlled by me . ”  Xiao Luo suddenly said with a smile .

Total control over his working hours?

What the F*ck!  Is this even work?  If so, wouldn’t it be more leisurely than the country’s official apes?  This is basically in line with only going to work whenever you want to!

Both Guan Tong and the tall woman were shocked . They had never come face to face with a job seeker who would dare to make such a request .

“What do you think of my Huayao group?  A nightclub?”

Shen Xingqing rapped out, but he realized he was wrong so he shut up quickly .


Shen Qingyan ignored him .   She turned to smile at Xiao Luo and said, “If she is indeed the princess of Dubai and can bring me an order of 8 million dirhams to my Huayao Group, I promise you the terms . ”

Xiao Luo showed a pondering smile, “Ms . Shen really won’t suffer losses . ”

“Of course, I am a businesswoman and do not want losses . ”  Shen Qingyan arched the corner of her lips . She was not angry at all . On the contrary, she felt that Xiao Luo’s remarks were a compliment to her .

Xiao Luo nodded, thinking that this Shen Qingyan was a bit interesting .

He turned and walked to the front of the foreign woman and said, “xxxxxx”

He used the Arabic spoken by the woman just now, with the flavor of some indigenous languages .

Sh*t!  This kid really understand this bird language?!

Shen Xingqing opened his eyes wide in astonishment . He could not understand what he was saying, but he could distinguish that it was the same language the woman was speaking .

When the foreign woman heard Xiao Luo’s words, she was stunned at first but it was immediately replaced with a face full of joy . She jubilantly gave Xiao Luo a hug, as if she had found her loved one, and then spoke to Xiao Luo with a lot of words like a mantra .

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All the people present saw the two communicating and gesticulating, and their brains went blank . Who would have thought that Xiao Luo could understand the native language of the UAE? This was totally awesome!

“Xiao Luo… How much of his talent is not revealed?”

Guan Tong gaped, and now his admiration for Xiao Luo surged like torrents in rivers . He vowed to become a talented person, but Xiao Luo always impressed him every time they met . He was brilliant and was simply a model for him to follow .

“What did she say?”  After Xiao Luo spoke with the foreign woman, Shen Qingyan asked eagerly .

“She said that her visit to our country was a cover-up . The purpose was to bypass international agencies and purchase a batch of medicines in person . She arrived in Xia Hai yesterday with her escort and interpreter . However, the interpreter was unable to adapt to the climate here . He fell seriously ill and was receiving treatment in the hospital . ”

Xiao Luo said slowly, “Salama was bored in the hotel so she went out alone with the drug list . Her original idea was to find Renhe Pharmaceutical, but she was not familiar with the place and went into the Huayao Group instead . ”

Shen Qingyan’s brows furrowed deeply, because she heard the words “Renhe Pharmaceutical” . This was their number one competitor . Before they even went international, the two were already competing .   It was much more now . They were sparing no less of an effort to compete for international resources . Renhe Pharmaceutical had monopolized the market in UAE .

She immediately said, “Tell her that I can meet all her orders . ”

Xiao Luo turned around and interpreted Shen Qingyan’s message to Salama .

Salama was stunned but she recovered and immediately ran up and embraced Shen Qingyan warmly . She also constantly bowed to express her gratitude, she was also spewing out a lot of words again .

Xiao Luo went on to translate, “She said that if you can meet her order, she will help Huayao Group to set up a branch in UAE . This is to help herself and also to help the monopoly of Huayao Group and Renhe Pharmaceutical, which will cost them less money to buy medicines and adulterate their efficacy . She allows you, Huayao Group, to compete fairly with Renhe Pharmaceutical in UAE to improve the quality of medicines . ”

Hearing these words, Shen Qingyan’s delicate face was filled with uncontrolled excitement .   “Xiao He, quick, give Ms . Salama a seat!”

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“Yes . ”

The tall woman moved the chair Shen Xingqing had just sat on to Salama .

She was warmly invited to sit down .

“Thank you!”

Salama bowed politely and thanked her . Her chinese was unrefined, something that was common with many foreigners in China, and she was no exception .

Shen Xingqing said at this time, “Niece, you are really too young and inexperienced . Do you have a problem with your brain? She is just a foreign woman dressed in ordinary clothes, Do you believe a Dubai princess would be here in person?”

Hearing this, Shen Qingyan’s face was slightly agitated . Although Shen Xingqing was very annoying, what he said was indeed reasonable . Dubai was a place where every inch of land was precious . As a princess of Dubai, how could she wear such shabby clothes?

“Humph, I say this boy is probably talking bullsh*t . ”

Shen Xingqing pointed to Xiao Luo . “Talking bird language and insisting that it is Arabic or whatever! He is definitely just playing with you like a monkey . If you believe it, then your are plain stupid . What’s wrong with you?”

While denying Salama, he also did not forget to humiliate Shen Qingyan in words .

Shen Qingyan angrily stared at him, and then casted an inquiring look to Xiao Luo .

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Xiao Luo motioned with his hand, “I am only an interpreter!”

It meant that it was none of his business whether the other party was Dubai’s princess or not . He just relayed the other party’s words .

“You translate nothing but sh*t! What interpreter? You stupid boy thinks you can understand Arabic?  I now seriously suspect that you and this woman are accomplices and conspired in advance against our Huayao Group . ”  Shen Xingqing thundered .

He didn’t believe that the other party was the princess of Dubai, and he also didn’t believe that Xiao Luo knew Arabic . If this was true, he would commit suicide, as he would have given such a big order to Shen Qingyan instead of keeping it to himself .

Xiao Luo interpreted his words to Salama .

Salama immediately became furious .   “Pa!”, she slammed a black bank card on the table . She looked at Shen Xingqing and spoke in her language .

Swiss bank black gold card?!

Shen Qingyan and Shen Xingqing’s pupils shrank suddenly . With their eyesight, how could they not know this bank card? It symbolized status and wealth . The minimum amount of money stored was 10 billion U . S dollars . It had the function of cross-border deposit and withdrawal . It was the standard card for many foreign royal families .

Xiao Luo lightly paraphrased Salama’s meaning and said to Shen Xingqing, “Salama said that you are a pile of dog sh*t, smelly and hard! She also said that you are a maggot, disgusting!”

“You …”

Shen Xingqing immediately turned red like pork liver in anger .   He pointed to Xiao Luo but couldn’t say a word, because the Swiss black gold card on the desktop was like a mountain weighing down on his shoulder .

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