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Published at 18th of September 2020 10:22:36 AM
Chapter 379

Chapter 379: Ghost .


They had a piece of paper which tied them together, however, the feelings or emotions that could tightly bind them together were nonexistent .   Xiao Luo also didn’t know what kind of feelings Su Li might have for him, hence he felt a little strange . He very much hoped that Su Li could meet a person whom she loved, and, could then, end this relationship early .

In his subconscious, the two of them would eventually go their separate ways, and then they would proceed to become strangers . They would not pester each other . This was why there were many things he didn’t tell Su Li .

After returning to his apartment, he called Zhang Dashan .

Zhang Dashan had been busy chasing Huang Ruoran recently . Unfortunately, Huang Ruoran was cold in his pursuit . She even told him plainly that the two of them are impossible .

“Damn, I’ve sent flowers more than a dozen times now, I’ve also asked her out to eat a couple of times, but she just won’t give the opportunity! What should I do Lao Xiao?”  Zhang Dashan complained .

Xiao Luo shook his head, “You are more experienced than me in chasing girls . What’s the use of asking me?”

“Do you only come to jail when you’ve experienced it?”  Zhang Dashan was extremely depressed .

Xiao Luo raised his eyebrows and joked, “Then go to jail, I’ll come and visit . ”

“Look at you having sooo much fun?”  Zhang Dashan rolled his eyes .

Xiao Luo sighed helplessly, and then saw that a call came in from his cousin Ding Zhenyun .

“Alright, talk to you later, I have to take a call . ”

“All right . ”

Zhang Dashan voluntarily ended the call .

Xiao Luo swiped the screen of his phone to the right and answered Ding Zhenyun’s call .

“Cousin, help me, help me …” At the other end of the phone, Ding Zhenyun’s anxious and frightened voice rang out .

Xiao Luo suddenly stood up and asked, “Where are you?”



In a quiet street in Dongcheng District, a shabby figure ran out from a corner . He was wearing a gray leather jacket and black trousers . His slightly swollen was bruised and bleeding, and his clothes were torn to ragged . His inside shirt was buttoned wrong, this was a beaten Ding Zhenyun .

“Darling, come back with us, otherwise you will have to eat more ‘fruit’!”

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Behind him, there were four young men chasing after him . He was coaxed by a stout man with a scar on his face . He rolled up his sleeves, revealing a pair of strong arms and a scorpion tattooed on the back of his left hand .

Ding Zhenyun’s body shivered and used everything he got to get away . However, accidents were prone to happen when people were in panic mode . For example, right now, he accidentally tripped over a pothole and fell to the ground .

The four young men rushed up quickly and formed a circle with their heads bowed and their faces looking at him viciously .

“Run, keep running, why don’t you run?”

The strong man kicked Ding Zhenyun’s belly . The strength in his kick was fierce, making Ding Zhenyun screamed out in pain . His face became slightly contorted .

Crouching down, the strong man clutched Ding Zhenyun’s hair and pulled his head up . The other three stepped on Ding Zhenyun’s hands and legs with their feet . No matter how hard Ding Zhenyun struggled, it was of no help .

The strong man grinned, “I said, as long as you follow me and obey me, I’ll make you rich! Why do you have to run?”

“You are … you are pyramid scheming …” Ding Zhenyun was horrified at the strong men, he said timidly .

“What about pyramid scheming? It’s just a way to make a fortune .   Look at how hard you worked before and got less in return . But just by introducing several of your friends here, you made a net profit of 5,000 without even putting in a cent . That’s so great . All you have to do is bring in a few more people, brainwash them, let them use their network to bring in others, and you can wait to collect money . Where can you find such a good money maker?”  The strong man took out a cigarette and said darkly .

“You are pyramid scheming, you are pyramid scheming …”

Ding Zhenyuni still said this sentence repeatedly . He was out of it .

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“Pyramid scheming your mother . ”

The strong man took a puff of the cigarette, held it in his hand, and then thrusted it hard against Ding Zhenyun’s arm .

The lit cigarette was like red-hot black charcoal . When it made contact with his skin, Ding Zhenyun immediately felt like his heart was being torn into pieces .   He screamed out in pain and bit his tongue, both rows of his teeth were dyed red with blood .

It was not until the cigarette was completely extinguished that the strong man let go .

A large red cigarette burn mark appeared on Ding Zhenyun’s arm .   Instantly, a burn blister was generated at a speed visible to the naked eye .

“Isn’t this exciting?”

The strong man looked at Ding Zhenyun with a dark smile on his face . “Rest assured, this was just an appetizer . When we go back, there are ‘big dishes’ waiting for you . It’s been a long time since I’ve set an example to others so you basically just gave me the chance . ”  Standing up, the strong man’s face was cold as he gravely shouted, “Take him away!”

The other three people propped Ding Zhenyun up .

“Let me go, I don’t want to go back, let me go, let me go!”

Fear reflected within the depth of Ding Zhenyun’s eyes .   He started to struggle with all his strength, because he knew what would be waiting for him when he returned . It was terror, pain, despair and nightmarish!

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“F*ck you!”

The strong man smashed Ding Zhenyun’s face with a punch . Ding Zhenyun’s head swung sharply to the right and a mouthful of blood flew out . The punch stunned his brain .

The strong man took out another cigarette, lighted it and inhaled deeply .   He slowly exhaled the smoke after it passed through his lungs . He looked at Ding Zhenyun and snorted softly, “In my eyes, you are just a fat pig ready to be butchered . It is all up to me to either kill or keep you . You must always remember this . ”

As they walked out of the street, a ghostly figure suddenly appeared in their line of sight, making no noise as it sauntered over . It was as if a weightless ghost was slowly gliding over .

The four people involuntarily shuddered …

The strong man had been a soldier for several years before . Hence, he keenly felt that this man was not simple, but he did not associate that he was there to help Ding Zhenyun .   He thought that he was a passer-by .

“Let’s go this way . ”

He beckoned and left in the opposite direction of the ‘passers-by’ . He did not want to have any contact with this ghostly person .

The other three nodded and left with Ding Zhenyun .

But at the moment they just turned around, the strong man felt his shoulder sink, a big hand grabbed his shoulder! When he looked back, he met a chillingly cold face . It was the same ghostly figure that was more than ten meters away from them a moment ago!

Hiss …

At this moment, the strong man gasped uncontrollably and broke into a cold sweat . In one second, the other party appeared in front of him from more than ten meters away . Was this really a ghost?

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