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Chapter 366

Chapter 366: Kendo Hall .


They arrived at their destination fifteen minutes later, Nebula Sword Pavilion .

The Kendo Hall was located on the third floor of a commercial building . The place was very spacious, with wooden floors with many banners posted on the walls . They promoted the way of the sword, such as “to be clear about one’s heart and the swords nature”, “to be patient with oneself”, “to have an empty mind” and so on . As soon as one entered here, one could feel a deep foundation of swordsmanship .

If little Su Bei didn’t enjoy her stay here, Xiao Luo would immediately take her to the amusement park .

Su Canye on the other hand was like a small bee picking pollen . He immediately ran to up to a woman sitting at a corner watching a match, and then tried every possible means to court her . He bowed and even took out an imported chocolate that was secretly hidden in his pocket .

The woman did not even have the desire to take notice with him . Her watery eyes looked at the match with earnest concentration, she regarded him as air .

In the end, Su Canye had to turn back despondently . He opened the chocolate and ate it himself . However, he proudly showed off to Xiao Luo, “See, that’s my girlfriend, isn’t she beautiful?”

“She’s beautiful . ”

Xiao Luo nodded . The woman had fair skin and delicate facial features . Although she was sitting, one could see that her figure was not bad . Her proportions could be seen at a glance . Nevertheless, he changed his tone . “But she is not your girlfriend . I clearly saw just now that she hates you . ”

This boy always claimed to be a young master and did everything he could to make him feel uncomfortable, so Xiao Luo couldn’t help but speak sarcastically . And also, what he said wasn’t a lie . A discerning person would know that it was all just Su Canye’s wishful thinking . The girl didn’t even spare Su Canya a glance .

Su Canye immediately turned red like pork liver . He handed the rest of the chocolate to Su Bei, who looked at him piteously, and then argued to Xiao Luo, “Cold-faced man, you’ll be beaten if you talk like this . Don’t you know? She is my girlfriend! It’s only that she has not agreed to it yet . But this young master firmly believes that she will agree sooner or later . Do you see how beautiful she is, her oval face, peach blossom eyes, cherry small mouth and straight nose . Isn’t she gorgeous?”

At some point, Su Canye was just intoxicated and started to delude himself .

“Shallow!” Xiao Luo commented .

Su Canye motioned with his hand and attempted to look like a peerless expert . He rebuked in disdain . “I’m too lazy to talk to you . This young master will leave you with some words . Your ideological level still needs to be improved . Only when you have reached my level, can you come and talk to me about this problem . ”

Xiao Luo didn’t bother with him any longer and turned his attention to the match .

The two men were both wearing black kendo suits, which were very much like the Japanese samurai armor . It seemed like they had made some modification to the original samurai armor . Their faces were protected by mesh shields . They were not holding real swords but wooden swords .

Both had the same height and figures, so when they put on the kendo suit, people who were not familiar with them could only tell who was who by the characters on their belts . One person had “crane” on his belt, and the other person had “fly” on his belt .

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“Peng Peng ~”

The two men were engaged in a fierce confrontation . The wooden swords in their hands reverberated in people’s eardrums .

The one with the word “crane” on his belt was obviously stronger . He had practically defeated his opponent . He attacked the face, the hand, the abdomen, stabbed the throat, swung with force, etc . He had forced his opponent to death several times . The LED scorer in the center shows a 6-0 record, and the guy with the word “crane” on his belt obviously was the one who won all six rounds .


Every time they hit each other’s body parts, the students of the kendo hall applauded loudly .

“Isn’t that great?”

Su Canye said to Xiao Luo beside him, “This guy is amazing . His skill is already at the fifth stage . Except for the owner of the hall, he has the highest skill level . Every time he comes, he only needs to show himself in front of everyone and people would challenge him at will . Many people would go up and fight him even knowing that he is way above their capabilities . Just like this man now, as a result, he is being abused and beaten up . ”

Su Canye had always been a buzzing bee, but at this time he was extremely cautious and respectful, which was enough to show that the man with the word “crane” on his belt had a high status in this kendo hall .

Xiao Luo was indifferent, such strength couldn’t even enter his eyes . This was not him being conceited, but just like adults who see children fight, even if other children say that their fellow child was good, an adult would only laugh it off . Xiao Luo had Yi Jinjing, Dragon Conquering 18 Palms, plus the Mercenary King’s Constitution, hence such a match was just a ‘show’ for him .

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Su Bei was eating chocolate . She was very clever and only stood beside him without making any noise . She too was watching the match intently .

A little while later, the match was over . The guy with the word “fly” on his belt was pale and was defeated with a score of 0 to 10 . His opponent pulled him up from the ground . He took off his head protector and stared at the other party unwillingly . At the same time, the students of the kendo hall ran up, happily cheering .

“Your girlfriend is on her way to give someone a towel . ” Xiao Luo sarcastically remarked again .

Su Canye also saw this . He was so angry that he gritted his teeth . But the next moment he said righteously, “That man is a martial brother . As a martial sister, what’s so strange about handing a towel to a martial brother who has won the battle? Even this young master can do it . ”

At this point, he immediately picked up a towel from the side and sprinted as if he was in a 100-meter race . He shouted, “Brother crane, here’s a towel!”

He grabbed a towel and handed it to brother crane, which naturally stopped the girl from showing her love to the other party .

“This boy is quite clever . ”

Xiao Luo praised Su Canye . He now took notice of him . His IQ was really high, in such a short period of time, he was able to come up with such an effective way to block the girl .

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At this moment, Su Bei finished eating the chocolate . She pulled on Xiao Luo’s clothes and pouted, “Daddy, help me wipe . ”

Seeing that chocolate was stained all around her small mouth . Xiao Luo immediately pulled out a paper towel from his pocket and squatted down to help her carefully wipe off the chocolate on her mouth .

“Dad, what’s little uncle doing?” Su Bei blinked her big eyes and asked curiously .

“He went to hand out a towel . ”

Xiao Luo answered with a smile, then folded the paper towel that he had used to wipe her mouth . He swept his eyes around and walked towards a garbage can .

“I’ll go too . ”

Su Bei seemed very excited . Seeing her little uncle running up, she naturally also jumped up with excitement .

But at this moment, the man who lost the competition and had the word “fly” on his belt pushed his way through the crowd and strode towards the gate of the kendo hall with a black face . Losing the challenge made him feel very bad and his stomach was filled with fire .

However, Su Bei, who did not notice his anger, passed him by and accidentally tripped .

Before the little girl could understand what was going on, she fell heavily .

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