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Chapter 367

Chapter 367: It Turns Out to be You .


Su Bei was lying on the ground with tears brewing in her eyes, which could overflow at any time .

Xiao Luo, who had just thrown the paper towel in the garbage can, saw this scene and stepped forward like a fierce wind, lifting her up from the ground .

“Dad …”

The little girl’s mouth was flat and her eyes were filled with tears and injustice .

Su Canye saw it too . He completed what he was supposed to do and ran back in a hurry . He anxiously asked, “Are you hurt, Beibei?”

“My knee … Hurts …” the little girl sobbed .

The little girl’s skin was tender . Just now she skinned herself when she fell down . Although there was no bleeding, transparent tissue fluid and blood mixed as it coagulated on the surface of the wound . Looking closely, it was quite shocking . Such injuries must be burning with pain . Xiao Luo had suffered such injuries when he was a child, so he knew what kind of experience this was .

“Cold-faced man, you take care of her here . I’ll go to the drugstore to buy some anti-inflammatory ointment . ”

Su Canye was very caring toward his niece . He was extremely worried about a minor injury, never been more serious before this .   He then turned and ran out of Kendo Hall .

At this moment, the man who knocked down Su Bei shouted, “You little girl, why didn’t watch where you are going? You are her parent . Who told you to take her into Kendo hall? You also allowed her to run around . This isn’t a children’s playground . If not due to my timely efforts,this would’ve led to a big disaster . How would you take care of the child then?”

After scolding Su Bei, he rebuked and reprimanded Xiao Luo .

Su Bei felt extremely aggrieved . The tears swirling in her eyes did not stop dripping . She was looking at where she was going but she still ran into this uncle . However, her little head could not understand how she could have collided with this uncle .

Her small face was full of injustice, her long eyelashes were stained with glittering and translucent tears . Her appearance could make a person feel distressed .

Xiao Luo’s temper was flaring, even when he went to throw the paper towel he still didn’t take his eyes from Su Bei . He saw everything very clearly, Su Bei and this guy had enough distance between them . Even if Su Bei did not notice this guy, they still couldn’t have crossed paths, hence he didn’t react at first . The collision could only mean that the other party obviously did it intentionally!

“Oh, so if one loses, he throws his anger at a child? Is this your Kendo?”  Xiao Luo stood up, facing the man angrily and sternly asked .

Hearing this, the man flew into rage, “What did you say, boy?  Tell me again if you dare!”

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He was already full of anger and humiliation . And now another ‘little boy’ jumped out and questioned his Kendo . How could he bear it?

“Dad, let’s go . ”

The other party looked fierce, and Su Bei was afraid when she looked at him . She didn’t want to stay here any longer . She held back her tears and said to Xiao Luo .

Xiao Luo turned around and said softly, “Wait for me a little bit, I still have some things to do . ”

The man’s ego became bloated when he saw Xiao Luo turn around, he thought that Xiao Luo was afraid of him and was shrinking back so he immediately became more arrogant . With a cold snort, he shouted, “You want to go?  It’s not that easy . You were rude to me just now . Don’t think of leaving without apologizing!!!”

In order to regain his dignity in Kendo hall, he deliberately raised his voice and echoed inside the hall .

All the people who were celebrating the victory for brother ‘Crane’ were attracted by this sound and casted their eyes over their direction .

“Xiao Luo?”  A voice asked incredibly . At the same time, brother ‘Crane’ took off his helmet, and a handsome and gentle face appeared . Because of the fierce match just now, his head was covered with sweat and his hair was wet, it was Guo Qinghe .

Xiao Luo was stunned . Then he regained his calm and smiled faintly, “Monitor, it’s you . ”

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At this time, it suddenly occurred to him that Guo Qinghe indeed practiced the sword in college and had the word ‘Crane’ on his belt . He should have thought of Guo Qinghe long ago .


Brother Qinghe knew this guy?

The students were surprised . They originally wanted to express their opinions but swallowed their words back since they wanted to see what kind of attitude their brother ‘Crane’ would display before deciding their course of action .

“Indeed, it’s me . You didn’t even contact me when you came to Xia Hai, it seems that you don’t like your monitor . ”

Guo Qinghe patted Xiao Luo on the arm, seemingly blaming him that he didn’t contact him . However, when he saw Xiao Luo, his expression changed and his mood was complex .   He was absolutely not happy because of what happened during their reunion party . He turned to look at the man and coldly asked, “Liu Fei, just what is going on? What are you yelling for?”

Liu Fei bit his teeth, but his eyes were deeply terrified of Guo Qinghe, with a score of zero to ten . Such a bitter record made him afraid of Guo Qinghe from the depths of his soul . He was very angry and unwilling, and since he always wanted to gain the upper hand, he had to add fuel to the story just now, and stated that Su Bei ran into him whilst not looking at where she was going . He also righteously pursued Xiao Luo for responsibility, as the ‘parent . ’

“It’s a child’s nature to be excited and kicking . Even if she didn’t look, you didn’t as well? Why are you pushing away all the responsibility, Liu Fei?”  Su Canye’s favorite girl stood up and accused Liu Fei . Of course, she was not doing this from a rational point of view, but because she was from Guo Qinghe’s camp .

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Other people also agreed and nodded .

“Liu Fei, you are too narrow-minded . How can you blame it on a child?”

“I’m glad you didn’t hurt anyone badly, otherwise Master Qinghe will deal with you . ”

“Even if you lost the match and are angry, you should not take it out on a child . ”

In the face of the collective crusade, Liu Fei flushed with anger, so much so that his nostrils seemed to smoke .

Guo Qinghe waved his hand and frowned . “In fact, I don’t think it’s Liu Fei’s fault . ”

As soon as this remark was made, let alone the students of the Kendo Hall, that was, even Liu Fei himself was also confused . Was he not an old schoolmate with the guy in front of him?  Why do you still help and speak for the other party?

Xiao Luo was taken by surprise, but then coldly snorted .

Guo Qinghe smiled and said to the crowd, “Our Kendo Hall explicitly forbids bringing children under the age of five in . The purpose of this rule is to allow everyone to practice swords at ease and to avoid accidental injuries . Since a child has been brought in, parents should do a good job of care-taking and should not let the child run around . Therefore, from this perspective, the fault is not in Liu Fei, but in my old classmate . ”

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