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Chapter 343

Chapter 343: Ring .

It was just like playing house . They got the license and got married . Xiao Luo didn’t tell his family . After all, he couldn’t even accept such a thing, let alone his family . So for the next day or two, he spent it with his brows locked .

However, Ji Siying, who he had not been in touch with for a long time, suddenly called, Xiao Luo’s mind flashed a thought, she was more suitable to be his wife .

“Mr . Xiao . ”

“Have you returned to Xia Hai?”

“Yes, I am now outside Star Moon Bay Hotel . Let me show you to the headquarters . ” Ji Siying’s voice was very soft, like an oriole out of the valley, sweet and gave off a good feeling .

“I’ll be down soon!”

Xiao Luo got up and changed clothes . She was a member of the NSA . So of course, he was not surprised that she knew where he lived . The ring on his finger had a global positioning function, and NSA could accurately grasp his position .

In a black coat, a pair of navy slim jeans, and a pair of hiking shoes, Xiao Luo prepared to leave .

The value of his attire was no more than 2,000 . If people were told that he was the boss of Luo Fang, they would not believe it, because he was dressed too shabby to be a well-known boss .

He got black, bright and vertical hair, oblique knife-shaped eyebrows, slender and sharp black eyes . Although he was just in ordinary casual clothes, it was still impossible to hide Xiao Luo’s naturally handsome and clean face .

“Dad, open the door…dad, open the door …”

When he was about to leave, the door rang with Su Bei’s child-like and friendly voice .

Xiao Luo shrugged his shoulders . Now, he was not playing a role anymore . He was really Su Bei’s father, both in name and in law .

When the door opened, the little girl looked up at him with her head tilted back and her big black gem-like eyes were sparkling . The little girl was holding a delicate little box in her hand . When she saw Xiao Luo, she held up the small box with both hands and said, “Dad, mom said this is for you!”

“What is this?” Xiao Luo squatted down .

The little girl smiled sweetly and said mysteriously, “Dad, just open it and see . ”

Xiao Luo intimately touched her little head, and then took the small box and opened it to see . But then, his expression froze abruptly . There was a shiny diamond ring, quietly sitting inside, engraved with a few English letters on its inner surface-KELA . CN, was a colland diamond ring . Looking at its colorful edge and flashing brilliant diamond, the value of this ring must be expensive .

“You put it on!”

A cold voice sounded nearby .

Xiao Luo twisted his head to see, wearing a burgundy windbreaker with a noble temperament, Su Li with a hint of sweet wind . He also noticed in particular that in the woman’s right hand’s ring finger was a ring, the ring that Su Bei gave him looked similar to it, they seemed to be a pair .

Standing up, frowning, he asked, “What do you want?”

Su Li took a slight sip of her mouth and said clearly, “Now that you are married, this ring is naturally to be worn . ” After a pause, she added, “Do you expect me to buy several thousand dollars worth of cheap goods?”

Xiao Luo only looked at her, he didn’t know what was going on in this woman’s mind . There was clearly no feelings between them, they didn’t even like each other, they got married just because of a damn one night stand . This was undoubtedly a sham marriage, could a ring make this marriage more real?

“Dad, put it on, you will look very good . ”

Su Bei raised her head and said to him with an innocent face .

Xiao Luo did not want to give Su Li face, but he would do so for the little girl . He smiled and said, “Beibei, help me wear it . ”

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The little girl was eager to try . After Xiao Luo gave her the ring, she took it carefully with her little white hand . “Daddy, which finger do you want it to wear?”

“Haha, whichever finger is the right size . ” Xiao Luo laughed .

Su Li said in a hurry, “Who said you can wear it casually? You must wear it on the ring finger of your left hand . ”

Ring finger?

The little girl was puzzled . She didn’t have the concept of a ring finger in her mind . She was afraid Su Li would blame her, so she asked Xiao Luo in a low voice: “Dad, which is the ring finger?”

Xiao Luo had to stick out the ring finger of his left hand, “This one . ”

“Oh oh …”

Su Bei nodded, then carefully helped Xiao Luo wear it .

Xiao Luo was somewhat surprised . He didn’t expect the size of the ring to be just right, not too tight and not too loose, and … It was quite nice, the inner ring was golden and the outer ring was bright but sturdy . The diamond inlaid was not particularly large, and looked like a magic pen dapped on it . While not being so obvious, it gave a noble air .

He raised his hand and said to Su Li, “The same question as before . Are you not afraid of the outside world knowing our relationship?”

Su Li looked at him coldly and said disapprovingly, “What does wearing a ring mean?” She suddenly saw Xiao Luo still wearing another ring on the index finger of his left hand . She could not help puckering her arch eyebrows, “Where did you buy that ring? It is very ugly . Take it off . ”

“Sorry, but no . ”

Xiao Luo directly refused, he really could not believe this evil of a woman… Did she want to eat him next? He was supposed to do what she said?

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This was absolutely impossible, his machismo would not allow it .

Touching Su Bei’s head, he said: “Beibei, stay at home, dad is going out for a bit . ”

“Okay! Dad should also pay attention to his safety, Beibei will be waiting for you to come back . ” The little girl cleverly replied .

Xiao Luo didn’t even look at Su Li, he straight up turned and walked to the elevator .

Su Li did not interfere with him . She hoped that this man could make a career in Xia Hai instead of staying at home all day long .



As soon as he arrived at the hotel lobby, he saw Ji Siying sitting on the sofa waiting for him .

She had been staring at the elevator, so she knew that Xiao Luo had arrived . She stood up respectfully and greeted Xiao Luo with a joyful smile, “Mr . Xiao Luo!”

With a head of black hair with soft curls falling down her back, skin that was as white as snow, clear and bright pupils, curved arch eyebrows, and thin lips like rose petals, Ji Siying was as lovely as a flower .

“Sorry to have kept you waiting . ” Xiao Luo said apologetically .

“It’s okay . It doesn’t matter . For me, Mr . Xiao Luo is the boss . Subordinates should wait for the boss . ” Ji Siying busily motioned with her hand .

Xiao Luo also did not continue to circle on this topic and nodded, “Let’s go then . ”

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“Mmm . ”

Ji Siying naturally followed behind Xiao Luo . While looking at his back, her mood was very excited and happy . They have met again after such a long time, the whole world felt very warm and comforting .

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