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Chapter 342

Chapter 342: Tied Fate .

Xiao Luo’s household register was a different one . He brought it with his ID card and promised to marry Su Li only as a temporary measure . He figured that the woman would soon get tired of this kind of game and would end this nominal relationship .

He really wanted to use ideological work on Su Li, making her feel indecisive . Since many married couples did not last at all . Nowadays, this was normal to society, but Su Li’s firm eyes made him give up the idea .

In the afternoon, the two went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for a marriage certificate .

Because of Su Li’s special status, she had some connections and it was handled by a trustworthy staff member . The marriage certificate was made in duplicate, one for Xiao Luo and one for Su Li . Looking at the wedding photos of the two on the marriage certificate, Xiao Luo had mixed feelings .

If this was nominal, was he really married?

There was no lively banquet and no pledge of eternal love as the two people didn’t have any feelings for each other . They were literally only bound together by a certificate .

“Miss Su, I hope you will not regret your foolish behavior today . ” Xiao Luo seriously said .

Su Li didn’t mind this remark, she turned to her limited edition pink BMW Mini Cooper and said coldly, “Accompany me to see my mother . ”

Xiao Luo snorted softly, put away the marriage certificate, opened the back seat door and got into it .

The two were sitting in the car together . Su Li was driving in front and Xiao Luo was sitting in the back . But they did not say a word . They were like two icebergs, cold toward each other .

It was Su Li who broke the silence first . She looked at Xiao Luo in the inside rearview mirror: “Have you found a job in Xia Hai?”

Her tone was very cold, like asking an irrelevant person .

“No . ”

Xiao Luo propped up his chin and laid his back against the soft seat, looking casually at the street outside .

Although she has no feelings for Xiao Luo, he was now her nominal husband . She said rigidly, “As a man, you must have your own career . You must find a decent job as soon as possible . If it is really not possible, you can go to my friend, Shen Qingyan owns a company and she will help you…”

“You don’t have to worry about my work!”

Xiao Luo interrupted . He knew it would be like this . This woman was simply too good . Naturally she would have her own ideas and opinions and used her own values to control a man’s behavior .

Su Li said nothing and drove the car seriously .

The Pink BMW Mini Cooper sped all the way to Yinlong Mountain Villa, where houses were separated from each other . Although there were no luxurious houses like the ones in Shen Qingyan’s, the environment was elegant, quiet and very suitable for living .

Xiao Luo followed Su Li to one of the houses . A short nanny opened the door and led them inside .

On the sofa in the hall, a lady was sitting there, cracking melon seeds and leisurely watching TV . Her hair gave off an explosive feeling . She had a mole on her face that made her look more vitriolic .

It was really her mother!?

Xiao Luo finally confirmed that the woman he saw that night was indeed Su Li’s mother . The woman did not lie to him . He couldn’t help but sigh, to think that there was such a mother in this world .

At the sight of Su Li, the woman immediately sat up, threw the bag of melon seeds aside and stood up, looking at Su Li nervously .

Su Li sat down on the sofa beside her and looked at the woman . “You don’t need to be nervous . I’m not here to challenge you . I’m only here to tell you one thing . I’m married!”

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“Ah? You… You’re married? ”

The woman stared with big eyes, startled by the sudden news, “When did it happen? With whom?”

Su Li threw the marriage certificate in front of her, her face covered in frost .

The woman picked it up, and immediately her eyes trembled as she pointed to Xiao Luo . She lost control of her emotions and said to Su Li, “Why him? Daughter, how can you marry him? In this world, only Hongzhi is worthy of you . He is the right person to marry you . How can you marry such a guy of unknown origin? ”

She couldn’t express how saddened it was for her baby daughter to be married to such a loser who only wanted money and had no status .

“All of this is thanks to you!”

Su Li shouted coldly, “Wang Wanjing, you are my biological mother, but you actually drugged me because of others . Is there a mother like you in this world?”

Wang Wanjing’s eyes turned red, “I am doing this for your own good . The strength of the Yang family is strong . It is a perfect match for you to marry Yang Hongzhi . The combination of you and him is the most perfect …”


Su Li’s eyes were also red . Tears rolled in her eyes, but she still fought back and showed the strength in her bones . “You gave me life, but it doesn’t mean everything I have to listen to your arrangement . My sister came to such end because she listened to your arrangement . Don’t you think you have done enough evil?”

“I … I …”

Wang Wanjing sobbed . Su Li’s sister touched her most vulnerable nerve . She only felt dark at the moment and almost fainted, her whole person had collapsed and sat on the ground .

“From now on, you don’t want to come to me again . I don’t want to see you again . The living expenses of you and Su Canye will be charged to your account on time every month . You’d better plan how to use it, or you could spend it in advance . Find a way to solve it yourself!”

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“Daughter, what are you doing? I am your mother . ” Wang Wanjing bitterly cried .

“From the moment you gave me that drug, our mother-daughter relationship was completely severed . ”

If she was not her mother, she would definitely take this person to court .

After saying so decisively, she picked up the marriage certificate, took Xiao Lou’s hand and left with him . When she walked out of the room, tears started streaming down her face, she looked pale and tired .

Xiao Luo took a paper towel from his pocket and handed it to her, “Wipe it . ”

Su Li bitterly scrubbed her eye . She quickly took the paper towel, turned her back on Xiao Luo and wiped the tears on her face .

“Didn’t you say you want to keep it a secret? Why did you tell your mother that we got married?” Asked Xiao Luo .

“She won’t tell . ”

Su Li frowned, turned around and said coldly, “In addition, the agreement only restricts your behavior, I am not included by it . ”

“Ah yes, you have the final say…”

Xiao Luo didn’t bother to argue with her . Although he received the certificate, he had no consciousness of getting married, also he wouldn’t really take Su Li as his wife . He only hoped that this game would end soon .

But who would’ve thought that after he received this certificate, he and this woman’s fate would be tightly tied together . He couldn’t push it away, nor could he hide it . Even if the two started out against each other, slowly but surely, they would attract each other, eventually becoming one . Of course, this story was for another time .

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