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Published at 8th of August 2020 10:25:59 AM
Chapter 338

After arriving in the elevator, Su Li woke up leisurely, with a pair of eyes full of hazy color, like a beauty who just woke up from a deep slumber .

“You’re awake!”

Xiao Luo helped her down .

But at this moment, Su Li casually grabbed his shirt collar, and her delicate and charming red lips planted itself onto his .   Sheactually kissed him .

Xiao Luo’s eyes widened . He was surprised by the sudden kiss . Su Li was like an orchid, beautiful . With her blurred eyes, she constantly pressed against him, it was simply embodying desire .

What’s happening?

Xiao Luo fiercely pushed her away .   He took a good look at what was happening to her . Su Li’s skin was hot and ruddy, she was semi-conscious, the breath coming out of her nose and mouth was hot .

That woman gave her aphrodisiac!

Since he gained excellent medical skills . He could see at a glance what Su Li was currently undergoing . As for how to cure this kind of drug, he immediately thought of one .

After arriving at the floor of his apartment, he picked up Su Li and went inside the room . Su Li could not be seen by Su Bei nor aunt Li under this condition .

Xiao Luo threw her on the sofa and turned and walked into the kitchen .

He started to prepare light salt water, added with green tea, and a towel soaked in cold water . Upon returning to the hall, he saw that the semi-consciousness Su Li was only in black underwear . Her crooning voice was straight up inviting him . Her proud figure was vividly displayed in front of Xiao Luo’s eyes .   Her jade-like skin was sending out her charms under the soft light .

Pressing down the evil thoughts in his heart, Xiao Luo stepped forward to help her up . He poured light salt water and green tea into her mouth, and then applied a towel on her forehead to cool her down, but the effect was fast enough . Her consciousness was vague, and her body felt like it was aflamed .   She grabbed and kissed him, even made her frantically tore at his clothes .

“Miss Su, sober up!”

Xiao Luo cried out and pushed her away . Actually, an aphrodisiac didn’t have a real antidote . It needed to be restrained and calmed by her own will . He ran into the bathroom and poured a handful of cold water on himself to disperse the little bit of uncomfortableness he felt . He took some ice from the refrigerator and returned to the hall, dumping it on Su Li .

“Want you … want you…”

Su Li kept repeating this, as she nearly cried out . Her red sweet lips were being gnawed by her white teeth that it was starting to ooze purples of blood .

Xiao Luo was helpless . But on second thought, there was another way! Yi Jin Jing could refine any poison, so he should not be afraid of the aphrodisiac .   If he was correct, he could transfer the aphrodisiac to himself and refine it . Wouldn’t the problem be solved then?!

When he thought of doing it, he asked Su Li to sit cross-legged . He then sat behind her with the palms of hands firmly pressed against the middle of her back .   He started to absorb the aphrodisiac from Su Li’s body .

However, he neglected one important thing . And that was the vigor of the aphrodisiac . It was strong and domineering . He immediately realized this when he absorbed them into his body . Even when he was using Yi Jin Jing to suppress and refine them, his body temperature continued to rise .

His forehead was already covered in sweat, his body hot . Under the action of the drug’s effects, Xiao Luo felt that every inch of his skin was as hot as if he was being burned by fire .

Damn it!

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Cursing in his heart, Xiao Luo stopped absorbing and immediately concentrated in refining it . If he didn’t start refining it, sooner or later, he would lose his head and become like Su Li .   Thirsty for desire .

However, at this time, Su Li’s burning body jumped up and used all kinds of friction against his body .

“Want you … want you …”

The woman’s eyes were full of desire and glistened with tears .   She seemed to be suffering from great pain .

Xiao Luo would like to push her away, but he was busy concentrating on refining the strong and domineering medicinal properties .

Su Li took off his clothes as her wet tongue slid back and forth around his neck .   Alas, all of his efforts were in vain . With the combined attack of Su Li and the aphrodisiac that he had failed to refine, desire instantly flooded Xiao Luo’s mind . He turned around and pressed Su Li under his body . The two kissed fiercely .

In the passionate kiss, the two slowly withdrew their last piece of clothing…


The night was full of sex and excitement .

In the morning, a ray of warm sunshine shone through the balcony and poured on the big soft bed full of love .

Xiao Luo was already awake .   He looked down at Su Li who was sleeping in his arms . He never thought that his first time would be like this .

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As he was deeply attracted by her flawless body, out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a few dried red plum blossoms on the sheet at the end of the bed .

It was Su Li’s first time?!

Xiao Luo took a deep breath, he was conflicted . His mood was unclear . His feeling was complex, mixed with a tinge of chaos . His way of thinking was traditional, since he took a woman’s first time, he was inclined to take responsibility .

Not long after, Su Li woke up .

She sat up and looked at Xiao Luo, her eyes were still dense with a layer of fog . Of course she knew what had happened .   She also knew that all this had nothing to do with the man in front of her . But still, she lost the most precious thing she had as a woman . At this moment, all she wanted to do was wail loudly .

“Miss Su …”

Xiao Luo was thinking about how he should explain it .

Su Li, however, turned and walked out of bed indifferently . She found her own clothes and put it on . She then endured the discomfort and pain between her woman’s place as she opened the door and left .

From the beginning to the end, she didn’t say a word . She was calm and didn’t cry like a typical woman .

Xiao Luo withdrew his eyes and looked at the plum blossom on the bed . He had never tasted a woman until last night, so the feeling made him remember it deeply .

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Perhaps most men would feel excited after they took a woman’s virginity, but he instead got a strange feeling of guilt . He felt neither joy nor excitement at all . He did not expect this to happen in the first place .

And he also confirmed one thing . Su Bei was not, 100%, Su Li’s biological daughter .

Of course, it didn’t matter for the time being . What mattered the most now was how was he to face Su Li .

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